Super Bowl XLVII becomes second NFL title game with both teams scoring 30 or more points

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With all the advances made by NFL offenses in recent years, there had been only one title game in league history in which both teams scored 30 or more points.  Before tonight.

The first came in Super Bowl XIII, when the Steelers beat the Cowboys, 35-31.

Tonight, a late safety intentionally taken by the Ravens nudged the 49ers from 29 to 31, making the final score 34-31.

It underscores how important Super Bowl XIII was to the NFL of the late ’70s, coming at a time when Super Bowls were low scoring and/or blowouts.  Now, exciting games have become the norm, and one of the most thrilling of all time was played in New Orleans on Sunday night.

8 responses to “Super Bowl XLVII becomes second NFL title game with both teams scoring 30 or more points

  1. Isn’t this what the media says about every closely contested Super Bowl? “It was one of the best of all time.” Hype of the moment. The power outage and Jim Harbaugh’s whining is what will be remembered.

  2. uhhhh thrilling if all time might be stretching it a bit there partner…first half was very boring and the 34 minute light delay almost coat the game my eyeballs.

  3. When you say “Super Bowls were low scoring and/or blowouts” how can it be both? By definition, a low scoring game cannot be a blowout.

  4. I loved the game. Close with no blowout. Down to the wire. Congrats to the Ravens and all their fans. I read some posts on other stories. Way too many haters lol. A few Steerler fans had some class. Good for them too. Once again hats off to Baltimore!

  5. Great game. Ravens wanted it more for more minutes of the game than the 9ers. Every great game has its share of questionable calls which only adds to the mystique of the game.

  6. That is the way of the NFL. The SB is going to look like the Pro Bowl soon. Both team were to have two good defenses yet did not show during the game. For fans of any team besides what played the game was relly not so great.

  7. Are high scoring games really that great?

    For me, it’s like watching basketball. The fact that everyone scores all the time numbs the effect of a big play or a TD.

    I thought the Thanksgiving Game last year when they both really brought the wood to one another was better.

    I mean, imagine a scenario where every team scores pretty much on every possession, but one team kicks a FG instead, losing 60-57. Is that really exciting?

    All of a sudden the big play is no longer exciting, it’s the norm. And an incomplete pass is the exiciting play.

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