Ravens will be forced to use exclusive franchise tag on Flacco

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On Joe Flacco, the Ravens rolled the dice and lost.  But at least they won a Super Bowl along the way.

Last year at this time, we explained that “Flacco probably needs to win the Super Bowl, and perhaps the Super Bowl MVP trophy” to get the kind of top-five money that agent Joe Linta said Flacco deserved.  The Ravens subsequently didn’t make a serious effort to sign Flacco, and now that Flacco has accomplished both objectives, it’s time to pay him.

The floor will be set by the exclusive franchise tag, which based on current numbers could be in excess of $20 million for 2013.  Really, there’s no way at this point that the Ravens can use the $14.6 million non-exclusive tag, because plenty of teams would gladly give two first-round picks for a reigning Super Bowl MVP who is still on the front end of his prime.

The Bills, Jets, Browns, Jaguars, Titans, Chiefs, Raiders, Eagles, Vikings, Buccaneers, and Cardinals would all be likely to consider making a run at Flacco.  Other teams with entrenched starters would be tempted to at least “evaluate” the possibility.

Even though the Ravens would have the right to match the offer sheet Flacco signs elsewhere, the Ravens can’t take the chance that, for example, Browns CEO Joe Banner will concoct a package that the Ravens won’t be able to absorb into their 2013 salary cap.  Which means that Flacco will get either $20 million (or close to it) for one year or a long-term deal based on the leverage that comes from a $20 million cap number in 2013.

The situation could create plenty of stress for the Ravens’ front office.  When they’re feeling frazzled, they should just rub their brand-new Lombardi Trophy.

90 responses to “Ravens will be forced to use exclusive franchise tag on Flacco

  1. Unfortunately these mega-contracts kill teams Superbowl chances. There’s not a lot you can do. Flacco deserves one. But that’s going to be it for the Ravens.

  2. Rolled the dice and lost uh? Probably not the right analogy to use here…having a QB put up the best overall playoff performance in history is losing?

  3. Speaking as the only Giants fan who liked Eli before he won his first Super Bowl. Good! Ravens fans bad mouth Joe Flacco at every turn. This is well deserved. Congrats Joe.

  4. Two first round picks is high enough, but throw in a salary around $20 million a season and whatever GM decides to do that can start working on his resume now.

  5. Not sure how the Bucs are on this list. They need to consider more options to give Freeman some competition but giving up 2 number 1 picks for Flacco? Fans would be in an uproar if that happened.

  6. The Ravens aren’t built to need a $20 million dollar quarterback (but it never hurts). It’ll be interesting to see what they do. The Ravens make the most of their draft picks, two first rounders could easily turn into 2 Joe Flaccos.

  7. Why is it that the Raiders are mentioned as a team that would be interested in Flacco? Oakland is still in salary cap hell until 2014. They don’t even have $$$ to take care of their free agents. Further, they have more needs that just a QB, and the only way they address those needs is through the draft, which is why they won’t be giving up two first round draft picks. Look for Palmer to restructure or get traded/cut. Pryor will start since he is in the last year of his contract. The Raiders will be drafting Top 5 in 2014 draft where they can take Bridgewater to be their franchise QB.

  8. I’m still not breaking the bank on Flacco. He deserves top 10 money with some built in opportunity to make more if his stats increase. He’s a long ball game manager that had benefitted from the quality around him.

    In fact the sum of Baltimore’s offense by far is more valuable than any of them on a different team individually. Flacco and Boldin need to decide if they want to win and get paid or lose and get paid a lot. Especially Flacco.

  9. Those who are saying they wouldnt give up two 1st round drafts picks for Flacco are not seeing the big picture in my opinion. Draft picks are a 50/50 chance at best to pan out as being average starters.

    We now live in a fantasy football world, and get so enamored with guys like RG3 and Kaepernick that we are no longer impressed with a QB like Joe Flacco who calmly wins a Superbowl. Dont forget he was a dropped pass on a perfectly thrown ball last year from being in the Superbowl again.

    You take your rookies, Ill take the ring.

  10. Flacco just won Super Bowl MVP….Flacco is well under 30 years old, so one would presume he’s got 7-10 good years left….I think Baltimore is best served by paying the man, rather than trying to find another guy. Give it up Ozzie!!!!

    And kudos to Flacco, for having the steely nerves to say no to the offer last off season

  11. Don’t get me wrong, I love Joe. He’s clutch, and he finally has an offensive coordinator who knows how to use him. Is he elite? I couldn’t care less, that word is thrown around way too much anyway. But he’s not worth 2 first round picks.

  12. Not a Ravens fans and hated seeing them win it all. The gambler in me does admire Flacco and his rolling of the dice. Well played Joe.

  13. Get over it man. Look what the Raiders did to get Palmer. Next up will be the Jets. No team will be willing to give up 2 1st round picks except the Skins and Griffin may never be the same. Its a steep price to pay and also the contract will be big.

  14. The Ravens will use the exclusive rights franchise tag because it’s always best to be the only bidder. Once other bidders are introduced, there’s not telling what the price will end up being. If they didn’t use the exclusive tag, he could end up costing them $25m per instead of $20m per.

  15. Flacco proved 1 thing. Throw it up in the air as high and deep as you can with wreckless abandon and let your receivers fight for the ball. I’ve honestly never seen a luckier team and QB win a super bowl ever! Ratbirds put up 3 points in the 2.d half. They tried to choke! But they got away with a major hold on Crabtree. The fix was definitely in! Refs helped them all year. Enjoy salary cap hell with flacco and Kruger. Now you’ll know what cap troubles are like the Steelers have to deal with every year! Bwahahaha!

  16. lennydpocketqb says:Feb 4, 2013 8:54 AM

    “Speaking as the only Giants fan who liked Eli before he won his first Super Bowl. Good! Ravens fans bad mouth Joe Flacco at every turn. This is well deserved. Congrats Joe.”

    If you liked Eli Manning as a player before he won his first superbowl then that doesnt speak very highly of your intelligence. He was miserably inaccurate, didnt win games, and at one point threw 3 TD passes in one game….to the team playing defense.

  17. Non-exclusive tag is the right move. The two picks would be great and the extra cap room would help keep the Ravens among the best. Just saying Alex Smith + 2 extra 1st round picks is a better deal than paying Flacco a ton at the expense of the rest of the roster

  18. Two first round picks? That’s easy. Arizona has the 7th pick this year, and a first round pick next year. Pair up Flacco with Fitz. WHy not do it. More than half of the first round picks end up as bust anyways.

  19. Sometimes I wish we could see quarterbacks plugged into bad teams for a season just to test their greatness. Flacco on Cleveland, Brady on Kansas City, Peyton Manning as a Jaguar.

    On most any other team, Flacco would probably bomb.

    He’s a good, solid quarterback, but I have a hard time buying that on a lesser squad he’d have this level of success. Even in the Super Bowl his success was deceptive. That bomb to Boldin on third down? The touchdown pass to Jacoby Jones (that was underthrown in the face of horribly blown coverage)? The throw across the field that Pitta caught? All of the great ones get lucky, but it seems like most of Flacco’s success has come that way (how about the touchdown to Jones to tie the Broncos?).

    Either way, hats off to the guy. It doesn’t really matter that I don’t buy into him. He’s a world champion this morning and I’m posting comments about him to distract myself from a stomach ache. He wins.

  20. Two first rounders for a one-hit wonder… Sounds like the Raiders, Jaguars, Chiefs and Dolphons are all salivating at that “steal.” Seriously, Flacco being clutch in a single game is far from enough proof that he will remain that clutch. His past speaks for itself. Then again, maybe it was hi fu-man-chu and uni-brow that was weighing down his career…

  21. I like the term one of the other posters used, “a bit above average”. That’s what the bulk of Flacco’s career suggests. It’s kind of ironic that the last time the Ravens won a SB they immediately cut the QB altogether… I think the smart thing to do is to use the exclusive tag and see what he does next season. If he’s truly a new man then you sign him to a long term deal.

    A long term deal right now might blow up in their faces. Sanchez went to two straight AFC Championship games… just saying…

  22. Are you folks nuts? Do you know how difficult it is to find a qb that can win you a Super Bowl?

  23. Tough deal for the Ravens, they either effectively submit to a rebuild, or bite the bullet and pay Flacco.

    Also, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a better QB get this kind of mistreatment from his team and the teams fans. Geeze.

  24. Flacco proved 1 thing. Throw it up in the air as high and deep as you can with wreckless abandon and let your receivers fight for the ball. I’ve honestly never seen a luckier team and QB win a super bowl ever! Ratbirds put up 3 points in the 2.d half. They tried to choke! But they got away with a major hold on Crabtree. The fix was definitely in! Refs helped them all year. Enjoy salary cap hell with flacco and Kruger. Now you’ll know what cap troubles are like the Steelers have to deal with every year! Bwahahaha!!

  25. Could be a genius, albeit seriously unpopular move to let someone give two first round picks for him. If they get a high enough pick this year they could either draft a certifiable stud or trade it down and get multiple picks. They’re going to need to start patching up that defense over the next few years. Might be able to get Flynn or Smith cheap as a stop-gap until someone permanent comes in next year’s draft.

  26. One Super Bowl win doesn’t mean you should be the highest-paid QB. Eli has won two. Brady has won three. Flacco, has one. But then again, Flacco does think he’s the league’s best QB.

  27. It does not matter what any of you naysayers articulate. The Ravens are Super Bowl Champions. It can’t be taken away.. There are 31 losing team along with their downtrodden fan bases. So hate on!

  28. I would evaluate this situation beyond just one player. The Ravens will not be back even to the playoffs next year, regardless of who they have at quarterback. With Ray Lewis retiring, Ed Reed on his last legs, and Terrell Suggs near the end of the road, you have a defense that is in need of a complete restructuring.

    Look what the Ravens did without Ray Lewis in the lineup, and I can see this Ravens team at 6-10 next year, even if Joe Flacco lights up the opponent like Tom Brady (which he is not).

    I would even suggest to you that Ray Rice only has a couple of years left in him. Mark my words, the Ravens won’t even be .500 next year. It’s actually irrelevant what they decide to do with Joe Flacco honestly.

  29. as an Eagle fan i would like a Raven player they will have a hard time signing but it’s not Flacco i would like to have Bolden

  30. “Might be able to get Flynn or Smith cheap as a stop-gap until someone permanent comes in next year’s draft.”

    Anytime part of your plan includes acquiring a stopgap QB … your plan sucks. The Steelers are widely considered a model franchise with stable ownership and a good front office, and we wandered through the wilderness for a quarter century until Ben Roethlisberger dropped into our lap. When you find a good QB that can win championships for you, you hold on to them until their body comes apart.

    It is possible to overpay bad or mediocre QBs, but it’s impossible to overpay good ones.

  31. bigbenownsthenfl says: Feb 4, 2013 9:16 AM

    Flacco proved 1 thing. Throw it up in the air as high and deep as you can with wreckless abandon and let your receivers fight for the ball. I’ve honestly never seen a luckier team and QB win a super bowl ever! Ratbirds put up 3 points in the 2.d half. They tried to choke! But they got away with a major hold on Crabtree. The fix was definitely in! Refs helped them all year. Enjoy salary cap hell with flacco and Kruger. Now you’ll know what cap troubles are like the Steelers have to deal with every year! Bwahahaha!

    Pure Luck? Really?

  32. Nobody in their right mind would spend two 1st round picks on Flacco. But then again, considering that the Vikings already spent a #12 pick overall on a QB that can’t throw over 15 yards, there is always a chance that the Ravens could get those two 1st round picks.

  33. The big question is whether Flacco wants to stay and will negotiate a good deal, but probably less than a bad desparate team will give him, to stay with a team that will compete annually?

  34. Flacco just threw 11 TD passes in zero pics in this playoff run. He’s young, he’s huge, he wins playoff games every year….you are biased or simply dont get it if you do not consider him to be one of the best in the league. The proof is in the pudding. Most teams would give up the farm for a talent like this. Baltimore will be contending for years with him under center

  35. I think Flacco is a great QB and most of the teams listed in the above article would happily surrender two first round picks to have him on the team, but listing the Buccaneers on this list is a bit of a stretch.

    You could make a very credible argument that Josh Freeman is basically a less experienced Joe Flacco. Freeman is most accurate in throwing the deep ball, he’s tall and has more mobility, his pocket presence isn’t as developed as Flacco, and of course Freeman has zero experience to Flacco’s Super Bowl MVP. But to give up two first round picks is likely to weaken a young Tampa defense in dire need of pieces, primarily in the secondary. Place Flacco on the 2012 Bucs and the team still misses the post season but likely wins 9 games as opposed to 7, with those two extra games being later in the season when Freeman was in the midst of a four game slump.

    The Bucs need cornerbacks and another pass rusher and if Josh learns from his mistakes he should be fine in 2013. Save the draft picks, especially since the Bucs were able to trade down in the first to acquire the necessary pieces to draft Mark Barron, Doug Martin and Lavonte David in the first two rounds. Again, I’m impressed by Flacco, but football is a team game, and you need a halfway decent defense to protect against the pass, which the Bucs do not have at the moment.

  36. Ravens would be smart to allow Flacco to take a hike. Bring in Alex Smith or maybe Matt Flynn instead.
    If they could get a team in their devision to give up two first round picks for him, all the better for the Ravens. Cripple the competition with rediculous contracts. No way mortgaging the future for RG3 or Joe Flacco pans out in the long run. No way.

    And Joe needs to be writting thank yous to all the DBs the Ravens played and giving a million each to his WRs. This guy has the most over rated arm. I get sick and tired of hearing about him having such a strong arm and watching his wideouts run 2-8 yards back to the pass on well covered deep balls. SF walks away with three interceptions if they just put back someone on “punt return” for some of Joe’s passes instead of running coverage.

  37. The best thing the Ravens could do for their team is to non-exclusive franchise tag Flacco. Another team would have to give at $14.6 million and two 1st round picks, and most likely $20 million/year in the future, which is excessive for a QB that, apart from the hot streak in the playoffs, has not been elite.

    The Ravens can sit tight and see how Flacco does next year. If he keeps it up, they can give him elite pay. If not, they did not sign him at his peak- and for peak money.

  38. Some of these comments are a hoot. Had the Niners won, these people would have blamed the loss on Flacco irregardless of his numbers…but since the Ravens won it’s because Flacco was “lucky.” Can he repeat this playoff performance? Who knows, but it was historically good. He outplayed Manning and Brady in back-to-back weeks then won the Super Bowl MVP.

  39. I’ve always put Flacco and Shaub in the same category. Better than average, but can’t be counted on when it counts.

    Well, Flacco has really grown on me this postseason. And I give a lot of credit to Jim Caldwell. Flacco has a particular set of skills that if used properly, can make him look like a Pro Bowl caliber, Top-5 talent. But with Cam Cancer calling plays, you’re going to make him look like Blaine Gabbert.

    The system is important. The quality of your O-Line and skill position players is important. But in the end, it comes down to the QB, and I hope everyone has seen how talented Joe Flacco is….if used properly.

    I would give him the standard Franchise Tag. $14.6m sounds good. If someone wants to come along and break the bank and give up two first rounders, so be it. If not, you just saved yourself a lot of money.

    This was probably the Ravens’ last chance to win for a while. Go old ’97 Florida Marlins on us and sell off all your parts and start over.

  40. Jacoby Jones should have been the MVP. Franchise him at $14.6Mill, take the 2 first rounders if someone ponies-up. Trade a 3rd for Matt Flynn, select Patterson or Hunter in round 1 of the draft and you’re instantly a BETTER offense, with more cap space and an additional 1 to spend on D. Win for Baltimore, Win for Seattle, and lose for Flacco’s new team.

  41. It’s about time the Ravens go through the same problem the Steelers are currently in, and that is, paying your top 10 QB a ridiculous amount, which then hinders you on building a consistent winner around him.

    By the time, the Ravens invest in Joe Flacco and Ray Rice, their cap will be in dissarray, which is the same thing the steelers are going through now. They paid Woodley, Timmons, Troy, Ben, Antonio Brown, and James Harrison and now because of it, we can’t truly field the best players in all positions. Raven will have to pay Joe, Ray Rice, Paul Kruger, maybe ED Reed, Torrey Smith, within the next few years you will have a winning and cap problem.

  42. Flacco had a good year, but he is historically hot and cold. Anyone willing to give up two first, or pay him 20 million a year deserves to suffer when he goes cold again.

    1 good year doesn’t make you top 5, in talent or pay.

  43. No, the Ravens will NOT be forced to tag Joe. A long term deal is more cap friendly, and do-able.

  44. Now comes the tough part: keeping a Super Bowl winning team together while dealing with free agency and the salary cap.

  45. You never know, Joe could be one of those so-so regular season quarterbacks (Eli) and great post season quarterback (Big Ben / Eli).

    This of course compared to the great regular season quarterback (Peyton) and bad post season quarterback (Matty Ice/ Peyton).

    I would trade a boat load of statistics for a Super Bowl victory any day of the week.

    Throwing five touchdown passes in week four doesn’t win Super Bowls. Throwing 11 TD’s with no pick in the post season does.

  46. Florio, instead of just producing TMZ gossip, actually take the time to break down every NFL teams roster and where they stand with the salary cap, contracts on the books, coming off the books, teams needs with money they have or don’t have and potential cap cuts.

    The site is really just becoming exactly what the mothership does, get back to what made fans go to your site, because if you don’t somebody who got fed up with all the bs junk just like you did will create that site. You are looking at becoming myspace.

  47. I know people give Flacco a lot of grief for some reason, but let’s not forget the Ravens’ QB situation before Flacco. It was beyond terrible. Since he’s been drafted, the Ravens have never missed the playoffs, made it to three AFC Championship games and won a Super Bowl. I don’t know about you, but I’d take that type of resume any day of the week.

  48. It is painfully obvious that what insiders said about Cam Cameron was true. Flacco wasn’t aloud to audible, and Cameron wanted a robot at quarterback. With Caldwell Joe is aloud to play with freedom, move out of the pocket, call audibles, and goes out and outplays Eli (regular season), Peyton, and Brady. 11 TD’s and 0 interceptions. Haters your act is old. He won a Super Bowl! For Steeler fans you are averaging 1 championship for every 13.2 years of existence. Ravens 1 every 8 years of existence.

  49. And if Denver picked that last minute desperation heave, as they should have? Then what would people say about Flacco? The line between great and mediocre is pretty thin in this league but its hard to argue against the post season he’s had.

    The only good news about it is a cap-starved Ravens team will be further choked off once they have to eat a $20 million exclusive franchise tender – or whatever number they come to in a longer-term agreement with Joe.

    But pay heed Ratbird fans, Brad Johnson, Jim McMahon, Doug Williams, Mark Rypien and Trent Dilfer all won SBs too. No one is putting them in the HOF any day soon.

  50. U would give up 2 1st round picks if u were the browns. Or zona or jags
    1st round picks are a gamble to

    If ur team has no qb u take the risk.
    He outplayed Tom Brady 2 yrs in row in afc championship game won a playoff game every year. Def would do it

    If Dallas can give Detroit 3 1st round picks for Roy Williams flacco can get 2

  51. I’m no Ravens fan, but anyone who thinks Flacco isn’t worth 2 first round picks is nuts. He may not be “elite” but he’s a young, unflappable, QB with a cannon arm. You simply cannot win without a QB in this league, the most important of all positions in professional sports. Cleveland, Buffalo and Arizona (to name a few) would be far better off with Flacco at the helm. Or they could wait 10 years for one to come along in the draft.

  52. For a team to be in the position to give up two first round picks, Flacco has to be willing to leave. He didn’t sound like a man that was considering that as a possibility. He’s going to do everything he can to work things out with the Ravens. Bet on it.

  53. I have no doubt had they signed him to an extension during the season, the Ravens would not be Super Bowl champions today. Teams should take the “earn it” attitude more often. Better to overpay a Super Bowl champion that overpay someone who starts thinking about everything but football once the contract is signed. See, for example, Nnamdi Asomugha.

  54. Can’t the Ravens match the offer too? I’d use non-exclusive, if another team tries to grab him, see if you’d want to match it and if not, 2 first rounders isn’t too shabby.

  55. They have to pay him…period. Ravens decided to roll the dice by not getting a deal done last off-season. Now Flacco did his part and lead the team to the championship. Have to do do the deal since the exclusive franchise tag isn’t a better option. It’s not like the Ravens have historically had much better at QB. Also there isn’t any other QB available that’s any better. Even if the guy never wins another playoff game you got a super bowl title while paying him rookie wages…turn about is fair play. It’s a no brainer with no other real option.

  56. The last time the Ravens won a Super Bowl they let go of their QB. It hurt them for years. They will not let that happen again.

  57. Way to rub it in Baltimores face Flacco. The following weeks will be telling. Before these playoffs Flacco was one of the most hated guys in Bmore. I’m sure his bandwagon is full now.

  58. He’s better than Vick ever was, and Vick was the highest paid player in the league at one point.

  59. Can’t wait to see the Ravens lock Flacco up long term and take a big cap hit for a QB that just happened to get hot during the post season. I fully expect him to return to his normal inconsistent play next season.

  60. not to take anything away from flacco, but not sure if he is top 5 in the nfl. Plus there are a slew of young underclassman stud qb’s in college right now.

    I am not sure any team would give up #2 number ones with the rookie salary cap the way it is now. Time will tell, but ravens owe him a long term deal..plain and simple.

  61. Why does everyone assume that the Ravens will pay through the nose for Krueger? He’s had one good season and that was his contract year. And, as much as I love Ed Reed, it would be nice to have a free safety who can/will tackle. The problem with taking 2 #1s for Flacco is that the only teams that should do that deal are teams like KC and Arizona; teams that are only a QB away from being good, which makes the 2014 & 2015 #1s much less valuable. The first #1 would not be in 2013. But you don’t get a choice. Joe has it.
    The smart thing would be to sign him exclusive and then trade him to Miami for Chris Long and their 2013 #1 and #2. Draft picks are more valuable now. Its the only way to keep the cap manageable.
    Ozzie is probably the only GM in the league that could do it and not get run out of town on a rail.

  62. Raven fans who think that it was no big deal that Flacco led the Ravens to victory are as dumb as Jerry Jones.

    You all deserve to have Flacco leave, so you can spend the next decade looking for a franchise quarterback.

  63. In Ozzie we trust. We are in a tough spot this offseason but there is no other GM I would rather have in this situation than Ozzie.

  64. @mrphelps01

    Well call me nuts, because I think anyone who thinks Flacco is worth two 1st rounders is an idiot.

    Flacco is like Matt Ryan. He is a decent quarterback who fell into a great situation. He has a good line, one of the top 5 running backs in the league, a strong receiving corps, and a pretty good defense. Its telling that on three of the biggest plays of the game for the Ravens, Flacco got bailed out by his receivers. Boldin bailed him out twice and Jones made a great play on a ball that was terribly underthrown. Flacco gets all the accolades, but Jacoby Jones was the MVP.

  65. Can you say bye bye Q Bodin and Krueger. Well they won a Super Bowl but they won’t after loosing Lewis Reed Boldin Krueger and keeping Flacco

  66. @djjackson81

    I disagree. Lewis is toast. Reed is toast. Kruger had 1/2 of one really good season — you don’t give someone 9M for that. (At least smart teams don’t.) They can restructure Ngata and Suggs and free up cap space. The projections of the Ravens demise because of this or that is unrealistic. The Ravens WITH Joe and whatever changes have to be made are clearly superior to the Ravens WITHOUT Joe and all the other players you mentioned combined. Get an effin clue. The Ravens already experienced that BEFORE Joe arrived. They had a top 3 D with crappy QBs and they couldn’t deliver. See how that works? Franchise QBs don’t grow on trees. Joe is better than Matty Meltdown, and THAT’S why the Ravens won, and the Falcons didn’t. Joe hasn’t even hit his stride yet because he was hampered by Cam Cameron. He’s never missed a game, and is only going to get better. Deal with it.

  67. The Ravens should try to work out a deal before tags must be announced. That will tell them how much Flacco wants to stay in Baltimore vs how open he is to offers from other teams. If no deal is struck, they should use the non-exclusive franchise tag. If another team signs Flacco it will be because Joe wants to get paid as much as possible. The other team can probably structure the deal in such a way as to prevent Baltimore from matching. In that case, take the 2013 and 2014 first rounders and move on. This will be a transition year for the Ravens anyway with Lewis retiring, Reed probably leaving, along with Boldin and Krueger. If Flacco goes, then Krueger and Boldin could be kept, in addition to Alex Smith or whoever the QB is.

  68. whoever posted that ravenator is a bandwagon ravens fan is nuts. there are lots of things you can call him but bandwagon fan isnt one of them. congrats ravenator! our boys did it!! go ravens!!

  69. Joe stepped up big time last night, no doubt. But he was still the 3rd best QB in the stadium last night. There should be no need to put a franchise tag on that guy.

  70. If the ravens are foolish enough to not use the exclusive roghts tag on joe the bills who are 20 million under the cap before even cutting fitz,kelsey and mcgee should definately sign joe to a contract the ravens cant match. The ravens can take our 8th this year n our 20th next year(thats saying the bills are improved but not superbowl) the bills havn’t had a qb since jim kelly and to get joe two draft picks are def no big deal for a guy who has a strong arm to play in the windy ralph wilson stadium…. Go bills!!!

  71. there are lots of things you can call him but bandwagon fan isnt one of them. congrats ravenator! our boys did it!! go ravens!!

    Lets just settle on moron and eliminate a lot of needless posting by his many admirers.

  72. The right thing to do is this: Use the non-exclusive tag and see if Joe is truly worth the big deal. He finally has an offensive coordinator that knows how to utilize Flacco’s abilities. If someone truly wants to give up 2 first rounders for Joe, Alex Smith would be a good replacement for Flacco.

    One thing’s for sure: Ozzie Newsome isn’t going to overpay Joe.

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