49ers score but trail by 15 at halftime

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No team in NFL history has won a Super Bowl after trailing at halftime by more than seven points. That’s a bad omen for the 49ers.

Although San Francisco scored on a David Akers field goal on the last play of the first half, it’s been a big first half for the Ravens, who lead 21-6 as the players head to the locker room and the rest of America watches Beyonce.

It’s been a frustrating, mistake-filled first half for the 49ers, who have had several coverage breakdowns on defense and two turnovers on offense. Even when the offense has played well — and it has played well for two sustained drives — San Francisco has had to settle for field goals.

The good news for the 49ers is that they know they can come back from big deficits: They just did it in the NFC Championship Game. But they’re going to need the biggest second-half comeback in Super Bowl history.

42 responses to “49ers score but trail by 15 at halftime

  1. Congratulations Ravens, Super Bowl Champions.

    I figured Flacco would outplay Kaepernick, who would show he’s still a rookie.

    49ers, you have a good team, but still a young QB, no matter his promise.

    Randy Moss did nothing to boost his credentials in this game- seems he’s still taking plays off- even in the Super Bowl.

  2. The Ravens are kicking butt and taking names, so much for all the 49er talk.

    How about Randy Moss giving up on a ball like only he can and it ends up being picked.

    You wanted him, you got him, SMH.

  3. The greatest WR in league history showing us all the difference between him and Jerry Rice.

    0 catches. That’s greatness, Randy.

  4. Great First Half. Lets Keep it up. Flacco is Playing Fantastic, Our Receivers are destroying the 49ers Secondary, we forced Turnovers . Lets go RAVENSNATION, STAND UP, LETS GO FINISH THE BUSINESS

  5. great job Colin tebownick! running qb’s are just for ratings, passing qb’s win title’s. read option is the next wildcat, will be figured out and out the league by next season

  6. I don’t think it’s good news for the niners.
    I don’t see them making a huge comeback today.

  7. Hope Flacco hits Smith for one. Feel bad for him and his brother and would be nice. Frisco is toast. Stage got too big for Colin kap.

  8. Last time I checked a game was four quarters! Look at em’! There celebratin’ over there! Now lets go out there and win this thing for the NFC West!

    Biggest collapse in Super Bowl history. Pull up a seat gentlemen. Smitin’ times here!

  9. Wow, you Ravens fans were pretty quiet all week, NOW you want to run your mouth. Still got a half to go.

    Ravens still might win, but you missed some chances to put them away. Better hope that doesn’t come back to bite you.

  10. Nobody is “hating” get over it. Ravens deserve this one with the whole run in the playoffs. Steelers will be back to challenge next year, but this is the Ravens year – sit back and enjoy it.

  11. Niners haven’t played, yet. Moss should be benched for not trying AT ALL on the int. Disappointing game. Halftime would have been better with a marching band.

  12. Totally sorry secondary play by SF. CBs are mediocre at best & Safeties while great against the run are being proven lacking against the pass.

    Agree with the others about Moss’ effort or lack thereof. Would have thought he might have dialed it up for probably his last SB. Sure Rice would have been laughing his a– off if not for the predicament the 49ers find themselves in. Just have a real tough time believing he is a positive influence in the locker room when he pulls this stuff.

    At least it hasn’t been a Lewis-fest. Has seemed a step slow all game especially against the pass & his few tackles have all been 8 yds downfield. Guess he’s saving his energy for an all-time god is great/look at me/narcissism fest at the end. And now judging by the 2nd half KO return he has a foot on the podium.

  13. looks like about 50% of the power is out… scoreboard is down… game’s stopped!

    didn’t matter anyway…. Raven’s have owned them since the first possession… worst game ever….

  14. Psycho jim hairbough pays an insider to sabotage the game by turning off the lights. hairbough figures its the only way to stop the Ravens momentum.

  15. only in loserania power goes out in sb well loseranians pay ur power bill a.hats ravens sb winners in loserania how fitting

  16. Result is meaningless; two undisciplined and dirty teams are unworthy of the spectacle. At least Beyonce lived upto expectations 😉

  17. This raven fan was not quiet all week. I knew what would happen. Destiny. You cant fight it, you cant stop it, you cant contain it, you can only watch and admire the Baltimore Ravens. Cheers!

  18. haven’t run the option? they have been running it all game, ravens have shut it down!

    I have only seen them run at Maybe 2 times, they should be running it the rest of the game now

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