Ray Lewis gave the Ravens one last emotional speech

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You couldn’t throw a rock the last month or so without hitting a member of the Ravens raving about linebacker Ray Lewis’ leadership qualities.

As a result, Lewis didn’t need to do much to cement his reputation in that regard this weekend. His teammates say that he went ahead and did so anyway on Saturday night, however.

Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports spoke to several members of the team who said that Lewis’ speech on Saturday night moved players to tears as he told them that they would succeed in the Super Bowl because of how much the players on the team loved one another. Lewis said that people win championships “based off love” and his words resonated with the rest of the team.

“I mean, we were ready to die for each other out there. And I know that’s a bit dramatic, but that’s the way this team is. That’s what Ray has talked about. The reason we’ve succeeded is because of the way we feel about each other. It’s something Ray Lewis has told us since Day One. ‘What would you do for the man next to you?’ For us, the answer is, ‘Anything,'” linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo said. “Love put us over the top. You wouldn’t think it, because football is a game known for machismo and violence and toughness, but love is what drove our success. Just like the most epic action movies end up being love stories – The Matrix, Star Wars, Gladiator. This Ravens team is a love story.”

As Ayanbadejo said, it isn’t something you associate with football but it certainly resonated with the Ravens on Sunday. Filling Lewis’ spot on the field seems like it might be easier than filling his role as team leader and inspiration when they get back together to defend their title.

53 responses to “Ray Lewis gave the Ravens one last emotional speech

  1. I’m confused about the whole “love affair” concept as far as it pertains to a football team, but even this makes for a better love story than Twilight.

  2. Of course a guy willing to kill is ready to die. Obviously question of course is how many times did God get mentioned in the speech, since apparently God’s will is why those two guys are dead.

  3. It’s hoaky stuff. Ray’s sloganeering has always been trite. But if the guys in the locker room buy in (because most of them are dumb jocks who have no clue about what’s trite and what’s not) it doesn’t matter: whatever works works.

    But isn’t it creepy that a guy who is a bona-fide murder suspect is asking people in his locker room if they would ‘die’ for each other?

    This is the same guy who predicted that if there was a strike last season, it would spark ‘violence in the streets.’

    Why can’t anybody see through this bible-thumper’s ruse and realize how truly dark his mind is?

    ESPN would be smart to avoid him, dumb to hire him. I hope they’re noticing how well-received the anti-Ray Lewis comments have been in the weeks leading up to the big game.

  4. I don’t like the guy, but his team sure carried him to a ring. Good for them. Now let’s get ready for free agency! Good luck with that ravens, you have what, 22 free agents?

  5. I hope someone really analysed that game and his play. Terrible play the entire game; thank god his god squad self is out of the league. Stahan and Bettis are examples of legends going out on top, not this narcissistic clown.

  6. Awwww… Look at that. The Lewis bashers are out in force again today.

    Say what you will but Ray leaves the game as a CHAMP. And you leave nothing but an internet comment.

    Your comment fades in seconds. His legacy lasts through the ages.

  7. Really? Promise? Please be done with your transparently bogus Jesus talk. Go far far away now, maybe wash some lepers feet or something else Saintly.

  8. like him or not, he’s the heart and sole of his team and the city his team plays in.

    i remember several weeks back reading an article on this site that was explaining how ray had lost more than a step and his return to the field wouldn’t mean much to the ravens defense.

    sometimes we underestimate the power of the will and how much intangibles can effect the outcome of athletic events.

  9. Hate is prevalent today. It happens, not much one can do about it. Time to stop berating a man because the justice system may have failed.

    Time to move on. The Ravens won, the 9ers did not.

    …and it wasn’t because of the refs…

  10. BTW, Ray Ray may leave a champion but he had very little to do with that result last night. They were running over and by him all game long. And now he gets to cement his legacy by moving to ESPN, that national bastion of sporting irrelevance.

  11. joetoronto says:
    Feb 4, 2013 12:38 PM
    It’s too bad London Fletcher can’t hold a candle to Ray lewis.


    Look up their career stats side by side. I give Lewis a slight edge. But can’t hold a candle? You obviously don’t know what you’re talking about.

  12. rayswhitesuit says:
    Feb 4, 2013 1:05 PM
    BTW, Ray Ray may leave a champion but he had very little to do with that result last night. They were running over and by him all game long. And now he gets to cement his legacy by moving to ESPN, that national bastion of sporting irrelevance.

    He’s a 2 time World Champ. You post rhetoric on the internet.

    That pretty much says it all.

  13. Ray Lewis is/was a great player. He was still above-average this season, despite being pretty old.

    He was extremely overdramatic this offseason, to the point that he annoyed most neutral fans. His constant assertions that somehow God was behind the Ravens over every other team came off as foolish. He may or may not have used a weird spray to help him recover from injury. He was a liability in pass coverage vs. the 49ers. He probably fake cried a number of times. Despite having a bad game he was the first Raven on the Super Bowl winners podium.

    But guess what, in a few years, none of this is going to matter. Everyone will forget this silliness at the end, and just remember him as one of the best defenders to ever suit up.

    It happens with many all-time greats. Remember how everyone hated Favre? That’s already starting to fade.

  14. Brendon Ayanbadejo talking about how men love each other. Isn’t this the same clown fighting for gay rights in Maryland while the state of Marylands education system is so broke. How fitting,

  15. Ray got what he deserved this week, old memories and some deer antler. He was given a ring but he did not do anything to get it . Speeches is all he has left and thumbs up for Jim Nance bringing up his past obstruction of justice in a murder case,on the air.

  16. You keyboard commandos who have never played any team sport at a high level just have no clue. The 2012 Ravens accomplished something special TOGETHER, and until you have played on any kind of team in any sport, you will never understand what these guys went through. Now go back to making snide comments about things you know nothing about.

  17. So if the Niners punch that last score in and win the game…….it would have been a case of the Ravens not loving each other enough?

    Can we finally be done with this egomaniac?

  18. Glad he’s gone. Tired of hearing week in and week out about the biggest self-promoting drama queen to hit the NFL since Terrell Owens. This man had no class and has always was all about one person. Ray Lewis. I, for one, will not watch ESPN when he’s on. Hard to believe they really think a man who was part of trying to coverup a murder would allow them on TV.

  19. loving all the posters who said the ravens would lose to indy denver new england and san fran are now saying they wont be good next year. its laughable. almost like rex guaranteeing a sb every year. and now ray is gone and still being presumed guilty after being proven innocent. jealousy is funny. congrats ray on a hof career and congrats ravens on sb 47. go ravens!!

  20. I know Ray Lewis can be annoying at times, I agree. However, I do not believe his emotions are fake and I do not believe there is anything wrong with talking about God. That is the same criticism people have about Tim Tebow. Being a Christian I feel God is lost in this world. Also there is nothing wrong with a man talking about love. That is nice. If the reason everyone is angry is because of what happened 12 years ago, I can understand that. I am confused by that because part of me says he could have changed his life around and part of me does not know. I would like more details about what happened. If love helped the Ravens that is good. I see nothing wrong with that. If Ray really did murder anyone that is up to the justice system to take care of. and of course if he did, that is wrong and horrible and yes justice should be done, but do we really know what happened? I know I do not. I need more information before I can even offer an informed opinion.

  21. From a Jags fan,
    Regardless of what ALL of u hater’s gotta say:

    Ray Lewis is a part of NFL football history. Last night was epic for Lewis & the Rayvens. Not many player’s play for 1 organization their entire career, but Ray did. He was the vocal leader of this team since day 1.
    He’s easily a 1st ballot Hall of Famer, & he went out on TOP. It doesn’t get any better than that. Kudos to one of, if not the greatest LB to ever play the game of football.

    Rise UP Baltimore,
    You guys are the “2013 NFL World Champions”

  22. Love put us over the top.


    Well, that and an uncalled helmet to helmet on 3rd down that should’ve been an automatic first and the subsequent no call on the DPI on 4th during the final 49ers drive.

    And no, i’m not a 49ers fan.

  23. ““I mean, we were ready to die for each other out there………”, Ayanbadejo apparently doesn’t know about Ray’s past! People do die.

  24. Great players are remembered forever, Ray Lewis was a great player.

    London Fletcher, not so much, not at all.

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