John Harbaugh says Ravens have had “A-plus-plus” practices


Not to be outdone by his little brother, Ravens coach John Harbaugh is heaping praise on the practice habits of his team during Super Bowl week.

On Wednesday, 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh said his team’s practice was perfect, and on Thursday he said that day’s practice had been even better. But on Friday it was John Harbaugh’s turn to talk up his team’s practices.

“It was an A-plus. A-plus-plus,” Harbaugh told pool reporter Peter King of the Super Bowl week practice sessions. “We’re at the stage where we’re clicking on all cylinders and practicing very, very well. We’ve had a few assignment errors, but they’ve been corrected right away. I’m very pleased with how the week has gone.”

A major reason for the Ravens’ stellar practices is that they’re ending the year very healthy: All 53 players on the Ravens’ roster were full participants in practice all week, with no player being limited at all by any injury.

Harbaugh concluded Friday’s practice by thanking his players for how hard they’ve worked all season, and by cautioning them to make Super Bowl weekend all about the team, and to tune out distractions.

“Family, we love ’em, but they’re not playing in the game. Only the players are, and they need to be at their best Sunday at 6:30,” Harbaugh said.

If they play as well as they practiced, the Ravens will be at their best on Sunday.

20 responses to “John Harbaugh says Ravens have had “A-plus-plus” practices

  1. I think these are the Harbaugh boys trying to throw each other off..and even if one team did have a “bad” you think either of these coaches would admit that openly? All this stuff is getting extremley irrelevant..lets get to the kickoff please..

  2. Without the use of IGF-1 by certain Baltimore players the practice would have been merely adequate.

  3. @gonavybeatarmy
    First of all, if your a navy fan your prob from Annapolis and therefore a skins fan. So I get your bitter jealousy here since RG-knee couldn’t carry the team past the wildcard round. But come on man- even IF ray had used the spray (which being local you must have heard Hopkins study claimed it to be completely ineffective) he surely isn’t using it now and as such, wouldn’t have an effect on his game currently. But keep on hating the GOAT.

  4. If every Superbowl coach was so lucky to have the opposing coach allow them to practice at the hosting team’s facilities.

    Tomorrow’s game has the feeling of a scrimmage more than a Superbowl.

    I still can’t get over it. You’re one game from a superbowl win and NFL immortality. The opposing coach calls you and says he has trouble practicing on Tulane’s field and ask you if you can assist him with providing optimal conditions for his team to practice to defeat you.

    The only assistance I would offer is advice To clear out a level of a parking lot and practice there. To provide your opponent with optimal conditions to practice to beat you in a championship game is insane. I don’t get it.

    This has the feel of a glorified scrimmage.

  5. practice? We talking about practice? Not the game not the game practice. practice. practice man. we talking about practice

  6. bigbenownsnothing: I remember Green Bay taking it to the steelers as do most NFL fans with any sort of memory. Give credit to the loser, it’s a great accomplishment and not easy to get there. You should realize this seeing as how the mighty steelers couldn’t even make the playoffs this year, and were 1 and done last year thanx to Tebow. Has your beloved Ben ever went through Manning and Brady to get to the SB?

  7. there there. maybe one day the steelers will be back contending. until then just sit back and watch the ravens. could you be more envious. go ravens

  8. Hey fellow steeler fans, take it easy, ravens are not our favorites but they play our brand of football. In fact they run the ball like we used to. Go Ravens, win it for the AFC north!

  9. Whatever raiderlyfe510. As if it was fair in the first place that the NFL had the Ravens practicing on Tulane’s BASEBALL field while the Niners enjoyed the cozy confines of the Super Dome. Fortunately, the NFL and the Harbaughs were able to amicably come together with a solution that keeps the playing field even.

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