Culliver will receive sensitivity training after Super Bowl


If the 49ers win the Super Bowl, 49ers cornerback Chris Culliver possibly will go to Disneyland.  Win or lose, he’ll be going back to school, too.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Culliver will receive sensitivity training in the wake of his grossly insensitive comments from media day regarding the possibility of having a gay teammate.  Eventually, Culliver will do volunteer work with the Trevor Project, a group that provides crisis and suicide intervention for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youths.

“He’s so passionate about youth and people being comfortable with who they are and accepted by all,” a P.R. representative for Culliver told the Associated Press.  “He’s excited to learn.  The plan is with the Trevor Project, and their concerns are that he is genuine about his words. . . .

“It’s just an opportunity for him to learn about his comments and educate himself about the LGBT community, and grow,” the spokesman added.  “It’s the first step in learning about his words.”

Actually, the first step came when Culliver faced a throng of media members who grilled him about the comments the day after they came to light.  And plenty of steps will be needed before anyone believes he truly means what he’s saying, now that the things he said got him in hot water.

12 responses to “Culliver will receive sensitivity training after Super Bowl

  1. “So much for freedom of speech”

    -At least 40 posters who actually have no idea what the first amendment means.

  2. Culliver will get sensitivity training. They’ll check his sensitivity to having bright lights shone in his eyes, whether or not he is sensitive to being beaten with a rubber hose, and how sensitive he is to having bamboo shoots pushed under his fingernails.

  3. I realize this won’t be up here for long since most of my posts get deleted from the site, Florio. But at least you’ll get to see it. Or maybe you’ll do a zigzag and prove how tolerant you are of differing opinions and leave it up this time.

    I’m pro gay-rights. If they ever allow gay marriage in my state, I’ll happily volunteer as the first minister.

    That being said, the glee you put on display here in writing about the man’s “grossly insensitive” comments and his impending reprogramming is, for lack of a better word, gross.

    But hey, I’ll bet it’s great being a part of the clique that wields the social hammer anytime someone steps out of line.

  4. banky74, You realize if not for someone “wielding that social hammer” we’d still have separate drinking fountains and bathrooms and schools, right?

  5. Well, so much for the 1st amendment, the 2nd amendment is in danger of the commies in Gov. that ugly assed woman from Cali…Diann fine stein. Gee thats insensitive,,,,,Being an American I dont give a rats zzz.

  6. The thought police have struck again. Culliver gets punished for expressing his feelings. The scrub LB from Baltimore is feted in the press for his views. Great.

  7. So this guy either has the stones to say what he, and likely so many other players feel but don’t, for fear of seeming insensitive, or he’s really stupid for having said it and letting it be known that’s how he feels. It’s his opinion and how he feels and he’s entitled to it and has a right to express it if he chooses. Just like everyone else has the right to theirs. You don’t have to agree with it and you don’t have to like it if its not in line with yours. All those who preach tolerance need to keep that in mind. You don’t fight hate with hate, you fight it with love and acceptance.

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