Jim Harbaugh upset about late penalties, or lack thereof

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After losing the Super Bowl to his brother, 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh didn’t have much to say.

But many of the words he did use were to complain about the officiating near the end of the game, particularly the failed fourth-down conversion.

When discussing his final series with the ball, Harbaugh said “there was no question in my mind there was a pass interference, and then a hold on the last play.”

He also griped about the “tackling” of his players on the intentional safety the Ravens took to burn clock, saying (rather huffily) “I never got an explanation on that.”

When asked why he didn’t bother running the ball with Frank Gore near the goal line (which made sense given Gore’s 110 yards on 19 carries, Harbaugh looked perturbed, shrugged and said “we had other plays called.”

Expecting the 49ers coach to be calm is unreasonable, given the way he behaves when things went well. But as wounded as he was, there wasn’t much grace exhibited, considering the moment his brother just experienced.

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  1. No harm done. Losing can be hard to deal with immediately afterwards. A little whiney, but whatever. Crabtree was using hands too on the play Jim wanted a flag on.

  2. Its funny how if that 1 PI call is made, the 49rs are probably hoisting the trophy right now… Crazy how the opinion of 1 guy on a split second decision can determine who the champion will be.

    Glad it was a good game. Congrats to the 49rs… They should be back next year

  3. He has no grace or class. Needs to learn from older brother. Joe was hit out of bounds and Torrey Smith was interfered with the entire game but we didn’t see those calls. It was a poorly called game for both sides. Suck it up and deal with it.

  4. Had to get one last jab at Harbaugh didn’t you Gnat? You expect him to be happy after a game in which the refs gave the Ravens and Ray Lewis the Jerome Bettis treatment?

  5. “He also griped about the “tackling” of his players on the intentional safety the Ravens took to burn clock, saying (rather huffily) “I never got an explanation on that.” ”

    Wouldn’t have mattered if they had called it. If the holding was in the endzone, the result would have been a safety with ~4 seconds left on the clock (which is exactly what the result of the play was with no penalties called).

    If the holding was not in the endzone, the Falcons would have declined the penalty, otherwise the Ravens could have done the same thing and run out the remaining 4 seconds.

  6. Remember the incident with the Lions coach and everyone pinned it on him? The longer Jim is a coach the more of a classless spoiled little brat he seems like. The Niners lost that game because they dug themselves a huge hole and the play calling on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th downs inside of 2 mins was awful. I live in the Bay Area and am a Niners fan.

  7. I wonder if he appreciates the irony that he’s complaining about penalties not getting called when a “running into the kicker” penalty got called in the freaking Super Bowl and gave Akers a retry to really keep them in the game.

  8. Forget holding on 4th and goal … there was a blatant shot to the head of a defenseless Crabtree on the previous play. That’s the no call he should be ticked off at. So much for protecting players.

  9. Im not a 49ers fan but he kind of had a point about the lack of a holding call.

    It was really obvious holding.

    That said if the power hadnt gone out, the Ravens might have won in a blow out.

  10. Wow, he’s got a real gripe. Crabtree only got away after shoving the dude in the face. How’s he gonna catch the ball with the dude wrapped up on him. Watch it again like Boomer did. You’ll see- it was a game deciding call

  11. Boger and the “all-star” crew were bad, but Jim Harbaugh’s act is tiresome.

    It will be interesting to see how people and his players respond to him in losing seasons.

  12. 49er fans COMPLAINING about the lack of calls is laughable.

    Stop whining. The fanbase is starting to reflect the attitude of the head coach- all petulant and red faced when things don’t go his way.

    Give the ravens credit and show some class.

  13. If that was Bill Belichick he would be getting skewered. But since it’s Jim Harbaugh the media will largely ignore it.

  14. He has every reason to complain. The ref who didnt throw a flag on that play cost his team the game. You can say Crabtree was pushing on his head but thats because THE GUY WAS HOLDING HIM WITH BOTH HANDS! serious…… other than Ravens fans who obviously see thru purple glasses, how can anyone not agree the guy was being MUGGED!

  15. Don’t think Jim should be ripped at all in this case…1st off he had just lost a hard fought Super Bowl. 2nd it was to h brother. 3rd, h is absolutely correct at least on the holding or PI on the 4th down play (it was nearly identical to a controversial play at the end of regulation Miami/OSU nat’l champ) and his guys getting held on the Baltimore safety.

    I know he’s a hothead the majority of the time, but this is an instance where I think most of us would be.

  16. Was a great game, and an awesome come back. I wish the game wasn’t decided on a no-call, but what can you do? The bottom line is that there should have been a flag, 9’ers get the ball on the 1 with a 1st down. Who knows what would have happened then, but we’ll never know.
    Good game, great comeback, horrid no call at the end.
    Can we go back to the Alex Smith controversy now?

  17. I said all day that there would be a play at a defining moment that would turn the game for the Ravens so Lewis can win. As soon as that pass interference wasn’t called I said I told you so and the Ravens have now won. How could the refs not see that?

  18. LEts not forget on kaepernicks td run, the right DE was nearly raped to the ground. 9ers oline held a ton and nothing was called.

    not a 9ers fan….

  19. Football now like hockey? Where they call tick tack all year and then when the championship is on the line they let them play. The play before where Crabtree got rocked and couldn’t hold onto the ball – defender led with helmet and hit a defenseless receiver in the helmet. All year that’s a penalty. And I know because Everytime a hit gets my attention it is followed shortly afterward by a yellow flag

  20. Harbaugh should be more focused on his defense after they pulled the exact same thing from two weeks ago.

    Difference was Baltimore wasn’t a fraud and no temper tantrum from Jim will change the outcome.

  21. Jim Harbaugh didn’t come out of the locker room for an interview with CBS, just like Belichick, and it was mentioned on the broadcast, but no mention of that on this site… Funny how that works. Both Bill and Jim spoke to the media via the required post-game presser, but Bill gets killed for it, and Harbaugh doesn’t even get a mention.

  22. I hate that tool. I must admit during the NFC championship game I felt like there was a few calls that were missed but the way I see it is in this situation just like my falcons 2 weeks ago neither team got it done. Period. All you want is a chance to win the game and both the falcons and 49ers had their chance inside the 10 yard line with 3 shots at scoring but couldn’t get it done. That is playoff football and as much as it stings when you feel like your team didnt get a call the bottom line is you shouldn’t be in that situation in the first place. As much as it pains me to say it but just like 2 weeks ago the better team won the game.

  23. those refs were criminal. i have no words to explain the officiating I saw tonight. when i see bad officiating, i usually check to see if it’s fairly distributed poor officiating. but not in this case. these refs were paid off in baltimore blue crab.

  24. I try not to get sucked into the whole blame it on the refs thing, but that was pretty bad, then an outright hold on basically every raven on that safety, not to mention I saw a raven pinch a 49er at least 5 times in that game. There were a few huge penalties on the Niners that were legitimate calls, I guess the refs were just letting the ravens play, a little more tonight. But Niners had a few mistakes , ravens only had one. That’s the bottom line.

  25. i’m a pats fan , the officiating in this game was horrible if this was the best , maybe the should have kept the replacements , don’t blame jim , what a joke

  26. I thought the refs did a good job; they tried to stay out of the game and let the players decide the game. Any 49ers fan complaining about the pass interference dose not have a leg to stand on, because the 9ers interfered with Smith down the side line in the 1st qtr which would have been a score and two weeks before they beat the Falcon’s on a horrible non-call with Bowman all over White to end the game.

  27. The faking and flopping of Akers gave the 49ers another shot and 3 points they didn’t deserve.
    We’re not going the end of this from him for a couple decades or longer, and his tantrums on the sideline and throwing of the playbook were legendary tonight.

  28. The only thing that would have made this super bowl better would have been to see Jims reaction if John slapped him on the back after the game. Probably a good thing for the fam that he did not do that! I bet Jim would have clocked him…

  29. Ravens fans can push the thumbs down button all they want. That is an obvious penalty…..and Im not a 49ers fan. The game should be called correctly, even if it gives the 49ers 1st and goal with pretty much a 99% chance of winning the game.

  30. Jim Harbaugh is an as*clown. Happy to see his classy big brother win. Giants fan here. He is the next Andy Reid with more angry faces. Won’t get it done.

  31. If the 9ers had played better from the beginning to the point of winning, then there would have been nothing to complain about.

  32. Please tell me Ravens fans aren’t calling out Jim Harbaugh for complaining about officiating. If Jim has learned anything from his brother John it is that.

    Anyway who cares I’d take either head coach since along with them comes playoff appearances and wins.

  33. NFC is wide open next year. Niners blew their chance for a SB Trophy.

    Falcons, Redskins, Seahawks, Giants smell blood in the water.

    Can’t wait should be an awesome 2013!

  34. I can’t believe all the whining about officials that takes place today. In Superbowl XXXII, Packers-Broncos, on Brett Favre’s last pass, the defender clearly made contact with Mark Chmura early before knocking the ball away. And there was no call. And guess what? No one said a damn word about it. The Niners had four chances to get the ball in the endzone and they blew it. And Kaeprnicks last pass was not catchable anway.

  35. this dude is the biggest whiner there is, go buy some kleenex and dry your eyes baby…funny how just two weeks ago when the falcons on both 3rd and 4th down with seconds to go, niners totally had pass interference, and falcons just shrugged off the loss…..but now the niners are whining…karma!

  36. Officiating was garbage all game. What happened to the helmet off – ball cant advance rule? They missed that at least 3 times. At least they let them play.

  37. It was clearly pass interference on that 4th down play. He got his arms all the way around and pinned both arms then grabbed jersey. And the ball was in the air already.

    That had to be called.

  38. I saw three blatantly missed penalties:

    1) The hold on the 108 yard touchdown. It was clear as day, but it was completely missed. There were two guys sandwhiching a 9er and the guy in the back was holding.

    2) They missed the Raven defender who was lined up way offside on the two point conversion.

    3) Of course the last 9ers play. The 9ers started behind the five yard line, therefore any contact in the end zone is illegal not to mention a handful of jersey. That was automatic first down.

    No use crying over spilled milk though. The 9ers had three chances to get it in. They kind of blew it with mismanaged timeouts.

  39. Oh quit your damn crying Jim . Blame the fact on you coming out FLAT in the first half . Also the fact that those 4 plays at the goalie were probably the worst I have seen since the titans-rams Super Bowl .

  40. “there wasn’t much grace exhibited, considering the moment his brother just experienced.”

    My, but aren’t we a bit holier than thou?

    With Jim, you get what you get. He brought the franchise back from mediocrity. The players all buy into his system. We’ve got a new stadium online in one more season.

    Deal with it, the Niners are here to stay.

  41. To you guys complaining that Jim isn’t getting critisized for doing something Belicheck also did, its because Belicheck has a long history of treating the media like they don’t matter. Si far Jim doesn’t but if this happens again he will get his due criticism. There’s your difference

  42. He sure wasn’t bitching about his O line getting away with holds all night.

    They weren’t calling much on either team. Gotta take the bad with the good, Jimmy.

    Now, go take an aspirin and lie down for awhile. You’ll be ok.

  43. Crabtree was NOT a defenceless receiver so good no call. Both guys were fighting in the endzone, good no call. Great game and congrats to both teams

  44. I’m happy the refs decided to let the players play…Crabtree tangled up in endzone with defender was a good “no call” same exact “no call” in nfc championship game…please stop whining and get ready for next season Jim.

    thank goodness the lights went out to help your team make it a game to stop ravens momentum or it would’ve been a blowout one-sided game being down 28-6

  45. Karma catches up to Jim Harbaugh where it hurts the most – within reach of his goal. I stopped liking the guy the moment he took the starting job away from a loyal man who self-reported an injury. Honor demands payback, and now Jim Harbaugh’s soaking in it.

    With this game, the reality of Kap starts to become clear. “No way Alex Smith could come back from 22 down”, some might say. But, would he get down by 22 to begin with? The Smith 49ers may have been more vanilla, but now they’ve got a roller coaster.

    Enjoy the ride next year, SF fans. It has slammed to a halt for now.

  46. Sorry but the Niners were the best team in the Nfl this year..Forget the 4th quarter they got robbed all game!

  47. Wouldn’t a holding penalty on the last play run off 10 seconds and end the game?

    He’s right about the holding on the safety but on the play to Crabtree there was holding and a push off and the ball would have been caught out of bounds.

    They should have run Gore but most likely the Ravens would have driven for the winning FG.

  48. Jim is a classless whiner, that is a fact he proves every week win or lose. The only reason this was a game is the power went out and the Ravens momentum was killed when they were serving the 49ers humble pie. Now we can listen to 49er fans makes excuses another year.

  49. I think he wanted the qb to win it instead of Sumone else

    If u have 3 downs to get 5 yards u telling me u don’t run it at all even if it’s the qb running it in. Bad plays at the end 8yd average out of the pistol formation why go away from it. If u gonna run a fade or jump ball pass play. Moss or Davis are getting it for me. Glad the game turned out good at the end. Thank u power outage

  50. The lack of a holding call on the intentional safety was irrelevant, because the penalty for holding that occurs in the end zone is a safety.

  51. Both of Kaepernick’s passes on the goal line were awful (4th down and earlier 2 pt conversion).

    On the fourth down Kaepernick has to put the ball where his receiver has a chance to make the catch, not throw the ball out of bounds. If it is a better throw the 49ers might get the call but it was the right call in that circumstance.

  52. Any fan would be calling that a penalty if it were their team. When the games on the line, how can the ref overlook a blatant PI like that. Crabtree didnt even have a shot to catch the ball. And where was the helmit call before that. Great game with a horrible ending.

  53. First, Harbaugh is a douche.

    Second, contact is allowed within five yards of the line of scrimmage, and both players were pushing, plus the ball was probably uncatchable.

    Third, step aside, 49ers. You had your chance. Seahawks coming through.

  54. Stop crying. Torrey Smith got mugged too. The difference is that one team overcame it and one didn’t. And Crabtree was not a victim of defenseless receiver so take that noise somewhere else.

  55. Congrats to the Ravens, but…. All these Raven fans saying Jim is whiny and has no class better look at his brother John too. Both these guys complain and are hot heads. Look at this quote from Mike Pereira when asked about the brothers being hot heads… ” To me, they’re different,” says Mike Pereira, former NFL VP of Officiating and currently a rules analyst for FOXSports. “Jim really is not constant. When he goes, he goes. (Like) the reaction that he had in the (NFC) Championship Game when they didn’t reverse the pass that was ruled incomplete on that last drive. He goes quickly off the deep end while John seems to be more constantly off the deep end.
    “They just get so wrapped up in the game that it’s really incredible when you see that,” marvels Pereira. “It’s always on TV, people see the way that they act.”

    Flip this loss to the Ravens and John would be just if not more whiny. Everyone gets on Belichick for being so called classless but he’s consistent win or loss he has no interest in talking to the media or commenting on officiating. No two other coaches in the league are nearly as pushy and hot headed, either way they both are helluva good coaches with great teams.

  56. I can’t believe some of you guys complaining about the officiating ecept for the one 49ers fan who called out the playcalling.

    First, on the 4th down play, Crabtree was just as physical with the DB as vice versa–and that ball, if you watched it, landed way out of bounds–and was high–so even if you think Crabtree was held, no way he comes down with that ball with both feet inbounds.

    Second, if you’re going to compalin about that call, what about the 49er who hit Flacco, when he was CLEARLY OUT OF BOUNDS. The guy took two steps and hit him when he was already out of the field of play–that should have been a personal foul right there–but I don’t see any of you whining about that.

    Third, it doesn’t make any difference if the Ravens held in the end zone on the punt–what’s the penalty for holding in the end zone? A SAFETY, which is what the Ravens were trying to accomplish anyway–and they wouldn’t have put time back on the clock–so the 49ers would have still only 4 seconds left on the clock.

    The Niners lost because they dug a huge hole for themselves and couldn’t get out of it. And Jim Harbaugh’s whiny, clipboard-throwing act is getting old.

  57. If holds were called at the end of games the 49ers wouldn’t be in the superbowl. I didnt see jim complaining when they swallowed the whistles at the end of nfc championship game against the falcons. Cant have it both ways. The niners didnt even deserve the chance to win at the end considering the way they fell behind in the 3rd qtr. Congrats to the ravens.

  58. That’s the way all games should be officiated. You don’t bail out a hard fought fourth down stop with a flag against the defense on a terrible offensively called play. Sf has one of the most physically gifted qbs and tes the league has ever seen and harbaugh throws a jump ball to a bust draft pick against a hall of fame safety? Yeah right! Great no call!

  59. “To you guys complaining that Jim isn’t getting critisized for doing something Belicheck also did, its because Belicheck has a long history of treating the media like they don’t matter. Si far Jim doesn’t but if this happens again he will get his due criticism. There’s your difference”—- This is the second consecutive game Jimmy’s blown off the postgame interview… Try again….

  60. Let the whining begin. He should have inherited some of his brother’s character and class. You lost and you would have lost worse had the lights not gone out.

  61. I had no skin in this fight, but it galls me no end to watch refs swallow whistles. I don’t care what team it benefits, it is just plain wrong. It grants an unanticipated advantage for which the opposition has no response. This is not how the participants have spent lifetimes mastering their craft. It is a different game. Essentially, by refusing to be a part of the contest any longer because the outcome hangs in the balance, the refs have placed their fingers on the scale.

    Pointing to the typical calls and non-calls that occur throughout the core of the contest as some kind of justification for the abandonment of control when things are at their highest leverage is nothing more than obfuscation.

  62. Is he complaining about a call not being made as his team was around the five yard line on fourth down? Like the ‘no pass interference’ call his team got away with on a fourth down pass for a first down at another five yard line at the end of a game?

    Really dude, all things ‘called’ and you wouldn’t have been in the Super Bowl. The Falcons would have been. Sh1t happens, both ways. Deal with it.

  63. Enough already on the missed calls! Was that illgeal contact on the last play for SF? Maybe. But how often is that called exactly at 5 yds past the LOS? I can answer that…almost never. Many Zebra’s are like cops giving speeding tickets; they give a little leeway.

    For those who insist on asking for cheese with their whine, what about the no call on the Flacco hit way out of bounds? Or the illegal contact on Torrey Smith in the 1st quarter. Or the hold of Suggs on Gore’s TD run? Give me a break on bad calls. They happen to both teams the whole game.

    You wanna complain about calls? Complain about ALL the missed calls! Don’t be just a homer.

  64. have no issue with the Jim not liking the lack of calls. Those are judgment calls. Each team sees it there way… This was still a great game. I’m not thrilled about the outcome but so what? Next year it’ll be Denvers turn… Go Broncos!

  65. That may have been a hold at the end of the game, but Roddy White was held at the end of the NFC championship game as well. If that was called, 9ers probably wouldn’t have been in the superbowl. Also, if they called holding on the punt/safety play it would not have made a difference. Its either accept the penalty and do a re-play, or decline it so more time isn’t wasted.

  66. You 49ers kill me. You have the benefit slow-mo replay and you think you know, but you don’t. It was, as they say, a bang bang play. Watch it in real time from the refs vantage point and you would see a receiver initiate contact and hand fighting. You would see a slight tug on the receiver’s jersey but not of the variety to impede or alter the receiver’s position. You wouldn’t call it holding if the jerseys were switched. If that isn’t enough, take your cue from the guy who you believe was held: He didn’t protest. A very good indicator there was no holding. Take your lumps. Congratulate the winners and stop whining. None you could do the ref’s job in a million years, so Shhhhhh.

  67. I don’t have any investment in either team, but the NFL needs to have some consistency at the end of these Super Bowl games. Every year its the same thing and it’s getting really tired.

  68. He didn’t feel that eay when he got the same non call in the same exact situation against Atlanta in the NCC championship game. Did he?

  69. he definetly got the short end of the stick with the non calls throughout the game. he has good reason too be upset with the officials.

  70. Refs called a fair game pentalty wise. The went for the obvious ones; false starts, face masks, roughing, and left the rest alone.

    The could of called a lot more penalties but then people would of been complaining, and rightfully so. It’s the superbowl, let them play football and that’s exactly what happened.

  71. I predicted the Ravens win 34-20 in this Superbowl(go back and look at the Ravens share 49ers practice field article). The only reason I gave the 49ers 20 points becuase I thought the Ravens would dominate and John would let his little brother back in it which almost came back to bite him in the azz.

    This was a farce of a Superbowl. Too bad that power couldnt stay out and end the game at 28-6. I don’t ever want to see two brothers coach against each other in the Super Bowl again.

  72. Any explanation of John chewing that 65 year old man out for the lights? Like he had anything to do with it. Their parents must be so proud of their immature, though successful, sons.

  73. How can he complain about a non-call when the only reason he’s in the Super Bowl is because Navarro Bowman admittedly held Roddy White on a 4th down during a simultaneously missed roughing the passer call? Seriously?

    Hey Jim, do you know what Irony means?

  74. No horse in this race, but as the game progressed I found myself increasingly agitated by the blatant missed calls that favored the Ravens. Sure there are missed calls both ways but the ones clearly in front of the refs, that affected the game the most, that were the most egregious went the Ravens way.

    Besides the holding on the 4th down pass (Crabtree only responded after defender had been holding him for 3 yards) there was the hit to the head of a defenseless receiver on 3rd down and what sure looked like pass interference in the corner on 2nd down.

    The 49ers made enough mistakes on their own, and the Ravens played well (especially Flacco & Jones) but there is no doubt the biggest missed calls benefitted the Ravens.

    There was also TWO guys holding a 49er for about 10 yards starting at the 3o yardline as Jacoby Jones ran right past them on his kick-off return. Add in Willimas not being tossed after making contact with an official.

    There were some blatant missed calls that didn’t neccessarily affect the game but were so obvious you wonder why they weren’t called. T Smith’s offensive pass interference that prevented an interception; the spot on Bolden’s catch that had to be challenged in order to see it was at least a half yard short; and the tackling by the Ravens during the safety. Yes it didn’t change the result of the play, but how can they not throw a flag? Dixon grabbed a 49er by the waist at the endzone, held on as both players moved to the back of the endzone and proceeded to run along the back for at least another 10 yards. Yet, no flag.

  75. It’s justice that a non-PI call that should have been called (on Bowman at the end of the Falcons game) got SF to the Superbowl and a very similar non-PI call cost them the Superbowl.

    – not a Falcons fan.

  76. Refs did miss some super obvious holding. That was too blatant on that safety. But the problem is it wouldnt have helped the 49ers because the NFL has some stupid rules. THey will run 10 seconds off the clock on certain offensive penalties at the end of a half, but they won’t add 10 seconds to the clock in case of certain penalties of the team trying to drain the clock?

  77. There were quite a few non-calls on both sides in the game. The try and blame the loss on one call, which was questionable anyway, is just sour grapes. I saw a couple of plays where the 49ers defense got away with what should have been pass interference calls and there was a lot of holdng going on by both sides, on both offense and defense that did not get called. The reality is that the 49ers dug themselves into a huge hole and could not quite climb out. Bad officiating did not put his team in a 28-6 hole, bad play calling did. Also, to not run the ball when you have first and goal on the 6 was just stupid. With the success they had been having running the ball they probably could have pounded it in and the non-call would have been a non-issue. I doubt the game would have been as close as it was if it were not for the delay caused by the power failure. That break gave the 49ers the opportunity to regroup after being stunned at the start of the second half by the 109 yard kickoff return for a TD by the Ravens. The break took the momentum away from the Ravens and gave the 49ers a chance to take a breath and get back in it. In the end the Ravens won and they deserved to win. They played a great game against a very good opponent. To whine about one call and try and make excuses only makes Jim Harbaugh look like a whiner. He needs to man up and stop making excuses.

  78. Good game. I have no problem with a little complaining.

    Glad the Ravens with Birk & Oher won. Sorry that one player who only decides to play hard when the playoffs arrive also got a ring.

    Glad also to see the self proclaimed greatest WR ever catch 2 balls for like 40 yards and not even bother to try to tackle a guy who intercepted the ball thrown over his head.

    I also don’t think the blackout helped the 49’s to come back. They did not pick up the 3rd down. I just think they are too good of a team to be shut down for a whole game.

    Good game.

    Liked the Tide commercial.

  79. @jbaxt – if you read Johns lips what he said was something to the effect of

    “I wish you would just tell the find truth.”

    Before you criticize John, perhaps you should know more about why he said what he did. Likely he was getting BS stories from a number of different people. He was asking for a straight answer and didn’t get one. But I guess it is easier to slap him around in an anonymous forum.

  80. He’s done a great job with the 49ers and at Standford; he can coach no question about it. But he is a classless guy who makes it hard to admire him. He is constantly whining and throwing tantrums. So glad he lost tonight; he needs to learn form his brother, who I’ve always felt has been the best coach the last few years.

  81. Jim Harbaugh is a total a$$ ! At least he could have done is shared a hug with his own brother after the game, but that’s what happens when you act like a spoiled child who just lost his favorite toy or somethin’

    Hey Jim, wonder what Bill Walsh would have thought of your antics tonight, you’ve always claimed he was a great mentor to ya’ ?

    Better keep a cardiologist on the sidelines from now on, this whiner is heading straight for heart attack city someday !

  82. “Thank god the lights went out, or that was a blowout. Momentum turned, and we gave a great effort to come back, just not enough. Kaepernick missing a wide open receiver and us settling for a field goal was big. Kaepernick overthrowing moss by ten feet for a pick was huge as well. Officiating was fine. We got away with the same thing in the same situation against atlanta. The ravens played great. Im proud of my guys for not giving up.”- how hard is it to say that jim?

  83. dallasux says:
    Feb 4, 2013 12:26 AM
    Officiating was garbage all game. What happened to the helmet off – ball cant advance rule? They missed that at least 3 times. At least they let them play.
    They NEVER EVER call that. It ticks me off too. I also saw a bunch of 3 man wedges this past season not get called.

    This is what you get NFL when you pass refs through to the SB who are not the best graded refs. Black eye goes to them on that.WHY can’t merit decide anything anymore? This country is insane.

    BB very seldom even talks loud to refs and when he merely touched that ref on the arm to get his attention after their first meeting with Balt, he got absolutely nailed on here by many exaggerating bitter pathetic posters on this site. People hate him because he thinks his team’s goals are more important than making nice for them and he refuses to kiss their behinds. I think it’s pretty funny, and pathetic.

  84. ZERO chance any kind of Super Bowl is going to be decided by the refs. This is the reason why there are NO disqualifications EVER in the Ky Derby, they dont want to ‘taint’ the Super Bowl with this nonsense. If you want to win, play better, don’t get down 28-6 and you won’t have to be concerned about the refs bailing you out.

    Was it an actual regular season penalty? Possibly, and maybe even probably, but in the Super Bowl, no chance, no way, no how…its all sour grapes by the losing coach….maybe you would have gotten the ball back in the final 2 mins if your rookie QB didnt burn a T.O. in the 3rd quarter and if you didnt stupidly burn one late in the game…take the 5 yard penalty, you were either scoring there or you were not, the 5 yards was worth way less than the T.O. was.

    Go back to coaching 101 and get better for next season and admit you lost fair and square.

  85. Jim Harbaugh is at it again! Why cant the 49er organization have some class for once and admit a loss. They lost to a better team. And a better coach. Better defense. Better QB. Better WRs…

    Jim needs to shut his big whiny mouth.

  86. Jim is a competitor. Just emotional after the loss. Every game has calls that both sides complain about. Funny thing they never complain about the ones they benefit from.

  87. I am not a fan of Jim Harbaugh, but he is right. They got screwed on two calls at the end of the game. Ed Reed was clearly offsides on one play and then the hold on Crabtree in the end zone. One of these two calls should have happened. Seems like they wanted Ray Lewis to win at all costs.

  88. Wow, I can’t remember the last time I saw a team so completely and thoroughly dominated in the Super Bowl. The game wasn’t anywhere near as close as the score would lead you to believe; the 49ers looked like they had no business being in the stadium, completely outclassed, out-muscled, and outgunned.

  89. 1) The hold on the 108 yard touchdown. It was clear as day, but it was completely missed. There were two guys sandwhiching a 9er and the guy in the back was holding.

    – You’ll never get a hold on a double team unless the guy splits it and is pulled down.

    2) They missed the Raven defender who was lined up way offside on the two point conversion.

    – then he left early. That was a blatant miss

    3) Of course the last 9ers play. The 9ers started behind the five yard line, therefore any contact in the end zone is illegal not to mention a handful of jersey. That was automatic first down.

    – not automatic when he touches him unless there’s a material effect on his path. I think there was. If he can’t even ‘push off’ because he’s being grabbed, that’s a hold at the very least. It looked like it started before the ball was in the air. Now, if he had been able to extricate himself from the hold via push off, you could have offsetting fouls and replay the down.

  90. Funny because I was wondering why the Ravens refuse to run Pierce on short yardage situations… Especially in the 2nd half when they were on the 1 yard line. Throwing on third and settling for a FG… Just goes along with what the Ravens have done all season. If they get a lead, they pretty much quit on both sides of the ball playing scared or dumb. Luckily they built up just enough of a lead to hang on.

    I wish I could give San Fran some credit, but I really can’t. Not blaming the power outage… It’s just what the ravens have done all season.

    And flacco MVP? I could see Boldin, but not flacco. Flacco completely disappeared in the 2nd half. I guess it was simply due to nobody really standing out at all though. But I would have given it to Boldin.

  91. Don’t like Jim Harbaugh. He’s a good coach, but he’s a D!ck. He could have at least gave his own brother some respect.

    I really didn’t care who won.

    The Ravens deserved it. The no call was the right call. Plenty of no calls and questionable calls. Thats the way the game goes.

    He’s just being a sore loser.

  92. 4 passes from the 7 yard line? I just can’t help but think of the Madden commercial where he says, “you just can’t do that….” Expecting to get a call like that in the final minute of the game like this, just would not happen, particularly with all the contact they were allowing throughout the game.

    Not a fan of either team, but really one run call would have changed the outcome.

  93. LMAO at you guys saying Jim needs to learn from John about class. John Harbaugh is about as classless as they come. Good coach, but what a phony little punk.

    Can’t believe how many are buying that act.

    That’s like telling someone they need to learn from Lindsy Lohan about self control.

  94. I agree on the safety play, the two closest defenders were held badly. I’d be crazy frustrated too.

  95. Both Harbaughs need to learn how to behave on the sidelines. They make themselves look like fools. Belichick gets criticized for his behavior all the time, but do you have see him going nuts and throwing his head set all over the place every second, or berating refs and NFL officials because the lights go out?

  96. As far as bad calls go, both teams had gripes. You could probably take that across a whole season, and it would most likely average out for every team to have as many bad calls against them, as go for them.

  97. Whatever on the no call.
    What should be considered is why complain about it? The real deal is they let themselves get into a horrible deficit before the half, again. Had they kept it close and found a way to stop the ravens there would be no whining about the call.

    Take responsibility for being doormats in the first half, be grateful the lights went out so they could collect themselves and pick their butts up off the turf long enough to make it a respectable game. Up until then the niners were making a pretty boring show of it.
    Be grateful you were n0t blown out.
    Not a fan of either team.

  98. There were a lot of non-calls (including at the end), but they went both ways. They didn’t call roughing the passer when Joe Flacco got hit 3 yards out of bounds either…

  99. The play, or more importantly lack thereof by Culliver (game long) on the last Raven play was amazing. Then Culliver goes and tries to chest of the Raven punter? Bush league.

    The worst non call though was when Carey Williams of the Ravens shoved the linesman with both arms. No flag, no ejection. Williams then in the third quarter knocked away a possible TD pass. He never should have been in the game by that point.

  100. Instead of complaining about things that he can’t control, he should look in the mirror and ask why he threw the ball all four down from the 7 yard line! Especially with Ngata out of the game. But, this is his M.O. Everyone’s fault but his…

  101. Great game!! I had no rooting interest in this game, but I’ll def say that the fourth down play was definitely a hold and/or a PI. There is no such thing as a good “no call”. As a ref you either call a penalty or you dont and i do believe you call that penalty, it was very clear. As for the safety play, there was a clear and blatant hold/tackle on that play also, however the result wouldve been the same…a safety. furthermore if they call that hold the play still continues and the time still ends up running off the clock, so I’m not sure what the complaint changes if Harbaugh gets the call he was looking for. Refs are under a lot of pressure to not effect the outcome of the game, but if there is a penalty you should call it no matter the outcome, and that fourth down play was a BIG no call, which also effects the outcome of the game. just my unbiased 2 cents. Congrats B’more, you earned it!!!

  102. While I can’t blame Harbaugh fore being upset, I think the bigger blown non-call was the missed offsides on Ed Reed on the two-point conversion following the 49ers last TD.

    That was painfully obvious, and Reed had a direct result on the outcome of that play. If the 49ers convert that, the game is tied at 31, and you don’t have the 49ers going for it on 4th and 5.

    As for the last offensive play, I’ve seen worse than that not called, and less contact than that called. It could have also been called on both players.

    Truth is though, the officiating was not good. This is what the NFL get when they admittedly send less than the best officiating crews to the Super Bowl. The officials let the game get out of hand, and I don’t remember single offensive holding call the entire game. I think Jerome Boger and his crew were intimidated by the players, especially given the fact that no one was thrown out, and neither team really penalized for the fighting. Hopefully, this is this crew’s last Super Bowl, unless they grade out as the top crew.

  103. As a former player you would think he’d understand the right forum for complaints is Private 1st.

    I’m not a fan of either team … was a good game and the better Coach won.

    Show some class!

  104. Jim learned some valuable lessons from one of the great whiners in the coaching ranks, Mike Ditka. The calls balance out in most games, but the whining from Jim will be eternal.
    You lost, and take it like a man.

  105. Maybe if the self-proclaimed ‘greatest of all time’ wide reciever would have shown up in the first half and caught more then 2 passes in the second half they would be celebrating in San Fran. Still the same old part-time Randy. If the play was a run or the ball not coming his way he walked through the play.

  106. Remember the replacement refs. Everyone was screaming for the real refs to come back and get the game back to not being determined by a poor call.

  107. You shouldn’t have relied on the officials to win the game for you. Maybe your qb should be a bit more accurate and you wouldn’t have been in that situation to begin with. What a sore loser

  108. Memo to NFL officials:

    It is not your responsibility to hand out lifetime achievement awards to retiring players. The world would not have stopped spinning on its axis if you had done your job and called PI on the 4th down play.

    The Ravens DB played that play as if he knew going in that there was no way the ref was going to throw a flag no matter what he did, and he was right.

  109. A Harbaugh whining and crying his eyes out, what a surprise.

    He may be a good sport but he’s a horrible crybaby who never wants to take responsibility for his own failures.

    Maybe if his initial game plan hadn’t sucked donkey balls they might have scored more points in the first half.

  110. How many plays are there in a football game? You are complaining about one? Try not going down 28-6 next time and maybe you will have a better chance. You got away with it last week only because the falcons defense is weak sauce ……. And I’m a falcons fan. There was way more contact in the White-Bowman incident two weeks ago and you didn’t hear us cry ….. You got beat, man up. Congrats to the Ravens and their fans.

  111. Jim, the game wasn’t lost on that play with Crabtree who was also interfering with the defender. There were a number of mistakes and errors throughout the game which contributed to the loss. Plus, the calls made on that last series of downs were hardly the best.

    Having said that, while I think you, Jim Harbaugh, are a very good coach, I rooted for you older brother because he has more character and is not a whiner.

  112. Whether that’s true or not, those lights don’t go out and your team is one the losing end of a blowout. Take the good with the bad.

  113. Disgustedly one-sided ref’ing cost the 49’ers the Super Bowl. NFL should be ashamed of themselves. Best team that played the best did not win because of ref’ing. Bad ref’ing started the year and bad ref’ing ended the year.

  114. Jim’s just got to let up on his constant griping about calls. (He was also griping about calls the last time they lost to the Ravens and that was a double-digit loss.) There are always going to be calls that go against you; he can’t fix that. Things he can fix is why his team has a nasty habit of falling way behind in big games and why with multiple good RBs and a great running QB they don’t try to run when they’re inside the 10 yard line.

  115. If it wasn’t for that power outage, the niners would have been blown out anyways. The niners got lucky to receive a bizarre opportunity to climb back into the game.

  116. Jimmy Harbaugh is and always has been a whining crybaby. He has no concept of the phrase “classy loser,” and sadly, I suppose in this day and age it’s to be expected. Somebody get this guy a little cheese to go with his whine. Waaaaaaa…. boohoo….

  117. Can’t let the zebras decide your fate. Had they played ball in the first half, maybe they don’t end up in that predicament…just sayin. He’s a crybaby anyway.

  118. You know I am a Bill’s fan and for as poorly as Chan Gailey was he had class and when there were a few games when the Bills might have won if it wasn’t for a questionable call his response was always you can’t allow your team to be put in a situation where you can allow that to happen. At least Chan was classy. not like the whinny Harbaugh sisters. I wonder what the league thinks of them watching them act like their dog has been shot every time something happens against them. I for one now an routing against the 49ers from here on out. I am sure they don’t care because they are winning now. But it won’t last as long as they think it will. Hey Jim, don’t fall behind so big early and if anything the 49ers only chance came when the lights went out. Don’t hear you complaining about that big momentum swing do you. Or the phantom ruffing the kicker call. You know the one where they guy never touched akers until he took a dive. give me a break

  119. Another reason why I was rooting for the Ravens. As bad as the Ravens are with their trash talk and their punk attitude, the Niners came out looking even more so.

    Kudos on the running into the kicker comment….Akers was going down before the defender even got close….then Phil Simms trying to sell us all on it and then went quiet during the replay. Whoa…wait…what? Exactly

    What also looked like a classless postgame shake in the middle of the field with his own brother….looked like he pushed him away with a crap comment there too…something about “dad”. Can’t wait til that sound byte starts getting some air play.

    It’s official…the Niners are now the Whiners.

  120. You should be upset that your defense couldn’t stop Joe Flacco or “Coach” Caldwell’s offense.

    You should be upset that your fancy gimmick read-option offense didn’t score more than 2 field goals in the 1st half …

    You should be counting your lucky stars that the superdome’s power went out – otherwise the game wouldn’t have been so close.

  121. He has every right to be angry!!! It’s not whining he’s speaking the truth. refs did bad officiating. Now I’m sure if it was your team that got cheated you would be speaking up. 49ers came to win second half and clearly was the better team in the second half. Refs stole this game and handed it to the ravens. Games are not judged by how you start, it’s how you finish and unfortunately the two handed hold wasn’t called on the ravens. and punt return hold against the ravens wasn’t called. uuuum and the most obvious 3 punches and shoving a ref, why wasn’t he ejected. Thank goodness Jim was able to challenge the spot on the 1st down the ravens didn’t get. Were you guys watching the superbowl!

  122. @harrisn2003
    “Now I’m sure if it was your team that got cheated you would be speaking up….”

    No I wouldn’t. You see the whole game? Missed calls both ways. It was pretty even. In case you didn’t see, here’s a few: Flacco late hit clearly out of bounds (penalty is an automatic first down, delays FG, maybe turns into a TD), Torrey Smith hand checked 15 yards down field in 1st quarter incompletion (Very clear) Suggs held around his chest on Gore TD run (bear hugged actually).

    The reason you don’t whine after the game is any good fan of the game knows these calls go both ways. Especially over the course of a game and season.

    I have had my team not get favorable calls and I have come in these rooms and been gracious. No one play makes a game. And teams need to overcome adversity…fumbles, INTs, bad calls, injuries, etc…you name it.

    Have some dignity to know you control your own destiny. Blaming the zebra’s just makes you a victim. Is that what you want to be?

  123. Well, it is much easier for the coach to wine about the referees than explain why he couldn’t come up with a play to score a touchdown with four chances from the five yard line.

  124. Super Bowl refs will almost never make a call especially at end of game that is a game changer. Anyone who have ever watched football knows that.

  125. Harbaugh saying he thinks it was a penalty is not whining. It’s just an opinion. I could do without his sideline antics but that’s Jim Harbaugh. As a 49ers fan I’ll take the good with the bad. 49ers will be back stronger next year. Kaepernick is the real deal. Congrats to the Raven’s, been knockin on the door and finally busted it down. 49ers please get some safeties that have ball awareness.

  126. 9ers got caught napping on the safety. Even with the holding – the punter ran around for 8 seconds. The Ravens were not holding all 11 defensive players. Even with holding calls, it ends up the same; a safety and 4 seconds on the clock. It looked like the 9ers never even considered the possibility of an intentional safety. Aren’t coaches supposed to think of things like that? Obviously, John did and Jim did not.

    Jim’s phoney outrage over the no call on Crabtree is just to divert attention from his failure in play selection. The no call was right. If the ball had been catchable the Ravens safety coming over the top would have caught it, not Crabtree.

  127. I really don’t care if Jim throws his clipboard. I am glad he is as passionate about the game as many fans are. However, with the help of CBS, he and many SF fans think that EVERY call must go there way. They don’t see the phantom running into the kicker that gave SF 3 points and would have turned the mo back to the ravens. They don’t see the hit out of bounds on the QB. They don’t see the arm bar interference on Torrey Smith all night. They don’t see the holding by the SF O line. They only see a Ravens defender falling to the ground, but supposedly he was holding and was not pushed.

    Please Open both eyes!

  128. Jim and the SF fans will soon learn..if you want to take on the Refs you are going to pay for it in future games. Ask Ray Lewis that is biblical about what judges are like. The best thing is to just shut up and take it, otherwise they will make it worse for you the next game.

  129. Ok so after watching the guys on espn first take hash out the no call on Crabtree at the end of the game I have come to this theory.
    1. Crabtree grabbed the DB at the goal line to make it look like it was going to be a run and suckers the DB to hold him as he lets go. You know how WR’s grab the jersey on a run play.
    2. He then tries to let go and tries to get to the back corner to make the catch.

    Now, 2 things can happen. Either he gets the holding call and catches the ball and they decline the penalty, or he gets the holding call and doesn’t get the catch. They take the penalty and try again with 4 more downs. Seems like a smart tactic that Jim taught Crabtree just for an instance like this. Some proof could be how quick Jim was to make the holding signal and jump up and down like he did. He set that all up. He knew it was coming. There is hardly ever holding called there, it would be called PI. It happened so fast he would not know if it was holding or PI. yet he chose to display the holding signal a ref would make.

    Now, John said after the game that Jim was the smartest and best coach in the world or whatever. What if John had seen the SF receivers do this prior to the Superbowl and happened to remind the refs about this. The refs let them play and that’s that!

    Then, on the punt where the safety happens. There was holding all over that play, which doesn’t matter because holding in the end zone would result in a safety. Which is what happened anyway. Can’t put time back on the clock though, it’s not a false start or something like that. Allows Ravens to run a ton of time off the clock and essentially give the 9ers no shot to win.

    Now tell me who’s the smarter coach.

  130. The father needs to teach his young son how to be a classy loser and how to be a better brother.

    And he has proven that he is a shocker….he did not keep his cool in the most critical time of the game.

  131. First off I am no Niners fan. I am a sports fan though and am tired of hearing all of the whining about the no-call at the end. That ONE play in itself did NOT cost the Niners the game. How did they fall behind 28-6? Poor defensive execution. Poor offensive execution. A poor job of coaching. Poor special teams. Were there blown calls on BOTH sides? Plenty. Just like ANY NFL game or other sports for that damn matter. The Niners blew the game in the 1st half. PERIOD. I know it is a tough loss for Niners fans and some fans in general. Bad calls happen but ONE call does not cost you the game. How about having to blow that 1st TO in the 2nd half Jim? There were so many bad calls BOTH ways it was ridiculous. Be a man and admit that your brother out coached you and your team got OUTPLAYED. When the power outage happened I told those around me the Niners would make it close because it stopped the Ravens momentum. Bad calls are a part of the game but the Niners BLEW their chances in the 1st half. Had the Ravens ACTUALLY made adjustments after the outage I have no doubt they would have blown it WIDE open. Quityerbitchinandbeaman Jim.

  132. Just in case you are interested, Dancers Image was DQed from 1968 Kentucky Derby and the win was given to Forward Pass, trophy and the money.

  133. Further, if you are interested, the bettors on Dancers Image were paid as though there was no infraction. F Pass was paid for place.

  134. Kinda sick of hearing about this. Check out the final Atlanta play of the 49’ers vs. Falcons game (NFC Championship). 49’ers grazed the Atlanta receiver a bit more than on the Baltimore play in the super bowl, no flag thrown. Refs let them play there too. So, the same exact situation put the 49’ers IN the Super Bowl. Now they’re crying when they’re on the opposite end of the situation… 49’ers need to be better sports. Especially the head coach.

  135. This happens regularly in the Super Bowl yet we see nothing done about it. Not a 9ers fan but I agree it should have been at least “illegal contact” downfield. PI could not be determined because the ball landed 2-3 yards or so out of bounds, but once they crossed the end zone line contact should have ceased and Crabtree was definitely held. So, holding or illegal contact, take your pic. Doesn’t mean they would have scored, just would have had more chances.

    BUT … without the extended delay and a virtual “game reset” which destroyed the Ravens momentum, there wouldn’t have been a comeback in the first place. They still gave up more points than they scored and had plenty more opportunities to do so and messed them up so, they can blame no one but themselves for the final outcome. There are always lots of plays that change the game. You have to make them or be one the positive side in order to win. Just the way it goes. But the better team still won.

  136. That was defensive holding in my opinion, but the refs kept the flags in their pocket and I don’t have a problem with it. That’s football. The refs blew the call when Smith was pass interfered in the first half by the 49er’s. The ref’s blew the call by not calling holding on the Jone’s kickoff TD. The refs blew the call on Roughing the passer when Joe Flacco was hit out of bounds. There where several questionable late hits on Kap that the refs could have thrown a flag. It was obvious that Kap had given the ball to the RB in the mesh and he did not have the ball. A blown call that allowed the 49er’s to score a touchdown that nobody is talking about the play that Ngata was injured on. The Niners offensive linemen did try to injure him and they succedded. This is a nasty high-low weakside trench warfare technique. #74 of the 49er’s was engaged with Ngata uphigh and #76 of the 49er’s dove blocked down to the weakside to seal for the pulling guard. As #76 did this he dove down at the ground towards the defensive linemen’s knees and he connected with Ngata’s knee who was being blocked up high by #74, sending Ngata out of the game. Watch the play on NFL.com’s highlights. Tell me I’m wrong. Did the 49er’s fans who complained about the officials demand that a 15 yard penalty for chop blocking be enforced on that play and the 49er’s touchdown taken off of the scoreboard? Not to mention the bear hug holding applied to Suggs by the pulling guard #77 on the same play that allowed Gore to get to the edge and break contain and not have to cut it back upfield where Ed Reed and Ray Lewis were. The rules state that you are not allowed to grab and hold outside of the numbers as #77 did grabbing both shoulders of the DE and turning him. Do you hear any 49er’s fans demanding that the rule be applied and a 10 yard holding penalty called and the 49er’s touchdown taken off of the boards. One play. Two very obvious penalties. Those of us who played in the trenches know that there should have been a penalty called, but we are fine if it was not. The whiners who complain about flags aren’t knowledgable enough about football to understand the trenches. They only focus on the pretty boy penalties. The refs kept the flags in their pocket on that play and allowed the 49er’s to score a TD. And guess what. That is football and I don’t have a problem with it. You don’t hear Ngata whining about a play that the 49er’s scored a TD on and that could have altered his health and career drastically. There a probably many more blown calls, but I think it is good for football when only 7 penalities are called and the players determine the game (20 yards of penalties for the Ravens and 33 yards of penalties for the 49er’s). Why do you whiners have a problem with it?

  137. The refs blew multiple calls and that without QUESTION changed the outcome of the game.

    That 4th down play had 2 holds, the Crabtree hold AND the hold on Walker.

    Then on the safety, there were multiple holds that never got called which left the Niners with 10 less seconds than they should have had after the punt.

    Why they chose to repeatedly turn the blind eye questions the integrity of the refs, and NFL for refusing to address these blatent no calls which basically detrmined the winner and loser.

  138. Holding in the endzone = safety….the whole purpose of the play. Ravens players could have tackled the 49ers.

  139. @italia1970

    there were multiple calls that went in favor of the 49ers throughout the game as well. Flacco uncalled roughing, phantom roughing kicker call, hold on Kaepernick TD run, etc.

    In the end the better team won, even despite a momentum ending power outage.

  140. He shouldn’t be upset about the last call…he shuold be upset about the 34 points he team gave up,maybe if they tried to stop the ravens they could have win…how about this maybe you shuoldn’t let a guy run it back 108 yards on the opening play of the 2nd half…so if you have to be pissed off go talk to your team…

  141. He has a point. The Ravens were holding on with all they had even if it meant exploiting the rules. The last 3 plays flags should have been given flags. Crabtree hit in the back well before the ball arrived 2nd down. Helmet to Helmet contact on the next and the holding on the next play. If you pause the replay when the pass is thrown he is 1yard short of goalline and defender still has his shirt in his hand in the endzone. His momentum is slowed at this moment and there is a good chance he could catch the pass. It doesn’t matter about any other plays or whether the pass was more accurate. It is the rules. It wasn’t like they were awarding the SB to niners as their would have been time for Ravens to have their own drive if niners scored.

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