Romanowski: Randy Moss had alligator arms

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In Sunday night’s Super Bowl XLVII loss to the Ravens, 49ers wide receiver Randy Moss was the intended target of quarterback Colin Kaepernick on a second-quarter pass that was easily intercepted by safety Ed Reed. In Moss’ defense, Kaepernick’s throw seemed too high to be considered “catchable.” But Moss, going over the middle, made no effort whatsoever to reel it in.

Former NFL linebacker Bill Romanowski, now a commentator on CSN Bay Area’s 49ers Postgame Live, laid into Moss on set after San Francisco’s 34-31 loss.

“Randy Moss alligator armed it, he didn’t go up for the ball!” Romanowski shouted. “He said he was the best receiver in the DAMN world — okay, you hear me? OH GOD! That’s what pisses me off! You’re playing in the SUPER BOWL, guys!”

Former NFL wide receiver Dwight Clark is also a CSN Bay Area post-game commentator and gave his take.

“He didn’t alligator arm it,” said Clark. “He didn’t even reach up for it! He watched it sail over his head!”

After a six-yard interception return by Reed, the Ravens took over at the Niners’ 38-yard line. Baltimore couldn’t convert a fake field-goal try, so Moss’ interception only wound up costing San Francisco seven yards worth of field position.

The Ravens didn’t turn the takeaway into any points.

116 responses to “Romanowski: Randy Moss had alligator arms

  1. “I’m the best receiver in football. I don’t go off the numbers because I don’t have any, just like I don’t show up when it matters.”

    please stay a niner Randy

    the rest of the NFC West

  2. It looked to me like he didn’t think he was the intended receiver. I think it’s time for Superfreak to retire for good, Homeboy!

  3. when you take a chance on Randy, you roll the dice that he does this in a major moment. He has even said himself that he takes plays off. Jerry Rice didnt take plays off

  4. If Moss does get in the HoF someday (he will), they should make an exception for his bust and add arms, so he can have his permanent shrugging look he has on the field these days. Historical accuracy is important here!

  5. I understand people like to go overboard on every little thing when it comes to the Super Bowl but did you just say that Moss doesn’t have any numbers? When did you start watching football, 2010?

  6. Alligator arms? Moss woulda needed Go-go-gadget arms to catch that terrible pass. Not trying to defend Moss but he did the right thing by preparing for the ensuing interception and tackle.

  7. Can this guy go away until he’s the next “victim” of CTE?

    And how do you “alligator arm” a pass if you don’t attempt to catch it? Again, he just has no idea what he’s saying.

  8. I couldn’t believe he had the stones to say he was the best in the first place. That being said, the best show up in the big game, there were multiple receivers that showed up for both teams, he just wasn’t one of them.

    The epic battle between Vernon Davis and Michael Crabtree to be the goto guy on the 49ers was great.

  9. That was the one good thing that came out of the Ravens winning. The fact that this clown did not win a ring.

    Better than Rice huh Randy, ……please don’t make me laugh.

  10. The ball was going to get picked anyway, I can understand the argument but the didn’t lose the game cuz he didn’t go for an uncatchable ball. Lol typical of fans that don’t win, how about the lamichael James fumble, or the fact that donte whitner couldn’t cover a high school baller

  11. Moss didn’t even try but that was a God awful throw. 1998 Randy Moss may have been able to get a finger on it. I think Moss would’ve whiffed on it and cracked a rib too.

    That was all on Kaepernick.

  12. Why is this bum commenting on people?! Romanowski was a ROID HEAD! He was dirty as as they came. Spitting on people, cheap shots etc. Who cares about his opinion.

    I’m a Cowboys fan, so I don’t care either way, but he shouldn’t be commenting on anyone!

  13. Jerry Rice/Hines Ward/Donald Driver ….

    These guys would go across the middle – get blasted (safeties were allowed to do that back then) – catch the ball and get up and go about their day.

    Heck, even T.O. showed up when it mattered, played with a goofy leg.

  14. Given that it was Romanowski speaking and with all the talk of Deer Antler Velvet lately I just assumed “Alligator Arms” was a new supplement Moss was on.

    It would make sense. Alligators have a tendency to be dangerous at times, but are more often lazy and easily lulled to sleep. Sounds like Randy.

  15. Like I said. If he’s the greatest WR of all time let him prove it in the Superbowl. Jerry Rice proved he was the greatest on every Superbowl he played in except the one that was sabataged.

  16. well at least he proved last night to the entire world that he is not the greatest WR ever.

    However I will still say he is the greatest gifted athlete quitter ever.

  17. The ball probably wasn’t catchable, but he didn’t even make an effort to catch it. Most receivers will at least TRY to catch a bad pass.

  18. Human anatomy and physics say Moss had no chance at that ball. It wasn’t even close. People are just looking for things to whine about. Whine about your hero boy Kaepernick hitting Ed Reed in the chest.

  19. @mikebyrne1502 says:
    …….Lol typical of fans that don’t win, how about the lamichael James fumble, or the fact that donte whitner couldn’t cover a high school baller

    People are always looking for a scapegoat or someone to blame. You will never hear anything bad about Peyton Manning and he’s been to the playoffs 10 times and only has 1 ring. But he’s labeled the greatest qb in the game right now. Ridiculous!!!!!!

  20. That is why he will not be in San Fran next year. Anyone who is over targeted like Moss last night probably demanded it behind the scenes.

    The problem is that his front running expired at the wrong time and sense of urgency was inexistent when it came time to catch it.

  21. This is the type of story that is making me not even want to follow football as much anymore. Most of the news stories about the NFL lately are about drama. Every ex and current player has an opinion and the media feels the need to tell us all about it.

    The NFL is turning into WWE more and more by the day. It’s becoming a soap opera, it’s so sad.

    I remember the days where you didn’t know much about players injuries, salaries, drama, etc and just watched the games. Now people feel the need to know about everything. Ugh.

  22. He did the same thing in the First Pat/Giants Super Bowl on the pats final drive. He didn’t even try for it! Seeing plays like that, and watching him take plays off, as far back as his Viking days makes me laugh at the comments he made. Rice always gave his best, never quit! If he would have had the attitude, heart, and determination Rice had, maybe?

  23. Wouldn’t it be great if we could all proclaim ourselves to be the world’s best at something. Doesn’t work that way, though. There are others who judge and determine that. Moss has a history of playing very well at times and very poorly at others. Compare him to guys like Mike Singletary who gave it their maximum intensity on every play, and Moss doesn’t even come close. He acted like a loser on sunday, and that’s how I will always remember him.

  24. Moss had no chance catching that ball. It was a terrible pass that got away from Kaep and went right into Ed Reed’s hands. Moss takes plays off but to question his effort on this particular play is a little unfair imo.

  25. The first 2 years Moss was with the Pats there was not really any of this.

    The 3rd year there were some plays like this and his value to the team started dropping.

    The 4th year he started opening his mouth in a big way and there were many play like this.

    Which is why the Pats dumped him.

    To be the best of all time you can’t make an effort only when you feel like it or feel like you’re the focus of the offense. You have to make that effort every single play of your career.

    Best of all time ? NOT

  26. moss will play when he wants to play… including in the superbowl.

    bye bye randy after a bad season. you really werent very good considering the level of talent you have and your potential!

  27. Niners will be back!!! Give it to the ravens for coming out and playing like u should in the superbowl!!! niners d spotted another team points again ….kapp can only do so much he will take the blame… but truth is we all watched the niners d crumble!!!! well better luck next year ! gooo niners!!!!!!!!! And thank u alice smith and good riddens!!!!

  28. However, going up for the ball can’t work when you’re 35.

    It is like basketball. It is hard for you to win a dunk contest when you get into your 30s.

    Instead, the balls had to go into his body and therefore he could “body catch” it. Anyone who felt that he could out jump defensive backs deserves to have egg thrown in their face.

  29. Randy Moss has every right to say he is the best. now I think Rice was the best but if ANY WR in football can make this arguement its RANDY MOSS. because nobody else can say they are closer to Rice. and SHUT UP Packers fans cause MOSS made a career out of dominating Greenbay

  30. I don’t care for Moss’s attitude but I’ll say this in his defense. What IF he let the ball go thinking it was intended for someone else since it was so far off? Instead of automatically hating like most people do here. Think a little bit 😉

  31. purplekoolaid1 says:Feb 4, 2013 3:27 PM

    This is the type of story that is making me not even want to follow football as much anymore. Most of the news stories about the NFL lately are about drama. Every ex and current player has an opinion and the media feels the need to tell us all about it.

    The NFL is turning into WWE more and more by the day. It’s becoming a soap opera, it’s so sad.

    I remember the days where you didn’t know much about players injuries, salaries, drama, etc and just watched the games. Now people feel the need to know about everything. Ugh.


    Nothing has changed except the availability of NFL news. With the Twitter and Blogs and so many sports network including the NFL Network of course there will be all sorts of details that are discussed. If you want it to be like it was before it’s easy to have it that way. Turn off the NFL network and ESPN and don’t read from this site. Just turn the TV on at 1 pm on Sunday and turn it off when the games end. You don’t have to pay attention to all the noise if you don’t like it. I personally like the soap opera aspect of the NFL now.

  32. I think it’s funny you all side with bill ‘I tried breaking people’s bones in pile ups, took steroids by the gallon daily’ romanowski.

    That ball sailed over moss. Even Deion sanders said he didn’t have time to get up to it because Kap throws so fast. And if he jumps up, he gets leveled. he got leveled after the pick anyways. Receivers are taught to NOT go for a ball like that, because if you tip it, there is the increased chance of it being deflected to a defenderand you are likely to be fresh meat for a safety. Reed just happened to be there. Ball Never should have been thrown. The were 3 ravens there.

    One play and you all call him a quitter, even though his two catches were key in keeping drives going. Cory Williams and the ravens safeties had at least one body on him all night.

    Instead of just looking at one play, look at them all. The media picks their dogs to kick, and moss hates the media, so they hate him. You all fall for it too. Everybody on San Fran has said moss has been wonderful. He isn’t 25 anymore, and he hates running across middle. So, you don’t send him across the middle. That’s bad play design. You don’t make players do things they are uncomfortable with. That’s bad coaching.

    Moss threw up his hand, single covered,on the second down and goal play in the back of the endzone. Knappernick didn’t go for it. He went to a double covered Crabtree. Horrible decision. Walker was open on third down. Kappernick went for Crabtree, and overthrew him, despite the non call.

  33. the low point of the game, was Cap hesitating in that end zone throw, cause it is Moss that is open and he no longer trusts him, but then he throws it, and Crabtree jumps and tips it so it had no chance to make it to Moss, but without that hesitation, its 7 points.
    It was good to see that the hesitation evaporated in half time and the black out.

  34. Randy Moss is nothing but a front-runner. When things are easy, he excels, but anytime the going-gets-tough, Randy turtles and disappears.

    THAT is what NOBODY thinks he is the greatest WR or all time. He will NEVER be in the conversation, because he isn’t a football player, he’s just a ball catcher.

  35. C’mon. I’m as big a Moss critic as the next guy but that ball was totally uncatchable. Plus…this isn’t 5 years ago when WRs were allowed to get laid out. Nobody has alligator arms anymore b/c nobody gets hit anymore. Give Moss a break on that one.

  36. Romanawski is an idiot plain an simple he must be blind also cuz the ball was way over his head and behind him and Ed Reed and the Corner Back wasnt about to make no hits so why would he have alligator arms what a fool

  37. Oh my goodness – this is a complete non-existant issue. Even in Moss’ freak PRIME he wouldn’t have come within 6 inches of catching that ball. Lay off of him with that play – Romanowski loves to run his mouth and is talking out of his butt like he did when he played. Bad throw by Kaepernick and it was picked; that’s the story and nobody else is to blame other than Kaepernick’s jitters.

  38. I wouldn’t bother to jump for a ball thrown 7 feet over my head either. There’s no point.

    With that said, he should have adjusted his route toward where the ball was going… you know, in case someone else caught it. Because that sometimes happens.

  39. Why would anyone care what Bill Romanowski thinks. I think I speak for many when I say I could care less what he thinks.

  40. I’m a COWBOYS fan, therefore, I don’t care for the 49ers or Moss but that pass Moss nor the highest jumping man in the world could have got that pass.

  41. That’s Randy:

    He tries when he wants to try.

    If you or I are playing a backyard/school lot game and there’s a ball that’s uncatchable we might not over-extend ourselves to try in a meaningless game.

    Moss decided not to give effort on that play in the same way – only it was the Super Bowl

    That’s your legacy Randy – enjoy it, you deserve it.

  42. Kaepernick was well off on the interception, nothing that Moss could of done to catch it. The only option left for Moss was to make the tackle in order to stop a pick-6 from happening.

  43. Romo is 100% correct…

    Even if the pass was too high, Moss should have at least went up for the ball, rather than just watching it sail over his head.

    It looked real bad on replay and likely defined Randy Moss as an old timer who lost his nerve in the biggest game of his career.

    Don’t be surprised if the 49ers cut him lose.

  44. That would imply that Moss even tried. He didn’t.

    Between his comments last week and his non-performance, the Niners should cut him loose and go after someone hungry.

    They will settle for less.

  45. I’ve never seen another guy with that kind of talent, care so little about actually putting effort out in a game……Like Paul Allen once said, “This isn’t Detroit, this is for the Super Bowl!”

  46. Throw a helmet on Kate Moss and she would’ve put more effort in than Redwood Randy. Guess he was waiting for a more important game t put forth some effort. Dude need to retire and tend to his hydroponics.

  47. Of course everyone talks about this one play… Even though he was open.. Just like most of the game.. People can talk numbers all they want but he did his job it’s not his fault they don’t get him involved . Fooled the db on a hook route db falls and ck waits way too long to throw it.. Runs a corner route he throws it behind and way over his head. Lined up single coverage on right side safety covers slot he blows by his db ck looks for a second and checks down. 2 point conversion ck does a hard count the linebackers come up so its an obvious blitz moss smartly runs a quick slant wide open ck throws out of bounds way behind. Moss takes the safety away on a post and crab is 1 on 1 .. Right through his hands on a 9. Couple 9s moss was even with his db then blew right by him and ck doesn’t give him a chance? Moss runs a fake slant to spring gore for the td doesn’t take the play off like ppl like to assume he does yet there is no proof of. But talk about the overthrow that he clearly looked like was intended for someone else with it being so high. But yeah moss was the problem this game. Oh and forget about the 2 burned timeouts cuz ck can’t manage a clock worth sh#$. But we can blame moss for that too. He easily shoulda had 100+ and.a td or so .. But it’s his fault they don’t throw his way.

  48. moss was never known for going over the middle but he should of at least tried and jumped up and made an attempt to catch the ball.Other than that,the niners didnt even look his way that much.They should just cut him.

  49. He’s a jinx. No team will ever win it all with him on the roster. Like I said before…A Superbowl trophy gathers no Moss!

  50. Steroid freak Romo….that ball was 10 feet over his head and didn’t even see it until it flew over his head. What a loose cannon. This loser shouldn’t even be allowed to talk to anyone but his wife, and I feel bad for her.

  51. Moss is a flat out used up never was! Just loves him some Brady!

    I blame the sorry 9ers for putting ANY faith in that clown, you bought it and got exactly what you paid for. As shown last pm in your LOSS.

    The old man is WORTHLESS!

  52. I just heard Brian Billick on NFL network comment about how Randy Moss was a good leaping option For the 49ers last night.

    He and Heath Evans were both very stupid and continue to be to think that he is as good as he used to be!!! He’s 35 years old and people of that age cannot have hops or leap super high anymore!!!

    No wonder why they’re both hated on TV and out of football!!

  53. I’m certainly not trying to defend Randy Moss, but from the angle that I saw it, that ball was so far over his head that there was no point in even making a show of reaching for it. Manute Bol couldn’t have caught that pass. I think those who are criticizing Moss for that play are just looking for a scapegoat.

  54. Thank you Randy. I won 500 bucks taking the Ravens and the points. The only reason I took them was because you play for the 49ers.Your a loser and will never be on a winner. Your not even top 25 WR all time. You don’t block, sell routed, or go over the middle. Great deep ball horible at everything else. Your lack of effort and work ethic show why you don’t get it. Your attitude kills teams

  55. You would have thought the Greatest Wide Receiver in NFL history would have made a little more impact in the Super Bowl than a one catch night. What a POS. Dude couldn’t carry Jerry Rices jock. Dear, Randy please fade into obscurity.

  56. No winners here. No dog in the fight, and I had to satisfy myself between a murderer and a self- indulgent a-hole? No thanks. Forgettable all the way around.

  57. Moss doesnt jump for passes thrown over the middle… This personal rule is one of the reasons he continues to play… No risk… But no reward either

  58. Randy, Terrell Owens would have AT LEAST put a hand up in the air for it and you didn’t. That should put an end to that argument

  59. I thought Moss could have atleast tipped the pass, or tried to make a one arm catch(he used to).

    The thing is, by doing nothing it gave Ed Reed a clear vision on where the ball is going. In some cases if a player goes up and “tries” it disrupts the timing a little. So even though, yes it was high, by not trying it at the very least gave Ed Reed clear vision.

  60. In real time, it was a line drive that was over his head. Easy for everyone to say he should have tipped it or jumped. Randy Moss is an elite WR and he deserves more credit then he gets. This is a story??

  61. Unless Moss ha a ten foot vertical leap that we’ve never seen before that ball was totally uncatchable.

    Leaping into the air for a competely uncatchable ball is a good way to get oneself killed in a hurry.

  62. I will also add that Moss ran the perfect route and was in perfect position in the middle of a wide open in the hole in the zone. If that had been thrown even close to him, he would have caught it and had room to run.

  63. Moss coulda had a bigger impact on game. He was wide open in back of ends one on one play. On another he was open on a skinny post route. Colin made some bad choices yes n there was bad play calling

    After all that 49ers still had chances to win. U don’t run the clock down to 2 min when ur trailing. Ur job is to score u can’t control if it’s quick or fast. U have to score Play of the game was Ed reed catching n knocking gore out at 7yd line

  64. I am a Randy Moss fanboy, so I’ll get that out of the way first. When I saw that pass, I had the same impression as Romanowski.

    But let’s assume for a second that Moss could have done something, is it really worth making a huge deal about? Him jumping in the air wouldn’t have prevented Jones from running back a TD or the SF secondary giving up ridiculous plays. And Ravens didn’t even end up scoring on that drive.

    I get that media people don’t like Randy Moss, but let’s be fair here.

  65. He had amazing talent, but to me, he isn’t a top 2 or top 3 wide receiver. Terrell Owens may have been a diva, but he never let it keep him from producing.

    Moss, live under the delusion you’re better than Rice, but allow us to spit on the floor in protest.

    I’d take Cris Carter over him right now. He’ll catch anything.

  66. Jesus you people are brainwashed.. that pass was nowhere near moss noone could have caught that. Wake up! You wanted him to show effort for that pass? Go ahead and excuse Collin for his mediocre play..and I dont even like Moss!

  67. I don’t think I’ve ever read so much BS in my life. My biggest surprise is the amount of people who agree with the article. Whatever you think about Randy Moss to suggest it was remotely possible to get close to that ball is incredible. I doubt Labron James on a ladder would have gotten near that throw. All this “didn’t even try BS” if the ball is miles over your head what is the point jumping? Nobody jumps or dives for the ball when it’s that far. People need to find another scapegoat or at least find a reason to hate on Moss that is a bit more credible.

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