Cary Williams avoids an ejection

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After an ugly pass from 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick to receiver Randy Moss floated into the hands of Ravens safety Ed Reed for the first interception ever thrown by a 49ers quarterback in any Super Bowl, chippiness that had been building all game erupted into a melee.

Along the way, Ravens cornerback Cary Williams made contact with an official, via a two-handed shove.

After the officials sorted it out, Williams was neither flagged nor ejected.  Instead, referee Jerome Boger called offsetting unnecessary roughness fouls on 49ers tackle Joe Staley and Ravens cornerback Corey Graham.

Coincidentally, it was Boger who failed to eject Panthers quarterback Cam Newton after Newton made contact with Boger during a regular-season game.

At the time, former NFL official and officiating supervisor Jim Daopoulos walked me through the relevant portions of the rule book and case book.  There is no discretion; contact with an official should always result in an ejection.

So the Ravens got lucky.

36 responses to “Cary Williams avoids an ejection

  1. So far the best self proclaimed receiver ever to play the game looks like he is taking the game off which he is known to do from time to time !

  2. I watched the replay, Williams on the ground after the interception I thought a 49er (probably dirty Davis) rip off his helmet. Any player would be hot, I don’t think that was called.

  3. It’s the Superbowl. I don’t want to see either team lose a player due to inadvertently making contact with a referee during a melee involving 3 tons of angry muscle.

  4. This officationg crew has shown they are blind on a few extrat activity actions. If the rule is in place Williams should have been gone.

  5. Boger has at least half a dozen seriously terrible calls in him per game. The only reason he’s the ref today is because the league is taking heat for the lack of black coaches being hired.

  6. too bad the refs had to start making big mistakes..

    this non-call, the missed pass interference on Smith…

    but I think the Ravens, at least by the end of the 1st half,, have just too dominated the niners and this may turn into a blow out.

  7. This game has been horribly officiated from the start. The officials failed to establish control early chosing to look the other instead of calling the taunting and late hits.

  8. Solid officiating in this game.

    Apparently shoving officials and throwing punches is okay in the Super Bowl.

  9. this sb looks to be ref’ed into ravens arms by not ejecting so it tell story some refs like to be touched
    by other men.
    only in loserania could this happen

  10. Who cares if it was during a melee?

    The rules clearly state that any contact with an official results in an automatic ejection.

    He shoved him with two hands and has been taunting/shoving/jawing off after every play.

    What a classless loser, just like the rest of the Ravens. Who else would worship a murderer at MLB?

  11. I predicted the Ravens would have the refs on their side so that the Ray Lewis hero narrative would go forward. I’m not embarrassed by the prediction so far. Push the ref with both hands? Excuse me?

  12. i say the 49ers take there least talented player play some water boy on the ref take the ref out and well get gayray to murder thats what he does best even in loserania

  13. so i guess that the db that should have been thrown out is the reason that the offense is killing the sf def. your little db culliver needs to do less showing off and more covering. yes the refs suck but they have all year.

  14. That’s two Ravens now who clearly should have been ejected.

    Williams on shoving an official. (Not incidental people!)

    Ngata for punching Justin Smith in the face twice right in front of a ref. No flag on that… amazing.

  15. He definitely should have been tossed but it hasn’t been even remotely a deciding factor in the game. Not surprised by the behavior from my observations of his play this year. He seems to constantly jaw at and taunt opposing players after any play that remotely favors the Ravens. Many players do that but it just seems more overt from him for some reason. Just seems like an all around classless player!

    Nice tackle on Crabtree there in the 3rd (well maybe not), didn’t see much jawing after that one!

  16. Worst ghetto football in a Super Bowl ever.

    The NFL will never be popular internationally with such an ugly stupid selfish criminal display.

    I hope the commissioner hands out huge well deserved fines for such terrible uncivilized behavior.

  17. Yes, agree with most comments, NFL got it’s way with non-call. Happy to see the pre-NBC Florio back with his reporting.

  18. It’s pretty clear now why the NFL doesn’t use their highest rated refs in the Super Bowl. They need refs that will go along with the program. The program was to let Ray Lewis go out on top and that’s what happened with key calls favoring the Ravens all night.

    Shoving the ref with both hands? When is that not an ejection????

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