Frank Gore: Ravens “got away with one”

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In recent years, it’s become something of a tradition for someone from the losing team of a playoff game to contend that the final score was not indicative of who was the better team.

Sometimes it’s a matter of the losing team beating itself and sometimes it’s explained away as a couple of plays changing the outcome of the game. 49ers running back Frank Gore went the latter route after his team’s comeback in Super Bowl XLVII fell short in the final moments.

“They got away with one,” Gore said, via the Associated Press. “We showed we were the better team. It was just a couple plays here, a couple plays there.”

It’s like spitting into the wind to point out that just about every football game comes down to a couple of plays here or there. We’ve long been comfortable saying the team that makes those plays is the better team, but won’t argue it too strenuously because Gore’s comment calls to mind the 49ers’ failure to score a touchdown after getting a first down on the Baltimore 7-yard line with 2:39 left to play.

Neither Gore nor Colin Kaepernick ran the ball on any of those four plays, something of a head scratcher given the fact that they’d combined for 172 yards up to that point in the game and Gore had just run 33 yards to put the team in prime scoring position. When asked why Gore didn’t get a touch, Jim Harbaugh simply said that the team had different plays called. Those plays failed and the 49ers’ comeback wound up falling short

Gore said he wasn’t willing to second-guess the play calling. He must have been tired from second-guessing the final score.

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  1. Yes it was a hold but it wasn’t called. It’s hard to get over I get it, but the final score indicates the Ravens were the better team. Good luck next year Gore.

  2. The 49ers blew it. They had 4 chances from the 5 yard line and they blew it. They wasted a time out. They should have kicked the field goal, taken the ball back with a minute left to drive 20 yards, and kick the game winner.

  3. Ya, it was “just a couple plays here, a couple plays there.”

    Meanwhile, it’s just a “couple of plays” that decide games in general, all the time.

  4. Another “they didn’t win, we lost” comment. 49ers said that last year as well after the Giants sent them home from the NFCCG.

    Team is definitely taking on their coach’s personality.

  5. This is nothing new because over the some 60 years of watching football the fact that one team wins and the other team loses is why they play the game. No one will look back and say that the Ravens won the game but the losing team is better. The will just say the Ravens won the Super Bowl on Jan the 3rd 2013.

  6. The answer to every one of these types of woulda coulda shoulda statements is: “you had 60 minutes. It shouldn’t have come down to one play or one call to cement your victory ” I don’t expect grown men playing their hearts out to be Bill Belichick after a game and show zero emotion. But I’m finding a new level of respect for losing teams that DON’T give these types of soundbites after a tough loss.

  7. They may have got away with one, but they got away with the WIN. Come to think of it Frank, the Ravens never trailed in that game once and your team never had a lead. Had it not been for a power out, you would have been blown out. Why are guys such sore losers?

  8. The reason why the 49ers lost can be summed up by a quote that Yogi Berra once said: “We lost because we made too many wrong mistakes”.

  9. Crazy talk. Say you got away with one when you should have been flagged for a Late hit on the QB as ELITE Flacco was running out of bounds.

    They didn’t call that but you want a flag on the end zone at the end of the game??? Com’on Man…

  10. Unbelivable officiating for a superbowl!!!!!
    But lets be real where was the niners secondary and pass rush???? colin u got let down by randy who did not even go up to catch the ball! james who fumbled, and a defense who did not come to play…..aldon where were u budd?

  11. It’s becoming so easy to hate these 49ers. The media keeps praising the 49ers; frankly, they should be destroying them. FIFTEEN first round picks on the roster. With that much talent, this team should be dominating the league. But they’re not.

    The next couple years are going to be fun. Their players are going to be hitting free agency, and the 49ers won’t have the cap space to keep them. Dynasty? LOL. The decline is already in sight.

    “Thumbs down” all you want, 49ers fans. You know it’s true.

  12. Man the Ravens outplayed the 49ers, they were dominating, if it were not for the power outage, the game would have been a blow-out!

    Power outage, allowed 49ers coaches to adjust, Raven lost the momentum they had, and then Ngata’s injury…. the better team won.

    I would have felt sick, if the 49ers had won under those circumstances.

  13. The better team won, Frank. Look, I’m not a fan of either team, although I did bet the Ravens to win the Super Bowl during the preseason, so of course I was pulling for them, but can the losing team just stop with the ‘we were the better team’ garbage and just take the loss like the men they are?

    Baltimore held the lead for the entire game. Was there an uncalled penalty at some point during the last drive? It’s very likely, but there were quite a few uncalled penalties throughout the game, including an uncalled pass interference on the 49ers that would have put the Ravens on or near the goal line. It was a good game, the 49ers made it close, John Harbaugh ran time off the clock and swung a ton of money in favor of Vegas and Baltimore won the football game. The better team is the team that wins the game, that’s why we keep score and what not.

  14. Where does he get that they were the better team last night? Pains me to say as a pats fan but the Ravens were outclassing them until the power fiasco, obviously gave the 9ers time to regroup, they had the dagger at the 9ers throat with no chance of escape until lights went out and they escaped the wave of momentum.

    Props to Ray for having his boys ready for business, and Flacco for becoming elite. Best team in the league won the championship

  15. Sore loser much? God forbid the losing team loses with dignity and respect. U clearly were not the better team Frank. Had it not been for a suspicious “lighting incident”, I imagine the game isn’t nearly as close. Funny, there was another “suspicious lighting incident” at candlestick park recently right around the time they were trying to work out a new stadium deal. Also, Big Ben had a shot of painkiller before that game in SF that was wearing off during the time it took to fix the lights. Suspicious suspicious suspicious…..

  16. okay, the game is over. the ravens won, fair and square. football is a game of strategy and balls. in the final minutes of the superbowl the 49’rs fell short when they called consecutive pass plays. it was obviously 4 down territory and san francisco chose to throw and not to run. i think i would have tried to force the issue and show some balls by rushing for the score, but i’m not the coach. the important thing is that it was a competitive game and nobody got seriously injured (that I know of). the sad thing is that football is over; my flag is flying at half-mast.

  17. Hahaha… What a sore loser!! Why don’t you just blame your coaches for out thinking themselves!!

  18. Classless, but typical of a team that takes the personality of its coach. Just like EVERY NFL game, there were bad calls and non-calls against both teams.

  19. Sorry Frank but the final score is the indicator of who the better team was and it wasn’t the 49’ers. If half of the lights wouldn’t have went out I would have really been afraid to see what the final score might have been.

  20. Two reasons why that was a good no-call. 1, both players were pushing and shoving and 2, the ball was unwatchable. If the pass was more accurate maybe the call would have been made.

  21. The Whiners are always the better team. Last year … this year … probably next year too. Such a ‘no class’ organization from top to bottom.

  22. Exactly how did you show you are the better team? Because that power outage almost let your team get away with one. However, the Ravens overcame it.

  23. Two reasons why that was a good no-call. 1, both players were pushing and shoving and 2, the ball was
    overthrown. If the pass was more accurate maybe the call would have been made.

  24. Its nice to know that theres another team out there, other than my Giants, who never win games. The other teams simply lose them, especially when that other team is the Niners.

  25. I think we saw some of that play calling in the Falcons game. Colin is a running QB that can throw a pretty pass. Last night they wanted him to be the typical pocket passer, and not run as much. If his strength is running, let the kid run! That said, there were a few options when he handed off the ball when he clearly should have kept it and run around the end for a big gainer.

  26. Are you Serious? If not for the power outage all indications is that the Niners where about to get crop dusted!!!! Sour grapes does not a fine wine make.

  27. Shut your mouth. If the lights hadn’t gone out for 30 minutes and taken the momentum away from the Ravens, it would have been a blow out. The gold diggers lost, deal with it.

  28. Ravens had to win. Otherwise the outage would’ve been the “conspiracy” of SB47. That’s why they didn’t call holding on Smith on 4th down and helmet-to-helmet on the play before on him as we’ll. Congrats to Flacco. Well deserved. He was the reason they won. Not “Murderin” Ray. He played terrible. Vernon Davis burned him all over the field.

  29. maybe they did…but the refs called the whole game that way. just like an ump calling low strikes all game, bythe 5th inning you have to be prepared for it.

  30. Wouldn’t it be great if next year, after the Super Bowl ends, players/coaches on the losing team say “Yeah, we congratulate them. They were the better team and deserved to win.”

    Talk about “shocking the world”…

  31. No Gore, the 49ers got away with one…. if it wasn’t for the power-surge(NFL induced) that hit the Superdome, the 49ers would not have been close…

  32. Congrats to the 49ers for feeling like they were the better team and whining post game. I think the Ravens are probably gonna keep the Lombardy.

  33. Were you the better team when you were getting your ass handed to you 28-6? Face it, the Niners needed a 35 minute power outage to snuff the makings of an epic blowout, which took all of the momentum away from the Ravens. You mounted a valiant comeback that fell short. Please stop crying about it.

  34. What a tool! I mean honestly, you and your cry baby coach can go pound sand. I’m not even a Ravens fan, but this dude is a clown…ok, ok, you’re right…the better team didn’t hoist the Lombardi Trophy last night, the crappier team did.

  35. I’m happy for every single Raven except one. You know, the guy who was an accomplish in a double homicide, lied to the police, and destroyed crucial evidence in the case. Yeah, that guy.

  36. Don’t start making excuses….two great teams like that it comes down to most mistakes, like turnovers…niners played a hell of a game, but just not good enough last night.

  37. I watched every play off game, there was contact that could have been call both ways in every game. The only one that “got away with one” is Williams.

  38. What a joke. Gore, your team had no business being in the SB. Spotting the Ravens 28 points and talking like THEY got away with one. Child please. You just proved you didn’t belong there. The mini black-out and the Ravens generosity was the only reason this wasn’t a total blowout.

  39. Well Gore Is half right.. Not sure they were the better team and The holding call aside, the 49ers coaching staff or Jim has to be asked why they went away from what got them there? Down on the goal line you need to stay in the pistol to show the threat of run option. I hated the roll out call and if you throw you need to try to get it ti Davis who was a beast all game and can post up anybody in the endzone. So as much as 49ers fans want to complain , you need to look at the head coach instead of the Refs.

  40. “We showed we were the better team”
    Really Frank? What was the score at halftime? What was the score at the end of the game?

    I’ve heard sore losers talk this way for generations. It boils down to that fact that another team popped your balloon, Frank. Sorry you can’t face reality.

    The more the 49’ers played(and talked) the less I like them.

  41. You can’t keep falling behind and then come back for a win. It eventually runs out. Niners are a heck of a team but the stage seemed too big for them in the first half.

  42. Unreal. First they cry when the Giants beat’em, now it’s the ravens who got away with one. What a bunch of of whiners!!

  43. That’s the one thing I didn’t understand – why they didn’t try to run from the 5 yard line there at the end, especially when they’d started having success with Ngata being knocked out. Also, say what you will about bumping and whatnot on 4th and goal (looked to me like both sides were), but I think the ball was uncatchable anyway – almost certainly would’ve been out of bounds even if caught.

  44. Is Gore being serious? So he doesn’t think SF “got away with one” when a freak, amateurish power outage gave them essentially another halftime? Right after it looked like their wills had been broken by the Jacoby Jones run back? That’s disingenuous, dude.

  45. That’s a great comment…should help Gore drop the “stupid” tag sooner than later. He is not a smart man

  46. I really respect the SF organization, but I think that was a good non-call down on 4th and goal with Crabtree and Jimmy Smith. SF lost because they got down 22 points, made 2 or 3 TOs; you can’t keep getting down,especially in the playoffs.It will come back to haunt you in the end 4owhiners.

  47. Doesn’t bother me at all. I still like Gore a lot and the 9ers will have a great year next year.

    It’s gotta suck to lose a super bowl. It’s a feeling I was dreading even as a fan. I get it. He’s also got a point. Once Ngata went out and the lights thing, they took over the game. If it would have gone another 15 minutes, they would have won.

    I’ll take it. Best of luck next year 9ers, and congrats to the birds baby!


  48. It was a 50/50 call. Always. The Stealers got away with MANY ‘ones’ against Seattle, which was blatant highway robbery.

  49. They wouldn’t be the Whiners without a couple of good whines. Way to step up, Mr Gore. We knew we could count on you.

  50. While it may be a fair statement to say that the 49ers were the better team after the power was restored in the 3rd quarter, I don’t think its accurate to say that they were the better team throughout the course of the game. Bottom line…the final score tells you who the better team was.

  51. You can’t let the refs decide the outcome of the game. And that’s what they did. Ed Reed was offside by a mile on the 2-pts conversion, no flag. A second chance on that play could have been big. But at the end, you can’t fumble near the red zone, you can’t go for the field goal because on 3rd and 7 you have tried the big play, you can’t miss a 4th and goal when you need the TD. With 1 or 2 more TDs instead of field goals, no one is talking about the refs.

  52. Cry about your own coach dropping the ball near the goal line instead of a Ravens team that stopped you when it mattered.

    Why are all these former Miami players either whining about the outcomes, cheap-shotting their opponents of knifing people to death?

    Must be something in the water down there.

  53. They take up the same kind of demeanor as their coach….How about the 35 mins your team got to rest when they were getting stomped? That sure didn’t change momentum…

  54. Does he not realize there were a power outage away from an epic blowout? It’s hard to go from momentum to none when you already had it (Ravens) vs no momentum to momentum such as the 9ers did. Be happy you had a chance to win and that the 9er headcoach was Harb’s brother because that game should have been over in the 3rd qtr.

    Go Ravens.

  55. Yes Niner fans. Your team blew it. Let’s not forget:

    1) Illegal formation on first play of game wiping out a 20 yard gain.

    2) Offsides on Ahmad Brooks that turned a 4th and 9 into a 3rd and 4 in which the Ravens scored a TD instead of a FG.

    3) Fumble as you were driving when you had two people stare at the ball and let Arthur Jones jump on it.

    4) Randy Moss’s alligator arms on the Kaepernick interception.

    5) Akers acted like he got ran into after his miss. There was a gift 3 points there.

    6) Stupid fake FG attempt by Ravens

    7) Power outage stopping the Ravens momentum.

    8) Kaepernick missing a wide open Crabtree in the end zone in the second drive for them. There’s 4 points out the window.

    You had plenty of chances to win, and probably should have. But blaming the refs is stupid.

  56. A little thing about this FIXED Super Bowl.

    1 Refs+Ravens? Flagged which there was many questionable ones in this game against the Niners and Ravens got none called on them was one sided by the refs Ravens should change there name to the Baltimore Refs to show there support!

    2 Clock Management there a lot of play’s during the second half where the receivers would go out of bounds untouched and the clock continuing to run figure that one these refs don’t no the rules them self.

  57. Never ceases to amaze me how many dopes are on this site….you give that troll logicalveoice 60 thumbs up for a assinine comment
    Anyone who actually watches football games could see that the 49ers were a better team. Unfortunately they showed an amazing lack of discipline last night. They also allowed the Ravens to make a number of big plays such as that third and long conversion to Boldin on the first drive. That play was a micro-chasm of the night for the Niners.

  58. Gore’s actually correct. He outplayed Rice, kaepernick outplayed Flacco, and the niners outplayed the ravens (look at yards for both teams). Bad calls determined the game. Even the James fumble shouldn’t have happened. Blatant face mask right before he fumbled that “got missed”. One of about 10 that gave the Ravens higher score (can’t call that a win really)

  59. I hope the owner of the Falcons is watching and taking note. The Falcons lost in eerily the same fashion. Yet look at how their coaches and players responded to the loss. With class. Disappointment,yes, but a lot of class. And a very good football team. Go birds

  60. No, the 49ers just got beat. But, the Ravens did “get away” with something. Their inspirational middle linebacker CHEATED to get back from injury which is what united that team.

    The Ravens are the 2012 Super Bowl Champions*

    *tainted from cheating.

  61. If you were the better team, why did the inferior team get to a 22 point lead on you?

    Looking at the Atlanta game again, I think you guys were actually pretty lucky to have escaped Atlanta with the win. San Fran is a good team, no doubt, but you guys really need to learn some class and get over yourselves. You LOST.

  62. Congratulations to the Ravens and the 49ers for the outstanding seasons both organizations had. As for the no-calls, I’m a believer in ‘let the players play”. Games should be decided by players, not officials.

  63. Gore should look at his coaching staff. Inside the 10 with plenty of good runners and all they do is pass?

    And if they don’t fall way behind in the first half, they don’t need the furious comeback to win. You cannot fall behind multiple scores every week in the playoffs and expect to always win.

  64. I’ve always respected Frank Gore for the way he’s handled himself but stop your complaining…
    49ers got away with a couple calls

    1. Torrey Smith being interfered with down the sidelines in the first half.
    2. Joe Flacco getting hit out of bounds and no call…

    but if Gore wants to complain maybe he should remember back that they “got away with one” when the 49ers were all over Roddy White on 4th and goal at the 5 in the NFC Championship game….

  65. Everyone says the power outage let the Niners back into the game. The tape will show that once Haloti Ngata went out of the game, the Niners FINALLY started having some success running the ball which opened up everything else. Credit to the Niners for storming back and making some great plays (something Gore apparently can’t do for the Ravens), but if Ngata plays the whole game, I think this one would have gotten ugly.

  66. I’m not a fan of either team, but Gore has a point when inferring that the officials determined the outcome of this game. Something needs to be done to check the officiating on the field. The blatant offisides no call, the face mask no call prior to the fumble and the holding in the end zone should not have happened in the biggest game of the year. As an ex-official, it was a difficult game to watch.

  67. You guys calling the 49ers whiners must have forgot all the WHINING the Ravens did after last year’s loss in the AFC champ. game to the Patriots.They were still crying even after they beat them this year.Sissy boy Suggs has been boo-whoing about Brady for years and his whinny partner Pollard was so upset about last years loss he rooted for the Giants in the SB.Think before you speak.

  68. Frank Gore was on the Miami team that got screwed out of a National Championship on a bad pass interference call against Ohio State.

    Then he was screwed out of a Super Bowl by refs missing a blatant hold on the kick return and an obvious pass interference on their last 4 th down in the endzone.

    Gore has the right to be salty. Refs stole 2 rings off his finger.

  69. I am a Steeler fan (since 1952) and even though the Ravens are our number 1 rival, I feel obliged to congratulate them on a fine year and a Super Bowl victory. They put it all together and regardless of what frank Gore says, they deserved to win this game. I also want to thank the Ravens for not allowing the 49er’s to tie the Steelers for the most Super Bowl wins. Once again, Congratulations to the Baltimore Ravens!

  70. When asked if he wanted to respond to Gore’s comments, Lewis responded

    “Sure I’ll take a stab at it, they are whining about non-calls and acting like we got away with murder….but enough about that, better lock your doors and hide the women and children because Ray Ray’s heading out tonight to paint NOLA blood red!”

  71. If those teams play 10 times, the 49ers probably win 7 of them. Baltimore got the big plays — return TD, extra turnover, improbable 3rd down conversions early — and some breaks.

    49ers coaches did not do a good job at all in this one. Very surprising because they’re usually excellent. Red zone playcalling was atrocious throughout for San Fran.

  72. What was that, Frank? I didn’t catch all of your comments. I was busy putting my phone on Jim Harbaugh mode. (You know…NO RING mode.)

    Suck it up, loser!

  73. autumnwind999 says:…I agree 49ers play calling was poor for such a high caliber game. In the end, Niners managed to catch up but fell short to a call that should’ve been holding against the Ravens. I’ll leave it at that.

  74. It is only a bad call when the other team gets away with one? The Niners may not have even been in New Orleans had the PI call been made in the NFCCG on Gonzalez.

    It isnt bad enough the fans whine about theofficials, the Players have to join them in the whinefest?

    Anyway, the Niners were lucky to be in that game. After that power outage, the Ravens were flat for 20 minutes of football and the wind was gone from their sails. No power outage and that game was well on its way to a 45-13 blow out.

  75. The whiners should not have been in this game at all. If it wasn’t for the power outage stealing away BAL’s momentum this would have been a blow out…
    Not only that but Crabtree pushed off as well on the last play, it could have been a two foul play on both players but I think the “no call” was for the best.

    Personally I couldn’t be happier that the whiners lost, I am not a Raven or whiner fan at all but it almost feels like my team won seeing the whiners lose hahahaha.
    5-1… Nobody’s perfect and shouldn’t be.

  76. heartbreaking loss , horrible play calling on that final drive . Would of taken my chances with a few quarterback draws from Colin. Congrats to Ravens .

  77. The 40whiner and Steeler fans are hilarious. The Ravens won the game and are world champs. San Fran can’t believe it and the only deflection that the Steeler fans have is to say they are glad that they are still the only one with 6 rings. As a Ravens fans I have never laughed so hard — NO ONE believed Baltimore would win and we did!

  78. mavajo says: Feb 4, 2013 8:00 AM

    It’s becoming so easy to hate these 49ers. The media keeps praising the 49ers; frankly, they should be destroying them. FIFTEEN first round picks on the roster. With that much talent, this team should be dominating the league. But they’re not.

    The next couple years are going to be fun. Their players are going to be hitting free agency, and the 49ers won’t have the cap space to keep them. Dynasty? LOL. The decline is already in sight.

    “Thumbs down” all you want, 49ers fans. You know it’s true.

    If I could “thumbs up” you a million times I would!

  79. Typically, the “better team” actually leads the other team at some point in the game, and then again at the end of the game. The 49ers managed to do neither.

    Heck, I think the Patriots are better than the 49ers too, but it doesn’t change who won the Super Bowl.

  80. Come on, Sore Losers, you got away with far more than you were shorted.

    You FortyWhiners got away with the fake roughing the kicker call to give you a closer and second chance to pick up 3 points. Replays show the kicker was NEVER touched and really feel on the rusher. What a fake and sorry call. Once the replay showed there was no foul, the TV guys shut their mouths and moved away from the truth. What a bunch of sissies they are and that is how bad they sold out calling a truthful account of the game.

    The FortyWhiners also hit a bunch of players out of bounds with not calls being made.

    Your DBs were hanging on to Boldin all game long with no calls on them.

    As a fan of neither team and an impartial observer, the FortyWhiners have proven to be a bunch of sore losers as they could not win the game on the field of play. The LACK of Content in your character is showing for all to see.

  81. Simply put, if you can’t score a TD with 4 chances from the 7 yard line, you don’t deserve to win.

  82. Personnel wise the 49ers are far superior than the Ravens. It’s not even close. Their coaching staff just got kicked in the azz and taken to the wood shed like their players have never seem before and they’re grasping for answers.

    49ers got what they deserved. Helping the other team find a good spot to practice to defeat them. Giving up the advantage Of havimg the hosting tea, facilities….Give an opponent an inch, you lose a mile. Basic art of war principle.

  83. “A couple of plays here, a couple of plays there”. You could add a couple of calls here and there to that. One answer is to score enough points so as not to be affected by the “heres and theres”.

  84. This is true-baltimore money in vegas. They call a PI on culliver on a similar play the drive before that allowed ravens to score a FG but did not call the one against jimmy smith. once again you cannot get far behind in a game and allow a no call or bad call to lose the game for you.

  85. Two good teams battling it out, I wish 49ers where ready to play the start of the game, I guess they need a motivator like ray Lewis to get em going, I think everybody gets pumped off him he’s one of a kind. But if the power outage saved them from being killed they should maybe thank beyonce for stealing the show for a half and hour after she performed. Another thing that decided the game was stock market Joe could throw under pressure kaep couldn’t, but that should come with time.

  86. I really like Gore. Always have as a U. But this kind of statement is just disgusting. No y’all got yalls asses whooped. An if not for the power going out it would have been even uglier.

  87. Sounds like a spoiled little black athlete who hates that he wasn’t the best on the field.

  88. Wow, was that Illogical actually making some kind of sense up there?

    It is definitely humorous that complaints about the officiating and statements like these normally come out immediately, it is almost a part of the whole Super Bowl phenomenon, kind of like the commercials and the half time show.

    Whatever! The power outage definitely helped out the 49ers. The Ravens, almost expectedly came out a bit flat after the long break. The 49ers just couldn’t pull one out. The officiating was fine. The last non-call was a good NO CALL. And there defintiely some questions regarding the offensive play calling at the end.

    Face it 49ers, you came, you saw and you LOST!!! Whine and whine as you want, it will not change the outcome, the Baltimore Ravens are the SB Champs and the SF 49ers are NOT!!!

  89. Was worse tan tat. 2 minutes also had to be run off that clock as 49ers had to score TD from that point and running plays not only milk that time down or forces Ravens to use their timeouts to still have a chance to comeback and kick the field goal to re-tie the game.

    On top of that the Ravens rub-D was exhausted by that point, Nada off the field.

    Sheer poor playing calling on that series stopping the clock even if SF scored was mind boggling.

  90. Even if the Niners scored there, they would have been up 3 at best (with a 2 pt conv). Flacco would have still had nearly 2 minutes and 3 timeouts to get in field goal range.

  91. Bottom line: to Frank Gore. As a team you guys choked at the goal line. That’s the difference between Montana and Kaeprnick. And the difference between Walsh and Harbaugh. Joe and Bill would have called and executed the right play in that situation.

  92. i to was convinced that the niners were the better team, especially when the score was 28-6.

    Most team can count their their lucky stars, but the niners can count their lucky lights.

    NFL= Nice Fix League. How much money would the advertisers have lost when the score was on it’s way to be 42-6, and everybody strated flipping channels.

  93. These guys never just lose games; it’s always because they beat themselves, didn’t understand the magnitude of the moment, or the refs did them in.

    Yet the only reason they got one third of their yardage is the blatant holding (even tackling, by their offensive linemen) that they got away with it.

    Crabtree initiated the contact, and even the final contact was barely after five yards. Definitely not something you are going to get a call for on a ball that wasn’t catchable to begin with.

  94. The Niners got away with the missed FG on a running into the kicker when he wasn’t even touched.

  95. I also saw a blatant hold from the Niners O-line on the same drive. Every game there are plays where the refs won’t throw the flag, but they were very consistent. Get over yourself Frank.

  96. Seems to me that the Ravens manhandled the 49ers virtually at will. Were the 49ers ever ahead in this game?

  97. Try finishing your run instead of stepping out of bounds at the seven yardline, Frank. Didn’ think Gore was a typical “Da U.” Guy but these comments are making me think twice.

  98. Better to not make any excuses and give credit to the other team. Not always easy after a heartbreaking loss. You just have to be the better team for 60 minutes and the 49ers were not yesterday. When you line up wrong on the very first play of the game after two weeks of preparing you really can only look in the mirror.
    Harbaugh has some growing to do, I hope he does. Kaepernick is going to be a force for a while. Congrats Ravens fans. Not easy to say.

  99. I didn’t realize a player, fans, and city could whine as much as their coach does. The 4whiners need to get over it. You didn’t play good enough to win. Although you did play well enough to make it interesting. Ratings were great!!!

  100. “We showed we were the better team.”

    I beg to differ. Until the “blackout” it was obvious the Ravens were going stomp the Niners. It was also very obvious the better team was the Ravens.

  101. It is obvious to anyone that knows football.
    If that game were to be played ten times, the forty niners
    would win seven, maybe eight.

  102. I don’t understand why everyone is saying the the power outage aided the 49ers and halted the Ravens momentum. It allowed the 49ers to regroup and adjust? How so? They were facing 3rd and 13, failed to convert and punted the ball. How did that help them? Then the Ravens offense and Niners defense come on the field for the first time. They haven’t seen each other for 84 minutes. If anything, the Niners defense made adjustments during halftime, but they won’t be credited for it because everyone is siding with the power outage.

    It would be different if the Ravens were driving down the field, the power went out, and the Niners had time to regroup. But instead, they got a quick return TD, AND they’re getting the ball back. Ravens didn’t need any adjustments, they were up by 22. The Niners D had to make adjustments though, but unfortunately it’ll be overshadow by the power outage that halted the Raven’s “momentum”.

  103. 9ers whining about missed calls? You mean like a DL Holding OLs so the LB can rush OB? That must have been some other 49er team from SF. No way it could have been these paragons of self righteous outrage.

    Strange how a certain LBs sacks went down when the DL injured the arm he used to hold OLs. Coincidence, I’m sure.

  104. It’s obvious to anyone that exists in reality, the game is played once and the 49ers lost.

  105. Count me in as one who’s not buying into the whole idea that the power outage aided the Niners. Making defensive adjustments aided the Niners. And a toned down aggressiveness on the part of the Ravens offense aided the Niners as well. But the power outage? I don’t think so.

  106. How is Gore whining? He is simply stating the fact that the Niners are the better team. If you haters want to disregard that – tell me how you’d feel if the clock had a few more minutes or if they played a series of 5 games. Gore and the rest of us know that it’s a 60 minute game – and sometimes inferior teams win – he didn’t need to state it because we all know the truth anyway.

  107. I also find it interesting that the Ravens are a fantastic team until there’s a blackout – everyone knows that Ravens don’t know how to play defense after there’s a blackout! Duh!

    Possibly the single worst argument I’ve heard in my life for THE biggest melt down in Superbowl history.

    For people who know nothing about football: 49ers adjusted in the second half.

  108. we cant win every superbowl. wouldn’t be fair. we’ll be here again next year. kaepernick will be league mvp , superbowl mvp

  109. You idiots need to just stop with the whole “power outtage STOLE the Ravens momentum” and that the Niners were “lucky to be in this one, thanks to the power outtage”.

    The power outtage did not allow the Niners to dominate the 2nd half and score 17 points in under 5 minutes. The power outtage is not a physical entity that can “steal” anything. The Niners created those plays and scored those points and would have with or without the stoppage in play.

    And now you freakin’ morons, continue on with your idiocy.

  110. @mrpolarbear99

    The power outage didn’t allow them to dominate the second half, the power outage did however allow the 49ers to create secondary adjustments to their half-time adjustments (that didn’t work) for around approximately 35 minutes. It also allowed them a second break in playing for about 35 minutes, the first break (halftime) resulting in nothing more than the Ravens going right back to shoving the ball down their throats, giving them some extra time to reorganize. About 35 minutes worth of time.

  111. The 49ers coordinators were on the field during the blackout making adjustments. The Ravens coordinators were in the booth cut off from the players. Tell me that did not give the 49ers an unfair advantage.

    To Frank Gore – wah…..

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