Non-call on key play cuts both ways for Niners


49ers coach Jim Harbaugh complained about the absence of a holding or interference call on the fourth-and-goal play that didn’t result in a potential game-winning touchdown catch by receiver Michael Crabtree.  And regardless of whether Jim Harbaugh went far enough to warrant a fine from the league office (he probably didn’t), he needs to remember that it was that same kind of non-call that helped put his team in the Super Bowl in the first place.

Two weeks ago, as the Falcons were driving for a potential NFC title-winning touchdown, a fourth-down play resulted in an incomplete pass to receiver Roddy White due in large part to the fact that linebacker NaVorro Bowman admitted to some “pulling and tugging” of White.

Jim Harbaugh is smart enough to realize that, in those situations, the flags stay a little deeper in the officials’ pockets.  His team benefited from that dynamic to get to the Super Bowl, and his team was harmed by it in the Super Bowl.

Regardless, that’s football — and it’s incumbent on any coach when calling plays in crunch time and any quarterback throwing the passes to realize that in close cases of pulling and tugging the refs won’t be pulling or tugging the laundry out of their pants.

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  1. He was complaining about everything, maybe they didn’t throw the flag because he is such a douche.

  2. What about the blatant hold on the punt/safety?? Anyone see that? The Raven blocker is behind the 49er with his arms wrapped around the guy and close to lifting him off the ground! Nearly 10 seconds for that safety? They weren’t even in the full 15yd formation! Someone’s on the take

  3. The better team won. Jim got out-coached by big brother John, and the Niners lost because of poor play calling in the red zone and lack of execution. Nothing to complain about here. Get over it Jim.

  4. What did the falcons players and coaches do? Shrug it off and say that they could have won the game earlier.

    What did the 49ers players and coaches do? Whine the moment the game ended.

  5. Jim H should be more concerned that he was out-coached by his brother, particularly early in the game. He should also be more concerned with his play-calling at the end of the game. Niners may have the more talented team, but the Ravens were the smarter team in the end and that’s why they won.

  6. Only difference is bowman swatted the ball down, and to my understanding that nullifys a p.i. and that call clearly wasn’t as obvious as the crabtree play, and yes I am fully aware that the way I see penalties is biased when it comes to my team, everyone is. But c Mon refs were obviously watching the Niners a lot closer tonight. I mean I saw at least 5 instances where a raven took a swing on a 49er, they didn’t miss crucial penalties on the Niners, bottom line Niners lost because of rookie mistakes and inexperience. But that doesn’t make it any easier to swallow. Everybody saw the one sided refs, the only people who didn’t were ravens fans. And why was the whole superdome, painted purple…..

  7. I agree 100%…Jim and the 49ers got to the super bowl with same non-call in NFC championship game and just so happen 49ers were in same position as falcons and came up short at goal-line…good “no call” both players were tangled up at 5yd contact spot

  8. did u see where the ball landed? hes not 10 feet tall hes not catching a tear drop pass that far out. balt. was screwed on that black out no 9er fan shud b complaining

  9. Kaepernick runs around end on any of those final plays, Niners win. It’s that simple. Terrible play calling. Niners had this one in the bag.

  10. Let the whining begin. The window of opportunity has left San Francisco. They’re a bunch of old men who now have to come through Seattle to win. And that ain’t happening!

  11. the most rewarding aspect of the Niners loss is Jim Harbaugh feels he was robbed. The guy has been an aloof a-hole since arriving in SF, hard to feel any sympathy for him. Pulled a Belichick too afterward and didn’t talk to CBS

  12. Maybe the flag didn’t come out because Crabtree wasn’t innocent. The refs could have called DPI or OPI and it would have been justified.

  13. Ravens deserve to win because one play doesnt decide the entire game. But to be truthful about the play smith was clearly holding. Without question

  14. Here we go again all head coaches complain about calls, it’s part of the game. Jim (and John) need to remember to leave it behind after the game ends.

  15. Ravens got 3 games handed to them by refs this postseason. VS Broncos, biggest officiating cheat ever. Only the Pats got ok officiating against them.

  16. Im glad im not the only one that thought it was the same Type of Physical play that got the niners to where they are. I just dont like this guys sideline antics. This guy is a clown and he is gonna have a heart attack on the field some day. The more i watch him the more i dislike him. But that was one hell of a game!

  17. Uhh, did anyone happen to notice Joe Flacco getting tackled 5 yards out of bounds on 3rd down late in the fourth quarter that would have extended the drive and probably ended up with points?

    Am I the only one who noticed this? Ohh right, I’m not, everyone at NFL Network commented on it too on the postgame.

    The refs called (and non-called) both ways. Deal with it.

  18. Okay. To be fair, there were 3 non-calls in the last 2 minutes. Pass interference on second down; defensive holding on 4th, and then no holding on the Ravens safety play, which enabled them to run down he clock by at least 4 seconds. 49ers probably end up with one play to the end zone after the free kick return if that blatant hold gets called.

    They got jobbed. And the fact that they got away with one two weeks ago hardly makes up for it.

    That pains me to say that because I cannot stand the 49ers, and I especially cannot stand Jim Harbaugh. Bu that was an obvious call and it handed the Ravens the game.

  19. Man people really hate Jim.. he is better than a lot of coaches in the NFL. You guys act like he should be nonchalant after the game . He just lost the Superbowl to his bro.. good luck next year everyone

  20. Perhaps Harbaugh should be contemplating his terrible play calling that hindered his team’s ability to win rather than whining about how the officials didn’t bail him out on an uncatchable fade in the back of the endzone.

  21. In my opinion bang bang play the receiver initiated the contact both were physical but you have to let the players decide the game not bail out sf by penalty , sf shoulda run kaperinick down there on the last drive

  22. The White call was bad, even wors,e was the non call on rodgers on third down. Even worse, the extra set of downs the niners got on a phantom roughing the passer “penalty”.

    The NFL is becoming like Mario Cart, the guy behind gets extra perks to catch up.

  23. John chewed out a guy over the lights and made a fool out of himself. Boldin got away with a stiff arm face mask, Smith should’ve been flagged for offensive PI, the hold on the 9’er’s last play, and the hold on the safety. That would’ve been 10 yards on the KO and they could had a haul Mary from the 40 or so. And why didn’t they do that by the way? Most teams fair catch it and hail Mary or pitch it 20 times… Quite odd. Either way, you know Johns taking the FG next time, I really wanted that to bite him in the ass.

  24. The Bowman play was far less egregious and inside 5 yards. But Soapoaga should have been called for a late hit on Flacco which would have extended a drive, so it all evens out. If the 49ers get that last third down play off before the timeout, Kaepernick walks into the end zone. Crappy end to a great year. Congrats Ravens!

  25. Tale of 2 half’s..Ratbirds won the 1st outplayed on both sides of the ball in the 2nd half. Jacobi Jones saved them with that return after halftime. That combined with 4 terrible plays by Frisco at the end did them in. Kaepernick could have ran the ball in again if given the right pass play. Ravens Defense was gassed already. The refs wont make that pass interference call unless its Brady..Falcco..or Rodgers making the pass in question..but NO doubt that was a penalty. The hold on the punt would have made no difference, it was too late.

  26. Harbaugh doesn’t call plays, get yourself informed. And no kidding crabtree pushed off. How else was he gonna break free from being held? Oh well. Games over, we got a full offseason of Kap getting all first string snaps, we got Super Mario and kyle williams coming back, along with Kendall hunter. We have alot of draft picks. Maybe a big free agent signing or two. This story isn’t over yet.

  27. So you’re saying some sort of carryover make-up call makes it ok that the refs blew it on a key play late in this game?

  28. The no-call on the 4th down pass could’ve gone either way as they were both fighting for position. As for the holding on the safety, what difference would calling it have made? It still would have been a safety. If they call the penalty and it is accepted, it gives the Ravens another play to run around and do the same thing to run out the remaining time…

  29. I thought the consensus was that it was an uncatchable pass? America just can’t stand to come to the realization that the Ravens won this game. So many people will hate all off season but what is done is done. RAVEN NATION!!!!!!

  30. Niners DB Chris Culliver got a way with a lot of defensive holding/illegal contact penalties. He may have gotten called for one or maybe 2, but it should’ve been a helluva lot more.

  31. There appeared to be one more non call and my god, it would’ve been gutsy to throw it. On the last play, it looked like as the ball was pitched/fumbled out of bounds, the Ravens players rushed the field before the play ended. Tack on a PF and game can’t end on a defensive penalty and Akers hits the game tying FG… well, who am I kidding, Akers would’ve missed it.

  32. Do most of you not know football? Yes, there was holding on the safety. The clock would still continue to run until the end of the play. Holding in the endzone is a SAFETY.
    Still would of been only 4 seconds left on the clock. And the result still would of been a safety and a free kick.
    That non call didn’t affect the outcome

  33. As a Falcon fan, I had no issue with the non-call on White, and would have been pretty upset if the Niners got bailed out by the refs….agree that you have to make the play and win the game. My issue was Harbaugh not calling his final time out to set up the play that would decide the outcome of the game and the season…..The Niners looked unsure of themselves and rushed the final play, and sometimes the refs sense that as well and are less likely to throw the flag and bail them out….

  34. 1. play is never stopped on a holding call, so even if they threw a flag on the punt the play would have ended at 4 seconds anyway, result is the SAME! Can you whiners accept facts? Flacco late hit, bs roughing the kicker call. there is always bad calls in the end they even out.

    2. the blackout killed the ravens, no 9er fan should complain, that should have never happened at a sb. and dramatically effected the game more than a bad call. thank that ghetto cesspool nawlins for that

  35. This is exactly what I posted about in an earlier thread. Just like during the falcons game, the better team won. The problem is not getting calls it is the fact that neither the falcons or 49ers today should have even been in that position.

  36. The refs let the guys play the entire game. This play was a perfect example. It was a great game, partly because the refs swallowed their whistles. These were definitely the best two teams in the league this season.

  37. On the 3rd down play right before there was a blatant helmet to helmet hit on a defenseless receiver (crabtree) that they might use on instructional videos next year to point out what you’re not supposed to do. But, you can’t blame the lack of calls. The fact that they had to burn a timeout to avoid a delay of game coming out of the 2 minute warning is pretty awful.

  38. You are able to hold if you are gonna take the safety because the holding call would result in a safety so there is nothing to gain

  39. Awful play calling on the niner’s part.

    Way to utilize your QB’s insane legs when it matters most.

    At least the likeable brother won.

  40. This will be overlooked but I fully believe that the holding on the punt/safety was GREAT special teams coaching. Every player on the Ravens other then the punter should have been holding like their lives depended on it. Why not hold? Oh, holding in the endzone is a safety. There’s no downside to everyone holding, the Ravens were taking the safety anyway and all that mattered was using more precious seconds on the clock. John out coached Jim. Maybe he’ll mature a little more when he’s John’s age. I’m guessing at some point this off season dad and mom are going to have to send Jim to his room.

  41. The game is a blow out if the power doesnt go out for 30 mins,,,it killed all of Baltimore’s momentum

  42. The 3rd down play was huge cause they called hitting a defenseless receiver all year when you can CLEARLY see the defender leading with the crown of his helmet to Crabtree. Any other game that is called guaranteed! Then the 4th down play the reason people are saying there was a OPI is they saying Crabtree pushing off…well idiots you missed the bearhug and hand full of jersey before that. Then the holding call on the punt was so obvious that my nephew could of called it.

    Basically the commissioner told them that he wants Ray Lewis to win so they made it happen.

  43. Kudos to the guy who mentioned the late hit out of bounds on Flacco which should have been a flag and extended the drive…quit crying. Niners just lost deal with it…

  44. Everybody wants to talk about how the 49ers got robbed. There were plays that didn’t get called on both teams. 9er fans need to get over it. Both teams had calls go against them or no calls go against them.
    Congrats to the Ravens & better luck next year to the 49ers.

  45. Torrey smith was held on some key plays earlier. So really, if that’s the best you got to complain about… Then I’d say the officials actually did a pretty good job.

  46. Granted, if you are a ‘9er fan, a lot of “coulda-should-woulda”. However, the 49er’s fighting back from adversity in the 2nd half, as they did, is unprecedented in Superbowl history. To end with a controversial ‘no-call’ is tough. I could accept no-calls if both teams were allowed the same consideration. No one has mentioned the previous Raven drive kept alive after a 3rd down incompletion resulting in a questionable PI, and ultimately 3 points. . Unwritten Rule of Thumb; the defender has to be LOOKING back for the ball to PLAY the ball. Otherwise, throw the flag. Review both plays, can we see consistency? I, for one, would have no problem if you call it both ways. But the Raven defender NEVER looked back for the ball. Throw the flag, 1st and goal on the one…

  47. It wouldn’t have mattered if Niners would have called a play for Kap to run around the end given it to Gore. Even if they were headed untouched to the endzone God would have tripped them up a come up short. At least that’s according to R. Lewis who said God was on his side. Like if God didn’t have other pressing matters to attend to.

  48. Well they don’t call them the whiners for nothing! As a raiders fan I must say this was very satisfying! All I will hear for the next year are whiner fans crying about the non call. Most annoying fans in the nfl besides pat fans.

  49. Similar to what happened in NFC championship game. Mike Smith sends his condolences.

    It would be much better if they could run a do-over on plays like that. I think it would be much worse if SF was given 1st and goal from the one if that was called a penalty. It could never happen, but it would be ideal.

    Also, for folks complaining on the holding penalty on the punt- they meant to hold, if they are called for holding in the end zone it is a safety. If the refs called it the play would not have been blown dead at time of the flag, so I’m not sure how calling it would have helped SF with the clock.

  50. Lets not forget the theatrics of Akers, untouched, he crumples to the ground and draws a call and gets to re-kick his already wide attempt.

    Only one reply and Phil Simms thought it w as a roughing the kicker call of all things…seems like the power was still out in his head.

    Would’ve had the game at 8 points if the rest of the game played out the same way.

  51. As others have said, lots of contact past five yards on the last play and throughout the game by both sides with little called. Plus, at least twice on final 49ers drive, the play clock went past :00 with no call.

    Overall, the refs let them play all night. It’s up to the players AND COACHES to adjust to that, and not expect the refs to bail them out on every play.

    Stop griping, Jimbo. And next time, don’t get behind 28-6.

  52. All the 40-whiners fans can stop with all the no-call complaining. There was mutual contact on the 4th-down play and the pass was well out of bounds.

    If you gripe about no holding on the safety, keep in mind there were NO holding penalties against EITHER O-line in the ENTIRE game. And the SF linemen were grabbing, pulling and taking down Ravens defenders all game – especially on Kaepernick’s TD run.

    The Ravens completely outplayed the 49ers before the power outage and had all the momentum after the 2nd-half kickoff return. If San Francisco had completed the comeback, that delay would have been inexcusable.

  53. I can argue Bowman was within 5 yards and was going for the ball against the Falcons, even if you don’t like the call. I want to hear one sound argument for why their was a no call against Crabtree. If he was pushing off, then off setting penalties, replay down.

  54. At the end of the day, that was a questionable call. But no excuses. Ravens won fair and square. There Super Bowl champions. But if the play vs atl, please don’t compare it to this call because that was good defense. Bowman was playing physical with white 4 yards into the play. Watch the replay and the red line/firsts down yard line was 5 yards. He made contact prior to the first down marker. It was a very good no call. The play in this game was beyond 5yards. Niners were on the ravens 5 yard line and contact was happening 2+yards into the end zone. Shoulda been a flag but like I said, good no call. Congrats Baltimore.

  55. Jesus was on the Raven’s side … that’s what Ray Lewis said. So that means the ref’s no call was someone doing god’s work.

  56. How is this the same type of call? If you look at that game vs ATL the jam was within the 5 yard and it was not a hold.. it was a Jam .. and then a batted down ball.. Smith was bear hugging crabs in that 4th down play vs the Ravens.. not only the line of scrimage was i the 4-5 yard line.. Crabtree was way beyond the endzone which is pass 5 yards from the line of scrimage.. It is a valid complain like it or not..

    Instead of posting sucha a moronic article.. you should go look at both plays and then try to compare them as the same thing..

  57. On a related note, Jim was also upset that the Ravens punter wasn’t called for traveling when he was running around before taking the safety.

  58. I love the self righteous ravens fans lining up their excuses if they lost and then complaining about us whining. GTF outta here

  59. Thank you. I know it’s tough to accept defeat sometimes, especially in the Superbowl. But that wasn’t a blatant hold, it was a judgement call. You can’t throw the flag in that situation, just as the article points out. Both teams should be commended for a great game!

  60. In the 2nd quarter Torrey Smith was grabbed and held on a long pass. Even Simms said it should have been illegal contact. Ravens reacted by continuing to play. 49ers spent the first half running their mouths and trying to bully the battle tested Ravens. I mean Lamichael James was running his mouth then fumbles the ball. Veron Davis . Make the catch in the 4th quarter. Bottom line 49ers called 4 dumb plays in the red zone.

  61. “And then no holding on the Ravens safety play, which enabled them to run down he clock by at least 4 seconds.”

    A holding call in the endzone is a safety, but no time will be added back to the clock if it is called. The outcome would have been the same either way.

  62. I wanna know where ravens fans and bandwagon jumpers sent the money to bribe officials! It was clearly called one way. There was numerous times in the second half when officials bailed out Baltimore. I also seen at least 3 unsportsmanlike penalties against the Ravens not called, would of been in regular season. Rules are rules if you call it during the season you should call it in the post season! Or did i miss them anounce that they brought back the replacement officials? I think the NFL is trying to rig the outcome of their games with officiating like the wwe inspired NBA! What a joke sports have become! It would be more entertaining and less tainted if they just left the officials out of the game, but then the NFL couldn’t dictate who wins games! Years and years from now we’ll find out Lewis paid off the officials to win superbowl like he did with the DA in his murder case!

  63. Game wasn’t even close to as badly and one sidedly officiated as the Seahawks Steelers Jerome Bettis phyiasco.!!

    That ref had bad dreams and couldn’t sleep with his guilty concionuse.. He apologized publicly later on to the team and NFL. HE said his calls were so one sided it cost the Seahawks the superbowl..

    The end was not officiated properly I won’t deny that but again their were many missed calls that benefited both teams.

    The PI wasn’t as obvious as some sort f r

  64. *sort of a Grey area with contact and holding. Sh*t happens but Jim and his complaining about Every Call not in his favor is a bit ridiculous. I’ve seen many games and whenever he’s loosing he literally whines like a little b*tch.

    Once national fans and media call him out.. Adiós Jim

  65. Crabtree committed offensive pass interference on that play, and besides, as it has been pointed out several times already, that pass was too high to be caught in the first place.

    Jim Harbaugh would complain about the taxes if he won the lottery. It’s just his nature.

  66. Refs should call the game fairly no matter the situation. I am not a fan of either team but why not add the ability for a coach to throw a challenge flag on holds and pass interference? Both have a significant impact on games as we see here..especially in the postseason with so much on the line. A team’s championship should be in the hands of players, not refs

  67. And now the 9ers are old and their window of opportunity closed? Is it me or are Seahawk fans the stupidest fans on earth? Have fun with your midget QB as the rest of the league figures out how to box him in and clog his throwing lanes.

    The 9ers didn’t need to sleepwalk the first 32 mins of their biggest game of the season. Why they didn’t utilize Kaep’s running ability more on the last 2 drives just blows my mind. They had that tired and slow defense on the ropes.

    It was a great game overall and now Ray Lewis can leave and I don’t have to hear his annoying destiny talk anymore.

  68. Ok so what about the extream hold on Dixon on that punt that was taken as a safety? If Dixon wasn’t getting mugged maybe he could have broke the punters neck and then landed in the ball for a game winning touchdown. Take that florio. You double murder backer you. Hope no one git stabbed last night.

  69. How was that any worse of a call then the mysterious running into the kicker call after SF missed the FG? That was a dive pure and simple by Aikers. I don’t hear any 49er fans bringing that call up.

  70. The 49ers got completely owned last night, from beginning to end and at every point in between. Get over it Jim, you’re a giant man-child who throws a tantrum every time something doesn’t go your way. Your parents should be embarrassed of you, pitching a hissy-fit like a 13 year old girl on national tv like you do every week. I’m glad your childish antics weren’t rewarded.

  71. That was a flat out hold. Once again these officals ruin a super bowl. and for those who think that ball was not catchable ask Santonio Homes that question. 49ers got robbed. and I am raiders fan who hates the 49ers…..

  72. Jim Harbaugh is the biggest baby in the world. What goes around (remember Roddy White) comes around (crabs).

    Sorry, but you lost. Man up and Deal with it!

  73. IF the queen had balls she would be king. Uncatchable pass, many non-calls got them to that point in the game. The other team beat them in three phases in spite of the power outage.

  74. I hope Jim doesn’t pout about the non-call over the next pot roast dinner with brother John in attendance at their parents home. Father Jack might send Jim to his room without any dessert!

  75. So Forty Whiner fans, what do you think of Joe Flacco getting popped 3yds out of bounds on 3rd down in the 4th Q that WASN’T called? You don’t think the Ravens would like another 3 shots to get a TD instead of kicking a FG at that point?

  76. Not one holding penalty was called all game. If you think that the Ravens D-line wasn’t held on 70% of the plays that Kaepernick scrambled on, you simply just don’t know football. The 49ers caught on to this and it was getting rather obvious late in the game. I guess the Ravens caught on to this at just the right time as well.

    I know it’s hard for you many of you to grasp the concept that the Ravens just beat all 4 media darlings in a row to win the Superbowl, but that really did just happen.

  77. The Niners made too many mistakes and the red zone play calling was suspect. Their defense was also atrocious in the first half. That said, I can’t shake the feeling that the officials put the Ravens over the top. They were calling the Niners tightly all night, and gave two big gifts to the Ravens: The non-ejection on Cary Williams, and the non-call in the end zone. I was rooting for the Niners (though I’m a fan of another team), but I think it’s unfortunate that a lot of people don’t feel it was a “clean” win.

  78. This is exactly why the league needs to make the Head Official stand up in front of the media after games and explain their performance. The players and coaches have to do it, so should the refs. There is no excuse for the poor performance we saw last night by this officiating crew, against both teams. This was the Super Bowl. This was supposed to be the best crew on the field. How in the world was Cory Williams still in the game? He should have been tossed the second he put his hands on the official. DeAngelo Hall was ejected for far less than that earlier this year. But, nothing. Add to it that he never shut his mouth the entire game, even when he wasn’t on the field.

    But, the Niners called some really bad plays on that last series inside the 5. You either run Kaepernick around end or look to Davis or one of your backs. Jim outcoached himself. Too bad.

  79. Oh, and how about your absolutely horrid playcalls inside the redzone. You’re running the ball on our defense all game and you decide to try and be Aaron Rodgers (or Joe Flacco)?? Blame yourself.

  80. Morons complaining need to learn basic math and football rules. The receiver AND defender are allowed contact up to 5 yards from the LOS. The ball sat just inside the 5 yard line and as evidenced by the photo above, Smith was already falling by his second step into the endzone and the photo also shows zero evidence of his arms being on the receiver at that point. Both guys were making legal contact, sorry that the haters don’t use their their brains.

  81. that contact looked very similar the NONCALL that went for the niners earlier in the first half where torrey smith was grabbed and tugged near the goalline…that could have been a flag.

    unbiased observation. hate both teams.

  82. “.. in those situations, the flags stay a little deeper in the officials’ pockets”

    I guess that’s true. I’ve never understood fans who complain about the officials “deciding the game” by throwing flags in key situations. A penalty is a penalty and should always be called. That 4th down play in Atlanta was definitely a penalty and so was that 4th down play last night. Both plays, the officials simply chickened out and didn’t do their jobs because of the situation.

  83. i love how all week all we saw were 49er fans dismissing the ravens and talking how it was going to be a blow out. and now they are blaming one non call at the end of the game for their loss. the officiating was bad for both teams…but they let the teams play for the most part. it was a great game and the better team won yesterday. 49ers deserve credit and congrats for a great season. and ravens…unreal season. go ravens!! super bowl champs!!

  84. Because of the whiney tempermental coach its always great to see the Niners lose football games,he is classless and acts like a spoiled brat,nice job Ravens.

  85. You didn’t see John Harbaugh complaining to the refs on the previous drive when the Ravens were 3rd and 9 and on a throw away Joe got hammered about 2 yards out of bounds. Announcers even said it should’ve been called. Otherwise Baltimore would’ve been 1st and goal from roughly the 7. Killed more time and most likely punched it in putting them up 12, and the gave officially out of reach. John knew that the refs were keeping the dirty laundry in their pockets all game long and no amount of complaining would change that. Jim apparently thought he could be the first ever NFL coach to change a refs mind.

  86. I’be seen at least two comments complaining about not calling a hold on the safety.

    If you’re going to complain, at least know the rules. The time still comes off the clock and the Ravens punt from the 10 instead of the 20.

    And if you’re going to whine about non-calls, don’t forget that Flacco got hammered out of bounds on the Ravens’ last scoting drive, which if called, the 9ers probably don’t even get in position to win at the end.

    Besides, if the lights hadn’t gone out and killed the momentum, the game would have been a blowout.

    So stop….just stop.

  87. The 49ers aren’t even in that game without the 30 minute blackout. It killed Baltimore’s momentum and allow 49ers to regroup. So take your “gift” and be thankful it wasn’t the blowout it was shaping up to be

  88. So it’s the correct call to make during regular season, but not during playoffs? That was clearly holding .

  89. Anybody see Flacco get smeared while he was outta bounds?? No call.
    How bout the chicken excrement running into the kicker call??
    Without the delay, SF woulda gotten beat by 30!

  90. I love reading stupid posts. How do you know he couldnt catch the ball if he was held for a couple seconds making it impossible to get far enough into the endzone. Regardless if it was a hard catch, easy catch, or a David Tyree once in a lifetime catch….. YOU ARENT ALLOWED TO HOLD!

    And I get tired of seeing Ravens lovers tell me how Crabtree pushed off….. He wouldnt have pused off if the guy wasnt mugging him!

  91. I thought Crabtree was pushing off aswell as being held, good no call IMO. Torrey Smith got held on a sideline play that would have been a TD, so I guess John H should cry to. Why Jim should be crying is he lost with the BETTER team.

  92. I can’t believe all the people whining about the holds on the safety.

    Do you know what the penalty is for holding in the end zone? It’s a safety. It doesn’t stop the play. It was smart football by the Ravens.

    If they call holding on the safety play, the outcome is EXACTLY the same. Know the rules before you go crying about it.

  93. You can say whatever you like but the ball was in the air and the d-back has both arms wrapped around Crabtree. He has no chance to get to the corner to catch the ball…it was not an overthrow but thrown correctly to the back pylon. Should have been first and goal.

  94. Why do a lot of guys here keep complaining about the non call on the safety? Even if they call holding (which they could and should have), the play still continues to the end. They don’t put the time back on the clock, and award the 2 points anyway. So basically, that didn’t make one bit of difference since it wouldn’t have put the time back.

  95. Ive never really felt like the NFL was fixed….. but there are so many examples over the years of non calls, or phantom calls, starts to make you wonder.

    If the Refs call the holding in the endzone on the intentional safety I think there is a rule that would have allowed time put back on the clock from the point of the hold. Then that free kick and good return would have have a few seconds left on the clock for a hailmary or a really long FG attempt. Either way the rules should be enforced correctly.

  96. I think Jim Harbaugh’s sideline antics are so over the top that it pains the officials to give the 49ers the benefit of the doubt.

    So to my way of thinking, it is the head coach’s fault. You can’t throw a yellow flag for being a douche bag otherwise the 49ers would lead the league in penalties.

  97. 4th down…… if you are the corner and Crabtree puts a move on you, you start to stumble slightly, You have 2 choices. A. let him go by you and if the pass is a good one and Crabtree catches it you lose or B. grab the guy to slow him down, and hope the refs dont see or call it. EASY choice for him….. grab him. Worst case you have given the 49ers 1st and goal or let them score with a little under 2mins left. Best case you win the super bowl.

  98. Whining Whiner Harbaugh at it again. Acting like a poor sport when this game had many questionable calls all night on both sides. Jim is a good coach who needs to learn to be humble in victories and losses. Niners should be happy that they were in this game. The 30+ minute power outage killed the Ravens’ momentum. The Ravens probably blowout the 9ers if that doesn’t occur.

  99. What about the blatant hold on the punt/safety?? Anyone see that? The Raven blocker is behind the 49er with his arms wrapped around the guy and close to lifting him off the ground.
    Wouldn’t the result of a holding call there also have been a safety? Which is what Baltimore was trying to do anyway? The game would have ended the same way. Maybe a few more seconds on the clock.

  100. Am I the only person who wondered why Moss’s number wasn’t called for the last play for a jump ball?

  101. It’s amazing that some fans keep complaining about holding on the safety. The holding was probably intentional, and if so was result of great coaching and situational awareness.

    If holding is called, the penalty is – a safety. No time gets put back on the clock. Ravens have to kickoff from the 20 with 4 seconds left, just like they did.

    Sine the penalty is the same, the kicking team SHOULD hold. This is just smart football and shows situational awareness. To do otherwise is not smart football.

  102. I don’t understand the “let them play” mentality at the end of many games. The refs should not decide the outcome but if there is a blatant violation it should be called. The officials were not good and missed several calls on both teams. Things happen fast and the officials can miss it but that hold was quite obvious. The play call was bad and failure to pick up the free blitzer were just as responsible as the uncalled hold.

  103. I was a great non call. The refs let them play all game. Thats what we want as fans of the game. We have complained so much over the last few years how there have been too many flags and its turning to the no fun league. The ravens got screwed many times throughout the game on non calls.

  104. 1st no holding call on the safety because holding in the endzone = a safety, so no point in calling it when the ball carrier takes the safety. 2nd 49ers had plenty of illegal contact calls that were not called. in the 1st half cullver put his arm across smith which prevented smith from making a catch that would have easily been a td if smith made the catch. balt had to punt after that, so really balt. should have been up another td anyways & that was right in front of a ref too. Calls went both was in the game; but in the end the ravens are the better team & I don’t like the ravens or 49ers, so this is not a biased opinion.

  105. Is anyone here smart enough to actually look at the 2 plays instead of just ignorantly claiming they were the same? Florio clearly has the viewing acumen of a 5 year old and cant make the distinction. Bowman hit White within 5 yards, didn’t hold, and went for the ball and knocked it down. That is the complete opposite of what smith did. He held, interfered, and had no idea where the ball was. If u think those were even similar plays than u must think every play is the same, ur a dolt, and u should stop posing as an expert in an area u know nothing about!

  106. Ravens earned this one…with that said, is it or isn’t it holding? If it is, call it. Shouldn’t be “well, not in this situation.” I mean, I’ve seen holding calls that were much less holding that that one.

    Is there some rule in the book that says call the hold, unless it is the end of a Super Bowl and could change the games outcome?

  107. Know what gets me? You can criticize The Pope, The president, and anybody else but, you can’t criticize officials? Most of them are hacks and fixtures and stink at what they do because they are not younger enough to absorb the speed of the game. Its a shame that such an important game has to be won by either side while at the hands of morons. Try fining me. I have no stake in the game I’m an Eagles Fan.

  108. I’m not sure he would have caught it, but I don’t know how you can not call such an obvious hold on a critical play. Yes Crabtree was pushing off, but it was only becuase he was trying to get lose. I didn’t see the ATL game so I can’t speak for that one. You can’t just let the defender do what he wants knowing it will be a non-call in a close game. There seems to be way too much contact between defenders and recievers all year, I think we saw less interceptions because defenders were more worried about the man and less about the ball.

  109. Not to defend the officials, but this is just the way games go. 1st quarter of a regular season game and ABSOLUTELY that is called. But I’d say at the end of a playoff game that particular hold normally won’t get called. It isn’t like the refs threw a ton of flags on the 9ers all night or anything.

    I think when coaches have a right to be mad is when the refs throw a bad flag on a play, not when they hold a flag. I remember Vikes losing to the Saints in NFC Champ game and on 3rd and long in OT they threw a PI on Chad Greenway, putting the Saints in FG range rather than forcing a 4th and long outside of range. When they showed the replay the Vikings player doesn’t appear to even touch the receiver, let alone interfere, and let along interfere enough to warrant a flag. AND the ball was uncatchable.

    Now that is a bad call. But what happened in this game was a ref holding a flag in a game situation that they normally don’t hold the flag in, probably for fear of making a bad call.

  110. I’m not saying I would have called this, but did anyone else hear Phil Simms explanation?

    The line of scrimmage was the 5 yard line. The contact occurred in the end zone and Simms on cue says “well that’s within 5 yards.” Worst broadcaster in the game who goes out of his way to be wrong every week.

  111. The DB and Crabtree were grabbing eachother and Crabtree could have gotten an offensive hands to the face penalty. When both guys are fighting like that they’re not going to call it. If the WR shows he’s only going for the ball it makes it a little easier for the ref to throw the flag. He wanted to fight it out, so that’s how they called it.

    Good no call in that situation.

  112. A good no-call by the refs. However, I find it hard to believe that Rodney Harrison, of all people, thought there should have been a call made on that play. After the mugging of the Rams WRs when the Pats won their first SB??? Not to mention Spygate and the videotaping of the Rams red-zone looks, Rodney’s gotta lotta nerve!

  113. Lol “no-call” both were holding and fighting for the ball which was OVER THROWN! And why would you call that play, should have spread them out and had the QB run it in. And what was the WR doing he acted like he didnt know what was going on til the last second come on he im sure knows how to run a fade BY NOW!

  114. It evens out in the end… what about the non-call on the hit Flacco took out of bounds… and what about that terrible running into the kicker call on the missed Akers field goal? the guy didn’t even touch him and Akers fell.

  115. This was the first super bowl I didn’t watch since I was a little kid. I suspected it would be swayed, and it was. Once Ray Ray said he was retiring, it wasn’t hard to figure out. And from what I read, I can see the Niners got the short end of it. I’m a Cards fan, NOT a Niners fan. And, I can’t stand Jim Harbaugh, but it sure sounds like this was rigged. A 34-31 finish down to the wire? What a surprise. And even a power blackout added for some additional drama?. Give me a break. I had a good day yesterday. Did some yard work, hung out with my dogs, a little bbq in the afternoon, it was great.

  116. The biggest non call was the blatant helmet-to-helmet contact on a defenseless receiver on third down the play before. This rule is ridiculous, if the receiver would have stayed on the ground the flag goes up every time. This Boger ref crew will not, and should not, ever have the privilege of refereeing a marquee game again.

  117. The non call is only good if it is used equally. The call on 3rd and 9 for the Ravens winning drive kept that drive alive. If your going to swallow the whistle, do it for both teams. And the Bowman play was within 5 yards of the line of scrimmage. Not relevant.

  118. As a non-biased bystander (neither a Ravens or a 49ers fan), people need to stop arguing that they didn’t call holding on the safety play. They didn’t need to call holding. The penalty for a holding call in the endzone is a safety . . . and the 49ers got a safety. The refs didn’t do anything wrong there. With or without an actual flag being thrown, the outcome would still have been the same. A safety. I think people are just pissed about it because the Ravens used a penalty to their advantage. But there is no rule that says you can’t do that. It was actually a very strategic play that helped shed some time off the clock, and I commend them for thinking of it. Honestly, it was a genius play.

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