Joe Flacco having an MVP-caliber first half


Joe Flacco is rolling against the 49ers.

Flacco has now thrown two touchdown passes in the Super Bowl, the second a one-yard pass to tight end Dennis Pitta in the end zone. We’ve still got a whole lot of football left to play, but right now Flacco is making an MVP effort. He’s 10-for-13 for 124 yards, with two touchdowns and no interceptions.

For the postseason, Flacco now has 10 touchdowns and no interceptions. He’s been phenomenal, and he’s making himself millions of dollars in these playoffs.

Now we wait to see if Colin Kaepernick can answer.

21 responses to “Joe Flacco having an MVP-caliber first half

  1. Great, now Joe Flacco is suddenly one of the league’s big-game quarterback. How will I look myself in the mirror tomorrow?

  2. Man, I don’t care if the Ravens have the game of their lives … just so long as San Francisco doesn’t get that 6th Lombardi! Go Baltimore!!!

  3. well when you can throw balls up for grabs only to have every single receiver make a circus catch its not gonna be that hard to win..

  4. I told you all. This is a super scrimmage not a supebowl. Soon as Harbaugh let his brother practice in the saints facilities I knew this was going to happen. This superbowl’s a joke.i

  5. Ironic. I was going to post about how coaching and the adjustments would be the defining factor would be the end result of the SB, and then the Ravens pull a fake field goal. Why take points off the board? Sure, the niners have bad field position but to me it’s stupid. As ironic goes, it’s still going to come down to coaching.

  6. Flacco is winning this game along with Reed interception. Not knife wielding, deer antler sucking Ray Lewis. Ray has missed tackles and faked out of his socks. Give FLacco the credit.

  7. Neutral observer here, but the game isn’t too big for Kaep. Bmore defense consistently getting pressure on him, and have tight coverage on anybody not named Vernon Davis. On offense, Flacco has had time to scan the field, and when the pocket breaks down, Flacco has bought time to keep the play alive and allow his receivers a chance downfield. 49ers need to make adjustments at halftime on both sides of the ball. The worry is that when you’re down 15 pts, you get away from your game plan by throwing the ball every down. If the 49ers force Kaep to heave it every down, they will lose. Got to tighten up D, and go back to ball control offense and eat the clock while scoring points.

  8. You misunderstand me. Yes, Flacco has been great. I think he’s a very good QB, but the media will proclaim him “elite” after today. I think that there are only four “elite” quarterbacks in the league who have proven to be consistently great year after year, those are Brady, P. Manning, Brees, an Rodgers with E. Manning and B. Roethlisberger following closely behind. I think Flacco could become that, but hasn’t done it consistently for long enough. I’ll be the first to admit that he has been amazing this postseason.

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