49ers, Ravens let family and friends attend Saturday practices


As the 49ers and Ravens had their final Super Bowl practices on Saturday at the Superdome, both Harbaugh brothers allowed players and coaches to bring their friends and families along, on the theory that the most important thing at this late point is to keep the players loose for the game.

“Get a stretch, get the blood moving a little bit,” 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh told pool reporter Matt Maiocco of the purpose of his team’s final practice. “And get some new blood going. Then, afterward, enjoy it with your family. Get some pictures and make it possible for everybody to come down to the Super Bowl field.”

Ravens coach John Harbaugh said family is important to him and important to his team.

“It’s the kind of foundation of everything we do,” Harbaugh told pool reporter Brian Allee-Walsh. “That has been the whole story line of the whole week. In a sense that’s how we did it growing up, when we were kids. We grew up around dad’s teams. Most of the time in the NFL it’s not that way. Most of the time there is the separation of families and it’s considered to be a distraction. I just think the opposite. For me, it’s a distraction when people are more worried about their families not being allowed to be a part of it. When the families are included, the kids get to the know the players, and I think guys have a better sense of well being. I think this is a good example of it right here.”

Both Harbaughs said their teams practiced well in New Orleans this week.

“The word I would use is effective,” John Harbaugh said. “We have been very effective. We’ve gotten everything we’ve needed to get done, that’s the No. 1 thing.”

Jim Harbaugh said his team’s Super Bowl week practices reflected the same focus they’ve shown all year.

“I feel good,” Harbaugh said. “The preparation has been outstanding, very focused. The players care about winning. They care about this team, and that’s complimentary to the players and the way their focus has been. And that’s not something that’s been just this week. That wasn’t just created this week. That’s been all season and the offseason. It speaks very highly of the players.”

Now the practices are over, and the game is just a day away.