Ngata walking without crutches, “feeling better”

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Mike Garafolo of USA Today reports that Ravens defensive tackle Haloti Ngata was spotted walking through the team hotel on Monday without crutches. Ngata said he’s “feeling better” after suffering a left knee injury in Sunday night’s Super Bowl XLVII win.

Garafolo’s USA Today colleague, Lindsay Jones, observed Ngata “literally jogging” through the hotel lobby to retrieve something from his room.

Ngata will undergo an MRI on Monday after exiting the game in the third quarter. He also spoke to reporters following the victory.

Doctors don’t really know if any ligaments are torn or anything,” Ngata told Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun. “We’ll definitely see when we get back to Baltimore.”

Ngata does have plenty of time to heal up before 2013 training camp, but a ligament tear could cost him most of the offseason. Expect more updates this week.

25 responses to “Ngata walking without crutches, “feeling better”

  1. Maybe he can go rehab alongside RG3, whose knee he took out back when the Redskins beat the Ravens in the regular season. Sort of ironic.

  2. Ngata is a beast. He’ll be fine. So happy he got a ring. He definitely deserves one. Ravens, superbowl champs!

  3. When people talk about Roger Goodell ruining the game, what often gets overlooked is the amount of WHINING he has inspired. With all of his new rules about what you can and can’t do, now every fan wants to whine about “dirty” hits all the time. With the new rules’ ambiguity, suddenly every hit is “dirty.” This is football, get it over it. Ngata’s hit on RGIII was not dirty, no matter how much bitter Redskins fans want it to be.

  4. commonsensedude says:
    Feb 4, 2013 12:46 PM
    Maybe he can go rehab alongside RG3, whose knee he took out back when the Redskins beat the Ravens in the regular season. Sort of ironic.
    Where did all these Redskins fans come from? You didn’t hear anything from them before this year, now they’re on every story trying to make unrelated topics all about the skins.

  5. It’s called Karma for his dirty hit that injured RGIII in November. 2nd worst SB Champion. (1st is last years Giants)


    You mean how RG3 slid like a rookie in pop warner and got hurt. Ngata is far from dirty. He’s a stud player and a great person. Keep on hating

  6. Ngata is an old skool defender – late hits and borderline illegal play are his trademark. Along with Suh he is the dirtiest player in football.

  7. I just re watched his hit on RG3. You know, just in case there was an outside chance that people here were not just being jealous skins homers.

    Nothing of the sort. RG3 dives head first while Ngata is bearing down on him. Ngata has every right to hit the QB when he’s a runner. To make it worse, RG3 whips his leg up in the air and that’s what collides with Ngata.

    No, the truth is that RG3 probably learned a valuable lesson that came at a high cost. The other truth is that the Lombardi is coming back to Maryland and it’s not going to Landover.

    Get well soon big guy and congrats on being a world champion Baltimore Raven!

  8. Congrats to the Ravens. Flacco was perfect, pay him.

    Ngata was not responsible for RGIII’s knee injury. On that play, Griffin flung his body forward for maximum yardage and his leg flew up (and bent)with the momentum.

    Speaking of crutches, RGIII showed up at the NFL Honors show without crutches. Didn’t hear anyone comment on whether he was limping or not, nor did I see any interviews where someone ask him about his rehab. Anyone know?

  9. hjworton46 says:
    Feb 4, 2013 1:16 PM
    Ngata is an old skool defender – late hits and borderline illegal play are his trademark. Along with Suh he is the dirtiest player in football.

    Not even close

  10. Please stop the mention of RG3 when you are speaking about the superbowl champion ravens.

    Skins fans should just be happy that they are at the pinnacle of RG3’s career. He stole the Rookie awards from Luck and Wilson and he’ll come back as a hobbled version of himself lucky to play through 2-3 more years in the league.

    In the meantime Joe Flacco will just keep winning since he is the biggest winning QB in NFL history!

  11. I didn’t say that the hit on RG3 was dirty. I just said that it’s ironic that Ngata suffered a knee injury as well. I think he’s a good player and I hope they both recover in plenty of time for next season. By the way, even though I am a Redskins fan, I was pulling for the Ravens yesterday.

    And jamaltimore, I’m not sure what you’re talking about with the Rookie of the Year award. RG3 led both of those guys in almost every statistical category.

    Good game, Baltimore.

  12. It was a different game when he was in there. When he went out, there was no pressure on the passer and the 49ers were running for chunks everywhere.

    And I’m a 49er fan.

    Big H means as much to the defensive line as Lewis does to the LBs and Rees to the DBs.

  13. griffin’ injury was not a dirty play. he was out of the pocket and got hit. its football. it happens. that being said i am a raven fan who likes griffin. go ravens!!

  14. Redskin fan here, and there was NOTHING dirty about Ngata’s hit on Bob Griffin. In fact, it was not nearly as bad as it could have been. Bob needs to learn to slide better, and Shanny needs to remind Bob who is in charge the next time Bob limps up and asks to go back into the game.

  15. First off life long Eagle fan here (haha, I know a few rough few years, coach with no NFL experience I get it) anyway I was actually happy when the Skins got RG3, it was deserved after the McNabb disaster, keep competition in the division, nothing wrong with it but kindly give the Ravens fans their due it was a great game and they deserved it, all I can say is congrats and I am jealous hope to know what one feels like soon

  16. If RG3 doesn’t want to get slammed around, he needs to stay in the pocket. The moment a QB scrambles outside the pocket, he’s just another guy who happens to have the ball. Or at least stick near the sidelines so you can easily get out of bounds like Kaepernick.

  17. are logicalreason and comonsensedude related. just kind of funny if you look at their posts.

    I think that RG3 has a chance to be great assuming he stays healthy. Problem for him is that his body style is more along the lines of Mike Vick than Joe Flacco. Mike Vick has never played a full season. Joe has not missed a game.

    @logicalreason – sorry loser, that hit just was not dirty. I have the game on DVR and have watched it more than once. RG3 was trying to get as much yardage as he could. He was a running back. Not a QB in a slide. Ngata had every right to break him into kindling.

    Feel good. At least the Lombardi is back in Maryland. Good news for us is that we will win another before the Danny ever gets his first.

  18. Just before you people give me thumbs down , please know that I was a blocking tight end in college and I am a Buc’s fan and so I have no dog in this fight. First the RGIII play. Because of the lawsuits about traumatic brain damage, players are being taught to go low and not high and the referees are enforcing this rule, especially on blows to the head to a QB. Ngata went low and RGIII was a running back and you saw the laws of physics in perfect display. Ngata did not intentionally target and try to injure RGIII, for Pete’s sake, he is a 300 plus pound man trying to catch and tackle a world class sprinter who has already gained yards past the line of scrimmage and is in the open field. RGII went low, Ngata was already committed to his dive (again, how does a 300 pound plus man stop his momentum????) and tackle as RGIII was diving after being contacted by a Raven defender trying to get all of the yards possible. This is football. Freak accidents and injuries happen. Don’t take my word for it, RGIII said as much himself. When you come on sites like this and say that a person tried to injure another person and the empirical evidence does not support your statement in any way, you sound out of your depth, like a homer and quite frankly like somebody who has never played the game. Secondly, the play that Ngata was injured on, the Niners offensive linemen did try to injure him and they succedded. This is a nasty high-low weakside trench warfare technique. #74 of the 49er’s was engaged with Ngata uphigh and #76 of the 49er’s dove blocked down to the weakside to seal for the pulling guard. As #76 did this he dove down at the ground towards the defensive linemen’s knees and he connected with Ngata’s knee who was being blocked up high by #74, sending Ngata out of the game. Watch the play on’s highlights. Tell me I’m wrong. Did the 49er’s fans who complained about the officials demand that a 15 yard penalty for chop blocking be enforced on that play and the 49er’s touchdown taken off of the scoreboard? Not to mention the bear hug holding applied to Suggs by the pulling guard #77 on the same play that allowed Gore to get to the edge and break contain and not have to cut it back upfield where Ed Reed and Ray Lewis were. The rules state that you are not allowed to grab and hold outside of the numbers as #77 did grabbing both shoulders of the DE and turning him. Do you hear any 49er’s fans demanding that the rule be applied and a 10 yard holding penalty called and the 49er’s touchdown taken off of the boards. One play. Two very obvious penalties. Those of us who played in the trenches know that there should have been a penalty called, but we are fine if it was not. The whiners who complain about flags aren’t knowledgable enough about football to understand the trenches. They only focus on the pretty boy penalties. The refs kept the flags in their pocket on that play and allowed the 49er’s to score a TD. And guess what. That is football and I don’t have a problem with it. You don’t hear Ngata whining about a play that could have altered his career drastically. Why do you whiners have a problem with it?

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