Ed Reed insists: “This is not it. I’m not done”

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The sun is creeping up over the Mississippi in New Orleans, and Ed Reed might still be partying.

The Ravens safety and area native was among the most ebullient players (among many) on their side, with a big cigar clenched in his teeth and at one point belting out Eddie Money’s “Two Tickets to Paradise” in the middle of his post-game interview.

But it was a different kind of music he was thinking about as he celebrated in his hometown.

“This season, man I’m ready to kick my feet up, but I can’t,” Reed said, via the Baltimore Sun. “I’m ready for  Rebirth [Brass Band]. Ready to second-line all the way up Poydras [Street], man. We about to walk all the way back to the hotel like we do it in New Orleans.”

But while he’ll need some rest, the 34-year-old who has battled multiple injuries insisted he wasn’t ready to retire like that other high-profile defensive teammate you may have heard something about.

This is not it,” Reed shouted. “This is not it. I’m not done.”

Reed’s dealt with a torn shoulder labrum, and was in and out of the game last night. But he said that when the adrenaline wears off and he has some time to assess things, he’ll make a decision, but is inclined to play longer.

“It’s all about right now,” Reed said. “I’ll reassess things the way I always do and we’ll tune in and get back to you all. It’s all about the moment. I’m not even thinking about this. I love this game. If I’m able to do it, I’ll be doing it.”

Reed will be a free agent in March, and at his age, could be a luxury buy for a team that has money earmarked for quarterback Joe Flacco.

But whether it’s New England or someone else, there will be a market for a guy who continues to make plays, on the biggest stage.

10 responses to “Ed Reed insists: “This is not it. I’m not done”

  1. He’s had a great career, and it looks to me like he can still play. Heck, he’s got Paul Krause’s all-time INT record within his reach.

    That said, Ed Reed was offsides on that 49er two-point conversion, and the refs missed it. That was the pivotal play of the game.

  2. Cause like I’ll never make this kind of money again. Please … some team … any team … pay me.

  3. Ed Reed can do what he wants, when he wants, where he wants.

    With all the press over Ray Lewis, congratulations to Ed Reed for getting his long deserved Super Bowl ring.

  4. Ed Reed is a great player, but …

    Did anyone see Reed backing off on making a play on the ball carrier multiple times? It was like he was afraid to make the effort to tackle and prevent a touchdown — the classic definition of making “business decisions.”

    It happened on a number of plays, but two of them allowed crucial touchdowns for the ’49’ers. Check out what number 20 does on the Crabtree touchdown catch and carry. Watch him once again fly to the ball on the Kaepernick touchdown run only to back off when he could have made a stop or took a shot at forcing a fumble. Why even run to the ball if you’re going to punk out when you arrive?

    Reed was also useless on the Gore touchdown too (getting pancaked in the open field by one player), but that’s another matter.

    You hear Reed on TV, and he’s likeable – but his game has been overrated for years now.

    Troy Polamalu does not make “business decisions.” He makes football decisions. Bernard Pollard, Donte Whitner and Kam Chancellor are football players who make football decisions.

    Business decisons are for guys like Ed Reed, Deion Sanders and Leon Sandcastle.

    It’s very disappointing to see an NFL Safety shy away from contact on so many key plays in a tightly contest Super Bowl.

  5. After his emotions fade, and reality sets in, I think two things will happen. The Ravens will allow Ed Reed to walk, and he may or may not be signed by another team for minimal money.

    But I’ve got my money on this being Ed Reed’s last game in the NFL.

  6. Yes but did anybody see the look on Alex Smith’s face at the end of the game? Was he smiling, did his shoes look new?

    “Why were you smiling after losing the Super Bowl Alex?”

    “New shoes.”

  7. If the Cowboys could somehow afford him signing Reed would be a no brainer.A leader on defense no doubt-something the Cowboys lack on both sides of the ball.

  8. Be funny to see him as a Bengal, lol. We need a safety. Could use Paul Krueger too, if Michael Johnson leaves. Wouldn’t that stick in Baltimore’s crawl.

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