Lions waste no time in parting ways with Titus Young

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Citing a team source, Tim Twentyman of reports that the Lions have waived wide receiver Titus Young.

The move is not the least bit surprising.

After falling out of favor due to “behavior and attitude” issues during the season — the final straw being Young’s intentional refusal to line up in the correct spot on Thanksgiving against the Packers — the 23-year-old wide receiver practically begged out of Detroit. In late January, Young took to Twitter to blast the Lions’ organization, essentially declare himself a future Hall of Famer, and threaten retirement if the offense didn’t get him the football more often.

Young is young and brimming with talent, and he’ll now be subject to the NFL’s waivers process. It will be interesting to see if a team claims him. Young’s 2013 base salary is scheduled to be $555,000.

His contract, which lasts through 2014, also includes an offseason workout bonus of $50,000 and a training-camp reporting bonus of $184,666.

So to take a flier on Young, the “risk” would be minimal.

109 responses to “Lions waste no time in parting ways with Titus Young

  1. Pick him up Harbaugh… maybe you can get him to be a team player.. we need a tall speed guy and Moss needs to go

  2. The Jets have their “stuff” together, this guy would thrive in a strong locker room like the Jets’ locker room.


  3. “I ain’t selfish, but if I don’t get the ball, I quit.”

    Bye Titus. I hope no one signs you ever again. You won’t be missed and I’m not even a Lions fan.

  4. Somebody will claim him…..and I hope it’s a team he does not want to play for! This guy is a mess.

  5. goldrush36 says:
    Feb 4, 2013 3:54 PM
    Pick him up Harbaugh… maybe you can get him to be a team player.. we need a tall speed guy and Moss needs to go

    its not worth it, no one should ever want a player that purposely lines up in the wrong spot to get himself the ball more. its not needed in the nfl or any level of football.

  6. Very hard decision for any team in adding this character. Kid has a ton of talent that comes at an affordable rate. I would love to see him as a Jet since the Jets need all the talent they can get at an affordable rate, but will signing this guy just continue the Circus tour into next season?

  7. The financial risks may be low, but all the other risks are through the roof. Lines up at the wrong position intentionally then flames the team on the internet??? What team needs this?

  8. As a Lions fan i wish we could ofjust traded the Raiders for Rolando Mclain when they suspensed him. both teams get a need and hopefully revamp the careers

  9. I am going to laugh when he becomes a #2 on the Jags or a lower end team like that and still whines and complains. Congrats Titus, you just screwed your reputation for the next few years

  10. Seahawks have plenty of cap space and with Carroll’s record to kicking players to the street who don’t want to march to the Seahawk beat, well. Wilson to Young could be fun and I think he could do well in Bevel’s system, but he has got to get his head straight….

  11. I hope the Vikings sign Young so Percy Harvin sees the path he’ll head down if he doesn’t shape up. If that doesn’t serve as an eye-opener for Harvin I don’t know what will.

  12. I love it when I hear fellow Vikings fans suggest they will sign this kid because he “could be the next Cris Carter”. The kid is talented, no doubt, but if you believe anything Rick Spielman has preached the last year, it should be abundantly clear that this kid is not sniffing a contract with the Vikings. And if I were to ever put a percentage on the chance he ever gets his act together ala Carter… I’d put it close to 1%… and that’s pretty generous

  13. Teams will give second and third chances overlooking lots of problems, but failure to line up and run plays correctly isn’t tolerated by anybody. I think his next stop will be the CFL.

  14. smartanis says: Feb 4, 2013 3:56 PM

    Meanwhile in Cincinnati…

    The Bengals only take criminals. On the other hand, the Raiders…

  15. I don’t want a soap-opera locker room like the Jets have, but he might be worth the risk. Young has got to know that he’ll never be able to say or do any of the crap he pulled in Detroit again, not with a second team, It would definitely ruin his career for sure. That is why I think he would be worth the risk. Pick him up Buffalo. S.J. would gladly consider himself a #2 receiver in order to get some of the coverage off of him. Besides, I think Johnson would be the type of mentor that Young could grow with.

  16. New England is the place to get off the “ME” train, or so they say (you know, the infamous ‘they’).

  17. I hope that the Seahawks don’t try another career reclamation with him.

    SF should have Vernon Davis talk with him and see if there is any hope that Titus can be turned around and become a team player. Talent is there, but to self consumed……too bad.

  18. I’d like to know exactly what this guys has done for the consensus to be that he is “brimming with talent” but he’s a head case.

    He has under 1,000 yards in his career and has 38.1 YPG in his career. He’s got a chance to not be a bust talent wise, but that doesn’t exactly scream “pro bowler”…or anything close to it at this point

  19. He’s so cheap to sign, but such a horrible teammate… I bet some team claims him, not so sure he stays there all the way to opening day though.

  20. If only there were a pill to fix stupidity and lack of commitment… The Dolphins could use some help at WR but I’m hoping they continue to pass on troublemakers

  21. This never happened.


    The Lions did not host the Packers on Thanksgiving. They played Houston that day.


  22. Sad to see that no one has been around to pull this guy to the side and set him straight. He might get one more strike, but I am sure it will not be on the terms he hopes for.

  23. Stories like this always piss me off! Don’t these players understand how fortunate they are? They’re playing in the N.F.L. for crying out loud! Your never going to have any other opportunity like this ever again. Ever! Yet, they just throw it away…

  24. I get that people were not fond of Cris Carter due to his off field issues and attitude. But they were nowhere near as bad as Titus Young, and it’s insulting to Carter or any football fan to suggest the two receivers are a lot of like. Sadly, one team will take a risk on Young because he has the talent to make a difference. Carter changed his attitude and became a great leader in Minnesota. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same will happen to Young. But I hope I am wrong and he can prove to be a great teammate and leader in the locker room.

  25. I just don’t see how an NFL team could ever sign him, knowing that he doesn’t think he was wrong (if he does, why the tweets last month?), and knowing that he has it in him to sabotage his own team’s efforts at winning time (when the Lions were 4-4 and still in contention, mind you) if things don’t go his way in a game? It’s not like you can keep the guy on the roster as the #4 or 5 WR, because you’d have to put him on special teams.

    If he makes it back from this, I think we’re looking at a career rehab of at least one year outside the league (maybe the CFL?), and then he can maybe get a shot. Even if he signs with a team and goes to camp, I don’t see how he makes a team in September.

  26. This guy made $500,000 dollars a year! He better shape his ass up or he will be making $50,000 like the rest of us! Absolutely ridiculous. Boy this pisses me right off.

  27. On behalf of the fans of the other 31 teams, I’d like to thank the Lions for getting the ball rolling on the offseason. (Congrats, Baltimore)

  28. I was first saying the guy would mature but he has been given to many chances going all the way back to Boise. He was given 3 chances with Detroit even after sucker punching teammate L. Delmas.

    The guy brought his parents with him to the lions org after being suspended for support. The team wanted to be patient but what can you do if he thinks he is bigger than the game and doesn’t show any signs of letting up from the me attitude. I like his talent but it not worth it when it affects your team and saying you need to have more catches than others or your going to disrupt the game. Kinda like if Scottie Pippen had said I deserve more shots the Michale Jordan.

  29. He is a perfect fit for the Vikings, he thinks he is better than he really is, loves to talk and does nothing on the field to back up that talk, and he could care less if he wins, which is mandatory if you hope to play for the Vikings.

  30. This guy has been offered professional countless times. Not only in the NFL, but in college.

    He has refused it all.

    LOL @ anyone that wants to give him another chance

  31. Hate to see you go – bye ! As I said before, i am not sure there is a market for an underachieving, and undersized, somewhat fast Diva WR.

    I am sure he will be back living “in da hood” and being mocked for taking a $5.25 job instead of a few hundred thou playing a kids game.

  32. I notice a recurring theme with you too candian & same with Ponder this, you are both idiots.

  33. It’s one thing to take a character-risk guy every now and again. The Lions seemingly go out and find every character-risk they can, thus their team has plenty of fools like Titus here. At least they did the smart thing in getting rid of him.

  34. Browns should snag him. They fixed Gordon’s behavioral problems and could use another receiver instead of Massequai (idk about the spelling)

  35. Brash, volatile, smug and arrogant with streaks of bizarre behavior and delusional ideations but with lots of talent, Titus Young deserves to be claimed by the worst team in the league and fester for awhile. What a pisser it would be for the Lions if he were claimed by a competent organization with strong coaching and dominant veterans that forced him to grow up and reach his potential. Though most signs suggest that his mental defects will drag him down the drain, Lion’s luck indicates that the dude will become a star elsewhere. The Lions were dumb to draft him, we’re justified in dumping him but that Lion karma…Things just never work out here.

  36. the kid just didnt want to play for a joke of a franchise like the lions!!! i would hope some team gives him a shot!!! i wouldnt mind the redskins adding him as a cheap compliment to to garcon and robinson

  37. Tall speed guy? way to know your players. Young is 5’9″ & 179 pounds & not that fast & doesn’t run his routes….but if that is a guy you want on your team, feel free

  38. Every time one of these slugs gets released, there are a bunch of fans lining up and saying “My team could use him”. How about NO ONE takes this idiot and start sending a message to these jugheads!

  39. jwcarlson says:Feb 4, 2013 4:04 PM

    The Jets have their “stuff” together, this guy would thrive in a strong locker room like the Jets’ locker room??

    I hope you’re joking. The jets are pathetic and are no where close to having their “stuff” together.

  40. Being the other guy next to Calvin has to be the easiest WR gig in the world! You ever going to get doubled or have coverage rolled to you? unlikely. Titus your a idiot and Ryan Broyles says thanks bud.

  41. I do not believe that this guy will be on a roster next season. Attitude and football issues make him forgettable.

    If you have to be a diva you have to at least produce.

  42. I truly do not care what his future is, however I am surprised that nobody suggested a trial with The Pats. They seemingly have the kind of coach and veterans who could and would snap this turd into the right frame of mind, OR drop him like a bad habit. They also get him on the cheap. I am NOT a Pats fan, however under this tight environment, it just might work. Any thoughts on this possibility?

  43. I can’t recall hearing about a guy who intentionally lined up in the wrong spot because he wanted to get the ball ever. It even sounds stupid. “Stafford won’t notice that I’m not Calvin.” You can’t fix this brand of stupid. Those of recommending a change of scenery to repair sabotaging your team and acting like an assclown to your teammates are nearly as stupid as Young.

  44. Vikings? Bears? 49ers? Isn’t the waiver process worst to first? KC, then Browns, Raiders, Eagles and so on….and any of you think he’ll make it to the a 10-6 team, a playoff team or the runner up in the SB? Give me a break….

  45. Miami Dolphins should take a chance on him. I’m sure Tannenhil wouldn’t mind at all. The poor guy had no one throw to last year except Hartline. Hartline is more of a third wide out player.

  46. mcrod00. Given too many chances at Boise ? Coach Pete sat him for a year. Forbid him to open his mouth to the media for another year. Thinking maybe that’s where Detroit needed to take him. No one is bigger than the system at Boise. Young definitely is troubled.. Schwartz should have followed Pete’s lead.

  47. If he could only muster a handful of games playing with Stafford & Calvin why would anyone else want him. Maybe a coach that wants to prove he can tame him, like Billy B? Hes quick and has good hands, but he’s not a burner, he’s way undersized and he thinks he’s a hof’er. Not worth it.

  48. Let me toss off a partial list of NFL teams that may (key word: may) give him a shot:
    Rams – Jeff Fischer has no qualms about character issues.
    Pats – Darth Bill has molded many young apprentices.
    Raiders – Why not? He is fast.

  49. This has Andy Reid written ALL over it.. take a flier on great talent, horrible attitude his moto in the NFL..
    He’ll be an Eagle in No time.. whoops
    I mean a Chief

  50. Let’s be clear of a few things. Nate Burleson pulled this kid aside on multiple occasions but couldn’t get through to him most of the time. He ran the wrong routes intentionally. He didn’t play hard all the time ala Randy Moss minus the talent. He punched the starting safety in the face during practice and got sent home. I would love Minnesota to take a shot at him because it would get your coach fired and start another rebuilding campaign. Good luck with that.

  51. Who can blame Titus or anybody else for wanting to get out of Detroit
    with Suh and that coach is worse. A good season on another team and
    stay away from the media and Titus
    can fix his name

  52. The vikings don’t want this scrub. All he will do is screw up your team. This guy is going to be stuck with garbage contracts for the rest of his career if he still has one.

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