Joe Flacco is the MVP of Super Bowl XLVII


At the end of an exciting, unpredictable Super Bowl XLVII, the Baltimore Ravens are champions of the football world, and Joe Flacco is the game’s Most Valuable Player.

Flacco completed 22 of 33 passes for 287 yards, with three touchdowns and no interceptions, and completed an amazing postseason in which he had 11 touchdown passes without ever throwing a pick. The only quarterback ever to match those postseason numbers was Joe Montana, with the 49ers in 1989.

On Sunday, Flacco led the way as the Ravens jumped out to a 28-6 lead in a game it looked like they’d win easily. But the 49ers controlled the second half and nearly finished a furious rally before Colin Kaepernick’s last-gasp fourth-down pass into the end zone fell incomplete. The Ravens, who ran out the clock with the help of an intentional safety with four seconds remaining, won 34-31.

Kaepernick was sensational, throwing for 302 yards and a touchdown while running for 62 yards and another score. But Flacco completed an incredible postseason by throwing three touchdowns and no interceptions to win the Super Bowl. If there was any doubt before, there’s no doubt after these playoffs: Flacco is elite. And with his contract expiring after this season, he’s about to make himself a lot of money when he signs a new deal with the Ravens.

Also outstanding for Baltimore was wide receiver Anquan Boldin, who had 104 receiving yards and a touchdown. And Jacoby Jones had two of the greatest plays in Super Bowl history: In the second quarter he fell to the ground as he caught a long pass from Flacco, got up untouched, and raced into the end zone for a 52-yard touchdown. And to start the second half he returned a kickoff 108 yards for a touchdown, the longest play in Super Bowl history.

Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis didn’t have a particularly impressive game (the 49ers had a lot of success going after Lewis in the middle of the field), but the 37-year-old Lewis is the greatest defensive player of his generation, and he’ll always be remembered for going out a champion.

Beyond what happened on the field, the game will be remembered for one of the most bizarre scenes in football history: The 33-minute power outage at the Superdome that halted the game and left both teams standing on their sidelines unsure what to do. It’s impossible to say for sure that the power outage helped the 49ers, but the Ravens were certainly flat for most of the game after that long delay.

Much of the talk about this Super Bowl will center on that strange situation. But more than just the night the lights went out in New Orleans, this was the night when a lights-out game from Joe Flacco won the Super Bowl.

146 responses to “Joe Flacco is the MVP of Super Bowl XLVII

  1. Lol. This is less than I expected from the Ray Lewis and Ravens haters. MORE. I live for your hatred. As I did during the 2000 super bowl run!

    Makes the Superbowl win 2x as juicy feeling your frustration.

  2. note to self – 1) stab two people this week, 2) eliminate evidence and payoff witnesses, 3) “find” religion, 4) watch career take off.

    Only in America….

  3. Maybe Kaepernick can patent losing as I see SF not getting to the big show again for a long time. Enjoy the offseason Coach Whiner/Tantrum. I know holding holding. Whaaaaahhhh.

    Nice job Joe!!! You deserve the money next year. Seahawks see if you can get Boldin as he can just flat out make some big plays.

  4. I thought the replacement officials had been replaced with the “real” officials. My mistake. I didn’t care who won, but I don’t want to ever see another flag for defensive holding beyond 5 yards if it isn’t going to be called in the Superbowl.

  5. “Niners got robbed.”

    Niners fans after the no-calls at the end of the NFC Championship game that hurt the Falcons –

    “Referees don’t call late-game penalties – you can’t expect the referees to bail out your team.”

    Niners fans after a debatable no-call at the end of the Super Bowl hurt the 49’ers –

    “We got robbed – wahhh, wahhh, wahhh.”

  6. Congrats Joe, you deserved this one. Ray Lewis showed he was along for the ride and you put them in the big game. Ray should kiss Joe’s feet.

  7. Bryant McKinnie has a reason to party. Alert the pentagon and go to defcon 2. Have Delta on standby, and make sure Biden and Obama are in different locations. Gas masks on, people!

  8. Worst officiating Ive ever seen…I knowvSeattle fans..waitbtill next year right?..Maybe youbguys should actually win something before you run your mouths..Your lame city and football team will always be in our shadow…

  9. Flacco has a serious pay day coming to him. I don’t see how the Ravens will be able to get around paying him under $20 million for at least next season.

  10. As the saying goes, “it’s not how you start but how you finish.”

    However, when you dig yourself such a steep hole, it doesn’t matter how you finish.

    The Ravens hit when they needed too, and as great as Joe Flacco’s numbers were, he didn’t play as strong in the second half. But, he did pick them apart in the first half.

    49ers need to look at themselves and wonder why they continue to get such late starts. The Ravens really out-coached the 49ers as well.

  11. All these damn haters including the PFT guys. Ray is a football legend and will always be remembered as a great FOOTBALL PLAYER!

  12. 49er (along with other fans) told us to quit whining after the Fail Mary …

    yet here you all are, whining …. if the lights didn’t go out – Ravens with the momentum would’ve burned you by much much more.

    quit whining!
    (ps: congrats to ravens fans and their players, good luck attempting to sleep after the big win.)

  13. Good!
    Shows two things among many.
    1) A running QB is going to lose.
    2) Flacco is better than Kaperchoke.

  14. So boldin makes freak catch after freak catch and Jones scores two TDs on his own but neither get the MVP?

    Flacco won the award by default. His jump balls and check downs didn’t really strike me as impressive.

  15. Eli says he’s elite. Everybody laughs and then he wins the Super Bowl. Joe Flacco says he’s elite. Everybody laughs and then he wins the Super Bowl.
    Guys you are not going to believe this but I am elite!

  16. I bet there are tons of 9ers fans moaning about the lack of calls and those same fans told us Packers fans to shut up after the Fail Mary in Seattle.
    Now you know how we feel.
    Next time, shut up.

  17. I wonder who the 2 dudes are that Ray Lewis will kill tonight? If any of you are in New Orleans, go back to your hotel. Not worth getting shanked for.

  18. Jacoby jones had a better game then Flacco. Flacco got his stats from his players making the majority if the plays, he gets credit for his scramble and being the master of launch the ball and hope his team gets it but boldin, jones, and pitta made him look like a top 5 QB where he makes himself look like a 15-20 QB.

  19. Congrats to Baltimore..the Niners put themselves in a big hole but something seemed very fishy with the officiating..First they got boxing now the NFL..Wake up people the NFL is rigged..

  20. Kaepernick will have a great future, Beyonce was terrible. Put some clothes on in front of a crowd full of kids, And the Ravens Kicked Butt. Fell asleep for a while but they never quit.

  21. Nice to see the right guy get the MVP! And it’s entertaining to read the posts. Now that sore winners and losers have blogs to give them voice, apparently we’ll find that every Super Bowl from now on was rigged and all teams have won because of or in spite of the incompetent, biased, or paid-off refs. Glad that’s been straightened out …

  22. Because even the NFL doesn’t have big enuff b*lls to give the MVP to a double murderer?

    Flame away Ravens fans, but you know the eternal symbol of your franchise, is, and will always, be….

    a murderer and a backstabbing rat.

  23. I could care less who won but glad the Ravens won after the lights went out so we dont have to hear fans tell us they were cheated. It happened to both teams and you play through adversity. I don’t think Flacco is a top 5 reg qb but he was clutch in the playoffs this year and he got the job done and will get paid like an elite qb. Congrats Ravens! fyi: Glad I play golf cus just can’t care that much about baseball. Hope August comes fast!

  24. Soak it in haters!!! Your hate all year was awesome and you just look foolish now!!! I especially like the people calling the play a defense hold when crabtree was doing just as much on that play…Refs are not gonna call that sorry…Ravens Champs!!!

  25. Why didn’t Kap run the ball 4 times in a row when they had it 1st and goal????

    Don’t tell me he wouldn’t have scored on one of those runs

  26. I think my niners had the butterflies in the first half, but they had the character to come back. We gave up too many big plays on third downs and commited too many turnovers to overcome poor officiating in the end. We’ll be back. To all the Seahwk fans trolling the message boards. Seattle Seahawk tears taste delicious.

  27. Glad the ravens won. The power outage seemed to turn the game from its course. Ravens owned the niners. It would have been a shame to have a conspiracy

  28. Best ending to the game would have been if Boger would have been knocked out of the game when one of the players was trying to make a play. Then all of the sudden when the refree was down, Ed hocculi comes running out of the tunnel to finish the game.
    Then the commissioner would come out and distract the referee and Matt Ryan would have hit Flacco from behind with a chair to cost the ravens the Super Bowl. At least it would have been a bit more dramatic.

  29. I wonder if Jim Harbaughs head has exploded yet? He shouldd go to sensitivity training with Culliver. Wait, he is already way too sensitive. LOL What a whiner.

  30. Ravens fan here. I love the hater comments. The best was it took Flacco “long enough”. So lame. Congrats to SF though – that team will be around a long, long time. Their coach – not so much. Jim Harbaugh is a sure-fire candidate for flame-out in about 2 years.

  31. Don’t think kaepernick was “sensational”. That was a horrible pick he threw and I think he made a couple panick throws. Congrats to ravens. Glad that fraud Lewis is retiring tho

  32. Odd that Shannon Sharpe and the folks at Pro Football Talk didn’t comment on Harbaugh blowing off a postgame chat with Steve Tasker??? I thought that’s against the law or something? Only for certain coaches I guess?

  33. Ozzie can say what he wants but adding Super Bowl MVP to ones resume drives up the value of the player. Good for him, he’s shown he’s one of the best by beating the best. Beat Peyton Manning and Tom Brady on the road in the playoffs and won the Super Bowl by beating a defense that has the best linebacking corps and safety tandem in the nfl, along with one of the best defensive linemen in the NFL. I expect him to get a monster contract tying him up for maybe even another 8-10 years. Imagine seeing a $160mil contract laid out for this guy? Seeing how he’s still young and has proven himself at the exact right moment, he may get something like that.

  34. congrats to joe flacco and the ravens, what a postseason for him, welcome to the super bowl MVP brotherhood!!

    all you whiner fans screaming about the holding in the endzone, ask how matty ice felt on the non holding on bowman in the NFC ship game. god i can’t stand jim harbaugh whining on the sidelines after every call

  35. Ravens won with experience. The 49’ers have youth on their side and with the loss here gained a lot of experience.

    49’ers will be in the hunt for years to come.

  36. Now the Ravens will have to overpay Flacco and gut key members of their team, and he isn’t even worth it.

    Big decline next year for the Ravens. Mark it down.

  37. The refs should get the MVP – and I say that with no horse in the race. The non-calls leave a bad taste in my mouth and make me feel like I just spent 4 1/2 hours watching pro-wrestling.

  38. It’s so dumb when people say Flacco beat Manning and Brady. They are never even on the field against each other. Last time I checked it’s a team sport.

  39. niner fans are the biggest most annoying loudmouth unknowable people before the game and the biggest cry babies after, there we so many penalties not called for bal like smith getting Pass interference on a td ball, quit your whining

  40. Boldin is the game’s MVP. Crucial catches in crucial moments. After the power returned, Flacco was a bit flat. Boldin bailed Flacco and his team out when they absolutely had to have a drive extended to hold off the charging Niners. Great game, great drive changing catches in tight spots by Boldin made the difference in my eyes.

  41. as a patriots fan the only good things to come out of this game , ray lewis retiring and the ravens are going to have to pay flacco a boat load more money . less cap space balt will have for reed !

  42. All the deservedly-so delirious Ravens fans calling for Flacco to break the bank, be careful what you wish for.
    Giving the vast majority of the money to one guy is never a good idea. That causes nothing but hard feelings and salary-cap issues down the road. Trust me.
    Some players will be forced to restructure their contracts, while other, still productive players will be released…
    The system stinks.

  43. this niner team will be good for a long time. big ravens fan and happy that we won, but it was like the entire year – a struggle.

    we are in cap hell so we are likely out of it for a couple of years but that is ok. One of the youngest franchises in league history now has 2 SB’s in 16 years. Hats off to Ozzie for that one.

    For all the Joe haters, well, guess what. He did just what you asked. He beat the best QB’s on the road. Played a beautiful SB completing 2/3’s of his passes with 3 TD’s and no INT’s. Can’t get much better than that. But then again, he really isn’t elite is he? Tell you what, I’d rather have him than most of the QB’s in the league. And if he hit the open market, he would be possibly looking at 20 million for 8 years.

  44. Come on. Before, everyone was saying “he has to win a Super Bowl before I consider him elite.” Now he has and it’s turned to “he has to win another one before I consider him elite.”

    He’s elite considering what he’s done the past 5 years. And they should’ve been in the Super Bowl last year if Lee Evans knew how to catch a football.

  45. So glad the 49whiners lost this game… Their coach is the Biggest CRYBABY in the game, crying over every close call, how many times did they cut to him on the sidelines loosing it over a call. Well you CRYBABY your team lost…

  46. Fluke win for Baltimore. The refs stole this game away from San Fran. There were obvious penalties that should have been called and were not…… especially that last call, the refs must have been looking the other way….. Sorry,I call it like I see it. They won but they didn’t deserve too. They need to enjoy this because they will struggle next year for sure.

  47. Flacco wins big games. He is above average as a regular season QB, but really clutch in big games! He will get about 18m per year for 5 YRS. He hedged he won, and really who is elite?

  48. Everyone complaining about the holding: the WR was pushing off of the DBs head simultaneously. It could’ve went either way and therefore it was a good no-call.

  49. Where’s all the sour grapes Patriots fans that were hating on Flacco….

    Even Broncos fans had respect….

  50. Truth is the niners got lucky when Matt Ryan completed those two fourth quarter passes to set up the game winning field goal against seattle. The last time these same forty niners faced seattle Russell and the boys put up FORTY TWO on their vaunted defense. Seattle never lost by more then 7 all season. You forget who owned this division throughout the 2000′s. you fan base is loud obnoxious violent rude and quite honestly barbaric and ghetto!! Between kapernick’s sagging pants and his kissing of the tattoos ill take the humble star that Wilson is with his unmatched work ethic and effortless great attitude!!! You never stood a chance after pick 75 in last years draft. The Seahawks will once again rule the west and there really isn’t a dang thing your hatred can do to stop it. And seattles fans can be the best in sports and welcome an opponents fans without them fearing for their lives as if they were in PRISON!!! See u all next season!!! I can’t wait!!!

  51. Somewhere out there tonight, Mark Sanchez is hoping that very soon, someone will ask him if he’s elite.

  52. Happy for Joe Flacco, but he didn’t have to be elite at the end. If Kaepernick got that go ahead score, Flacco would have had to win it with less than a minute or so on the clock. He was terrific in the first half, but when the Niners were making their move, the Ravens and Flacco looked a bit shaky. All of this elite nonsense is splitting hairs anyway. Congrats to the Ravens.

  53. Seahawks fans love to run their moths but forgot WE RUN THE WEST.. U guys are pathetic I really would take all of you one on one.. Bad calls.. Gray game.. I LOVE MY NINERS

  54. Wrong guy is getting the MVP.
    Should be Randy Moss since he is the all time best NFL receiver. According to him.

  55. 49ers blew it, horrible set of goal-line play calling at the end. Run Kap in the read-option there and SF wins. Epic Fail by the hc. Not one pistol formation there

  56. One day in the future it will come on that there was widespread corruption among NFL officials for years, just like the NBA; and nobody can be surprised.

  57. to the 49ers and their fans i say congrats on a great season. to all the negative posters on here i say its really sad you feel the need to spew your hatred. how hard is it to just say congrats. to all the non ravens fans that have put in their congrats i say thanks. and to ravens nation….congrats…our boys did it….best in the world!!

  58. Niners still stuck at 5 SB’s. Hey, that’s the same as Dallas. BTW, SF you went a long way to end up just another loser. And Seattle will own your ass for the next 5 years. Have a nice flight but don’t sit next to crybaby Jim.

  59. norcalmafia:

    I’ve heard for a long, long time (well before the FIRST NHL expansion):

    “I went to a fight last night, and a hockey game broke out.”

    “First they got boxing now the NFL. . . .”

    The NFL is starting to catch up with the NHL in that aspect of the game?

  60. Congrats Baltimore on winning the two worst Super Bowls with the 2 worst Super Bowl QBs. Trent Dildo and Joe Freaking Flacco. Please feel free to over pay for him. He threw a bunch of jump balls that Boldin took care of. But a win is a win so at least you have that going for you.

  61. Joe played lights out in first half. Colin had great 2nd half bad play calls from 49ers at end. Can’t have 5 yds to go n 3 downs to get in n not run it since u got a running qb n afore. N ravens were tired upfront

  62. Congrats Ravens, hats off to Flacco, even Ray Lewis, made me believe leadership is a priority over talent. Flacco should soak it up he was special

  63. Good for Joe and the Ravens fans. You have to hand it to John Harbaugh for having the courage of his convictions to make the OC change with what, five games to go? While the defense improved some with the return of all the starters, the marked improvement of the offense is what made them the best team in the NFL at crunch time. Not to take anything away from Joe Flacco, he still had to make the plays, but the new strategy and play calling made the best use of his and his teammates talents.

  64. Flacco was nails at least until the power failure.
    Jones made 2 huge plays, guys have done less & win the MVP.
    Certainly no more B’more fan but happy for Ed Reed who’s been a fantastic FS since day 1. Seems like a great guy who can be funny & emotional at the right times and is not a narcissistic preacher like the Rev Lewis.
    Great finish but mistake laden game marred by the power outage. 2 very different halfs.
    Balt like most of the recent winners went on a great run taking out 2 (maybe eventually 3 or even 4) HOF QBs.

  65. You guys are ridiculous picking guys making 2 or 3 good plays as MVP. Flacco made play after play with 3 tds at the the most important positon on the field. And who threw the ball to these guys? hello?

  66. They should now fire their new OC because of that piss poor play calling in the 2nd half. That was pathetic.

  67. Congrats to the ravens!!! Classier coach classier franchise classier fan base. Well deserved win!! Glad despite all the hatred ray ended on a win!! Ohh and to the niner fan on here wanting to take all the opposing fans on this site on ” 1 on 1″ your a joke. Your city is full of ghetto wannabe bullies. You and your cry baby coach lost. Take a clue from John harbaugh and learn some respect!! Your team cheated and still lost. Now go congratulate the champion ravens LOSERS!!!

  68. jacoby jones was robbed of the mvp. if it wasnt for him, especially on the KO td return, the parade wouldve been in sf yesterday.

    flacco was good, but did not win the game as single-handedly as jones did.

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