Ravens hold Niners out of end zone to win Super Bowl


The craziest Super Bowl also became one of the best.

After trailing by 22 point after the first play of the second half and suffering through a power outage that essentially operated as a second extended halftime, the 49ers charged back.

But the Niners came up three points short short at 34-31, failing to score despite having a first down and goal to go from the seven.

Along the way, quarterback Colin Kaepernick didn’t see a wide open Randy Moss at the back of the end zone, with his hand thrust in the air like it was 1999.

A third-down play with Kaepernick taking the snap from under center at the five yard line resulted in a quick throw short of the end zone that fell incomplete.  On fourth down, a blitz from the Ravens forced Kaepernick to throw a fade route to Michael Crabtree prematurely.

There could be a reasonable argument that Crabtree was mildly interfered with, but in that spot the flag is far more likely to stay in the pants — like it did for the Niners when the Falcons to convert on fourth and short with the NFC title game on the line.

The Ravens eventually faced fourth down deep in their own end of the field, and coach John Harbaugh wisely called for punter Sam Koch to take a safety while also chewing up as much time as possible.  The free kick would have required a Stanford band-style return, but the Niners didn’t get the ball to the 50.

Game over.  Ravens win.  The only question left is whether, as Kenan Thompson predicted, Ray Lewis will go to midfield and ascend into heaven.

167 responses to “Ravens hold Niners out of end zone to win Super Bowl

  1. Complete disgrace on Crabtree mugging on 4th down. The db just bear-hugged him! Not even football. Ravens didn’t deserve to win.

  2. Ravens played a great game and I thought they could drive down and win it but Crabtree on fourth down was held beyond 5 yards and there was pass interference on a catchable ball. I’m so proud of the 49ers and Bal was awesome and deserves it but like that really hurts.
    The title says everything. “Ravens hold…”

  3. I know where these comments are goin so I’ll get my two cents in early…Yes, crabtree was held in the endzone BUT he was also pushing off so if anything it should have been offsetting penalties making them replay the down. However, in the case of a receiver and d-back, I’d prefer to see no call at all, let them play. They did the right thing with no call. Sorry SF.

  4. Congrats to the Ravens they were the best team this season. I’m happy for Ed Reed he’s had a hall of fame career and was only missing a ring now he got one. Hopefully my Patriots can make the right moves and win the Super Bowl next year but right now the Ravens are the kings of the NFL.

  5. No-call on an obvious hold when the BAL punter was stalling for time in the end zone.

    Calling that hold in the end zone would be a safety, and would stop the clock instantly.

    Niners would get the ball back with a chance to fair catch the kick and have time to try a hail-mary.

    Just sayin’

  6. They didnt call that penalty in the first quarter so why call it in the 4th. Congrats Ravens. 49ers are 5-1 in Super Bowls.

  7. hope ravans are happy refs suck and don’t know what they are doing even replecment refs would have called that holding pently 49ers would have won if pently was called refs need to get out and put a computer ref or something like that and comminser needs to get out of football nobody likes him

  8. Quit whining about the refs. You Niner fans were constantly complaining about other people complaining about that same exact thing when the Niners won and bad calls were made.

    Reality is, the Niners were lucky to even be in that game. That power outage took the momentum from the Ravens. Without that, that game is a blow out.

    Ravens won even though all advantage was given to the Niners. That is how it went down.

  9. Just goes to show how many things have to fall your way to win the Super Bowl.. Congrats Baltimore. You guys played great when it mattered most.

  10. As a Steelers fan congrats to the Ravens and their fans they deserved to win the Super Bowl Today. You play football how it should be.

  11. Congrats to Baltimore and Flacco. The refs were very suspect in the game. Thank you N ance for bringing up Ray Lewis and his involvement in murders nad charged with upstructiion of justice and only showing him once after the game. He did nothing and is nothing except in Baltimore where he has hid for the last years.

  12. Congratulations to the Ravens!!! Excellent goal line stand!!! Knew the AFCN defense would save the day in the end!! Great job, Flacco!

    Congrats to the 49ers on a great season. But it will be pleasant to no longer hear your fans blah-blah about never losing a Super Bowl. At least losing means you were good enough to be in contention.

  13. Although as a eagle fan i was cheering for baltimore because of john i do belive the ravens ultimately won n the game thanks to jerome “no flags” boger

  14. Seahawks win division next year with a full year with Wilson. Go to superbowl and win. HEY I can dream but not too far fetched 2nd youngest team a player or 2 from being top 2 or 3 in all the league. Just look at our rookies and 2nd year players NO TEAM has that youth and that type of talent. Hopefully prediction comes true.

    Glad for Ray Favorit player of all time but I’m done with his damn post game antics its embarrassing..

  15. Ha… you just knew jim was going to find something, anything to complain about… no matter how stupid. What did jim and niners fans think of the no calls against atlanta that won them that game?

  16. I guess good things do happen to bad people.

    My prayers go out to all of ray lewis’ victims.

    And what a terrible no call on that 4th and goal hold.

  17. Ravens “hold” is right. Crabtree got mugged! It should have been 1st and goal at the 1. If it was Brady or Manning there would have been 4 yellow flags on the field. I guess the NFL had to give one to the deer spray murderer. Maybe the replacement refs were not so bad. I’m not a niners fan but the NFL owes them a HUGE apology!

  18. I never understood the point in the game where it is said “the refs aren’t going to make that call”…yet if it was any other point in the game they would. I really have a hard time understanding that line of reasoning, and in this case it meant the superbowl.

    I am not even a SF fan, and I see clearly that was a hold – Smith had him wrapped up and clinched his jersey. How it doesn’t get called due to “that point in the game” makes NO sense.

  19. The NFL has officially turned into the NBA. The refs give the key calls/non-calls to the Ravens and the league gets exactly what it wants. We now have to hear and see from the league darling, hypocrite extraordinare Ray (plea bargain) Lewis for years to come. Absolutely sickening!

  20. I’d say the difference was in the miners falcons game the hit was at exactly 5 yards. The ref making rhe call on that play was behind both the defender and receiver. The hold on this play was 7 yards down field, and the ref was on the same side as the hold, where the defender had his arm wrapped around the receiver. Terrible no call. But then the refs let both teams be chippy all game. A lot of pushing taunting and shoving and a ravens player even shoved a ref with two hands, and no ejection. All season the refs call every little call, and now they swallow their whistles?

  21. For 5 months you people cry about refs throwing flags. Let them play you always cry. Now will be 7 months of crying for penalties. You clowns should just shut up and be great full to see one of the best games played on the field.

  22. I am justt happy that Jim Harbaugh lost. He is such a whiner. They must have showed him wigging out on the sidelines 25 times during that game. Every play he wanted a penaly flag thrown in his favor. Dont think the refs dont bank those whiney remarks from the coach? Want an iffy call to go your way? Dont scream in the ear of every official in ear shot.

    Not a Baltimore fan at all, but glad they won. I would have been pullling for whoever the Niners were playing.

  23. When the 49’ers beat the Falcons 2 weeks ago after benefiting from no-calls, 49’ers fans said, “Get over it – no-calls are part of the game, especially in the fourth quarter.”

    So when I come here, what do I see?

    49’ers fans crying about the referees, just like their coach.

    Sad. Just sad.

  24. Jim Harbaugh is the biggest baby to ever coach in this league. Gimme a break. They got an absolute gift with the outage and also with the non call vs. Flacco when he was out of bounds. Love that the Ravens beat the Niners! Now San Fran knows defeat in the Super Bowl. Good luck getting back suckers!

  25. Now on to more important things…Denver and San Fran open as 7/1 favorites to win the next Super Bowl. Go Broncos!

  26. THAT is one of the few examples that I can think of (besides the Packers/Seattle game) where the officiating directly decided the final score.

    That was so clear. The ball is snapped at the 5; therefore, any contact inside of the end zone is holding. Smith was clearly holding beyond 5 yards.

    Never mind the clear P.I. call that was missed 2 plays earlier.

  27. Steelers fan…. Hate to see the Ravens win but much deserved Victory beat the broncos, patriots, and 49ers enough said again Congrats on your Superbowl win see you next year! Go Steelers!

  28. ravenator, it’s obvious that you don’t have the slightest clue how to be a gracious winner.

    Despite your low-rent antics, this Steelers fan congratulates your team, the organization, ownership, and the fans on the Ravens winning the title. Enjoy the feeling, one we know better than anyone. There’s nothing like it. We look forward to renewing our great rivalry next season.

    49er fans–Don’t go around angry, complaining, or even mildly upset. “Disappointed” will do. Your team played longer than 30 others, including Roger Goodell’s two favorite teams, your team had a great season, and their perseverance when down was admirable. You have a good defense, a fine running back, an amazingly talented quarterback, good lines, and one of the best coaches in the league. If I were to bet on it, I’d say your team is more likely to make a repeat trip to the Super Bowl next year than the Ravens.

    Great, strange game. Congratulations to both teams!

  29. Not a fan of either but leaves a “sick” feeling knowing that the refs could have ruined the game for my team like that.

  30. gsomatt: Yeah, the WR was pushing him off since Smith (DB) was hanging all over him. The REFs are supposed to call the DB in that situation first, as the contact by the WR was simply a reaction to what the DB did first.

    This was a BAD no-call.

  31. Didn’t care for either team.
    One has a murder suspect the other beat my Packers.
    So I ended up wanting the Ravens to win.
    Which they did.
    In your face 9ers fans who thought after beating my Packers you all acted like you had the best team in the history of the NFL, like ever.
    Next time, learn to wait to brag. Ha!

  32. Some much hate from the Ravens on this site, its pretty sad but they are the Super Bowl champs. If the lights didn’t go out I have no doubt the blowout would have continued. I am not a Raven fan but respect the game they played.

  33. Love all the whining about a no call. Please. How many times dd the 49ers get called for their blatant holding?

    Quit crying. It’s embarrassing.

  34. I truely didn’t care who won but this had to be the worst officiated SB I have ever witnessed and I have seen them all. Officiating was bad for both teams…..If just the obvious calls would’ve been called, who knows who wins this game.

  35. Awesome. I held my dear children and told them, “sons, always remember, if you are rich enough you can kill someone in a parking lot, rat out your friends, and get away with it and be Americas hero . So be sure to get rich!”

    I love America and I love the NFL.

  36. This goes out to ninety nine percent of the 49ers fans. Congratulations on a great season. And, you have a excellent football team.You should be great for years to come. Now, to the one percent that felt the need to go on the New Orleans Saints web sight and insult our team, fans, city, and stadium, I couldn’t be happier that you lost, and I enjoyed the way you lost even more. So, now you can leave our trashy city, stadium, and fans behind. And, you can leave the same way you came classless, stupid, losers. And, you can continue to brag about the five rings you’ve one because they ravens made damn sure you didn’t get a sixth.

  37. Ravens hold Niners out of end zone to win Super Bowl…… Finally I agree with you florio. Although you should have put the word hold in bold and caps. Hold on crabs and hold on Dixon ….. Then nantz or simms or whoever that d-bag is said no one was going after punter. You retard watch Dixon get held like a Mofo. Oh andnice comment bcdc26… Wish I would have said that first Haha.

  38. Not a fan of either teams, but it looks like the haters are on here commenting while baltimore fans are out celebrating. Just sayin.

  39. Yes We did It. Ravensnation stand up Proud. We did It.

    Joe Proved he is a Great QB, he shut up all the doubters and had one of the Post Seasons of any Player in the History of the NFL , Pay that man Ozzie.

    Fantastic to see Ray to retire On Top as a Champion. He has the Gone Out the Way he Deserves. Fantastic to see the Other Legends on Our team like T-Sizzle Ed, Haloti be the Champions they deserves.

    Anquan, Jacoby, Torrey all Stepped up and Showed their Quality.

    Our D hung through the Thick and Thin and Made the Key Stop at the End.

    Big Up to Coach John, an absolute Fantastic Coach.

  40. The experience of this game is tainted; with the blackout causing a significant delay; it altered the game there on in. Personally, I would like to blame the halftime show; 100% waste of electricity.

    The 49ers took advantage and staged an awesome come back that fell short. Bmore barely was able to hold on. In the end, it is all about the score board.

    Going forward, the 49ers and Ravens have awesome coaches and great teams; all 30 other teams are on notice.

  41. Most overrated team in the playoffs? One and done? Manning will beat em, Brady will beat em? Niners will crush em? Superbowl champs!!! Soak it in haters!!!

  42. I can see why the other NFL officials were upset about Jerome Bolger being named referee for this game…..he is a joke. Don’t know why a yellow flag is even part of his uniform. NFL owes both teams and all fans a huge apology.

  43. Great game despite the end. Flacco deserved to be MVP. I thought it was interesting that SF’s game plan was to go right at Ray Lewis. He was left unblocked on many runs and they threw to his man a lot.

  44. You people are pathetic and funny. Go to bed and get ready for a long Monday at your low paying job. Ray Lewis probably made more money tonight than you made all year. You can call him whatever names you want. Big deal . You sound like little girls.

  45. Funny someone named “patriotinvasion” accuses an NFL team of cheating. One more thing Niners fans—do you really want to complain about the refs? Just remember the running into the kicker call that cost the Ravens three points. Absolutely ridiculous. That is called a “flop” kids.

  46. The fake punt/safety–I haven’t seen worse officiating since the replacement refs. A Ravens player had hold of a 49ers player and was literally spinning him around.

    Not to mention the holding before it…

    Refs had ample evidence to call multiple late-game penalties, and they blatantly did not do so. This cost the Niners the game. I don’t even like either team, and I particularly dislike both coaches.

    If you don’t realize just how robbed the 49ers were, you 1) weren’t watching, 2) don’t understand the rules, or 3) are an insufferable homer.

  47. I understand the “be a man and admit you guys lost fair and square” argument Ravens fans are using right now, but I seriously cannot wrap my mind around the comments from Ravens fans and non-super bowl team fans calling the people who are pointing out the missed calls “haters” and denying it was a bad call.

    There was an obvious pass interference as well as an obvious holding on the next Ravens drive. Neither were called.

    I’m not a Ravens or 49ers fan so you may be wondering why I’m arguing in favor of the 49ers, and if you would like to know why, it’s because this effects ALL TEAMS IN THE NFL. The team you like, the team you’ve watched for 30 years, it effects. Your team could very well be in the super bowl and have fixed refs.

    You can be in as much denial as you want, but there were multiple calls not called, and this will continue in the future.

    Just imagine your team in the super bowl next year. You’re going to have to worry about your team having to get screwed by the refs. This is a very real, scary, and legit situation.

  48. The big question is this, and be honest in your answer. If Brady, either manning, Rodgers or Bree’s throws that pass, do the refs call the penalty? I’d say yes they would. That’s what’s wrong with the league. Some teams/players/coaches get the calls. Others do not.

  49. Congrats Ray….you will now become an ex-football player with little to distract yourself from your guilt except for those pathetic, defense-mechanism invocations of God.

  50. Great game and great win for Baltimore. On a side note, is it me or does Kaepernick have a dicknose? It’s as mesmerizing as Elway’s horse teeth.

  51. There is no guarantee that SF would have scored or held on to win but it’s 1st and goal at the one. This is not a knock on the Ravens either. They were a great team and there was a reason they were up.

  52. I hate to be a completely bitter 49er fan but will some unbiased observer please tell me their honest opinion about the games officiating. Thanks

  53. 2 blatant No calls..but the 49ers calld 4 terrible plays in a row. They panicked..didn’t let Karpernick use his legs againts a beat down Ratbird defense! See you lames in September! Sincerely, SteelerNation

  54. Last time I checked, they play the game for 60 minutes. Had the Niners showed up for the first half, the non-call at the end of the game would have been irrelevant. Niners fans need to quit their bellyaching.

  55. What a crazy game. In the end the only thing remembered is the final score. As to the refs, the sucked for both sides. Torrey smith was mugged the whole game. Flacco was hit out of bounds which is a pf. It goes both ways.

    We will never know, but I believe that this game is a blow out if you take away the power outage. No one can argue that the momentum shifted markedly after that. In either case it was a fun game and typical of the ravens season. Nothing is easy.

    Congrats to SF on a great year. You have a dynamic young qb. But your coach needs to learn to lose with grace. To refuse to come out afterward is classless. His older (and frankly better) brother would never have done that he should be ashamed of himself.

    Go Ravens

    Ps – cheers to the classy Pittsburgh fans coming on the site and checking in

  56. Ray Lewis if he went to middle of filed to celebrate would just show how classless he is. He did nothing in this game and he should hug Flacco for his plat in the playoffs to get them to the SB. Ray was a big distraction last week and I take my hats off to Jim Nance for bring it up that Ray was involved in two murders and was arrested for upstruction of justice. plea bargining and snitching on his buddies.

  57. What happens if the Ravens #84 is called for holding the 49ers #24–as clearly happened on the 49er left side with a Raven bear hug “block”–on the non-punt by the Ravens at the end of the game?

    If called, would that be half the distance to the goal line and Ravens punt again?

    Then again, they probably run the same non-punt because of the higher change of a block with the shorter snap.

    We now have our nightmare scenario–Mother Ray Lewis is canonized, and we get to hear him all the more on some doofus network next season. Get your earplugs ready.

  58. A little diddi I wrote tonight…

    Oh, nothing could be finer, than to see the 49ers lose the Suuuuper Bowl
    Oh, nothing could be sweeter, than to see their snotnosed leader lose the Suuuuper Bowl

    Oh, nothing could be finer, than to hear all the whiners on this oooooonline blog, and nothing could be sweeter than to hear them all cry cheater on this oooooonline blog!

    Gawd, I’m in a great mood tonight!!!

  59. Congrats to the Ravens. AFC brings the Superbowl home. Don’t get too relaxed over the off season. 2 games vs the Steelers in the regular season.
    Ravens did what they needed to do in the post season. Peaked at the right time. Job well done in the post season. Here’s to next season!!!

  60. The non call to me looked like a hold occurred but Crabtree pushing off as well. Hard to say that the hold was created by Crabtree pushing off or Crabtree trying to free himself from the hold, but for where that ball landed it was going to be very difficult for Crabtree to make that catch anyway. Instead if Jim complaining about the hold how about getting on your lineman that let the blitz come free on the play and forced Kap to throw earlier than he wanted. As a Cards fan still waiting for Santonio Holmes 2nd foot to come down I understand your frustration niner fans but this isn’t on the refs as you would like it to be.

  61. It’s called Karma Niner fans. If it wasnt for the refs the niners would have lost to the Falcons. Of course ,Crabtree should have been called for offensive PI and even then, unless he was 15 feet tall, he wouldnt have caught the ball anyway.

  62. Congrats to the Ravens, a complete team that prevailed to win the Super Bowl.

    One thing that was nice about this Super Bowl: both teams were complete teams- solid defense, running game, and can pass well when need be.

    No one-dimensional, pass-first, no ground game, no defense teams that made it to the Super Bowl playing flag football. Hope that trend continues.

  63. “You people are pathetic and funny. Go to bed and get ready for a long Monday at your low paying job. Ray Lewis probably made more money tonight than you made all year. You can call him whatever names you want. Big deal . You sound like little girls.”

    Uh no, I sound like a mature adult with a shred of ethics and decency. Go defend your favorite cold-blooded killer to your friends tomorrow. Better yet, why don’t you take your kids to meet him, or go explain how its all ok to the dead guy’s families.

    Enjoy your money Ray Jesus, it won’t wash off the blood that we all know is on your hands.

  64. 49ers o-line was holding on every single play in the 2nd half…whitner and golston helmet to helmet people more than any players in the league…fantum running into the kicker penalty gave david “wide left” ackers another chance after he missed like he does every game…stop crying 49ers…u lost..just like u should have.

  65. Way to live up to your name whiners. All you guys are doing is crying. Complain about a no-call when the only way you made it to the superbowl was because a no-call was called. If it weren’t for the black out niners would have been destroyed. That extra Halftime helped the young team recoup while the older Ravens had to warm back up. Even if niners won it would’ve been a tainted victory anyways. Stings don’t it?

  66. 49ers blew it, horrible set of goal-line play calling at the end. Run Kap in the read-option there and SF wins. Epic Fail by the hc.

  67. You can’t say theres 60 minutes to a game and the 49ers shouldn’t rely on the refs. The fact of the matter is, the refs can decide the game. Whether or not the 49ers missed opportunities shouldn’t allow the refs to not call obvious penalties. That argument is so off it is crazy.

  68. Man, there are a lot of cry babies out there. San Fran got a 34 minute time out just when the Ravens were stepping on their throats.

    And the 49er fans think it was rigged for the Ravens?

    Don’t worry. Kaepernick is one hell of a player. They will certainly be back.

  69. Let Phil Sims tell it..Neither one of those calls should have been made..including the pass interference in the end zone..I guess a penalty isn’t a penalty in crunch time

  70. i’m an eagles fan who went into the game rooting for flacco, who went to the same high school as I did in jersey. however, i don’t feel good about the outcome of the game. that was clear holding and pass interference (and contact beyond 5 yards). ravens fans were really cheated by the refs too; this win will forver be remembered for that terrible non-call.

    and the non-call against bowman in the falcons game was accurate. he hit white within 5 yards and knocked the ball down; no flags required.

  71. Why it seems like only yesterday that all you whiner fans were telling us Hawks fans to suck it up because bad calls happen, yada, yada, yada! As much as I don’t think it was a bad call to start with, I can’t resist this karmic twist of circumstance. So,

    SUCK IT UP Whiners!!!

  72. No. There is a difference between the db and receiver fighting it out for a ball in the air, and the refs “letting them play” as far as contact. In this situation, the db didn’t even make a play for the ball, or even attempt to run with the receiver. Go watch the replay. He just clamped on and was basically dragged along into the end zone. The receiver had no chance to try to make a play on the ball. That is blatant PI and first and goal on the one yard line.

  73. That said, it was three terrible play calls in a row, and if Kaepernick just ran around end on any of them, the Niners win the Superbowl.

  74. Definitely not a fan of either team, but people that are pointing to Crabtree pushing off on Smith on 4th and goal, he did it because he knew that was pass interference had already been committed. He was not only held, he was mugged while the ball was in the air. Poor poor no call by the ref standing there. Ravens will have an asterisk next to their name on their rings. So disappointed as a fan to see that go down.

  75. LOL Seahawks fans were on the better end of the the worst call in NFL history.

    Anyway I don’t care about the flags or lack thereof. It sucks the Niners lost but you can’t lose the turnover battle, fall behind 22 points, commit more penalties and surrender a 108 yard KO return and expect to win any game much less the SB. It was amazing the game even came down to the end. The Ravens were just more composed and made more plays.

    Also keep calling them a fluke, because nothing sounds more ignorant than calling a team that has made it to the NFCC and the SB during their head coach’s first two seasons than a fluke.

  76. Not a fan for either team….good non call on the last play. Consistent with the call the 9ers got on Falcons so no whining. Or, u shouldn’t have been in SB.

  77. Great win for Ravens.

    Power outage was pretty ridiculous. Thats going to cost some future Super Bowl sites some cash in upgrades to meet NFL standards and power backups that they will now make mandatory to see that never happens again.

    Time to go to work on the road to back to back Lombardis. Jersey Bowl in 2014.

    This ring just made it a lock for Ngata and Suggs to wear the HOF jacket one day.

  78. @ulfarthelunatic Quit crying man, keep calling Ray Lewis a killer, but it will never change his legacy or the fact that he has two rings. You’re really ignorant, and I hope you enjoyed watching Ray hoist the Lombardi in front of your eyes. Haha, enjoy it, you pathetic sore loser. Keep on crying and Baltimore will keep on smiling:)

  79. Enough already on the missed calls! Was that illgeal contact on the last play for SF? Maybe. But how often is that called exactly at 5 yds past the LOS? I can answer that…almost never. Many Zebra’s are like cops giving speeding tickets; they give a little leeway.

    For those who insist on asking for cheese with their whine, what about the no call on Flacco hit way out of bounds? Or the illegal contact on Torrey Smith in the 1st quarter. Or the hold of Suggs on Gore’s TD run? Give me a break on bad calls. They happen to both teams the whole game. You don’t know football if you don’t see bad calls both ways.

  80. Anyone saying this is the worst officiated game is CRAZYYYY!!!!! Did you not watch the Jerome Bettis Gift SB 40!!!

    The ref needed counseling and couldn’t sleep for in peace for years. HE later publicly admitted his one sided calls probably cost the Hawks the SB. Where were you when. DO you think these guys will loose sleep over this and a couple non calls that went for and against BOTH teams? C’monnnnn…

    Remember these???

    1. Offensive PI was called on Jeremy Stevens bc he was being held and pushed away to catch A 30 yard touchdown? Hmm Def PI became offensive PI.

    2. Ben Rothlesburger ”crossing” the goal line for a TD score on 3rd or 4th down then next day on Leno said he never made it! And the ref reviewed it and it was clearly short and still gave it to him!

    3. The personal foul called against Hasselbeck for excessive roughness after he went low to tackle someone on a pass he threw and INT!??? He fell in front of the dude like a little girl! When has Matt Hasselbeck ever been a ” PHYSICAL ” player???

    Many many others not needed to mention these were just the obvious not the ” he held me” ” pushed ” or any of those weak complaints people would make. These were literally some of the worst calls in games and all happened to one team in the SB!! That’s as one sided as it gets.

    Still im mad from SB 40 bc that game cost my team their only shot at a SB thus far. Where was the outrage back then?

    SUPER BOWL 40 was the worst officiated game PERIOD and happened on the biggest stage but to the small market team don’t loose track of reality..

    Niners fans it will always Hurt. Now you know how we feel so shut up with your get over getting jobbed in a SB you’ll claim it and your just blowing smoke up ur own butts and we will see you next season as we take that division crown back to the team who since they’ve joined the NFCW has owned it the MOST!

    BTW Tate TD catch was a bad call even to me. But nothing as big as bad calls in the superbowl!

  81. horrible playcalling by the niners. have first and goal on the 7 and Kaepernick has the ball taken out of his hands. offensive coordinator needs to be fired.

  82. Is it just me or did the clock keep running when Kaepernick ran out bounds in the 4th quarter? I think it was around the 3-4 minute mark. It probably ran off an additional 10 seconds or so, which would’ve given the 49ers at least a hail mary chance at the end or changed how the Ravens took that safety and running off another 8 seconds.

  83. Anyone else notice how the Ravens were going after Kaepernick after every handoff in the 4th quarter? Now that’s how you supposed to play against running QBs, give them a little shove if they’re going to fake a run). Hopefully that’ll make them think twice before pretending to have the ball.

  84. I’ve seen every SB except one and this was a great one, played by two really complete teams. The Niners caught a lucky break when the fluke power outage allowed them to mentally regroup and stop the Ravens’ momentum. The fought back brilliantly, only to be stopped by a classic goal-line stand, from a great defense. Overall, I thought the refereeing was decent, no real glaring errors. The interference call that gave Akers a second FG try was very weak, though. It’s tough to lose a close game, but I feel the Ravens won fair and square.

  85. So many whiners on here. If they didn’t call the penalty in the first, second, and third quarter, why would they call it in the forth?

    Exactly. They didn’t call ANY of those unless they were 100% obvious, the interference on Tory Smith which was him being pulled and held before the ball was even thrown. Other than that they weren’t touching those penalties. They only went for the basic ones; false starts, facemask, & roughing and let the rest play out as football.

    Nobody wants to see a penalty filled Superbowl. The final two teams remaining are playing and have earned the right to play physical with relaxed rules. Unless of course fans want a game reminiscent of the 2010 World Cup Final

  86. reasons we lost.
    1. slow start(again)
    3.lamichael james
    4.bad play calling final 4 plays
    5.referees(calling p.i on bolden play but not on crabtree play)

  87. You can’t blame one penalty for the game. The 49ers blew it in the beginning and through Joe’s elite skills and John’s coaching were they able to pull it off. GO RAVENS! And nobody rough up Joe, as that will draw a 15 yard penalty of roughing the passer.

  88. Lmmfao ur right but it wasnt just one bad no call bit many as the stars in the sky at night. From begin of the game, the reefs let them play instead of taking control and stopping all the crappy ish go on. Like the fighting and dude pushing the ref. that game was garbage

  89. Im completely unbiased for that game. I didnt want either one of them to win. I dislike both teams equally, and was watching the game only because it would be the last football of the season. I wasnt rooting for either team.

    I do feel that the Niners got screwed though.

    On numerous occasions. I watched Justin Smith get pulled and pushed by his facemask repeatedly, and on one play, ended up rushing the passer with his helmet on backwards with the LG pulling back on his facemask from behind. Not a single call.

    During the fight, the Ravens should have had 2 players ejected. 29 blatently pushed a referee, and one of his linemen picked up a referee and held him back from breaking the fight up.

    I watched Vernon Davis get mauled 10 yards from the line of scrimmage almost every play.

    During the power outage, John H. had an exact time frame of how long it would last. Jim H. was told nothing and given no indication of what was even wrong. That is pretty suspect.

    I watched guys get tackled and pulled down from behind as they tried to rush a punter. The linesmen were right there watching. They saw defenders running in and getting pulled down from behind. That is cheap and a penalty. You should have called it and killed the clock.

    On the last series of plays, you need to call that pass interference. I hear Ravens fans crying that he was pushing off…but what he was doing was trying to get the defenders hands off his sides. He was holding him from both sides of his jersey. Its a penalty. I dont care when during the game it happened. It was a penalty, and should be called one, regardless of circumstances.

  90. lol it was like watching wrestling and knowing it was fixed like Shawn Michaels win over Bret Hart lmao. NFL has turned into WWE with their version of Vince Mcmahon’s Screw Job lol

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