2013 waiver period opens

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It’s the day after the Super Bowl, which means that all teams can now release players.

For the 20 non-playoff teams, their rosters froze at the end of the regular season.  Then, as each of the 10 non-Super Bowl teams lost in the postseason, their ability to cut players ended, too.

Finally, the Steelers can now officially waive running back Chris Rainey, whom the Steelers announced would be waived after a January arrest for domestic violence.  (Rainey has since pleaded no contest to disorderly conduct.)

Some players have contracts with triggers tied to the start of the waiver period.  Most notably, Eagles quarterback Mike Vick will have $3 million of his $15.5 million base salary become fully guaranteed on Thursday.

Of course, that won’t matter for the Eagles, for reasons we explained last week.  Regardless, with the 2012 season now officially over, the 2013 offseason officially can begin.

20 responses to “2013 waiver period opens

  1. Awesome! Now I can start to speculate as to which offensive linemen the Cowboys will be able snatch up, only to be introduced to 2nd tier teams’ 3rd string players like McKenzie Bernardeu and Nate Livings. Hooray offseason!

  2. get a clue. there is no reason to waive vick in the next month or so. the 3.5 mil we pay him will be picked up regardless. at least well have done time to test the trade market for any suckers. let’s not forget our recent trade history regarding qbs. Heck even if its just a seventh. its worth the trouble

  3. I hope Vick doesn’t get cut. I’d really like to see what he can do again behind a healthy O line and a fresh coaching staff. Andy was a great coach who made quite a few bad decisions in the last 2yrs. Mudd, Washburn, Bowles, Castillo, the dream team spending spree, doug pederson as a QB coach, specialmteams that couldn’t stop a flea, ormcover one.
    Vick gets a whole set of new coaches, mostly college ramked coaches who will value his talents, mix that in with chip kelly, and inthink the Eagles could have one of the most explosive seasons in the NFL ever.
    Of courrse, if he stays healthy behind an O line that stays healthy.

  4. Cav2ya I really need you to please tell me why you think Vick is worth keeping as I simply do not see it.
    The Eagles offensive line last year was poor but Vick does deserve some of the blame if not a majority of it for all the hits he took. He simply holds onto the ball to long. He can’t read defenses, he does not aubile out of plays, he is a turnover machine, he can’t out run Defense Lineman, and he will not last a whole season.
    He is going to be 33 this year. This is a no brainer that he needs to go. Chip Kelly needs a QB is makes smart decisions. That alone elimates Vick.

    I do not get why anyone wants to keep him. This is the easiest decision any team can make.

  5. Oh dear, somebody’s still drinking the green koolaid. Dream Team/Dynasty/Best offense EVER for the 5th season in a row.

  6. The Jets began the “waiver” period a long time ago when they doled out a truckload of money to Mark Sanchez, effectively “waving” goodbye to being a competitive team any time in the near future.

  7. The Chip Kelly defense is predicated on a QB that makes quick reads at the line of scrimmage, is able to keep a large amount of playbook in their head, and does not take plays for negative yardage. Mike Vick is not that guy. Alex Smith, Colt McCoy, Dennis Dixon, or a kid coming out of college would all be better options than number seven.

  8. steelers will not even be paper champs anytime in the near future let alone sb champs.

    We’re you even allowed tv with the adults the last time the steelers were in the Super Bowl?….didn’t think so.

  9. I hope the 49ers are classy enough to give Alex smith his release

    What’s the point of trying to get a 7th round pick for him ?
    Let Alex find a new team

  10. My regional sports team is so much better than yours. We are going to win this off season. ”
    We ” , meaning that I am an arm chair coach, and a TV watching master, and some how this helps my team…..??? Ya…

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