Peyton Manning’s historic comeback yields Comeback Player of Year award

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For the first time ever, the two strongest candidates for league MVP also are the two strongest candidates for Comeback Player of the Year.

The latter has gone to Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning.

Manning beats out Vikings running back Adrian Peterson; both players arguably had the best two comeback seasons of all time.  Manning missed a full season due to multiple neck surgeries.  Peterson torn his ACL and MCL in Week 16 of the 2011 season.

There has been a sentiment in recent weeks that perhaps Peyton should win the Comeback Player of the Year award, with Peterson winning the MVP prize.  We’ll find out soon whether that happens, or whether Manning will get both trophies in a year that he would have preferred to get his fingerprints once again on a silver one with a football on top.

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  1. This is the consolation prize for Manning. Peterson is hands down the MVP. For him to will the Vikes to the playoffs from the RB position in a passing league is ridiculous.

  2. He only cares about ONE trophy.

    The one that is named after the former NY Giants assistant coach…

  3. This was the right move. Peterson injured his knee in late December and was out for only a short period of the 2011 season, whereas Manning missed the entire season with what could have potentially been a career ending injury. Peterson’s recovery was without a doubt remarkable but in terms of the sheer nature of the award, Manning was without a doubt the comeback player of the year. Good for Manning, and good for Peterson for being named MVP.

  4. We are talking about an all-time great at the QB position. He has shaped offenses single-handedly. We saw how he came back from SIX neck surgeries to lead a NEW team in the same exact manner. Last year at this time a third of people thought he was headed for retirement.

  5. Thomas Davis deserved at least some votes, man had 3ACL tears in the same knee in a two year period and had a very solid year playing OLB this year and played all 16 games.

  6. It was always when, not if, for Adrian Peterson. Nobody was sure manning could be even close to the same player, now or ever. On that basis, Manning made the more unlikely comeback, with AP just making it quicker than anybody would have guessed.

  7. Should get MVP. Peterson and his team didn’t even make the playoffs.

    They did make the playoffs dummy! Just shows that some of these people that post don’t really even follow football they just root for name recognition

  8. Peyton Manning had a great year, but AP’s was something to watch, and if that doesn’t make him MVP, then non-qbs will never have a shot at that award. Might as well change the name to Most Valuable Quarterback then…

  9. Congratulations Peyton. You proved both haters and doubters wrong with an incredible year. Your heart, toughness and will to compete made it an exciting season for this Broncos fan! Can’t wait for training camp 2013.

  10. Good choice. Peterson is the better selection for league MVP, but Manning should be recognized for making an amazing recovery and turning the Broncos into a real contender. For those who don’t understand the difference between the Tebow-led Broncos and the Manning-led Broncos … since there’s no explaining the game to you, how did you get on this site?

  11. Comeback player of the year was for players that had a few bad seasons and then had a great season. Not for star players that had injuries or players returning from jail sentences.

  12. yeah too bad the vikings didnt make the playoffs.

    i knew that epic win-&-in game and wildcard weekend loss with backup qb @ the helm was a crazy up & down dream

  13. To be comeback player of the yr u have to miss time or played so bad the previous yr ad did none of those. N why not co MVP

  14. I am a die hard Packer fan and HATE the Vikings but Adrian Peterson, in my mind, had more of a comeback. I like Manning, I really do but if you really look at it, Manning had more time to heal whereas Peterson had just a couple months to come back from a possible career ending ACL injury. He did so and still rushed for over 2,000 yards. That is astounding.

  15. Thomas Davis should have won the Comeback Player in a no contest. Torn ACL in his right knee in 2009 and missed 9 games. Torn ACL right knee in 2010 and missed the entire season. Torn ACL right knee in 2011 and missed 14 games. He came back this season to play in 15 games. Now THAT’S a Comeback Player!

  16. I wonder how many voters voted Peterson or Manning for both MVP and comeback player, it seems kind f disengenuous to do that, no?

  17. Peyton Manning is one of the greatest regular season QB’s ever. Of course, it helps when the rules have been slanted too far in the offense’s favor.

    Still, IMO, he is a subpar playoff QB. IMO, he chokes more times than not in the playoffs, and his playoff record shows it. Yes, he has a SB ring, but look at all of the other times that he was in the playoffs and failed to perform up to expectations.

    As much as I hate the Patriots, the one thing I have to admit is that Brady is far more clutch than Peyton. If a playoff game is on the line, I want Brady under center, not Peyton.

  18. “the two strongest candidates for league MVP”

    How in the world can you say Manning was a strong candidate for MVP? Think about what MVP stands for and then tell me there weren’t at least a half dozen players more deserving than manning. Do you really watch football Florio or just listen to the talking heads on the various stupid shows?

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