Jaguars will address MJD contract near end of season


Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew said that he’s not going to ask for a contract extension or hold out this offseason, and it doesn’t seem like the Jaguars are going to be making any overtures either.

General Manager David Caldwell said that Jones-Drew remains an essential part of the team’s offensive plan, but that the team doesn’t consider his contract something that needs to be addressed during the offseason. John Oehser of reports that Caldwell said in New Orleans that it will be some time before they deal with the fact that Jones-Drew is entering the final year of his contract.

“We’ll address that toward the end of the season,” Caldwell said.

Caldwell also talked about the team’s quarterback during his Super Bowl visit. He offered up a reminder that Blaine Gabbert is one of the youngest quarterbacks in the league while giving a half-hearted review of Gabbert’s abilities.

“I’m not completely discouraged with the quarterback on this team.” Caldwell said. “Hopefully, we can have a little foundation here were have the same system, and we’ll see where it takes us.”

Both statements are indicative of the evaluation mode that Caldwell’s in at present. We should start to get more of an idea of where the Jaguars will go now that the offseason has gotten underway for the entire league.

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  1. By season’s end, he’ll be 28 (and very close to 29) with one serious injury and a good deal of mileage on those legs. If I had to guess, I’d say they run him ragged in 2013 and then either low ball him or fail to offer a new deal altogether.

  2. I believe that Matt Barkley will fall to the second round and the Jaguars will draft him in preparations for the move to LA.

    MJD will be run to death and run out of town. There is a new regime in town and the stash does not like hold outs.

  3. And, of course, the Gabbert-hating PFT leaves out any positive comments Caldwell made such as “… Gabbert remains the second-youngest quarterback in the NFL and if he had stayed at Missouri, he likely would be the first quarterback taken in the 2013 NFL Draft”

  4. Tired of the excuse of age on Gabbert. He is one of the worst starting quarterbacks in the league if not the worst besides the soon to be out of the NFL Tebow.

  5. There’s damned by faint praise then there’s Caldwell’s assessment of Gabbert. He’s out of there!!!

  6. The reason he said “I’m not completely discouraged” is that is the way the question was posed to him. The meme, perpetrated by media fatties with an agenda, is that the Jaguar QB situation (and Gabbert in particular) is “a mess”. Caldwell went on to call Gabbert one of the seven foundation players on the team. Without including Justin Blackmon on that list.

  7. MJD set the tone for this past season with his holdout. He’s in his last year in Jax.

    Another “move to LA” crack- throw in the obligatory tarps crack too, raiderinva. The Jags haven’t had a blackout in years and were 20th in attendance this year. There’s 12 teams drawing less than them, maybe they should move to LA, eh?

  8. the team obviously knows he wont be healthy enough by mid season to even make it on the field. he will certainly be playing his final season in jacksonville, and will be free to end his fast approaching career finale anywhere he wants. There is no way the Jags could ever get more than a late round pick for him now, but they would be wise to take what they can get.

  9. The picture above the article is everbank fiield right before kickoff.

    Just kidding. I’m a Jags fan, I’m allowed to make that joke.

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