Report: Dean Blandino will be next head of officiating

With Carl Johnson stepping down as the NFL’s vice president of officiating after the Super Bowl to become one of the league’s first full-time game officials, the league needed a new man to head up the department.

Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network reports that Dean Blandino will be that man. Blandino is currently league’s director of officiating and has headed up all aspects of the instant replay system for some time. He worked two Super Bowls as a replay official and has never been an on-field official in the NFL.

According to Rapoport, Blandino impressed in his interview with his knowledge of the rule book reportedly standing out. That seems like a fairly important skill for a guy hoping to be in charge of enforcing it, so it’s good to hear that Blandino’s got that under control.

Blandino has long been considered the favorite for the job. It seems that conventional wisdom hit the nail on the head this time.

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