ProFootballTalk: Jim Harbaugh is a sore loser

Jim Harbaugh’s sideline antics have become a tired act, and Ross Tucker says the example he is setting for youth and high school coaches is disappointing. “He comes across as a poor sport, a sore loser and I think it’s a bad look for the NFL.”

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  1. The example he is setting? That’s non sense. He is the coach of a professional team. The youth organizations need to do a better job of screening for coaches who aren’t completely nut cases about winning. I’ve seen more unacceptable behavior on the internet or in person from youth coaches than I ever have in professional sports.

  2. What’s bad for the NFL is the integrity of the game. Referees can call or not call penalties without repercussions. They are dictating outcomes of games. Pushing a referee and no ejection!?!? Coaches need the power to have penalties and plays reviewed. Clean hits, and being penalized 15 yards,and coaches can’t do anything about it!?

  3. Couldn’t agree more – sad thing is, I sort of liked the guy going into this season.

    His ridiculous antics on the sideline last night, his post-game exchange with Schwartz (he is an idiot too, however) and his fiasco with the time-outs and challenges (and tantrums) in the Minnesota game prove this guy needs a serious sit-down with uncle Rodger.

  4. Nobody likes to lose & yes some people take it too far. Truth be told there was missed calls on both sides of the ball. The last play in the endzone looked as if Crabtree was pushing off as well as his jersey being held. It was a good no call. John Harbaugh will do about 90% of his celebrating w/his wife daughter & team as it would be awkward for him & his parents to celebrate the win.

  5. Well lets all be tidy proper and perfect. Can’t celebrate too much, hit too hard, say the wrong things, act demonstrably on the sidelines. They should keep PC’ing this game until we have the NFFL League. Or maybe they should have robots play so no humans get hurt. They could be controled by computers in a hid away dark room. That way, the whole human element is taken away.

    Jon Madden was this way on the sideline and he parlayed his personality into some pretty funny Miller Light commercials and quite a career based around football.

  6. Agreed. We’ve all watched sports with guys like him. Can EVERY call against him really be wrong? It seems pretty soon to call it a tired act, but I think that is a good word for it. I guess if the players on his team play hard for him it doesn’t really matter that it annoys me and there is no reason for him to change. But it does annoy me.

  7. Jim H had every reason to be upset with that horrific non-call. Crabtree was mugged and he had a chance of getting to that ball if he was not interfered with. That would have changed the outcome of the game. So in my opinion there should be an asterisk with the win by the Raven
    * Ravens win game with aid of poor officiating

    9 times out of 10 that type of asterisk belongs attached to a lot of Patriot wins, but this time it belongs to Ravens. it is a shame that the officials blew it BAD on the biggest game of the year!! I don’t dislike the Ravens, just wish that the game was called properly.

  8. Coaches need to be passionate about what they are teaching but, watching his antics, time after time yesterday, made me want to see what he would do when the fat lady was singing. He reminded me of that baseball manager that acted like he threw a grenade over the mound at the umpire; funny yet not professional.

  9. Ross Tucker it is called passion for his football team. MLB, Basketball, Hockey, all sports have coaches who have passion for their team. Sorry you do not have the same passion or knowledge that Jim Harbaugh has. Oh yeah maybe you think you do by being named to the all Joe team lol (jo is for joke). This man has what it takes to be a HOF coach. First year in, NFC champ game, Second year in Superbowl. He sets great examples for coaches. Go to one of his clinics and learn, but please do us a favor and keep your regular jo schmo talk about Harbs to yourself.

  10. Appreciate Ross Tucker calling out Jim H’s antics during the game. I was quite frankly surprised that other commentators have not done the same. Football is and will always be an emotional game, but the coaches and players who keep their emotions in check during the game usually are the winners. Again, winning is always #1 in America – what happened to sportsmanship? Jim H. is simply a poor sport, and just because he wins doesn’t excuse his actions.

  11. My teenagers react to disapointment better than this guy.

    Somehow, hundreds of successful NFL and NCAA coaches can conduct themselves with poise and calmness yet still be passionate about coaching their team. Excusing his histrionics away by saying, “He’s just really passionate” is a dodge.

    Classy, composed people conduct themselves in a classy and composed manner, especially in situations that are not to their immediate liking.

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