49ers score but trail by 15 at halftime

Getty Images

No team in NFL history has won a Super Bowl after trailing at halftime by more than seven points. That’s a bad omen for the 49ers.

Although San Francisco scored on a David Akers field goal on the last play of the first half, it’s been a big first half for the Ravens, who lead 21-6 as the players head to the locker room and the rest of America watches Beyonce.

It’s been a frustrating, mistake-filled first half for the 49ers, who have had several coverage breakdowns on defense and two turnovers on offense. Even when the offense has played well — and it has played well for two sustained drives — San Francisco has had to settle for field goals.

The good news for the 49ers is that they know they can come back from big deficits: They just did it in the NFC Championship Game. But they’re going to need the biggest second-half comeback in Super Bowl history.