Paul Kruger, Dannell Ellerbe want another ride with Ravens

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Quarterback Joe Flacco’s contract status has gotten plenty of attention and the future plans of safety Ed Reed have plenty of people curious, but those aren’t the only decisions facing the Ravens this offseason.

A pair of linebackers are also heading for free agency this offseason. Paul Kruger and Dannell Ellerbe were both key parts of the team’s defense this season and both of them said in the aftermath of Sunday’s victory that they want to return to help the Ravens defend their championship.

“I just have to let it happen and let my agent do his job. I would love to be here, but it’s not up to me,” said Kruger, via the Baltimore Sun. “I’ve never been through the process before.”

“It’s a business, but I would love to be here,” Ellerbe said. “Baltimore is where I got my start, but it’s not up to me. It’s out of my control. The Ravens know how I feel. I hope we can work something out.”

Both players proved their value on Sunday. Ellerbe had nine tackles, one for a loss, and Kruger sacked Colin Kaepernick twice on the evening. It’s going to be very tough for the Ravens to bring both of them back while also taking care of Flacco, which might leave Ellerbe as the favorite to return. Ray Lewis’ departure makes the inside linebacker more valuable, while the team drafted Courtney Upshaw last year as an edge player who could replace Kruger if his 13.5 sacks across 20 games this season wind up making him too expensive for a return engagement in Baltimore.

29 responses to “Paul Kruger, Dannell Ellerbe want another ride with Ravens

  1. I would love to see both of these guys back next year.

    Ozzie and Co. always do a great job at keeping the talent here. When you consistently draft at the bottom end of the first round and are still competitive every year, you know your front office has their act together.

    Let’s do this again next year.


  2. Sounds to me like they’ve both been told that their worth has priced the Ravens out of the discussion unless the Ravens magically create an abundance of space or if their contract desires drastically drop.

  3. They should get another ride with the Ravens. What a great organization, what a great team, what a great game. Ravens, superbowl champs. Try hating now, you’ll just look foolish. Cheers!

  4. Contrary to the headline, my read based on their comments is that Kruger and Ellerbee want to get paid as their top priority. In both cases, the players deflect the decision toward a third party (their agent) and claim its out of their hands – while also mentioning the obligatory small nothings one would expect them to say.

  5. I love how both players say that whether or not they stay with the Ravens is out of their control. That’s another way of saying they’re going for the max contract and goodbye Baltimore.

  6. Ozzie is usually pretty good about getting things done, but not getting Flacco his contract last year, is going to kill the Ravens. If Flacco is nailed with the exclusive Franchise tag, it will put the Ravens roughly $20 Million over the cap. They’re going to have a tough time getting all those players, and still be under the cap.

    Meanwhile, the Steelers are in the same boat, and the Browns and Bengals have the most space in the NFL.

  7. If ellerbe doesn’t get signed by the ravens the the bengals are going to go after him because of their week linebacker core at the moment as long os brown isn’t so freaken cheap!!!

  8. I love how players say they would love to be back, but its up to their agent and not them…hello?!!! Tell your agent youll take any deal that team gives you, and youll be back.

    Otherwise, just say what you mean, “i’d love to be back IF they pay me what some other team will, otherwise SEE YA.”

  9. Ravenator your about the most ignorant person to ever post on here i was cheerin for the ravens last night but ppl like u i will never cheer for them again the ravens will suck next yr an wont win another for 20 yrs.

  10. I would love to see all of them back in Baltimore as well! It’s just not possible with the way the salary cap works, which in the long run, is a good thing for the game.

    Hell, I would love to have had JJ and Heap on this team too. It sucks that they don’t get a ring. The Ravens figured out how to replace them and “reload” instead of “rebuild” and I’m confident they will do the same thing in this new situation.

    In Ozzie we trust!

  11. The Ravens have a very talented front office and a great owner. It is really going to come down to negotiations with Flacco and his agent. I don’t think Flacco will hold the organization hostage so to speak
    over money.

    He will want to get paid but he is also smart enough to realize he needs the other pieces around him to continue the success he has had over the past 5 years.

  12. Mark my words. Ravens won’t even make the playoffs next year!!!!

    Mark my words. The Ravens are world champions right now and your team is not.

  13. Ellerbe will be the less expensive option to retain to. The ILB market was very dry last year. They should be able to get him with whatever the cap savings from Lewis retirement is. I like Kruger but he’s really a passrush specialist. We saw more of Upshaw than we have all post season because the Ravens believe he is their best option vs. run first teams. People pay for sacks and the Ravens can’t afford to pay premium dollar for a guy that isn’t an every down player yet.

    The key for the Ravens is going to be signing Flacco and not tagging him. Whatever you think Flacco’s number is, his cap figure (atleast for that first year) can be a whole lot less than the franchise tag depending on the structure of the contract.

    Then you’ve got Boldin, J. Jones, and Leach, which is a total of about 15 million in cap savings if you cut them. Probably about 8-10, if you can work out reasonable extension with them (all of them are in their final year). You get a little more if guys like Bobbie Williams and Matt Birk walk away.

  14. scoobies05 | Feb 4, 2013, 3:02 PM EST
    we will put it as superbowl champs. i am presuming your team is looking up at the ravens. better luck next year. lol

    Congrats on the ravens hard earned victory yesterday. Is there a better feeling? Don’t lie you weren’t old enough for the last one so don’t go there.

    Good luck on repeating even if you sign all your free agents as your injuries will not all heal in a timely fashion or with the help of p.e.d. As they did this year. As a logical
    thinker you realize to win a Super Bowl you need to be good ..lucky and healthy.

    Don’t expect any steeler fan to ever look up at the ravens in the sense of them being better…just remember Charley Batch and be a humble champ not a ravenator chump.

  15. A steeler fan talking? Hahahah, how many predicitions did you gwt wrong this postseason? Pathetic. You are no longer relevant. Ravens – World Champions. Let that sink in. Now remember how Ben threw pick 6 after pick 6 and you ended up with an 8-8 record. Hah! What a team.

  16. ravenator says:
    Feb 4, 2013 5:04 PM
    A steeler fan talking? Hahahah, how many predicitions did you gwt wrong this postseason? Pathetic. You are no longer relevant. Ravens – World Champions. Let that sink in. Now remember how Ben threw pick 6 after pick 6 and you ended up with an 8-8 record. Hah! What a team.

    1 0 If you would read what others write you would have seen I said the Ravens would probably win and in fact wished you luck.. So assuming you can read pick up a dictionary and read up on sportsmanship… The words should not be above your six grade reading level. Enjoy your victory while we’re waiting for some sportsmanship from you dude.

  17. As a Ravens fan, I’ve come to accept the fact that Kruger is gone. Love the guy, he’s earned a hefty paycheck, hopefully he goes to a team that knows how to utilize him just like the Ravens did.

    I think Cary Williams is gone too. He gets a ton of heat, but the guy stepped up and did an honorable job replacing one of the best corners in the league (Webb). Wish we could keep him as insurance, but he obviously wants to get paid.

    I see the Ravens bringing back Ellerbe and Flacco, more out of necessity than anything else.

    Ozzie Newsome is a genius, I have learned to never doubt him, he’ll find a way to make it all work. He always does.

    To all the “1 and done” guys: Let me know when your team makes the playoffs 5 straight years and is consistently in the running for the Super Bowl.

  18. Actually you should go see the rss feed for the colts game, Denver game, patriots game. Your pants are on fire man.

  19. To all the “1 and done” guys: Let me know when your team makes the playoffs 5 straight years and is consistently in the running for the Super Bowl.

    One Super Bowl in five years…..not impressed. Six rings……

  20. I think Ellerbe stays. He is actually more important than Kruger. We can draft pass rush specialists. It is hard to find an ILB that can call signals and cover TE’s.

    Cary Williams is gone. He turned down a good contract last year and played his way into a better one. Best of luck to him and thanks for helping us to the SB. He will be another Raven FA that parlayed his time here into a contract he will not be able to play to. But best of luck to him anyway.

    Upshaw has a much higher upside than Kruger anyway. He will be playing the outside with Suggs on the other side. That is what he was drafted for. Hopefully you will see the Ravens spend a high draft pick in a pass rush DE to fit the 3-4 or a OLB pass rush specialist.

    Would love to see them all come back, but that is not the reality of the modern day NFL. You would rather give up on someone one year early than a year too late. This is why I think Ed Reed is gone as well.

  21. hey nofool…thanks for the congrats. ravens had a great run…got healthy at the right time and played their best ball. my earlier comments were directed at your disrespectful brethren who have no class and cant even do the right thing every now and again. but whatever cause we ar champs. i was 31 the last…remember the feelings well. looking ahead to defending our title and more spirited debates…go ravens

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