Jacoby Jones opens second half with a bang


Well, people can stop talking about Beyonce now.

The Ravens just took the opening kickoff 109 yards for a touchdown, with Jacoby Jones sprinting his way to the longest play in Super Bowl history (a record which will never be broken). Coupled with his 56-yard touchdown catch, he’s fighting Joe Flacco for MVP honors now.

The touchdown made it 28-6, and puts the pressure on the 49ers to do something now, or this thing is going to be more about the commercials than the football.

The 49ers got back into the Atlanta game by running the ball, but it was the second quarter then, and they only trailed 17-0.

They may not have time this time.

UPDATE 9:27 p.m. ET: The league just announced the play was ruled 108 yards and not 109. So there is room for someone to break the record.

23 responses to “Jacoby Jones opens second half with a bang

  1. “logical” (as if), you obviously didn’t see Dolphins-Vikings (in my mind the most boring ever) or such over-by-halftime epics as Bills-Cowboys I, 49ers-Dolphins, Bucs-Raiders, or Ravens-Giants.

  2. Yea boring but give credit to Baltimore for making it boring. They kicked butt. I don’t like them but they kicked butt.

  3. The power going out is hilarious.

    On the upside. No Jim Nantz.

    Downside. Shannon Sharpe back on the air.

  4. Im a Niners fan but Ravens were on a roll that couldnt be stopped..Congrats on the win..They earned it..We were flst out emberrassed.

  5. Well if your a Ravens fan, this game is going just the way you want it. Basically crushing the 9r’s…

    For a fan, so far, this game has been boring.. 9’rs forgot to show up at “the underbelly of society” new orleans… The commercials haven’t been anything great, the half time show was boring… And then the lights went out.

    So far, i’ve been ready to change channels… Boring.. But congrats so far Ravens fans..

  6. The 49ers are going to be just sick when they look back at the mistakes they made in this game. Baltimore has more recent playoff experience and they just looked more composed right from the start.

  7. This Steelers fan congratulates the Ravens and their fans on their eventual Super Bowl win. Baltimore has kicked butt this post-season. It was an honor to split the season series with you.

    We look forward to renewing our rivalry next season.

    Meanwhile, enjoy the feeling–it’s one we know quite well and love.

    And 49er fans–Even if the game remains out of hand, there is no reason to be ashamed or angry. You have a great team, with a fine coach, good defense, and an exceptionally talented QB. You made it farther than 30 other teams, remember that.

  8. why is nobody talking about that blatant hold on that kickoff return? I believe it was #49 being double teamed (bearhugged more like it) yet not one mention about it from announcers.

  9. @ jrobitaille23

    At regular speed its hard to tell. Double-teamed is not called for holding unless #49 is pushed to the ground. #49 was not pushed to the ground, so therefore its not holding and there is blatant holding in the Super Bowl all the time that is uncalled. Check Eli Manning’s game winning TD against the Patriots, where Eli spoiled Tom’s chance to go 19-0! Also the 49ers slammed Joe out of bounds later in the game and that was uncalled.

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