A.J. Green was frustrated by Bengals’ game plan in playoff loss


During the Bengals’ playoff loss to the Texans, we noted how odd it was that Cincinnati’s offensive game plan seemed to be ignoring wide receiver A.J. Green. Unsurprisingly, Green felt the same way.

Green said this week that the Bengals’ coaches thought they could create mismatches with tight end Jermaine Gresham, and that’s why Gresham got five passes thrown his way in the first half, while Green got zero.

“It’s tough in a big game and you’re the go to guy and you don’t get the ball in the first half. It’s all frustrating,” he said. “They had a game plan that had a matchup problem with Jermaine and they felt like they could go to him. Things happen like that. All games aren’t perfect. That’s one thing we need to build on. We just need to capitalize. Not only getting me the ball, but just making some of the big plays.”

In the second half, the Bengals made Green their go-to guy, and he had five catches for 80 yards. But that wasn’t enough for the Bengals to come back and win. Perhaps if they had gone to Green all day, they would have beaten the Texans.

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  1. He shouldn’t grieve about it. He’d still be sitting at home tomorrow no matter what they tried to do in that game.

  2. It would be different if Gresham was in the same league has Gronk, Graham, Gonzalez or even Owen Daniels or Vernon Davis…but he is not. Sounds like Cinci tried to get cute and it did not work…

  3. So this is Cincinnati not-sucking like they used to: Have one of the three or four best receivers in football today, and use him as a decoy.

    With football smarts like that, they could be back to the cellar in no time.

  4. Oooofff…and Gresham could have helped too if he had held onto the ball when it was thrown to him. I think he was getting frustrated with himself also.
    I’m surprised Green would squeak about this, he doesn’t seem the type to do that.

  5. I think the game plan went that way because of the Houston secondary and the way they rolled there coverage. I does not take an idiot to realize that Green is the go to receiver, so it does not take an idiot to roll the safety over the top. After all he did have ten touchdowns in the first ten weeks and one since.

  6. Oh and let’s not forget that law firm was avg 5.7 YPC and carried the ball 11 times. Marvin Lewis pulled a Dusty Baker on all of Bengal nation.. Browns fans should never talk about a team losing in the playoffs when the browns can’t win 4 games a season. SSSSSHHHH little boy

  7. Don’t really care about the Bengals one way or another, but I’m pretty sure everyone who saw that game, Bengals fan or not, agrees with Green 100%. Just a bizarre game all around: how do Arian Foster, AJ Green, Owen Daniels, and Andre Johnson account for one of the lowest scoring playoff games in recent memory? Either way, this Cincinnati team is an up-and-coming contender, with a lot of talent, but their game plan should still be to get the ball in Green’s hands as much as possible.

  8. There are lots of player on that team who are not being utilized. IDIOT defensive corrdinator. SOFT head coach.

    Idiot defensive coordinator?

    That’s good for a laugh. What a joke of a comment.

  9. He is a premier and accomplished wide receiver. Above all he’s a football guy; don’t mistake that for ego. He likes excellence and that includes playing the game smart. Playing the game smart means using every reasonable advantage to win. Tell me that getting him the ball in the first half wasn’t at the least the most reasonable thing to do. And why can’t he say it? His profession demands the opportunity to perform at a high level. It’s not personal; it’s not ego; it’s business.

  10. In theory, smart game plan but I’m not trusting Germain ‘Stone Hands’ Gresham to win the game.

  11. He is a 100% correct on this he didn’t catch a single pass the entire first half of the game, when the bengals started throwing him the ball we started scoring so hes absolutely correct.

  12. I think everyone watching that game was frustrated. Jay gruden should be fired for that game plan. Very Stupid!

  13. Another example of coaches trying to outsmart the opposing coaches, and trying to win the game in the meeting rooms instead of letting the players win it on the field.

    Hint to all coaches: if you have a gameplan that deliberately downplays your most explosive player…. you need another gameplan.

  14. The offense was never the same after Sanu got hurt. Sanu could convert third downs and was a decent red-zone target. Gresham dropped several first downs in the first half killing drive after drive. Chucky’s brother was right that Gresham would get open; he just mistakenly thought Gresham could catch the ball.

  15. Why whine? The Bengals shouldn’t have been in the playoffs in the first place. They did only because the Steelers’ offense played stupid ball (go check the stats, Cincy’s offense couldn’t score a TD in that game to save its life) and because they got the Ravens in a meaningless one (for them, anyway). A total gift entry they didn’t earn. Cincy backed into the playoffs in the true sense of the word.

  16. Ampat: while you’re looking up stats, look up the fact the Bengals locked the playoffs up WITH that steelers win. Doesn’t matter how bad they played, both teams were playing their hearts out for the playoffs and choklisberger blew it for them/cinci’s defense won it. Ravens game meant nothin more than seed, which is why their starters didn’t play the whole game. Oh … 7-1 to end the season is “backing” into the playoffs in the “truest sense of the word”?? Phrase maybe? …. Riiiiiiight. Just more Bengal hatin … Which I’m always okay with.

  17. I have to agree with him but i am no coach by a long shot. Congrats to the Bengals and their fan base on a great year.

  18. I see that Bungals fans are still in denial about the noodle armed ginger.

    Here’s a hint, when your QB throw a ball deep down the field, the ball shouldn’t be vertical in the air and 10 yards off the mark.

    You need a QB.

  19. Defense was going so good, Zimmer wouldn’t let Marvin tinker with it, so Lewis couldn’t resist setting the offensive game plan. Problem is Marvin Lewis is not an offensive genius (even though he must think so of himself).

    See post-season comments where he wants to run MORE, a consistent remark he makes every year. Marvin Lewis does not have a clue regarding the offense.

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