Jacoby Jones has a record night

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The Super Bowl MVP had 287 yards passing.  The guy who perhaps should have won the award finished with three more.

Receiver Jacoby Jones had a Super Bowl-record 290 combined yards, via 56 receiving yards and 234 return yards, including the longest play and longest kickoff return in Super Bowl history (108 yards).

The fact that Jones had only 56 yards from scrimmage likely made it harder to win the MVP.  Then again, in Super Bowl XXXI Desmond Howard became the MVP with zero yards from scrimmage and 244 return yards, two fewer yards that Brett Favre generated through the air in that game.

So, yeah, maybe Jones should have been the MVP.  Cast your vote below.

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  1. Ravens win!!!! Ravens win!!! Ravens win…My god, I’ve been reading the comments of all you losers all season…just waiting for this moment. Ravens fans get the last laugh!… Ravens win losers!!!

  2. On his kickoff return, Bruce Miller was completely bearhugged by 2 Ravens players right in his return lane. Obviously no one will go back and look at it, but I assure you he did, at the 40 yard line.

  3. I still think Flacco because Flacco provided huge drives when the Ravens needed them. Whenever it seemed like the Niners were about to go on a huge run and take the lead, Flacco led Baltimore down the field for a field goal or touchdown.

    Baltimore could have won without Jones, they would not have won without Flacco.

  4. I was hoping him or Boldin(they cannot cut him after such a postseason, can they ?) would get it but these awards are very biased towards QBs (perfect example – Peyton Manning’s Superbowl MVP lol)

  5. I’m a Ravens fan, and I love what Jones and Flacco did, but Jones doesn’t get that long pass if Joe doesn’t avoid the sack by stepping up in the pocket. Joe deserves this if for no other reason than proving all the naysayers wrong that he could never win it all.

  6. Both of them had great games.

    But in a Super Bowl, the tie goes to the QB. That is just a fact. Unibrow was brilliant in the first half.

  7. Yo joe flacco imma let you finish.. But jacoby jones had one of the best Super Bowl performances of all time!

  8. Should have been Boldin. As great a first half as flacco had… He did what he’s done his whole career… Disappear for entire halves of games.

    I’d be okay with jacoby winning it if he wasnt fumbling every damn kick in the 2nd half.

  9. I’m not hating on Baltimore, good win. My Skins beat them with RG3 hurt. The rest of the NFL was lucky he was gimpy in the playoffs or we would be champions. Again, nice win for the pride of the University of Delaware.

  10. Very difficult to give it to a return man over a QB but in this case you have to consider it. The two best plays of the game by either team were the Jones non-touched TD and the 108 yard KR to start the third quarter by Jones. Often times in a close game it comes down to special teams play and Jacoby Jones was sensational all night.

  11. Jones deserved the MVP…he made two game-defining plays. Flacco was good…but they would not have won without Jacoby.

  12. Flacco played lights out but most of his plays were in the first half if jones doesn’t come out and return that kick the 49ers still feel good that was the kill shot before the power went out. I would of voted for the superdome if the niners won cause that was the momentum changer they needed

  13. Jacoby was my MVP the moment he ran for the kickoff TD. Flacco was a close second, and Boldin a close third. But Jacoby not screwing up in the big game, and actually making a clutch catch and TD, before running for another – that made the difference.

  14. And then some of us watched the game, and realized that it was clearly Kaepernick and the read option that won the game for the 49ers.

    Oh wait.

  15. No love for Donte Whitner? Talked trash the play before the Boldin TD (and really, all year), then got beat clean…and poor marking meant his man also caught the second TD.

    Then Culliver, who also talked trash through the first quarter (and during the week), got lit up for the the long TD to Jones and another few long passes in the second quarter and beyond.

    Jones had a great game, and can be argued that the TD at the beginning of the half salted it away, but Flacco was flawless, and made plays all night, and especially converting third downs when SF had the momentum only down by one score.

  16. The Texans made a rash, emotional decision to cut him based on fan vitriol. Why he never lived up to his potential idk. He’s not the first player who I feel that same way about, I guess Kubiaks staff isn’t getting the most out of tale t on the team. Even if Jones would have been mediocre this year, it would have been better than anything Jean, Posey, Walter, or Martin did.

  17. I think a case could have also have been made for Anquan Boldin. He had 6 catches for 104 yds and a td. It seemed like every big third down the Ravens needed, Boldin would step and make a huge play. Just my .02

  18. I’m very surprised to see people leaning heavily towards Jacoby Jones for MVP. I thought that after the game and hoped he would get it but sadly it went to the glamour position, yet again

  19. Did anyone else see, at Ray Lewis’s presser, Ray talking about “putting his hands on [Jacoby’s] chest” before his TD return? Ray stopped short of saying that he infused Jacoby with a little something extra from the holy spirit (and thus, that the TD return was really due to him),” but just barely. Barely.

    Ray’s been flirting with meglomania lately, combining discussion of religion, his “impact” and sport. It was kind of disgusting seeing him try to take credit for Jacoby’s play, especially given that he was basically a non-factor in the game.

  20. I won’t waist my time voting, cuz just like the presidential election, my vote don’t count! Turned out to be a great game though! Could of been even better if the officials called a fair game! I’m beginning to think the officiatings rigged like in that joke of a league the NBA!

  21. Oh Whiners … choked again. Let’s get the excuse engine fired up. We love hearing you cry. Just like last year.

  22. One could make a case for Boldin.

    Not the yards, but key catches, many of them “all on his own”.

    Great game.

  23. Both sides can provide compelling arguments but when he returned the kick it appeared it was padding a comfortable lead and not going to be decisive points. I think at the point of the return had their been a tighter game it would have garnered more MVP attention. Desmond Howard got the nod I think because the game was close when he busted his return.

  24. The go daddy.com commercial was so disturbing on many levels I hope I never see it on my tv screen again !

  25. I’m going to say no. His TD came up 21-6 and never had a long return after that. Howard had 2 TDs I believe……outside the TD you wouldn’t have know Jones even played in this game. I’m not giving it to him for that unless it was late with the game tied or something similar

  26. Jacoby was incredible, and if the game was over after his return TD, he would probably have won it, but I think Joe really managed to get a hold of the team after many of them appeared to lose concentration after the blackout, and shepherded the team to a win. And that’s why I think it was rightly Joe’s award.

  27. Jones had two game changing plays, one of which Flacco was the pass from Flacco. Flacco deserved MVP. Now he gets paid. Congrats ravens but it seems the key to winning it all is to do it before your qb gets paid. Seems a bit harder with 30% of your cap tied up in one guy. Hard to blame the qbs but they are really handcuffing their squads.

  28. They got it right. Jones had a great game, but tell me which scenario you’d rather have…

    Flacco goes down early and Ravens replace him with Tyrod Taylor for the game.

    Jacoby Jones goes down early and is replaced with LaQuan Williams for the game.

    Pretty sure everyone would go with B. Like I said Jones had a great game and was an X factor, but Flacco was more valuable.

  29. Joe played far better than any of his critics thought he ever would against that defense.

    Honestly, and you HAVE to acknowledge this–if Tom Brady, Rodgers, Roethlisburger, or any other aforementioned “ELITE” QB put up THESE numbers against the 9ers, the world would be crowning them, and no one would question why they are given the MVP award. FACT.

    Call him top five, call him top 10. But you best call him a Super Bowl Champion. And a true MVP.

  30. Jacoby played one hell of a game. Kinda funny how last yr he botched 2 punts vs Baltimore in the playoffs and got cut. 1 yr later and he was the best return man this yr

  31. He balled and should have won MVP. Eagles fan who seen him ball against us this year. Best TD celebration dance too!!!

  32. Hey Joe – How about giving the Toyota Tundra or whatever car you got to Jones since you are looking at a $14-20 million dollar payday this off-season and Jones is not. Nobody really cares about the MVP except Flacco’s agent anyway.

  33. Flacco won this MVP hands down. Without Flacco’s performance, they aren’t even sniffing the Lombardi trophy. Some kind of honorable metion should go to Paul Kruger another key contributor without whom the Ravens aren’t in this one. He was a monster on D. Jacoby Jones had a great game, but he doesn’t score on that 56 TD pass unless Flacco lays in in the way he did; benefit Flacco. Same thing on Boldin & Pitta’s TD’s. Flacco just became a very rich man in that game.

  34. Jacoby was “showing off” for his hometown crowd and relatives. Yes, he’s originally from New Orleans. It was also him who burned the Broncos for that last second TD in the playoff game that they “stole” from Denver. Good show.

  35. Flacco gets MVP for getting the team 3 TD passes early.

    Jones had an awesome night. His TD pass was awesome, given that he had to retreat, juke and sprint past multiple defenders to score.

    Just glad the Texans shipped him out of the AFC South.

  36. The NFL has no equivalent to the NHL’s Conn Smythe Trophy, which is awarded to the MVP of the playoffs. So, the Superbowl MVP sort of serves as the defacto award for this, not necessarily just the one game. With this in mind, there is no doubt that 11 TD passes, no interceptions and 4 wins (inc. 3 road games) make Joe Flacco the MVP.

  37. For the record…. Jacoby wasn not cut by the Texans… His agent asked Texans GM Rick Smith to release him so he could sign with another team.

    The Texans were very happy with Jacoby but the fans and media weren’t. And they let him know it. I think the pressure was a bit much for him and he asked to be released.

  38. They both had great games and Boldin as well. It’s too close to call for me and I understand that in that situation it’s usually going to go to the QB. That’s just how it works.

    Hmmmmm, having three Ravens players play so well in the super bowl that it’s tough to decide which one was the MVP.

    This is an amazing problem to have.

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