Flacco finds Jones for a long touchdown

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Chris Culliver’s rough week continues.

With the Ravens leading 14-3 and two minutes remaining in the first half, receiver Jacoby Jones raced past a flailing Culliver into the clear.  Similar to the play that forced overtime against the Broncos, Jones had to wait for the ball from quarterback Joe Flacco.

But wait Jones did, and Jones caught it.  And fell.  Untouched.

So Jones got up and outran Culliver more horizontally than vertically to the end zone.

The end result was a 56-yard score for Jones, who is playing in his hometown of New Orleans.

It’s now 21-3.  And all three Ravens scores came via touchdown passes thrown by Flacco, who is in the process of forcing owner Steve Bisciotti to hand over the keys to the franchise.

18 responses to “Flacco finds Jones for a long touchdown

  1. Congratulations Ravens, Super Bowl Champions.

    I figured Flacco would outplay Kaepernick, who would show he’s still a rookie.

    49ers, you have a good team, but still a young QB, no matter his promise.

    Randy Moss did nothing to boost his credentials in this game- seems he’s still taking plays off- even in the Super Bowl.

  2. Blowout so far. If this keeps up, Joe Flacco is going to get PAID when that new contract is drawn up. Funny that all the experts that talk about Colin Kaepernick as the second coming after what, 9 NFL starts? Looks like the “experts” are proven wrong once again thusfar.

  3. too bad you know nothing about football. Whitner was supposed to provide help over the top. Whitner has now been responsible for all three TD. Out of position on Bolden, was covering Pitta, and was out of position on last one. He is singlehandedly costing SF the game. I would not want to be him sitting next to his teammates when they review tape of this. Seriously, looks at the recap of all big plays Ravens had. It’s pretty much all on Donte.

  4. wow.. even sanchez would be tearing up the 9ers the way this game has unfolded. Wide open receivers, poor tackling, and dropped interception opportunities.

    Flacco now joins Dilfer to co-hold the title of worst QB to ever win a superbowl.

  5. Forgive me, that reads wrong, I mean “monkey dance” not like “that monkey” dance. Literally it looks like something a trained monkey could do. Of course Sapp got to the HOF by self promotion, why wouldn’t anyone else.

  6. Awesome play!! Great halftime show! The Super Bowl is so much more fun when your team is not playing. When we’re playing, I’m always trying not to throw up from nerves.

  7. What’s with the Flacco is just throwing it up comments? You sour grapers don’t know a thing about football. I saw Flacco avoid a sack, extend, the play and when everyone around me was yelling throw it away found Boldin for a long gain. I saw him recognize Jones beat his main and hit him for a 56 yard TD. Dude is having a great game and making yall eat crow. It must taste real bitter judging from your whinnings.

  8. Am I the only one who saw this play? The ball was GROSSLY underthrown by Flacco. The receiver fell down trying to stop and get back to the ball. If the coverage wasn’t completely blown that this would have been an interception. This one was all Jocoby Jones. He saved Flacco’s ass.

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