Greg Jennings ready for change, would love a Joe Philbin reunion

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Soon-to-be free agent receiver Greg Jennings has already put his home in Wisconsin up for sale, and he said this week that he’s preparing for a change in his career, which has so far been played entirely in Green Bay.

So what would that change mean? It could mean going to Miami, where he’d be reunited with Dolphins coach Joe Philbin, who previously was offensive coordinator of the Packers.

Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post reports that Jennings appeared on the Dolphins’ team-owned Internet show on Friday and talked about how much he’d love to play for Philbin again.

Joe, how you doing. Remember me?” Jennings said. “He’s one of my favorite coaches. Obviously he jokes a lot, little subtle things here and there, but he’s a great coach to have. He was a great coach to play for. He’s one of those guys that you can have a relationship outside of football. As a player you admire a coach when he actually opens himself up like that.”

Jennings said his family understands that a move is likely coming.

“I’ve prepared my family for change,” he said. “Wherever I end up, if it’s outside of Green Bay, we’re ready to be great wherever we go.”

Going about 1,500 miles southeast could make a lot of sense.

58 responses to “Greg Jennings ready for change, would love a Joe Philbin reunion

  1. Jennings obviously has a very high opinion of himself. Maybe deservedly so, maybe not. I can’t picture the Pack bringing him back with his injury history of late, his salary, and the Packers’ depth at wide receiver.

    I’ve always liked him but I could almost see him becoming a turd.

  2. Jennings would help the fins considerably. They probably had the worst receiving core in the league. Ryan T. appears to me to be potentially a very good QB and having a reliable target (if he can stay healthy) would make his job a lot easier.

  3. Huge Miami fan, but be careful what you wish for. Bess, Hartline and ???? not the same as having Cobb, Jordy, James Jones, etc., taking attention away from you!

  4. As cool as it would be to see him in Miami with a young QB and reunited with his old OC, I cannot support the idea as a diehard Patriots fan. Come on over to NE bro!

  5. Love what GJ did for Packers but can’t blame GB for letting him go. He’s been injured and missed a lot of games over last 2 years. But I’m hoping he has a great season somewhere, just not in GB. Dolphins sound like a good fit.

  6. Loved watching GJ with the ball in GB but he’s pushing 30, can’t stay healthy & suddenly has a very HIGH opinion of himself.

    Plus, a key element in this picture. He’s had two QBs throw to him his entire career —- Favre & Rodgers. — We’ll see just how good he really is when just an average QB is behind center. —- My guess —- GJ wishes he had stayed in GB.

  7. ahh yes free agency time, when every top player is destined for the fun and sun of Miami! If they get Jennings they will just need a QB.

  8. Warm weather, no state income tax and the Dolphins desperately need him (and Mike Wallace).

    The training wheels are off. It will be interesting to see what Ireland does this off-season.

  9. Seattle? Yeah because so many other big FA wide receivers have gone there and thrived LOL

  10. Come to Miami baby! Miami has lots of spending cash and a tons of picks in the up coming draft! Here we come NFL!

    Shoe-la knows all!

  11. He will take the money and run…did nothing his last few years in GB. For the Packers it was an easy decision….hurt and in decline the last 2 years. He should say Thank You on his way out after he was paid $27 million over the last 3 years and he didn’t earn half of that. He will be the next Bernard Berrian.

  12. Great Packer, played excellent in the Super Bowl, he will be missed. He is absolutely justified in wanting to cash in now, his value will probably never be higher and he already has a ring so he can focus on getting the best deal and not necessarily on going to a winner.

    With the reality of a salary cap and the needs on defense versus the depth at WR it is completely understandable that GB will not give him the dollars he may be able to get elsewhere. But it is sad.

  13. As long as Miami is still Florida, I don’t see any rational human being to want to do more than visit South Beach for a few days on the Dolphins’ dime before signing with an actual NFL franchise in another part of the country where they don’t celebrate having their heads up their own…

  14. Don’t need him. Even a Jets fan could see the Dolphins are loaded at WR! Just ask Jeff.

  15. Am I the only GB fan who thinks Jennings has done a 180 in the last year?

    When he came in the league he had the preacher’s kid image – great family guy, model teammate, said all the right things. Whether he meant it or not, he always claimed to love it in Green Bay.

    Over the past year he’s turned into the Old Spice spokesman, bench pressing swim suit models on jet skis. When he gave interviews all he could talk about was getting paid. The fans in GB? Be careful when you jump in the stands – the guys will go after your junk.

    Maybe he’s been listening to his sister too much. Or he got a new agent who told him he’s too big for a small market team. Regardless, I miss the old Greg Jennings.

  16. Can’t believe there are WR’s in the NFL that don’t want to play in Green Bay. They are a Pass to set up the Pass team with a top 3 QB. It sucks to see Jennings go because he has been a beast.

  17. As much as the pattern says otherwise, I think Greg Jennings would be great in Seattle. Other WRs had Hasselbeck and T-Jack throwing to them. Not Wilson. Sidney Rice started to look good again. Why? Russell Wilson.

  18. The fans may want him in Miami or any other team the fans root for but the truth is they wont be the ones deciding his salary and weather his injury prone body is truly worth the big FA money they will have to pay to get him.lots of variables for management to look at with him and they certainly will look for sure.he thinks he is still a great reciever,we will see how he does with an average QB throwing to him with average recievers around him,lots a double teams in his future for sure.

  19. Gotta wonder about the big public 180 Jennings pulled about how the Detroit Lions were run during this past season. Whether he was posturing for future considerations or if he legitimately felt a change in how that organization was run. Regardless, they too could use him and the state of Michigan would welcome his return.

  20. He might be ready for South Beach, but is he ready for a huge downgrade in QB? He’s not gonna have nearly the same success with an average QB throwing the ball to him rather than ARod.

  21. I think the Vikings would make sense as well as the Dolphins. But it will be hard for him with either one of those QB’s after playing with Rodgers for sure.

  22. The person that wants the deal some more than anyone is Ross. For the simple fact that Old Spice Commercials will now feature a Dolphins Jersey with New Team Logo. IT WILL GET DONE. Jennings has leverage. He knows Miami has cap room, desperately wants/needs national exposure. Jennings is a nice platform for Tannehill’s emergence in field and on TV

  23. Miami has yet another useless QB for the future. Tannehill’s numbers prove it. 12td 13int 58.3% compl rate. You can give them Megatron, Jennings, and Fitzgerald and it won’t make a difference with the stiffs Miami always gets to play QB.

  24. Would utterly break my heart to see him go. Yea, he has been injured, but he’s a class act and a tremendous talent. If he does go, i hope it is to a team like the dolphins. That’s not a knock, i just have a lot of dolphin fans as friends, and they could use him. I wish him the best of luck, and thanks for the memories GJ. Hope to see you back, know the probability is slim to none, but you’ve been a beast.

  25. There’s going to be a decent market for a 30 year old precision route runner who missed most of the past two years with injuries, has made it clear that he wants to be in front of the camera, and has a sister with quick twitter trigger finger who throws his teammates under the bus because they don’t throw to him on every play, or are intentionally avoiding him on plays, or purposely make errant throws in an effort to get him hurt. Yep, that’s your Greg Jennings, folks. Get him and his psycho sister while you still can – all for the low, low price of $40 M guaranteed

  26. kolbydoerge says:
    Feb 2, 2013 4:46 PM
    If he wants to win next year he’ll join Wallace and all the other top free agents and sign a SuperBowl Contract with the SEAHAWKS!!!!
    If he wanted to win next year he would resign with the Packers.

  27. Packers are done. Everyone knows how to best them now.
    Seattle is the new Patriots West. Jennings is no longer elite, I hope he goes else where.
    Who wouldn’t want Russell Wilson throwing to them? Beast mode says no….. Him like more carries!!
    Go Hawks!
    2014 Champs.

  28. I’ll miss the guy, but if he is asking for 11 million a year (as was a rumor), then good luck, and thanks for everything you did in Green Bay.

  29. All you Packer ‘fans’ saying he’s done nothing for the packers the last two years since he’s been injured are missing a very important point. Remember the last time (happened to be two years ago) when he was 100%? Oh yeahhhhh the Lombardi Trophy came home to Wisconsin!

    Am I the only one that noticed that the offense took a significant hit with Jennings not 100%??

    We are going to miss him greatly

  30. Call me crazy but the Patriots have won multiple superbowls as have your main division rival who happens to play in tomorrow’s. How many titles does Seattle have again? Oh zero? looks like we are getting a bit ahead of ourselves there….. Patriots West. Best joke I have heard all week LOLOLOLOL

  31. Packers are done. Everyone knows how to best them now.
    Seattle is the new Patriots West. Jennings is no longer elite, I hope he goes else where.
    Who wouldn’t want Russell Wilson throwing to them? Beast mode says no….. Him like more carries!!
    Go Hawks!
    2014 Champs

    You must be kidding. Seahawks haven’t won anything yet. Didn’t win their division. Their vaunted defense couldn’t hold a lead with 30 seconds left. Carroll is a horrible game-day coach. 2013 champion hasn’t even been crowned yet and you’re bragging about 2014? Get a life.

  32. Miami: Where Talented Receivers go To Put A Hiatus On Their Career, Only To Go Play Elsewhere And Return To Their Former Successful Selves.

    I wish they’d get a new slogan.

  33. he should go to the patriots along with ed reed, anquan boldin, victor cruz, and every other free agent that is reported about.

  34. The fact is the Packers just cannot afford to pay him. They have contracts coming up for Rodgers, Matthews, and Raji and they are all going to command big money. They have some other very good receivers that can fill in and they will probably draft one as well. Greg Jennings did a great job in GB and I wish him the best. Will be watching his progress next year with whoever he signs with.

  35. We here in MN love GB players. They know how to play properly, act properly and are good peeps. We will take Jennings and any one else the Packers want to get rid of.

  36. Nothing wrong in wanting to cash in. My advice to Mr. Jennings going forward is to make sure that he gets paid as well as have a good QB throwing him the ball. Just because the best offer may be coming from Kansas City (Matt Cassell…really?) doesn’t mean you should take it.

    Good luck dude.

  37. all the money in the world won’t bring Rodgers with him…as much as any position, the wide receiver position can only be as good as the guy throwing the ball. unfortunately he brings a skill set that none of Green Bay’s receivers currently have either…route running, fast, and great hands. life goes on…best of luck!

  38. I still think Indy is perfect for him, and not just team fit wise. Dome (he’s said he is not fond of playing in cold weather) and all the other teams in that division are warm weather teams also, with Hou having a dome.

  39. Some players are truly defined by this moment. Are they playing for the money, or playing to win the superbowl once or more in their career.

    If your in Jennings shoes, you have multiple choices at this point. Do you A) try to stay in GB, play with a future HOF QB, and on a team that as long as their QB is playing has a chance to play for a Lombardi. Or B) go to a team that faces alot of unknowns? A team that can pay you more than what GB possibly could pay you. A team that would maybe move you up on their depth chart, a team that could utilize you more possibly. But also a team that might not make the playoffs on a consistent basis, a team that doesn’t have a proven QB.

    This is a defining moment in a players career and shows what they really want in their career. Unless they truly feel that they are the missing piece on a team that could elevate them to the next level. But for a WR to think that, i think they are delusional. This is a pass happy league, and it all starts with the guy behind center. And there’s only a handful of guys behind center that are good enough to elevate a team to the next level. A WR doesn’t make as much of a difference as the QB does.

    I know if i was Jennings, i wouldn’t get to carried away with moving. I’d wait to see if GB throws out an offer. Id sacrifice some money to stay on a team where you know the team has a chance every year.

    And i’m a vikings fan, so i don’t like saying that, because we could use some recievers, but is Ponder really our answer? I know if i was Jennings, i’d stay with Rodgers over going to a team like MN or Miami, or Cleveland and places like that. Where the QB’s aren’t proven yet.

  40. stairwayto7 says:Feb 2, 2013 5:45 PM

    Packers falling apart at the seams!

    STILL bitter over that Superbowl beatdown, are we?

    Each passing year adds more steps to that stairway, doesn`t it? Better tear out the stairway and add an escalator.

  41. Let’s face it the Packers are starting to crumble. They are horrible at

    Offensive line.

    Rodgers is the best QB in the league but if he starts having to play with average WR’s he will no longer be able to make up for the rest of the teams futility.

  42. Seahawks w/that cheap a** “win” over the Packers this past season. Wilson wouldn’t have tied Peyton’s TD record Paclers would’ve gotten the #2 seed & the Seahawks would’ve had to play the 49ers. Seahawks aren’t going anywhere but home next year

  43. Lol. Seahawks fans thinking they have a chance to win a SB are priceless. At least you’ll be getting a new basketball team. Odds are they’ll win a championship before the flash in the pan Seahawks.

  44. Some team will pay him $10-$11 million a year and the Packers will politely pass. Whoever made the comment about them winning the Super Bowl because of Jennings is incorrect. Jordy Nelson was the one who dominated the playoffs the SB year–not Jennings. This year he was the 4th best receiver on the team(granted, he was hurt but those are the facts). His age isn’t going to help him prevent injuries moving forward. He deserves a $5 million a year contract with incentives.

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