Giants reportedly making Hakeem Nicks extension top priority


There’s been a lot of talk in the last few days about Victor Cruz’s contract, but he’s not the only Giants wide receiver with the chance of landing a long-term deal this offseason.

He might not even be the one most likely to wind up with one. Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Giants are putting a bigger emphasis on signing Hakeem Nicks this offseason than they are on getting Cruz locked up for the long term. Nicks has one year left on his deal and, per the report, the team views him as a “legitimate No. 1 receiver.”

With Cruz subject to a restricted free agent tender, it makes sense for the Giants to address other contract issues first as the offseason gets underway. Taking care of Nicks first would also likely establish some idea of the kind of contract the Giants would be willing to offer Cruz, something that might help bring Cruz’s asking price down from being “too much” for owner John Mara.

Nicks is coming off a year marred by knee and foot injuries. He caught 53 passes for 692 yards and three touchdowns in 13 games, well off the standard he set while catching 155 passes over the previous two seasons. That doesn’t seem like the optimal time to cash in with a long-term deal, but it might not have a huge impact on the contract numbers if the Giants do view him as highly as the report indicates.

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  1. Smart move. The slot receivers like Welker & Cruz have to realize that they arent as vital as the bigger WRs whom man the outside. Inside guys move the chains. Outside guys put the points on the board.

  2. Slot receivers have to realize they aren’t as valuable? Cruz has proven his value slot/downfield/speed, and all Nicks seems to prove is he is injury prone. Nothing wrong with making Cruz wait, but Welker proved his value after gets screwed by Belichik the Bully! I would make Nicks prove his too!

  3. Smart move, Cruz has much less leverage. When Nicks’ contract is up, he’s unrestricted. Gone if not resigned. Assuming they do get both locked in long term, Giants have Nicks and Randle out wide, with Cruz in the slot. That’s a damn good squad no matter who you’re playing. Even better if Bennet is resigned as well, and Wilson getting more reps.

  4. Even though the numbers may not reflect it due to the injuries he played through but Nicks is far more valuable to that offense than Cruz. Cruz is an excellent slot receiver but he wouldn’t be effective without a true number 1 out there. The Giants got a steal when they drafted Randle so they are in good shape out wide.

  5. well..umm..not…cruz still gets his numbers and makes plays even with nicks missing all those cruz makes his own plays…his play is NOT because of nicks..

  6. Is there an organization that is run better than the New York Football Giants??? In any sport?? I don’t think so. Both Nicks and Cruz are great receivers and they will both get the contracts that they deserve. Doing Nicks first makes perfect sense. Especially since he is coming off a down year due to nagging injuries. Big Blue can save a little bit of cash by taking care of Hakeem now. Cruz will get a long term deal also. The Giants are to smart to let Cruz get away. There may not be 2 guys who compliment each other better than Nicks and Cruz in the entire league. Best part is they are both team first guys. They are not “me” guys. They each have at least 10 good years ahead of them. They are each heading into the prime of their careers. Hakeem just celebrated his 25th birthday, and Vic is 26. Thats right, 25 and 26. With the 2 time Super Bowl MVP under center, Jerry Reese will lock up the core of this offense for the long term over the next 2 off seasons. Last week Mr. Mara said something about the window being wide open???? Open???? Not only is it open, it is the size of the new Giants Stadium. And with RG3 one knee injury away from retirement, and Tony Romo being well, Tony Romo, that NFC East window’s gonna be wide open for a long, long time.

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