ProFootballTalk: Grading Super Bowl officiating

Jim Daopoulos joins PFT to break down the officiating from Super Bowl XLVII. Where was the flag during the fourth quarter end zone pass to Michael Crabtree? Was there enough evidence to eject Cary Williams for shoving an official?

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2 responses to “ProFootballTalk: Grading Super Bowl officiating

  1. Michael Crabtree Hold/pushoff could have went both ways.

    Cary Williams was a ref judgement call.

    Bruce Miller getting double team bear hugged during the Jones return, was the most glaring non call that directly lead to 7 points.

  2. The officiating was horrible the real missed call on the last play was a helmet to helmet call on 3rd down. Rewatch it, that helmet to helmet is so blatant it’s ridiculous. However the 9ers should have just run the ball in, I don’t know why they only tried to pass it, with less than 10 yards to guy and the best run offense in the NFL they could have done it. Just have a no huddle, line up real fast and run it don’t give the Ravens time to get set up, you may even get them for too many players on the field doing that. Especially since they had the 2 minute warning break to talk about what to do.

    Not only was Bruce Miller being bear hugged, but there where 2 other Ravens blatantly hold 49ers.

    Then there where late hits all game by both teams. The officials where not calling anything.

    Even though the game was over at this point there should have been a penalty on that safety no matter what. They should have given the 9ers the ball at the spot where the Ravens had lined up, or just redone the play until the Ravens didn’t hold anymore.

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