Goodell: Don’t blame Beyonce for power outage

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The power went out at the Superdome at Super Bowl XLVII only a few minutes after Beyonce finished her halftime show, and that has some people asking: Did something about the performance lead to the blackout?

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says absolutely not.

“There’s no indication at all that this was caused by the halftime show,” Goodell said at a press conference in New Orleans today. “Absolutely none. I know that’s been out there, to say that Beyonce’s halftime show had something to do with it; that is not the case from anything that we have at this point.”

Among those who have mentioned a possible connection between the halftime show and the subsequent power outage was Boomer Esiason, who worked the Super Bowl pregame show for CBS and then served as the color commentator for the game’s radio broadcast. Esiason said on the radio today that he had heard there were issues with Beyonce’s act taxing the electricity at the Superdome.

“And by the way, Beyonce blew the electric in the Superdome twice, I’m told, during her rehearsals during the week,” Esiason said.

Goodell, however, says Beyonce is not to blame.

73 responses to “Goodell: Don’t blame Beyonce for power outage

  1. Ok, that’s fine and all, but I still have not seen a real explanation as to why this actually would happen. How could the biggest sporting event of the year experience something like this? It seems really strange to me

  2. Of course Beyonce herself did not blow the fuse.

    But her show and the crappy wiring of a old dome, were sure to be the problem.

    Just piss poor planning, especially if it blew twice during rehearsal.

  3. She is to blame however for a terrible and offensive halftime show. Next time get a Country Music act.

  4. I thought esiason was just joking because she’s attractive.

    I think they should try a stand up comedian at least once. It would be a nice change of pace.

  5. Sorry but only her thunder thighs could generate enough lightning to cause that kind of outage.

  6. If you came to Heinz Field we would spit in your drink while you weren’t looking. We are glorious.

  7. If the electrical system in the Superdome was up to snuff, Beyonce would not have caused it to blow. Not a big fan of hers or anything but you gotta call a spade a spade.

  8. Even if she did a) that show was awesome and b) if she blew it out twice already you’d think the NFL would have it fixed in less than 30 minutes.

  9. I’ll just blame her for horrible music & awful lyrics like “You don’t pay my biiiillllss, you don’t pay my automobilllllllss, don’t pay my telephone biiiiilllsss” etc.

  10. No Beyonce isnt to blame for the power issue but she is to blame for lousy music. Still can’t believe the NFL could have had Van Halen and they went with this instead? Hey NFL 13 year old teenage girls are not who watches your games, get a CLUE!!

  11. Can we blame her for one of the lamest halftime shows in superbowl history? all you could hear was background singers, then occaisionally beyonce would shout some words while shaking her thunder thighs around an outfit that was not very flattering and innapropriate for any kids watching. that fgirl has gone downhill since hooking up with snoop diggity dogg or ll cool jayP diddle or whatever. They could’ve at least had Rihanna singin, then have Chris Brown pop out of smoke cloud in full football gear to give her a Helmet first tackle off of the stage into front row, now that would’ve been a halftime show worth watching.!

  12. Am I the only one who wouldn’t even notice if there was no halftime show?

    Aside from the infamous “wardrobe malfunction” there hasn’t been a single thing interesting to me about any halftime show. They are pointless

  13. Not sure if it was all the flashy lights and elaborate stage production or if it was Beyonce’s pelvic thrusting, but one of those two things caused the power outage.

  14. As an entertainment lighting guy, I can almost assure you that the halftime show was not run on house power. The number of fixtures and video combined would have warranted a about 6 separate 1200amp generators. The super dome could not handle that kind of constant power at once. You also have to figure in the sound. So I would say it was not because of the halftime show.

  15. Boomer is an idiot who chimes in about things that he doesn’t understand, but is willing to speculate about, all the time be it the inner workings of a given team, player practice habits and even rules that he doesn’t understand or has kept up to date on. How this guy still has a job as an analyst, I will never know. He’s an idiot.

  16. Crazy how many illuminati symbols were in her performance. Thought they would take a break after last year madonna ritual. Was so blatant. Anyone notice the game started back up at exactly 9:11? Anybody see the illuminati stuff in the “die young” video that was number one on the charts when the shooting happened? It’s getting more and more blatant watch their videos. But this probably won’t get approved..

  17. Huh? That halftime act was pretty pathetic. When someone is supposedly “singing” while holding the mic behind their butt, there might be an issue. As things were, was just like some dance exhibition.

  18. Of course Goodell would deny any connection; there’s an economic interest in keeping the Super Bowl as big a spectacle as possible. And by blaming New Orleans he can extort more money from them if they want to enter the bidding for a future one.

  19. All the electrons were rushing to get a bulb’s eye view of the proceedings. The word was that you could see down her cleavage from the overhead lights, and from the floor lights, well, let’s just saying she wasn’t wearing much underwear……

  20. So they blew the transformers twice during the week during rehearsals, but it was unrelated?

    How can you tell when Goodell is lying?

    His lips are moving.

  21. Also, the electrical wiring is all new in the Superdome. After Katrina the Dome was basically gutted to a concrete and steel skeleton and everything inside was replaced.

    The word from Entergy sources is that the halftime show overheated the transformers to the point that when the lights were turned back on the transformers blew out. It happened twice during the week during rehearsals, and the NFL was aware of the issue.

  22. What else was he supposed to say?
    “Yes… It was a crummy halftime show AND she over loaded the main”…

    They won’t say what they want people to think it was until they can find something plausible that involves no blame to the main players.

  23. Real world translation:

    “Obviously the halftime show and its logistics were to blame, but hey, we’re the freakin’ NFL. We’re too thin skinned to accept any responsibility or criticism, and we’re as popular as ever. Damn right we’ll pass the buck and blame someone else.

    After all, we’ll never attract the casual fan, i.e. women and non-sports fans who can’t name two players on the field- if we don’t pander to all the pop culture loving Beyonce and N’Sync freaks. They are our future core demographic after all”

  24. How many rings does Belichick have since he was caught cheating red-handed, turned in by his own former assistant? None you say?

    But, but I thought he was a genius. Heck – even Harbaugh and Tomlin and Cowher have rings since then. And Coughlin has two – both of them against genius Belichick no less. And nobody calls those guys geniuses…. I’m confused.

  25. I honestly use the halftime show to hit the can and grab some fresh air outside. Ray Lewis could raise himself from the dead at halftime and I wouldn’t have known it happened. By the way, did Ray perform any miracles at halftime?

  26. One of the Worst halftime shows, ever. The NFL should be ashamed for putting that out to Football fans.

  27. Ya it’s called katrina hit and ruined our generators fried our electrical systems so lets hire some cheap contractors to quickly wire some 2nd hand generators together so we can beat the deadline the NFL gave us. What could happen?

  28. I’m tired of boring noise that passes for music at football halftimes. Also, if I hear anymore ridiculous country music I am going to scream.

  29. I’m surprised that they didn’t try to blame Anthony Hargrove again, They could have produced a video where they claimed that Hargrove yelled, “I cut the power. Pay me my money.”

  30. Next year lets have KISS rock the house at halftime. Don’t have to worry about a power outage – They definitely bring their own Electricity!!!!!!!!!!

  31. The mistake probably came when they put Beyonce in charge of all the Super Dome wiring and electrical system.

    No offense to Beyonce, but she’s not qualified to do that.

    They really should hire professionals in the future, and not rely on the stars themselves

  32. Good to know Esiason is an electrical engineer when not ripping on Tim Tebow and anyone else he can put down to make him feel better?

    Esiason creeped in to watch Beyonce’s rehersals? Maybe he got mixed up with that dream he had where Beyonce blew…never mind

  33. It wasn’t Beyonce’s crappy halftime show that blew the electricity… it was when she plugged in her gigantic vibrator AFTER halftime that blew the circuits.

  34. Beyonce sucked… and her legs were bigger than any of the players.

    I hate it when someone sucks so bad and yet everyone lies about it because they’re black.

    If it were Madonna, they’d all say that she sucked.

  35. The only thing I’m blaming beyonce for is making my pants tight during her performance….

  36. I blame Goodell for picking her for the halftime show. It was the worst, unless I you’re a 15 yr old girl who likes that crap.

  37. Thank you NFL/Beyonce for further ruining American society.
    First off, we don’t need music at half time.
    2nd, we don’t need the abomination that is top 40 and American Idol “stars” lip syncing some bs and jumping around.
    We don’t need Tom Petty, The Who, Kiss or anyone else in their 70’s to entertain us for 5 minutes of repetitive crap that we saw the previous year.
    Just stop.

    Note to Beyonce, because I know you lurk here:
    Your thighs are bigger than Vonte Leach’s. Please stop this if you’re going to continue to be overexposed. You also make the same serious face throughout your performance as Leach does as he’s about to pick up a blitz. Please stop. You’re not a singer. You’re a paid dancer, and not much different than the kind that I pay $10/song, who tells me she’s going to be a neurologist some day.

  38. The only thing I blame Beyonce for is the lack of talent we were exposed too during halftime. Without the outfit it could be considered the worst halftime show ever.. Even with the outfit it still may be. I’d like to see a poll of worse shows.. My bet is Beyonce takes it. Why the NFL picks crappy shows every year is just head scratching..

  39. First of all, the stadium field lights were turned off for the half time show, so there would have been less load on the system during the show, not more. But as it happens, the half time show was powered by separate generators. Second, she ran the about 10 rehersals in the dome, none of which blew anything elecrical in the dome. And I know, cause I was there.

  40. The dome director explained that the halftime acts use power coming from a separate source. Like CBS, who also had a backup source.

    The announcer’s booth lost power as did the sideline headsets but the CBS panel on the field didn’t lose power.

    Beyonce, arguably the most beautiful woman among celebrities today, who has a singing talent beyond the crappy genre she works with is only to blame for serving up a dull halftime act.

  41. The only guys who thought that half-time show was anything but crap, are the same ones that voted for Obama.

    Feral, racist, stupid, lemmings who sat in front of their TVs with a jar of vaseline while the rest of us tried not to puke as Beyonce shaked her thunder thighs and Serena Willams face around.

  42. Jennifer Hudson was great.
    Alicia Keyes was okay–hard to not get distracted by her unbelievably fat and flabby arms.

    Beyonce sucked very badly.
    Wake up and stop wearing nothing, especially when you have legs the size of tree trunks.

    Anyone else notice how her face is starting to look exactly like Serena Williams’?


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