Bengals reinstate Brandon Joiner


Brandon Joiner is back with the Bengals.

Joiner signed with the team as an undrafted free agent last May, but his rookie season was interrupted when he was sentenced to three years in prison on robbery and drug charges from a 2007 incident when Joiner was a student at Texas A&M. The Bengals put him on the Reserve/Did Not Report List at that time and retained his rights.

Joiner was released from prison on parole last month and he’s now been reinstated to the team’s active roster. Monday is the first day that teams could make transactions involving players already on their roster, allowing them to make Joiner one of their 90 men as the offseason gets underway.

While holding onto his rights suggests the team saw something to like about Joiner in their short time together last year, he’s far from guaranteed a roster spot. Given the changes to come when free agency opens up, he’s not even guaranteed to be on the team by minicamp.

11 responses to “Bengals reinstate Brandon Joiner

  1. Really dude? Playoffs 3 out of the last 4 years I think merits some level of respect. Why not jump down the Raiders or Browns throats. You know, teams who deserve it.

  2. I guess it is not what the Bengals do; it’s how they do it. The seem to recruit bad-actors and manage to infuriate the good players they have, to take less money to go somewhere else.

  3. Good move for the bengals. Not to long ago, a bunch of jokers made comments about the bengals signing burfict and he turned out to be a great player. Talk on clowns!

  4. Might be the next Ray Lewis without the murder rap. Next time won’t you crack on the Ravens for having someone like Ray Lewis on their roster……

  5. Those Bengals jokes were funny the first 200,000 times you guys posted them.

    Now they’re a decade-plus old. Is the only humor you can find old and overly used? Don’t tell me – you have a mullet too, right?

    There’s a reason they’ve held onto him and Zimmer was in the decision-making process. I’d bet Zimmer knows more about players, talent, and potential than folks posting here, no?

  6. Haters are gonna hate and jealousy runs rampant among NFL fans when your team sucks. Bengals might have lost in the first round but they’re is 20 teams that wish they could have lost in the first round of the playoffs too just to say they made it. Kick rocks losers!

  7. Not to mention the charges were several years ago. The Bengals knew all when they signed him. Google it haters. These jokes are older than the last time you were in the sack with a lady.

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