Ravens’ Justin Tucker says icing the kicker will only help him

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If Super Bowl XLVII comes down to a last-second field goal from Ravens kicker Justin Tucker, then Tucker hopes 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh tries to ice him.

Tucker says coaches who call timeout before a field goal are actually helping him by giving him more time to prepare.

“If anything, it gives you a little bit more time to pick out your aiming point,” Tucker said. “I don’t think it really has any bearing on what happens in live game action anyways.”

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll found out the hard way in the playoffs that icing the kicker can backfire, and Tucker himself was in the center of a controversy during the playoffs when he took an on-field practice kick that the officials should have stopped him from taking. Tucker said, however, that he doesn’t think his on-field practice kick against the Broncos really helped him make the next kick.

“That didn’t really have any bearing on what happened the next play,” Tucker said. “It doesn’t have any bearing at all. It was just another opportunity to swing the leg more than anything. It’s really no different other than kicking the ball into the net on the sideline. It’s just aiming at a different target.”

Whatever the circumstances, if the 49ers end up using a timeout and giving Tucker another opportunity to swing his leg, he’ll gladly take it.

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  1. Hey did you know that the coaches for BOTH super bowl teams are brothers? Weird eh? I wonder why none of the media have thought to mention this little factoid? I hope someone thinks to mention it during the broadcast and expounds on it for an hour or so. Maybe do a few in-depth pieces, some video vignettes. Show the parents with split jerseys on cut-aways about 50 times. Then when this is done get around to mentioning what happened on the field. But you know, only if there’s time. Brothers….did you know they were brothers? What a great story bro….

  2. I think I’ve seen more missed kicks that don’t count turn into made ones the next play after a late ice-the-kicker timeouts than I’ve seen it work as intended.

    Regardless, seeing it happen once ever would be enough for me to never call a timeout before a kick again if i were coaching.

  3. If I were a Ravens kicker I’d just keep as low a profile as possible until they make the difference…see Cundiff, Billy.

  4. Any time a kicker hears the whistles blow and the ball is snapped, they should try to miss just by a few feet with the free kick. It loosen the leg AND makes the other coach look bad. They should never make the free kick.

  5. Tucker is a beast. You wish he was your FG kicker. Hate on haters.

    Hey you posted that before…can’t tell anymore they all look the same..
    Gotta hope you don’t get tuckered…good luck today fan boy.. Got ya Kleenex ready just in case.

  6. OK 2nd time posting this…
    Icing the kicker does not work. Adopted from basketball where icing the shooter rarely works, I wonder how long coaches will continue to use this antiquated and useless tactic?

  7. At some point not icing the kicker is going to have the intended effect (putting aside the question of whether it really works). I bet most kickers expect a timeout to be called, and if one isn’t they might be a little surprised and thrown off.

  8. I used to kick (it was my 2nd position). I’d personally love to be iced. It was always a pain to kick well when rushed. When I could take my time I could kick like a mule.

    As such, and from watching football over the years, I’ve concluded that icing is the dumbest thing ever attempted in the history of the game.

    If anything coaches should try to reverse this – make the kicker rush the kick. You’d have a much better chance of him missing it.

  9. Just like taking illegal practice kicks. The fix is in yall. Ravens going to win a controversial Super Bowl. Just watch. I dont like either team, and I would tather see the 49ers win, but this has a feeling of a fix.

  10. Icing the kicker has always helped the K, especially in domes. Saints have lost multiple games because of it. Seahawks lost to Falcons because of it. Icing the kicker never works and whenever my teams coach trys it I turn off game because know we just lost and if I watch I throw something into my tv.

  11. @Nofoolnodrool

    Maybe if my kicker was the best rookie kicker in the league in Blair Walsh

    Back on topic:
    I’d say it depends on the mental make up of the kicker, and while I normally don’t think icing is a good thing, in the SB with the game on the line, I may give it a try to let the weight of the kick sink in a little, I would also have my players on the field yapping in his ear how important the kick was and not to pull a Norwood!

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