John Harbaugh: End of game hardest thing I’ve ever experienced


The end of Super Bowl XLVII means the end of another football season and the end of two weeks spent talking about the fact that the Harbaugh brothers were on opposite sidelines in the biggest game of the year.

John Harbaugh wound up coming out on top, but he didn’t take the opportunity to ask his brother “Who’s got it better than me?”

Jim Nantz of CBS asked the Ravens coach about his meeting with brother Jim after the final whistle in the 34-31 Baltimore win. John Harbaugh said that he told Jim he loved him and Jim congratulated him in a moment that was not easy for the winning coach.

“It was really hard. The end of the game was the hardest thing I’ve ever experienced,” John Harbaugh said.

Storylines about the brothers and the Harbaugh family got beaten to death during the buildup to the game, but John Harbaugh’s comments are a reminder of how remarkable a moment it must have been for them on Sunday night.

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  1. If he thought that was hard, he should ask Ray Lewis how hard it was to go 33 minutes in the dark without stabbing anyone.

  2. You all know Jim will not be able to be humble in defeast and will but all his marbles on San Fran’s last play, cry foul.

  3. I found it odd that they didn’t hug or embrace each other. They should have shown each other brotherly love when they met at the end.

  4. This was a situation pitting brother versus brother but it wasn’t exactly like, you know, the Civil War or anything. It’s a game. Losing sucks. But you’ll one day both laugh about it and, in the meantime, use some of the game check to buy each other an expensive Christmas present.

  5. We found it to be a difficult and unwelcome moment as well.


    Everyone other than Marylanders and Ray Lewis fanboys

  6. Leave it to Jim Harbaugh to become more ridiculous than Ray Lewis.

    Better team won and I’m personally glad that San Francisco went out with Harbaugh’s pattened temper tantrum.

    Sore loser.

  7. How could Jimmy leave Stevie Tasker hanging after the game? Nobody gets away with that! Better question…. How could the usual suspects on this site and TV not post or comment about it?

  8. Every 4th of July BBQ, Jim is going to bring up that damn no call, and then John is going to pass him a chicken leg, showing that superbowl ring. haha!

  9. The pass all the 9ers fans are crying about was uncatchable and out of bounds. Was the PI there, yes…had the refs been calling the game loose all night, yes. Refs let the players decide the game, nothing wrong with that. The way PI is enforced in the NFL is bad anyway, they need to gobad to the old days of 5 and 15 yard penalty’s for PI.

  10. ‘Did anybody else hear Joe Flacco say, “F**kin Awesome”, right after the game?’

    Yep. And Joe Biden called him up right after the game and said, “This is a big f**king deal, Joe!”

  11. There’s a difference between “calling it loosely”/”letting them play” and “letting the corner grab the receiver in a bear hug on the game deciding play”. I don’t get how people can just ignore it.

    Obviously far from the sole reason the Niners lost (that would be, oh i dont know, the entire first half), but lets be real. They should’ve had first and goal from the 1.

    And don’t give me the “uncatchable” or “crabtree pushed off too” arguments. the pass was catchable: it would’ve taken a great catch but he never had the chance. and the push off was the only way for crabtree to break free from the DB holding him with both arms.

  12. Stop crying. It was the same noncall two weeks ago that got you to the bowl in the first place. What about the noncall on roughing the passed against joe which would have given them first and goal. Blame it on the horrific play calling by the 49ers at the goal line. Let karpernick run three times and they win

  13. I don’t think that John is a better coach because he beat Jim in the Super Bowl, a lot of good coaches lost the SB and they are now in the HOF.

    It most be weird to have your greatest professional moment be your brothers worst.

  14. I was telling someone before the game that the refs would be in the tank for Baltimore. It’s all part of the Ray Lewis “redemption narrative”. They would have named him MVP if he’d done anything.

  15. I hear these guys on ESPN and the NFL network saying this holding penalty woud have been called in the regular season. HELLO McFLY call it in super bowl then it,s still the same game.

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