Robert Griffin III named offensive rookie of the year


After a spectacular season in which he dazzled with his arm and his feet and led the Redskins to the playoffs, Robert Griffin III has been named the NFL’s offensive rookie of the year.

Griffin was chosen by an Associated Press panel of media members, and his selection was officially announced at an NFL Honors event that will be broadcast by CBS later on Saturday night.

After a Heisman Trophy-winning 2011 season at Baylor, Griffin was selected with the second overall pick in the 2012 NFL draft by the Redskins. He was tremendous as a rookie, and he was the favorite to win the offensive rookie of the year award, although Colts quarterback Andrew Luck and Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson also would have been fine selections. Griffin got 29 votes from the 50-member panel, with Luck getting 11 and Wilson 10.

The rookie of the year awards (and the other awards that will be unveiled on Saturday night) are for the regular season only. Unfortunately for Griffin, in the playoffs he suffered a serious knee injury that will lead to an offseason of rehab. Redskins fans can only hope he’s healthy and as great in 2013 as he was in 2012.

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  1. Should’ve been Luck but congrats to RG3. He can have his trophy while Luck has his ACLs.

  2. He better hold the award near and dear since he is going to have to relearn how to play QB and throw from the pocket after his second ACL tear. How the Hell did Wilson come in third? Really?

  3. Cant argue against any of the three young QBs getting it. Just have to worry about long term health of RG

  4. Anyone that hates on this gas not looked at his superior numbers and his 2 rookie of the month awards.The other guys were great but he was just a little better.

  5. Does everything have to be leaked? Seriously, I know it’s on Twitter but why do you have to write a post about it? All you’re doing is ruining the show for us. Guess I have to stop checking this site until after it airs.

  6. I thought Luck should have won. No running game, no offensive line, no defense, the head coach scenario… Your talking about a guy who had 7 comeback victorys, and taking them from a 2-14 team to a 11-5 team….

  7. Tough choice this year. Each rookie QB had a stat that would win it for em. Congrats RGIII. Hopefully you’ll be able to return for next season. A Wilson/RGIII rematch would be awesome.

  8. I’d’ve been cool with RGIII or Wilson. But, RGIII had the better regular season. Only threw 5 picks. Greatest completion percentage in rookie history. Highest Passer rating in rookie history. HTTR.

  9. TBH, I don’t think that if either Luck or Wilson won the award, fans would feel like it went to the wrong player. This year had an excellent crop of rookies and RGIII is very deserving of the award.

  10. Wilson came in 3rd in voting? Wow, what more does he have to do?

    RG3 and Luck were top 2 draft choices with terrible defenses and offenses built to pad their stats. It’s a no brainer that they were going to do well.

    Wilson had a better defense going for him and didn’t even have the entire offense open to him until the 2nd half of the season and he STILL put up nearly identical numbers to Luck and RG3.

  11. Way to go RG3, you started the pistol of fence this year in the NFL and you made it work way better then anyone else with less talent, you deserve it

  12. I called it last May on this here website. Alot of you owe me a personal apology. The Washington Redskins are truly the standard of excellence for Professional football! Bravo to Robert Griffin, the Shanahans, Bruce Allen and all of RedskinsNation.

  13. This guy gets way to much attention, I think R. Wilson should have got this. RG3 will not last in the NFL very long if he continues to play the way he does. He will be broken every season…

  14. Congrats RG3 from a Seahawks fan. He should enjoy this well deserved award, it may be all he gets unfortunately due to his fragile nature. Wilson will have plenty of awards, and hopefully a Super Bowl or two when his career is over.

  15. i know EVERYONE will disagree with me, but consider you heard it here first. This guy will burn out quick

    i love the way he throws the ball, no doubt about it. but he will be destroyed by this league

  16. Oh, great! Thanks for ruining my night with this spoiler! Now I’ll just go find a hooker.

  17. Guess all the haters have now,is to talk about his injury.Flashback a few months,they said he was going to be a bust,RGleaf,was the next JaMarcus Russell etc etc.

    Eat your crow!!

  18. This award was given to him the moment he was drafted, the media has had a hard on for him all year… I’ll give him credit tho, nobody can throw a bubble screen as well as this guy…

  19. russell has a better year. played the entire season injury free. ties peyton mannings rookie td record. and griffin wins the rookie of year? unbelievable. what a joke.

  20. Congrats to RG3…the most exciting rookie to watch using his legs and arms, but needs to learn and understand that he needs to be more of a pocket passer and cut down on running if he wants to have a long nfl career.

  21. While I think Luck and Wilson will be better Quaterbacks there is no doubt RG3 deserves ROY.

    Firstly RG3 was the Most Consistent from game 1 to game 16. Wilson had a great last 2 months but early on had some trouble and some bad games, Luck had alot of turnovers. When you see the turnover difference between luck and rg3, voters aren’t look favourbly at Luck.

    Secondly numbers. RG3 Number’s across the board were better than both. Although Wilson had more Pass TD’s, RG3 had a better Comp%, more Pass Yards, Less INT and was Much better on the Ground than Wilson. Rg3 stats were better overall than Luck except Pass Yards

    Thirdly he carried the Redskins to a Div title and the Playoffs, the Redskins had a Terrible Defense, when you take into account the injuries they had to other key Players, I was Shocked they Made the Playoffs The fact he was able to lead them to the Playoffs and have better Numbers than Wilson and RG3, that is why he was ROY of the Year.

  22. Considering how all three top contenders for this award led their respective teams into the playoffs, it seems stupid to me that it should only be based on the regular season.

    How robbed would any of these players, (and their fans), feel if one of them had gone all the way to a Super Bowl championship?? Wilson wound up taking his team further than either of the others, and showed his worthiness of the award even more in the Pro Bowl, where Luck was pretty much worthless.

    Just continued evidence of east coast bias against Seattle. On reg. season stats alone, votes should have been close between RW and RG3, whoever won. For Luck to be any better than a distant third is ridiculous, IMO.

  23. To all REDSKINS Fans. We finally have a QB that people hate because he is not on their favorite team!! To all the haters that will say his knee will never be the same, who cares. He still will be a dangerous QB. If that is not good enough for you, Captain Kirk will be ready!! So I guess we have two QBs everyone will hate. HTTR!!!

  24. logicalvoicesays does NOT know football at all after this comment :

    “This award is dedicated to all of those people who constantly criticized Robert’s greatness. The best Quarterback to lace up his cleats since John Elway.”

    LMAO John Elway! He couldn’t run from a 300 pound lineman! RG3 is overrated and will constantly be hurt…try again pal!

  25. I’m sorry Russel Wilson lead his team to a playoff win. And, the last time he was on the field his team had the lead. It should have been Russel Wilson

  26. Meaningless
    This is football a team sport and the only award that matters is being given out in NO tomorrow night it is call the Championship Trophy

    RG is nothing more then a younger version of Vick lots of sizzle no taste

    Winning the East is nothing 8 teams win a Div every year meaningless unless your in Philly where that is all you win

  27. lets look at the facts.

    RGknee was hurt when the redskins came back to beat Baltimore.

    He didnt even play against cleveland and the redskins blew the browns out.

    He obviously wasnt that valuable.

    Andrew Luck – Colts were 1-!5 last season and ended up with 10 wins. One of the largest turnarounds in nfl history.

    Russell Wilson had the most talent around him and had a heck of a season.

    Anybody who watches these 3 great QBS could tell you who the real rookie of the year is.We certainly dont need the AP who is the downfall of american journalism telling us who the rookie of the year is.

    The facts speak for themselves.

  28. Russell Wilson went into Washington and told RG3 and his Skins to go home because their season was finished. He has the smarts enough to keep himself healthy when making plays with his legs. I think Luck was even more deserving than RG3..

  29. Sorry Seahawks fans. Wilson came into a much better situation than either Luck or RGIII and until the later part of the season he was a care taker. The heart and soul of the Seahawks was their defense (arguably the best in the league) and their running game. One of the best in the league. I also read some Seahawk fan claim RGIII and Luck paded their stats. Nonsense. Both QBs had to put up the numbers they did else their teams would have been out the playoffs.

  30. Don’t get me wrong here I like rg3 n think he’s a good player but when u add up add up all of Wilson accolades he should have won it both took team to playoffs so tie both either tied or broke a record rg3 rushing yards wilson td record for rookie wilson won playoff game n he qb rating was 2.o point off of rg3s record setter but who know if that 1 game he never played would have made a difference n luck should have been fourth to Doug Martin he was a t/o machine n he has a hall of fame wide out to throw at n both luck n rg3 were giving those starting jobs the day they were drafted 1&2 every1 knew they were good but all the downs n criticism wilson took during draft no one ever in there dreams thought he would b this good he earned his starting job n he earned that award but it’s fine cuz he doesn’t want it anyway he covets the Lombardy trophy so he’ll win his award next year when he gets to the bowl after having a ful fledged offseason running with his starting unit I mean he didn’t even get total amount of reps with first string offense until week 4 of the preseason. All I gotta say is Go Hawks

  31. He regularly led the league or was tied for the lead for highest QB rating. Great on his feet, no doubt, but also one heck of an amazing, accurate passer. Luck and Wilson are also great but RG3 lead his team to close out the regular season with seven straight wins, with five of them being against division rivals. Well deserved!

  32. screechdaddy says: Feb 2, 2013 7:52 PM

    Considering how all three top contenders for this award led their respective teams into the playoffs, it seems stupid to me that it should only be based on the regular season.

    How robbed would any of these players, (and their fans), feel if one of them had gone all the way to a Super Bowl championship?? Wilson wound up taking his team further than either of the others, and showed his worthiness of the award even more in the Pro Bowl, where Luck was pretty much worthless.

    Just continued evidence of east coast bias against Seattle. On reg. season stats alone, votes should have been close between RW and RG3, whoever won. For Luck to be any better than a distant third is ridiculous, IMO.

    It’s a regular season award. For what a player does from games 1-16. As it should be. The playoffs should have no bearing whatsoever on this award. On another note this was a tremendous year for offensive rookies. When Alfred Morris and Doug Martin can’t even get in the ROY conversation with the seasons they had you know it was a huge year.

  33. Some of these posts are so stupid. It’s aseasonal award, not a vote on who will have the best career or most championships or will he recover from injury. He performed the best for one season. Great job RG3! When did an ACL injury now become this career-ending injury? I guess Petersen is done, Revis is done, Brady was done, or the countless NBA players are done, or Tiger. Just uneducated fans. How is a guy injury prone after playing in 15 of his team’s 16 games in his first season? We don’t know if he will miss any games next year.

  34. Hor2012,
    Last time rg was on field his team was winning too. Any of them could have won. An argument could be made for any of the 3. The dominance of rg3 in the first Dallas and Philly games were truly special for any qb. Great year to be a football fan

  35. Whats amazing to me is how nasty some of the comments here are. RG3, Luck, Wilson and Morris are all deserving but only one can win and the selection of RG3 in no way invalidates what Luck, Wilson and Morris accomplished. We have a serious culture problem in the US, or I should say lack of it. Anyone that left a nasty comment shame on you, I’m sure your mother would be ashamed.

  36. Queue the crybaby Seahawk fans. Can’t even be satisfied that the Niners gifted Wilson a Pro bowl birth. Stop whining about your illegitimate record and PED tainted season. Give credit where it’s due, and thats to RG3.

  37. Who vote for this award? they were blind or cross eyes because Wilson should be the Winner, …this kid took his team to the playoff in a winner fashion, and I’m talking about performance not race- for me black and white we all are the same-

  38. Congrats RGIII..He’s been walking without crutches for a while now, so that’s a good sign. People keep saying he won’t be back to top form or he won’t last long just drives him to be better than before,so we welcome your hate, it’ll make our QB great. HTTR

  39. While everyone’s yappin ’bout who should have won, the WINNER is making room in his trophy case for the 2014 Super Bowl MVP Award. You wanna bet against him? #HTTR

  40. I’m happy for RG3,it’s just a shame it will probably be the last trophy he wins as a football player. I have a bd feeling he will not be the same guy he was this past season, and Dan Snyder always finds a way to mess up a good thing. Congrats though Bobby

  41. The Redskins hadn’t won a division this century. Both Indy and Sea have been relevant recently. Hands down Griffin deserved it. Congratulations.

  42. I like Bob, and he had an outstanding rookie season, but man, the massive amount of hype really gave him this award. Wilson was the real Rookie of the Year. He outplayed both Bob and Luck in many ways.

    Let me also add that I’m not a fan of any of the teams involved in this discussion(Wash,Sea,Ind). My opinion is based purely on what I saw, and I saw extensive footage from all 3. If Wilson played in a bigger market, he would have gotten what he rightfully earned.

  43. Enjoy it, RG3 and Redskin fans. But, admit it, we all know if this award was voted on after the playoffs, Russell Wilson would have won it unanimously. Oh, and the Seahawks didn’t have to give up any of their future first round draft picks to get him either.

  44. has just announced Russell Wilson has won the Pepsi Max Rookie of the Year award voted on by the fans.

    This is the more valid award, IMO, because it takes the playoffs into account. It’s not a “Rookie of the Regular Season” award, it’s Rookie of the YEAR, which the playoffs are a very important part of. Also demonstrates the fans, (as well as PFT), aren’t prisoners of the myopic east coast bias apparently afflicting the AP sports writers.

    RG3 is amazing, to be sure, but he’s also 6’2″, while Wilson is 5’10 and change. For Wilson to perform at RG3’s level, (even surpassing, as evidenced by tying Manning’s TD record), while giving up 4 whole inches in height is not only admirable, it’s freaking phenomenal!

    I like RG3 and hope he comes back next year and gives the rest of the NFL hell, but only one of these guys’ names is on the football, and it ain’t Griffin and it ain’t Luck. Go Hawks!

  45. As an impartial fan of neither team, I can honestly say I’d rather have Russell Wilson over RG3. The guy looks like a 10 year vet already.

  46. Congrats to RG3. He had an amazing season. Luck and Wilson were fantastic as well. I am. Colts and luck fan. Glad he did not win. I would rather have him highly motivated to make the playoffs and excel next year!

  47. Why is Luck getting no love? He had less to work with than Wilson and RG3. Luck should have won this award. All 3 will have good careers but RG3 will for sure be broken quickly.

  48. Here are the statistics for the three quarterbacks for the 2012 regular season:

    Passer Rating: 102.4 (3rd in NFL)
    Passing Yards: 3200
    Passing Yards/Attempt: 8.14
    Completions: 258 (65.6%)
    Attempts: 393
    TD Passes: 20
    Interceptions: 5

    Passer Rating: 76.5 (26th in NFL)
    Passing Yards: 4374
    Passing Yards/Attempt: 6.98
    Completions: 339 (54.1%)
    Attempts: 627
    TD Passes: 23
    Interceptions: 18

    Passer Rating: 100.0 (4th in NFL)
    Passing Yards: 3118
    Passing Yards/Attempt: 7.93
    Completions: 252 (64.1%)
    Attempts: 393
    TD Passes: 26
    Interceptions: 10

    They all had fantastic years and exceeded expectations. But, statistically, RG3 clearly had the best year of the three of them.

  49. Lost in all this is Alfred Morris’s beastly season! Rookies in two important positions for the Skins lead the team! Now let’s draft an OL, CB, FS, SS & MLB!!!

  50. I think it says a lot that Russell Wilson won the Pepsi Max Rookie of the Year award, where it is solely based on the FANS voting up until way after the playoffs are over. I’m pretty sure the result would be the same had the actual Rookie of the Year award been for the whole season and not just the regular season.

  51. Overrated? Really? Perhaps overhyped, but not overrated. The kid played great from day one and made an offence that many said wouldn’t work in the NFL into a juggernaut. You can hate redskins and the fans but there is no reason at all to dislike griffin. He plays the game the right way.and says/does all the right things.

    I don’t believe that he’s fragile despite his injuries, but I do agree that he’ll have to adjust his style of play. He already had when Ngata caused that freak injury. I wouldn’t be surprised if he missed a few games at the beginning of the season next year but I fully expect him to be a franchise QB in dc for a long time. Httr! The colts and hawks fans have a lot to be happy with as well.

  52. Well deserved. I know Luck And Wilson were great too but I think RG3 had a slightly better year. Hope he recovers fully he is an exciting addition to the league

  53. Can’t argue with the pick. Hope he gets to play next season. All Three of these QBs are going to have long term impact on the NFL. Congrats to all three for doing so well. Congrats to RGIII on the award.

  54. I like RG3 but the only reason it did not go to Wilson unfortunately was because it would make all of these bozos who said he couldn’t play in the NFL look bad.

  55. leafeaterx says:
    Feb 2, 2013 7:37 PM
    Robert Griffin III – The rookie of the year we deserve, and the one we need right now.


    Not sure if this was supposed to be the quote from The Dark Knight, but I thumbed it up even though Wilson > IR3.

  56. RG3 was not even the best rookie on his own team. Alf! I’m a Luck fan but even I think Wilson should have gotten this award!

  57. All three took their teams to the playoffs,Wilson’s first 2 or 3 games he wasnt playing and good as he did after. Luck had way too many turnovers.The only thing you can say about RG3 is that he missed two games,when he played he was lights out

  58. Luck will prove to be the best of the group. This pistol nonsense is nothing more than the wildcat 2.0.

    You need a stud pocket passer that can move. Little Wilson and RG3 physically won’t hold up.

  59. Russell Wilson got shafted. Led his team further in the playoffs, with great numbers, after being a 3rd round draft pick. Oh yeah, and he played the full season. Griffin got it because of marketing and high profile.

  60. congrats Griff! u gave us all you had this year and thats all us skins fans ask for..ur a true warrior. .HTTR!!!!!

  61. Rg3 was great from week not wilson. RG3 put up better numbers than wilson except TDs. People who say that RG3 is a running QB or only throws bubble screens have clearly not watched any games. The giants players sounded just like these seahawks fans until they actually played him and they quickly changed their tune. I’d ask hawks fans to youtube some of RG3s games to see just how great he was this year for a team that has been bad for 20 years not just 1 like the colts and hawks, but they would just make up more excuses.

  62. Russell Wilson was robbed because he plays in Seattle & 3/4 of us don’t get to see him play. Wilson will be more productive & have a longer career than RG3.

  63. Morris was a “stud”. They should give rg3 a snap limit next year. That way around mid December when they are leading the worst division in football, they can shut him down to save his legs for the future. Isn’t that what Washington does with their super star athletes?

  64. themackstrong said: Russell Wilson went into Washington and told RG3 and his Skins to go home because their season was finished. He has the smarts enough to keep himself healthy when making plays with his legs. I think Luck was even more deserving than RG3..

    Did you even watch the game. No just like most sour Seatle fans you just want to cry about it all. The Redskins were on the verge of blowing Seatle out until RGIII showed how injured he really was. Seatle’s D didn’t know how to attack the Skins O. It would have been a double digit win until you could get aggresive on D. I give Seatle credit they won the right way after the injury. Now for the ROY award. All three players could make a case for the award. I agee with anyone who says that. Luck Was a perfect fit in Indy and will be a GREAT one. RGIII if he can stay heathy will also be a Great QB. Wilson was a fourth round pick for a reason. The jury is still out for now. He had a great year no doubt about it, but lets see him due it next year as well.

  65. Seahawks fans r completely stupid. I love how u try to use Wilson leading his team farther into the playoffs than Griffin. Last time I checked, Griffin before he got re-injured had his team up 14-0. Last time I checked the Seahawks did win, but the great Russell Wilson put up his usual pedestrian numbers, 180 some passing yds and 1 TD. I’m not sure he completed a single pass to a WR that game. Also, stop using that Wilson was a 3rd pick, like that means anything. Alfred Morris was a 6th rd pick this year and was incredible.

  66. I am not a skins fan, a colts fan or a seahawks fan, but these redskins homers, being insulted by others thinking wilson should have won ROTY, sound very ignorant.

    1. someone stated, Wilson got drafted in the 4th round for a reason. First, it was the 3rd round and 2nd it was because he is short, not because of any other reason. He has done more, with less, than most QB’s. Doesn’t have huge talent @ the WR position, but he just makes plays and wins.

    2. Someone else posted about what griffin’s #’s being far and away better. They were very close, to Wilsons, QBR, attempts, yards, etc. But Wilson played the whole year, Griffin couldn’t even do that. That alone is reason enough he shouldn’t have won it.

    Don’t get me wrong, Griffin is a great talent and IF he stays healthy enough to have a long career, I believe it will be a very good career, but damn the arguments given for Griffin are really ignorant

  67. Congrats to RG3.

    However, I must admit I am surprised although I understand many (including the AP) feel RGIII deserved it based on “superior statistics.” Here’s my argument;

    1) The Colts had the worst 2011 record at 2-14, and hence with Luck, the biggest 2013 turnaround going 11-5.

    2) Luck was required to carry a much more significant number/percentage of the offense plays as a passer than almost Wilson and RGIII combined given no running game. This led defenses to key on him and pull in more INT’s.

    3) The biggest reason however, that is not listed as a statistic, but should be is that Luck absolutely “Won” more games than either RGIII or Wilson. He had 4 game winning comebacks and 7 Q4 game winning drives compared to RGIII’s 3/2, and Wilsons 0/0. So, in effect, Luck “Won” more games on his own when it mattered, that RGIII & Wilson combined who only manage to win less than half of Luck’s together when it mattered. The question becomes – Who do you want to hand the ball to when you are losing the game? Clearly Luck wins this statistic in 2013 by leaps and bounds over both other QB’s combined.

    So, AP, when you name a rookie of the year, it seems painful that you only look at efficiency…not “IMPACT.” In my measure, taking a 2-14 team to 11-5 and the playoffs, while almost single handedly winning 7 of those games on the last drive absolutely trumps completion percentage and passer rating, especially if we are only considering QB’s as ROY contenders.

    Really AP – Tell me I’m wrong!!

    Com’on Man!

  68. Wilson got robbed. RGIII showed himself to be a self centered all about me type player by not taking himself out of his last game. Wilson won a playoff game……over RGIII

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