Roger Goodell: Power outage won’t stop NFL from returning to New Orleans

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Sunday night’s power outage was one of the more surreal moments in Super Bowl history, but it isn’t one that will negatively impact New Orleans’ chance of hosting the game again in the future.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said at his Monday press conference that the league has every intention of returning to the city for future Super Bowls despite the loss of power that wound up delaying the game 34 minutes in the third quarter. Albert Breer of the NFL Network reports that he said the league wants to be back in New Orleans and that the overall week was one he considers a success.

The reasons for the power outage are still being investigated. Entergy and SMG, the management company for the Super Dome released a statement about it.

“Shortly after the beginning of the second half of the Super Bowl in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, a piece of equipment that is designed to monitor electrical load sensed an abnormality in the system. Once the issue was detected, the sensing equipment operated as designed and opened a breaker, causing power to be partially cut to the Superdome in order to isolate the issue. Backup generators kicked in immediately as designed. Entergy and SMG subsequently coordinated start up procedures, ensuring that full power was safely restored to the Superdome. The fault-sensing equipment activated where the Superdome equipment intersects with Entergy’s feed into the facility. There were no additional issues detected. Entergy and SMG will continue to investigate the root cause of the abnormality.”

66 responses to “Roger Goodell: Power outage won’t stop NFL from returning to New Orleans

  1. Vegas could not stop the Ravens but they sure did try. The statement they released on the cause of the outage was sketchy at best

  2. I would continue to go back as well. The people of New Orleans will never get to see a super bowl otherwise. Show them what they will never attain without more cheating Goodell.

  3. The Conservatives are blaming King Obama and the left is blaming Entergy which is a very suspect corporation and the shoddy US power grid. Could it have been terror??? They never would tell us…..because how does the largest entertainment show on the earth blow its power???

  4. Yet if this happened in Indy last year, people would want the game banished from there forever. I love the city of New Orleans but this was a major black eye for the NFL and someone needs to be held accountable.

  5. Nice try taking momentum away from the Ravens. You cant fight destiny though. Ravens, superbowl champs. The only relevant team. Hate on haters.

  6. MetLife Stadium (next year’s venue) has had it’s share of power issues. I believe it was against the Eagles in the 2010 season that the stadium went dark for about 20 minutes. I would hope by now they have redundant after redundant back up systems. Also, for fans that think they might find some shelter from the presumed cold in the hallway, it’s an open-air stadium throughout. Best place for warmth is probably the bathrooms.

  7. King Obama wanted the power to go out so that people would drink more causing more DUI’s and accidents. All part of his plan to send hard working Americans to secret fema prisons and ruin this country according to the right…

  8. And yet RAIN once in two decades of hosting Super Bowls will stop Miami from getting another event unless the taxpayers shell out $250 million for a roof.
    Goodell is such a tool and has to go for the betterment of the league.

  9. Drove 17 hours from Baltimore to be apart of one of the craziest, heart-pounding intense games that I’ve seen that had so much on the line. Besides Baltimore, i couldnt have picked a better place for this victory to happen @. Kudos to the city of “Nawlens” and the hospitality and the atmosphere. That was one of the greatest times ive had. We all know the 9ers had something to do with the power outage. Didnt they have a similar experience against the steelers in a MNF game last year? As a ravens fan, thank you New Orleans, i will see you very soon.

  10. Anyone else think the Super Dome still looks old and outdated? Instead of spending all that money in updating it, they should have saved a little and done a huge overhaul.

    Being in domes such as this one and others like it (Edward Jones Dome) is that with no natural light coming in, in looks like you are playing in a cave from the 70’s. When I think of the Super Dome, I don’t think fun, exciting and top notch fan experience.

  11. But rain and no dome will keep the Super Bowl from Miami which has the best weather in the country in February, South Beach, world-class golfing and other outdoor activities. Yeah I hope the corporate elitists that get to go to the game freeze their effing arses off next year, maybe an “exposure” death or two. Besides our hotels are already filled in January and February anyway so Roger can go fawk himself!

  12. Oh, and to think I thought that someone from the gambling community had something to do with it, hoping the Niners would get back in to cover the spread etc. Or maybe the Saints themselves to get back at Goddell. Yeah i’m all about the conspiracy today.

  13. Oh, I should’ve read the byline- I didn’t realize it was petty, sensitive Josh that wrote this.

  14. However, all other cities with stadiums barely 15 years old, you’ll need to pony up some big $$$ and build a new facility, or there’s no chance in hell you’ll ever get to host the Big Game.

    Why can’t the team with the better record enjoy a home field advantage during the championship game?

  15. Someone did this. And that someone, whatever Hacker that has figured out this vulnerability, tested it at Candlestick last time.

    Which leads me to think this person is a 9ers fan.

    Crazy? Yeah, but sports is crazy. Its only crazy if it didn’t work.

    When you consider that elite hackers DO exist, and groups like Anonymous show they can do work, i’m pretty sure this was a cyber attack / trick.

  16. Oh my god you people are such a bunch of whiney cretins. The power went out for a few minutes. So what, get over it. If I have to listen to one more mouthbreathing jackass talk a bunch of bigoted garbage about New Orleans being a “third world” city I think I might throw up from being exposed to such ignorance.

  17. Sorry NOLA haters…SB will be back in N’awlins……what is really sad is that your pathetic cities aren’t close to consideration and we’ve hosted 10….ha, ha ha, ha ha ha….who dat, we dat….

  18. Good grief, it was a freakin power bump folks. Even a momentary loss will shut down the HID lighting used in thes venues. They have to cool down to relight, a process that takes 10 to 20 minutes.

  19. The reason the game won’t go to Miami is not the weather. It’s the NFL extorting taxpayer money for upgrades to the stadium. Pure and simple.

  20. U can’t beat New Orleans for the “atmosphere”. People did nothing but complain about the logistics of the Super Bowls in Indy and Detroit.

    Plus there wasn’t a whole lot to do.

    I attended in San Diego and it was a blast in the gaslamp.

    New Jersey should be pretty cool. The Glendale stadium is the best stadium in the league.

    Santa Clara will be getting one soon. I really don’t think the Super Bowl should be played in cities like Detroit and Indy tho. Gotta be somewhere with some swag.

    Believe me the party atmosphere GUARANTEES the SB will continue in NO, those NFL execs love that stuff.

  21. Next time, keep the Buffalo Wild Wings guy outta the building.

    Maybe the next Super Bowl in New Orleans should have AC / DC at halftime.

    Thank you very much. I’ll be here all week…

  22. All the people talking trash on New Orleans have obviously NEVER been there. I spent the weekend in the Quarter and it was the most fun I’ve ever had. The round the clock music, food, drinks, and activities rivals anything I’ve ever been a part of. If cities had occupations, then New Orleans’ would be professional party planner. You won’t get that level of fun in any other city, period.

  23. The NFL should be embarrassed. That stadium is atrocious. The “jumbotron” is smaller than a tv in a typical family room. The restrooms are small with constant malfunctions to the fixtures. The floors are constantly wet from overflowing toilets. The concessions? Not bad if you like dried up alligator sausage, soggy crawfish pie, or want to pay $12 for a bowl of jumbalaya that is nothing more than a small bowl of rice with a few pieces of shriveled sausage. And hope they have the drink of your choice as they frequently run out. The city itself is a nice experience; however, the stadium and game experience leave much to be desired. And to inexplicably lose power on front of a world-wide audience is inexecusable!

  24. What logistical problems in Indy?? We put on one hell of a party last year and the game went off without a hitch. Other than hotels, what was the problem?

  25. New Orleans is truly untouchable now.. I remember San Fran getting ripped when it happened at their house, on a monday night or something. NO doesn’t get touched when it happens at the freaking super bowl.

  26. The only people complaining that it shouldn’t be in New Orleans are the losers who never leave their homes to be social with others. I guarantee you that everyone who went to Nola for the game wishes that they could do that every year. Nobody does it better.

  27. So some rain stops you from coming back to Miami but a power outage and what’s going to be worse than rain conditions is OK?

    This guy is such a hypocrite.

  28. it’s a good thing the power outage didn’t happen during halftime when one of the destiny ladies was loading into her cylinder to be flung onto the stage… that could have been scary.

  29. I’ve attended 4 Super Bowls, Miami, Dallas, Indy, New Orleans. Best experience by far: New Orleans. Next best: Miami. By far the worse of this group: Dallas. Except for the stadium in Dallas, there was nothing else, ‘cept maybe the NFL experience, which they have at all the host venues. New Orleans by far: best food, best sights, clubs, events, great weather, reasonable cost, everything was within walking distance, and I mean EVERYTHING! New Orleans should have this event again!

  30. Honestly it does seem like New Orleans gets a free pass for anything that goes wrong there. It’s always someone else’s fault. Total welfare mentality – reminds me of NYC in the 1970s.

  31. If I had a choice between the strong possibility of snow in New York, the ACL-tearing bear trap of a field in Washington DC, and the possibility of a 30 minute power outage in New Orleans, I would take the power outage all the way. New Orleans isn’t doing too bad if it has the biggest NFL city and the Nation’s capital beat hands down.

  32. Of course it won’t keep them from hosting again. If I had the most $ I could host the super bowl in my back yard. Its all about money not about the game these days.

  33. “Power outage won’t stop NFL from returning to New Orleans”

    This is a politically correct answer to the media, New Orleans will never host a Superbowl in that stadium.

  34. Dear Roger:

    If you guys can’t prevent chaos from breaking out during a power outage in a warm and sunny New Orleans, how in the world will you prevent a world of crap from falling down on you during next year’s SuperBowl in a frozen New York City???

  35. why should it. the league has the switch to turn on and off in any venue in America……at a million dollar a spot, they cashed in for another 34 minutes.

  36. someone was paid off for having the superbowl in New York what a joke! The only places that should have it is Miami, New Orleans, Houston and Arizona! and Tampa Bay is last on the list worst experience in the league!!

  37. Yeah I can see how you could find nothing else to do in the area around Cowboys Stadium, given the fact that Arlington is right in the middle of the largest inland metropolitan area in the US. Maybe the snow limited you, but if you couldn’t find anything else to do you weren’t looking very hard.

  38. marcinhouston says: Feb 4, 2013 12:42 PM

    If I had a choice between the strong possibility of snow in New York, the ACL-tearing bear trap of a field in Washington DC, and the possibility of a 30 minute power outage in New Orleans, I would take the power outage all the way. New Orleans isn’t doing too bad if it has the biggest NFL city and the Nation’s capital beat hands down.
    I agree with you about FedEx Field, but as far as MetLife vs the Superdome… the weather won’t change in the Meadowlands if there’s no power… the Superdome was at risk of losing air conditioning if that power outage continued or had affected more than half of the building. The Superdome would’ve gotten very stuffy very quickly without AC and 70,000 people in there.

  39. Those who are kvetching the worst about this matter were not at the game, and probably have a vested interest in other cities getting the game.

    Grow up. 30 minutes is about 10 minutes longer than some injury timeouts. The teams are not complaining, most fans at the game are not complaining, the league is not complaining, so what the hell is YOUR beef exactly – had to turn to the Puppy Bowl for a few minutes?

    Oh, and for those who call New Orleans a third world country, after hosting hundreds of thousands in safety and sunshine for the Super Bowl, the city will now host another million people next weekend for Mardi Gras. Try that in your typical banana republic.

  40. Roger Goodell: Power outage won’t stop NFL from returning to New Orleans
    That may be the most logical thing I’ve heard the commish say in a VERY, VERY LONG TIME..

  41. Why is the Superdome still considered an “elite stadium”? It’s old, not very appealing, looks dank and dingy, and it just botched America’s most visible sporting event broadcast over the entire world.

    It’s a massive endeavor for a City to host a Super Bowl. With all the things to consider, at the very least keep the lights working.

    The 2 Stadiums that get awarded the most events (Miami Stadium and The Superdome) are both in need of replacement at some point in the very near future.

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