Kaepernick scores as 49ers pull within two

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After a one-sided first half and a weird power outage, we’ve got a great football game in our hands.

Colin Kaepernick ran for a 15-yard touchdown with 9:57 left in the fourth quarter, getting the 49ers as close as they’ve been since the Ravens scored the game’s first touchdown. But after that score made it 31-29, San Francisco failed on its two-point conversion attempt.

Now the question is whether a Ravens team that has looked dead for most of the second half can hold onto their two-point lead. If Joe Flacco can sustain a time-killing drive or throw another touchdown pass, he can wrap up the MVP as the Ravens wrap up the Super Bowl.

But the 49ers have all the momentum.

20 responses to “Kaepernick scores as 49ers pull within two

  1. Ravens and their fans better keep their mouths shut! Clear holding and contact past 5 yards on Crabtree and holding by every player on the punt/ safety. None get called! Cheap and undeserving “win”…

  2. “Who has it better than ????” The Ravens – they have the championship win, the ring, the extra money and the trophy. The RAVENS have it best.

  3. Reed was waaaay offsides on the 2 pt conversion and got away with it. If, and I say if, they make the 2 pt conversion a field goal wins it for SF at the end. That said, SF lost this game with so many mistakes.

  4. Maybe Kaepernick can patent losing as I see SF not getting to the big show again for a long time. Enjoy the offseason Coach Whiner/Tantrum. I know holding holding. Whaaaaahhhh.

  5. The fake punt/safety–I haven’t seen worse officiating since the replacement refs. A Ravens player had hold of a 49ers player and was literally spinning him around.

    Not to mention the holding before it…

    Refs had ample evidence to call multiple late-game penalties, and they blatantly did not do so. This cost the Niners the game. I don’t even like either team, and I particularly dislike both coaches.

    If you don’t realize just how robbed the 49ers were, you 1) weren’t watching, 2) don’t understand the rules, or 3) are an insufferable homer.

  6. when this guy has to move out of the pocket, he’s not gonna make a throw to hurt you…

    you saw it on that 2 pt conversion, and countless other times.

    he may learn…but he’s no RG3, or Luck or Wilson for that matter.

  7. The Niners never had a chance on the 2 pt conversion with Ed Reed getting away with a horribly obvious offsides. I say this and I am not a SF fan.

    For anyone to say anything negative about Kaepernick they have to either be drunk, blind, or both. He played a great game, as did Flacco.

  8. Everyone who is complaining about holding in the endzone just think for a second. If holding is called in the endzone then its a safety. So nothing would have changed

  9. The refs gave the game to the Ravens they did not call several clear holdings and that killed the
    49 er’s it was bad officiation,Sanfransisco was clearly robbed.

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