Goodell “absolutely” would let his son play football


Manti Te’o plays football, and he had a fictitious girlfriend.  President Obama and Commissioner Roger Goodell have fictitious sons who may or may not have been allowed to play football if they, you know, existed.

Recently, Obama said he’d be concerned about letting his son play, if he had a son.  Now, Goodell says he’d have no concerns about letting his son play football, if he had a son.

Goodell told Face the Nation that he’d “absolutely” let a son play football.

“I couldn’t be more optimistic about it because the game of football has always evolved,” Goodell said, via the Associated Press. “Through the years, through the decades, we’ve made changes to our game, to make it safer, to make it more exciting, to make it a better game for the players, for the fans, and we have done that in a very calculated fashion.”

He’s right, and the folks who don’t have sons who claim they’d have qualms about letting their sons play football don’t realize that it’s not quite as easy to keep a kid from playing football as it seems.  (Especially when the kid is one of the largest boys in a small Catholic school.)

We worry about everything our children do, and playing football is one of the natural things they do that will cause a certain degree of worry.  But we can’t confine them to a plastic bubble, and we shouldn’t.

The great irony of the comments of our Commander in Chief is that he has the power to send into harm’s way young men and women who signed up for risks far greater than those presented by football.  We remain at a fundamental level a nation of risk takers founded by folks who took the ultimate risk by launching a rebellion against the British.

So do I worry about my son playing football?  Sure.  Would part of me prefer that he not play?  Without question.

Will I ever try to keep him from playing?  Hell no.

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  1. LMAO….Mr. Found Religion, Ray Lewis had to be “beeped out” in players huddle before the game. Everyone deals with guilt in a different way but Lewis’s phoney religion act is a disgrace to himself and the media who is so willing to put him on a pedestal. The media wants to talk about all the accomplishments of Ray Lewis but are afraid to bring up Atlanta 10 years ago.

  2. You don’t have to have a boy to keep them from playing football. Football is sorta like smoking cigarettes. They are bad for your health and you will have severe health problems when you get older. No matter how safe they make this sport, as long as the brain rattles around in their skull, you can count my son out… if I have one. The argument for letting children play a sport that has as many violent collisions as football, is quiet pathetic and laughable. It like arguing that you can prove there is a god, or automatic assault weapons have a place in our society.

  3. Goodell would be the only dad in the stands calling for an eight year old pee wee football player to be fined too I bet.

  4. I don’t see why he wouldn’t let his son play. Injuries are part of any physical sport.

    Anyone who thinks otherwise can just go do ballet or something.

  5. Not everyone who plays football gets brain damage. Most who play don’t even make it to the collegiate level or beyond, where most of the hits able to deal concussions are really found. The risk is there but it’s smaller than people realize, and it’s most likely more of a problem the better players need to deal with. Football also teaches and promotes teamwork, dedication/commitment, discipline and work ethic, amongst other things. Hypothetically, if I had a son, I’d let him play too. I’d make sure he knew the dangers involved and proper technique to avoid head injuries first but I would let him play.

  6. Of course Goodell wouldn’t mind if his son played football. Roger knows that if he were to have a son in the future, by the time he gets old enough to play, the NFL will have outlawed tackling. Roger just needs a little more time.

  7. If you don’t have a son, you can’t talk about what you would or wouldn’t allow him to do. Like those morons who don’t have kids telling us how to raise kids.

    Stupid hypothetical nonsense.

    I have a bunch of daughters. No sons.

    I LOVE football but I don’t know if I would let my son play football because I don’t have one nor ever will have one.

  8. All Goodell cares about it making scores higher so non NFL fans will start playing fantasy and in turn start watching the NFL… Yet another reason why true football fans are becoming bigger fans of the less tampered with game, college football

  9. I have one word for you: Moops.

    I am not one to complain (who am I kidding), but it really is getting frustrating when I type a clean post and it disappears somewhere on the internets, never to be posted at PFT. It would be nice to know what I am doing wrong, if anything, so that I am not wasting my time trying to post something that is never going to get posted.

  10. MTLighthouse69

    It’s hit or miss here. Leave out certain buzz words and you are close to getting a post. One never knows sometimes.

    I’ve been here since 2004. Back then we used to wait for Florio to get off work. Fun days…but posts didn’t seem to get lost near as much since CBS took over…

  11. I’m sick of these NFL guys comparing playing in the league to military service. Goodell just did it again here. Then went even further to reference the American Revolution as akin to playing football. Get over yourself guys. It is just a game. A billion dollar game, but still a game.

  12. Make them wear leather helmets. See how many head to head collisions are recorded then. No doubt there’d be some, though not nearly as many. It would take someone of below average awareness and/or intelligence to pop someone else’s skull with a leatherhead. BTW, Ravens making Kaepernick look like the rookie he is.

  13. Yeah, it would be nice to know how to avoid getting your post deleted. Has happened to me many times. However, I am not sure if it is because of a moderator with an itchy trigger finger, bugs in the software, or both. Whatever it is, it is pretty inconsiderate to the users, given the fact that our visits here help pay the bills.

  14. Dubblezenhell,

    The reason they went to plastic helmets was because the leather helmets weren’t protecting skull fractures. I read that approximately 18 kids died per year if this so then plastic helmets were created. So it’s pick your poison: skull fractures that kill immediately or concussions that kill more over time. Either way the NFL is screwed and if I owned a team, I’d be selling it quickly.

  15. Both of my sons played from pee wee through high school and loved it. Was i a nervous father? Yes. I could not sit and and would pace the fenced sideline the entire game. Would i let them play again? Of course. Is it just me and my twisted sense of humor or does anyone else wonder what Roger would do if a coach put a bounty on his kid?

  16. Goodell would sacrifice his only son just to keep his pathetic job as NFL commissioner. Goodell will say anything so I wouldn’t believe anything he says, except to punish the cheating Saint’s.

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