49ers, Broncos installed as 2013 favorites in Vegas


One football season is over and we’re already starting to look forward to the next one.

In Las Vegas, that means installing favorites to take home the Lombardi Trophy at the Meadowlands a year from now. They believe that 49ers running back Frank Gore will have a another chance to prove his team is the best on the field in Super Bowl XLVIII.

Nick Groke of the Denver Post reports that the MGM Race and Sports Book has installed the 49ers and Broncos as 5-1 favorites to win the Super Bowl next season. The Ravens join the Seahawks and Texans with 10-1 odds on winning again while the Patriots and Packers are considered 7-1 shots to replace Baltimore as league champions.

On the other side of the coin are the Jaguars. If you’re a firm believer that Gus Bradley is going to shock the world in his first season as the Jaguars coach, you should scrape together some cash for a trip to Vegas because the Jags are on the board at 200-1 to win the next Super Bowl. The Chiefs had the league’s worst record in 2012, but MGM has them as 150-1 shots for next year.

23 responses to “49ers, Broncos installed as 2013 favorites in Vegas

  1. back in 2007 when the giants beat the patriots the next day in the daily news they said they odds on favorites to go to the super bowl in 2008 were the jaguars and cowboys and how that turn out?

  2. lololol…

    How in the h*ll are the Jets ranked 21st at 30-1?!?!?!

    That’s a 1000-1 shot minimum. Dumpster fire of a team.

  3. Logical,

    You called the Redskins winning it this year when no one else did either. You’re an idiot, not a football savant.

  4. San Francisco blew their chance this year. Teams will counter Jimmy Durante.

    Giants will be back, and I think this Ravens team will be in the running. I like Seattle and Denver also. Everyone else is an also-ran (including New England, pending what they do in the draft and free agency).

  5. Considering the Historic falloff by Super Bowl losers, I’d say Vegas is off on that pick.

    Also, the Broncos would need to be on the road playing in warm weather stadium or Domes for Peyton to get them to a Super Bowl. He’s just not a cold weather QB, especially at this point of his career.

  6. manilovethepftcensors says:
    Feb 4, 2013 10:48 AM
    Apparently those odds makers forgot about how Peyton Manning usually chokes in the playoffs.

    Especially this year when he gave his team a 7 point lead and turned the game over to his top 5 defense at home with 30 seconds left and Baltimore having no timeouts. I am the biggest Manning fan and apologist but how come no one talks about them blowing the lead? Do people really need to look at anything to take Peyton down? He is still a top 5 QB in the league and was second in MVP voting after missing a year and starting over with a new team. I also want to know what the terminology for Brady’s game this year against Balt when they scored 13 points at home and Brady also threw 2 picks but only 1 TD.

  7. logicalvoicesays says: Feb 4, 2013 8:18 AM

    If you are smart, you’ll bet the house on the Redskins. Listen to me because I know football. I called RGIII to win Rookie of the year when no one believed.
    you also said the redskins would win the superbowl… proving you only know half of what you think

  8. Sorry Denver, even though Peyton has the best lifetime stats, but he will continue his legacy as the Best Regular Season QB of All Time. There’s a good chance he’ll never make it to the Super Bowl for the rest of his career.

  9. Those are good predictions. Broncos are going to be a Powerhouse next season… I can’t wait to tell all you Peyton haters you were wrong. Peyton will only be getting better and they won’t let any fluke plays cost us a playoff win next year…. oh, and by the way the cold didn’t hurt Peyton. The Broncos had that Baltimore game in the bag and then one guy blew his coverage and lost that game on a fluke play. That proves that even playing the sloppiest game of the year that the Broncos were the best team in the NFL this season… unfortunately the best team doesn’t always win… but they will next year.

  10. I cannot stand the thought of another Superbowl run for Kaepernick….watching the egotistical narcissist kiss his own bicep is nauseating.

  11. I think the Seahawks have all the pieces together, except a better pass rush. The Hawks draft good, and have a couple extra picks this year too. It’s not hard for Seattle to get under the radar in this league you know. Seems we live there.

    Go Hawks !

  12. Broncos? What about that team made anybody think they can advance in the postseason? They had 2 kick returns for tds and still lost.

    They’ll make the playoffs since most of the afc is garbage, but even if they go to the Super Bowl, no chance they beat an NFC team.

  13. indyshepherd says:

    There’s a good chance he’ll never make it to the Super Bowl for the rest of his career.


    Way to really put your foot down and make a statement there. They could have you guest host on Bold Predictions.

  14. The team that can play in cold weather wins it all next year. Temp at the New Meadowlands this years Super Bowl 27 degrees.
    Odds are its going to be very chilly playing in 2014…

    Hello Denver, Green Bay, New England, (insert favorite cold weather wild card here)


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