Russell Wilson not worried about defenses solving Seahawks’ read option

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Pistol formations and read-option offenses took the NFL by storm in 2012, and the Seattle Seahawks were involved. The Seahawks used the read option more and more as the season moved along, though it never became anything close to a base package for playcaller Darrell Bevell.

A handful of NFL observers believe the read option is a fad that will eventually fade, ala the Wildcat package. That NFL defenses will “figure out” the zone read just as they did the Wildcat. And it will go away.

Quarterback Russell Wilson isn’t worried about Seattle’s read-option package being solved because the Seahawks have been careful to use it as a change-of-pace offensive play and not the foundation of their run-play design. (The Redskins and Panthers, for instance, might fall more into the latter category.)

“I definitely think it’s here to stay,” Wilson told WSCR in Chicago, via “In terms of the read option, it’s just a changeup for us. We may run 15, maybe 20 percent, of our runs are the read-options plays.”

Wilson also explained why Seattle’s read-option package, in particular, works with such efficiency.

“Yeah, it’s tough to stop,” he said. “I think the thing with us, and why it works so efficient for us, is we love throwing the ball out of the formation. We do a lot of things, a lot of play action, a lot of different looks.”

34 responses to “Russell Wilson not worried about defenses solving Seahawks’ read option

  1. oh man.. this guy again. @Logicalvoices: we thought you were out of our lives after WAS LOST to Sea in the playoffs. Disappointed to see that you are still here.

    All of Seahawk land is excited for next year… our off the wall draft picks, unexpected signings of diamond-in-the-rough players, so much more. 2013 is going to be a great year for the NFC West and especially for the Hawks.

  2. Read option is not a big part Seattle’s offense. It create problems for defenses that can’t scheme for it but when they line up in I formation with Pro Bowler Mike Robinson leading the way for All Pro Lynch they are just as effective at moving the chains. Wilson will have an even better year because they went way to conservative to start the year and it cost Seahawks games. After a defensive heavy draft last year I think its time for them to find another threat at WR/TE. There were many games where there just wasn’t separation and Wilson scrambled to make a play. NFC West is going to be tough next year but I think its going to be between Rams/Hawks in the end.

  3. Redskins dont run read option as their base run package it is just one of the packages they use. The offense they ran with Kirk Cousins vs the browns is what they will run with RG3 next season and they wont miss much of a beat. Wilson and RG3 seem smart enough to adapt….Cam Newton has some questions in that regard

  4. Wilson is a scrambler. That’s his game. Let’s stop pretending he’s a pocket passer.

    And RG3 is finished. Toast. Lunchmeat. Damaged goods. Danny and Shanny ruined him. Move along.

  5. These read-option QB’s better get used to getting punished after every hand off, as the rules allow.

  6. logicalvoicesays –

    Wow not sure how you can say Griffin is elite? He wasn’t healthy enough to finish a season. He likely won’t be ready to go next year when the season starts and unless they change your crappy field he won’t last another season. I agree he is a good player with some impressive stats, but he hasn’t done anything yet to be considered an elite QB.

    Wilson isn’t elite yet either, but he at least won a playoff game. I agree with you on one thing though. They are both far better than Luck.

  7. fuglyflorio says: Feb 4, 2013 1:54 PM

    “Wilson is a scrambler. That’s his game. Let’s stop pretending he’s a pocket passer”

    If you would stop drawing conclusions off of highlights you would sound more knowledgeable. As a matter of fact, RW attempted more passes from the pocket and completed a higher percentage from the pocket. Don’t take my word for it. See Mike Sando’s nfl nation blog on Google it if you have to. Arm yourself with information before opening your mouth (or typing you opinion). I find that to be invaluable advice.

  8. For those of you who are unaware, logicalvoice is a Redskins homer and Adrian Peterson basher.

    His handle should read: emotionalskinshomervoice

  9. LOL @ all the people calling Wilson a “running QB” or a “scrambling QB”.

    His in-pocket rating was higher than his out of pocket rating, for one.

    For two, he mastered two different pro offenses while in college, the West Coast at NC State and the Power-I at Wisconsin. Wilson already knows how to be a pocket passer – the read-option was actually new to him this year.

    Compare this to guys like Griffin and Kaepernick, two exciting young players who were featured in heavy read-option running games in college, and are having to learn to be pro-style QBs as they progress through their careers.

  10. Seattle fans are still distraught over Wilson not winning the ROY award. I don’t really care who wins these subjective awards. The Ravens just won the only trophy that matters. I guess if your team has never won anything, then the subjective awards have a deeper meaning.

  11. Griffin shouldn’t of won rookie of the year! Should of been Wilson or Luck. And how can anyone say Luck is garbage? Just look what he did for the Colts this season, turning one of the worst teams last year into an 11-5 team this year with a playoff berth! Give him more weapons and hes contending for a superbowl! My teams qb may be only the fourth player to ever throw for over 5000 yds (and not make probowl?), but I’d trade him for Luck anyday!

  12. any of you uniformed morons who this Wilson and rg3 are far better than luck know absolutely nothing about this game. the only thing rg3 and Wilson have over luck is are far better teams and play makes. luck has nothing to work with on offense and still broke records and led his inferior team to more wins than both those guys. give luck a defense like sea, give luck rb’s like morris and lynch so he doesn’t have to throw the ball 40 times game, you guys are so uniformed is laughable. Wilson and rg3 are very good, but not better than luck. you trolls will see that here eventually. why don’t you watch the games for once

  13. @phinsfan: I’ll give you the Seatle’s defense is better, and that Marshawn Lynch is a beast, however can you name ONE of the recievers that he’s throwing to? Sidney Rice has not been productive since leaving Minnesota and no one is going to suggest that Golden Tate is a game changer.

    The Redskins had NO defense to speak of, their #1 receiver was hurt half the season, their top tight end tore his ACL, and the rest of their “receiving corp” couldn’t catch a cold dripping wet in a pair of shorts in the middle of the Arctic.

    Luck was throwing to a future hall of famer in an offense that was very pass driven.

    This is not to say that anything should be taken away from Luck, but let’s not pretend he was getting by throwing to Leonard Hankerson and Niles Paul all season.

  14. circuscivics

    You don’t know your own team. He’s a ‘one read’ option QB. He’s not running through the progression. If that read is covered he starts moving and tries to make something happen. It’s mostly improvising. I know you want him to be Peyton or Tom … but he’s not.

  15. I haven’t looked, but Wilson better hope that Baltimore isn’t on the Seahawks schedule next year. They solved Kaepernick well enough to win last night.

  16. fuglyflorio says: Feb 4, 2013 3:30 PM


    You don’t know your own team. He’s a ‘one read’ option QB. He’s not running through the progression. If that read is covered he starts moving and tries to make something happen. It’s mostly improvising. I know you want him to be Peyton or Tom … but he’s not.”

    I am an Eagles fan, but first I am a football fan. I at least try to be a football fan that is somewhat objective and try to call it as I see it. You obviously are not. As a commenter above aptly pointed out, RW just started doing the read option as a pro. In in NC State he ran a west coast offense and in Wisconsin he played out of the power I. Seattle first put the read option to use against Chicago. I don’t know where you get your info from. Like I suggested. Try using something other than highlights. Watch some college and pro-games and not feed into media driven narratives about a player. He is not Tom or Peyton, I will admit. He is actually more dynamic than those two, and has had more success in his first 16 starts than them. Albeit, Brady won the SB, but that was before Brady actually began carrying his team and when he was more of a game manager.

  17. @fuglyflorio

    Also, I doubt you can “improvise” your way to a 11-5 record against one of the toughest schedules. You don’t improvise 26 tds to only 10 picks. Give credit where it is do. I respect the work ethic of these players. I don’t get all emotional because they are not on my team and try to marginalize their accomplishments.

  18. Remember that Wilson destroyed kapernick this year!!! Wouldn’t trade Russell for either the other two!! Love Wilson’s future with this team. Logical voice should change your name as your anything but logical!!

    GO HAWKS!!!

  19. The strenght of Seattle’s team is the ability to make adjustments to the game as it flows. I was really impressed watching that develop this year. DangeRuss is correct: “The Seperation is in the Preperation” And that means that when you prepare a game plan, you also prepare to make changes as you need to…

  20. @seacab1972

    I would def say Wilson had little do with the Seahawks beating the Skins. Seahawks, don’t try and make him look any better than he is. Wilson is solid, but I guarantee the Redskins or the Colts are not regretting the QB’s they picked. I hope Wilson succeeds, but you Seahawks fans make me want to hate him.

  21. logicalvoicesays says:
    Feb 4, 2013 1:37 PM
    Russell Wilson is good. Robert Griffin the 3rd, the Rookie of the year winner, is elite. Both are far better than Andy Luck.

    Wilson and Luck will be playing next year.

  22. Seattle’s o line is only below sf’s as best in the league, defense is only below sf’s as best in the league, Tate is a playmaker and made many of them, they won because of defense and Wilson being a game manager. that’s why his pass attempts were so low, yardage was so low, he played from the other teams side of the field most of the game. pay attention… if, and they have the best special teams play in the league. I’d luck was on that team they would be representing the nfc in the sb. I’m a dolphin fan, excited about our rookie and getting him some help, but I love football and am not a fan boy like people who think Wilson and rg3 are better qb’s than luck.

  23. Anyone who thinks the read option is here to stay is clueless. Those QBs last three to four years tops and they NEVER win the big game. Good luck finding a new QB every few years. The only thing they do is help sell tickets for a few seasons. Look at the QB who just won the whole thing. That is right a prototypical pocket QB with a long career still to come. RG3 might never be the same. As for Wilson and Kapernick it is only a matter of time and a knee injury before those teams are looking for another QB.

  24. I think the option read will be figured out like the wildcat. The whole theory of it is not their base package does not hold. When you look at the teams that runs or have ran the wildcat, it was not their base offense ether. With that said though I do think RW will be a great QB for a long time. When the season started I felt he was all hype but about midway through the season I got to notice that he is not the your typical running QB. This guy can sling it with the best of them. I mean ball placement, decision making, arm strength..this guy has it.

  25. I wouldn’t trade Wilson for Luck or Griffin. Griffin will never play without getting hurt. Luck doesn’t have the same intensity and desire to win.

    The only qb’s I’d consider trading Wilson for are Brady or Rogers. Not even sure I would want to do that.

    Anyone out there with a team coming to Seattle next year should forget about winning and focus on praying your team avoids injuries.

  26. You tell ’em Russell ! This ain’t no fad, and the way you ran this formation this year was remarkable, and for that RG3 character to win Off Rook of the Year was a frickin’ joke, no doubt Wilson played much better than the “overrated” injury prone Wash QB

    But it’s all a part of the media and getting their ugly mugs out there that win awards and honors like RG3 did, and the two “talking heads ” Carter and Sapp getting into the HOF from being on football shows which is another joke to me !

    Ya gotta’ kiss some a$$ in today’s sports world

  27. Well actually if anyone watched the seahawks play all year you would see Russell Wilson had to scramble 80% of the time because the WR’s are not that great. If you watched his College career he was a awesome pocket passer. The only reason they decided to use the read option with Russel Wilson is because he can run and squeeze through gaps good when play fail had failed. If Seattle would pick up some top notch WR’s then Seattle would have a nasty Offense, because he would be able to throw down the field and have that read option in his back pocket. Oh and don’t forget Beast Mode Lynch sitting in the backfield as well!

  28. Answer me this Redskin fans, would you rather have a dynamic RGIII with a bum knee or an equally dynamic Russel Wilson and first round draft picks for the next 3 years? Thought so.

  29. People shouldn’t be worried about Russell Wilson and the read option. They should be worried that defenses will figure out how to keep him in the pocket where he can’t see over his linemen. That’s what the Steelers did to Tarkenton and that’s what defenses will do to Russell. There’s a reason why you never see any successful short guys at the QB position anymore.

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