Titus Young recently boasted he’s better than Megatron

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The Texans have learned the hard way that they shouldn’t have cut receiver Jacoby Jones.  The Lions surely hope that they won’t have the same experience with receiver Titus Young.

But it has become increasingly clear that the 2011 second-round pick had to go.

The latest evidence comes from Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press, who shares a conversation Young had with his high-school coach, E.C. Robinson, on Christmas Day.

“He did tell me he thought he was just as good Megatron,” Robinson told Birkett.  “I said, ‘Titus, come on.’  I said, ‘Come on, man. Who you talking to?’  I said, ‘Come on, you’re as good as that guy?  This guy is the real deal.’  And he really believes this.  And he was sincere about it.  ‘Ah man, I’m better than him.’  I said, ‘No you’re not.  Be real man.  Come on.’  So I don’t know, I’m hoping for the best for him.”

The best will come from a second chance with a team that claims him on waivers.  The Chiefs have dibs.

The fact that Young failed in Detroit doesn’t mean he’ll fail elsewhere.  The challenge for any team with a high talent/low character player is to put him in a locker room where there are enough high character players to hold him accountable and, ideally, to transform him into a higher-character person.

If that happens in his next stop, there’s hope for Titus Young.  If it doesn’t, he’ll eventually be cut again.

83 responses to “Titus Young recently boasted he’s better than Megatron

  1. Well, it looks like Ray Lewis has now found his next project/mission as he heads into retirement.

  2. I like players that are confident but if you’re the 4th best receiver on your ex team then you have no credibility. Have fun making my fries!

  3. I don’t think there’s locker room in the league that can keep this goof in check. You just cannot fix STUPID.

  4. The lions can’t win with Florio. He’s a cancer first, and now the jacoby jones scenario is brought up when the lions do the right thing by cutting this fool? C’mon man!

  5. What a pain in the ass he is.

    Even though my team could use receivers I will be pissed if they take a chance on this malcontent.

  6. Yeah, he’s better than Mega tron yet the best offer he could get on signing day was from Boise State, wasn’t taken in the 1st round of the draft, and was cut after his second year in the league.

    Come on Man!

  7. This guy is the epitome of a PUNK and a “me-first” type of guy. This boy didn’t care about his team all around, running his own routes. He goes on twitter and take his frustrations out there. Now he saysd he’s better than CJ, PLEASE! No team deserves that type of player and if Titus Young wants to become a leader and one of the best in his era, he better throw all of his nonsense out the window or else he can have a career outside of football!

  8. It will be a disgrace if this turd ever gets to put on an NFL uniform again. Plenty of wide receivers have been divas and high-maintenance, but this guy is not only delusional about his abilities, he’s also committed an unthinkable act in team sports: sabotaging plays because you’re pissed at the play calls. Playing in the NFL is a privilege & this guy should have that privilege revoked.

  9. This guys arm are skinnier then paper and he is probably a lot shorter then him and probably wont catch the ball better.

  10. These comments from Titus Young make
    Randy Moss’ comments about being better than Jerry Rice seem not so far fetched.

  11. It really wouldn’t matter if Young was “better” than Megatron as it relates to skills. His attitude, lack of contrition, selfishness, and work ethic makes him highly undesirable. Jerry Rice, who is the greatest receiver of all time wasn’t the fastest, or most athletic, but he outworked EVERYONE, and he was the model of consistency. I do not see that in Young whatsoever. Hopefully he’ll get his act together because playing professional football is a privaledge, not a right.

  12. Am I the only one who thinks that Young’s already amusing/irritating twitter-tantrums and other comments would have been epic if the Big Tuna were his coach? Also epic would have been the Tuna’s press conferences. I’m just saying.

  13. If he lands in the perfect spot with the perfect coach and QB and an offensive plan built to use his abilities and he decides to keep his mouth shut and just work his butt off he can maybe one day be as good as Lance Moore. I wouldn’t bet on it though.

  14. Possibly, the clearest case of “Delusions of Grandeur”, I have ever witnessed in a Pro-athlete…and that I includes Terrell Owens.

  15. People rip on Terrell Owens all the time about his character issues, but T.O. Never quit in his team and he’s likely a hall of fame’er that walked the walk that can’t get a sniff of an NFL job. Hope Titus saved his signing bonus because he will not be Collecting another NFL salary any time soon.

  16. He’s certainly not making it easy on himself. He’ll be lucky to get a team willing to sign him.

  17. Probably a long shot but you wouldn’t think the patriots would let Welker walk and take a shot in the dark on Titus? I honestly could see this happening, he’s got so much talent but its likely to go to waste. Definitely not comparing his talents to welkers but the patriots are a team that likes cheap contracts and think they can plug and play almost anyone

  18. The sad part is he actually is pretty talented, and if he put in the work he could be very, very good. But between deliberately running the wrong routes to protest not getting the ball enough to tweeting that he’s a future hall of famer to this… man. He’s about 5 years away from living in his parents’ house talking about how there is a conspiracy in the NFL to keep him down.

  19. Young may be even more delusional than Randy Moss, but he is NOT more talented than Calvin Johnson.

  20. I think they should bring back the XFL just so there’s a league for all the misfits. He could be on a team with Jamarcus Russell, TO, and Ochocino. Throw in Rolando McClain and you’d have the ultimate reality show! Watch them face off in the million dollar game!

  21. Get on Brian Robiskie’s level first before you go after the big dog CJ. If your high school coach is this willing to throw you under the bus, he must not think very highly of you either; nor does he cherish any type of relationship you guys may have. Makes me wonder how many bridges you’ve burnt prior to this.

  22. Right now Titus Young’s mama is reading this article and slapping her son for saying something so stupid.

  23. Good Ridence to bad rubbish. I’m glad that Mayhew made decissive action and cut the BS instead of trying to trade him later. He’s a headcase and he’ll be lucky to latch onto a new team let alone getting better then a 7th rd pick for him in a trade.

  24. Some people have been saying that if he can find a perfect system he will be very good. But what’s a better system for him than the most pass happy offense in the league playing next to Megatron who will be constantly double and sometimes triple teamed, with an young elite caliber quarterback in Matthew stafford throwing to him, dude blew it

  25. Titus Young will sign with Tampa and they can use that as leverage against Mike Williams.

    He will then get cut during camp and picked up for the veteran minimum by the Jets. The Jets will say that they beat out the Eagles, Chargers, and Raiders in the race to sign talented troubled young man.

  26. Coach Peterson at Boise State benched Young for a bowl game once, and it managed to keep him in line the rest of his college career. But, clearly, that and no other life-lesson is getting through to Titus.

    I don’t blame another team for taking a chance, but the odds of him maturing over-night at this juncture sure seem slimmer than those toothpicks he calls arms.

  27. The utterly sick part about this… is Young WILL be playing somewhere next year! Someone will give him a chance and as BAD as my teams wideouts are.. I sure hope its not my team. We already have one wideout with issues and bad QB to boot. Wait til he signs for a team that doesn’t even have a QB of Staffords quality, when the guy doesn’t just chose to throw you the ball but just plain can’t!

  28. As lion fan I’m glad he’s out , shellfish player , you can’t even carry megatron jock straps dude get real

  29. This guy is strange. But, he did do a pretty good job the other night in Los Angeles, when he practiced with a minor league football team called the Los Angeles Outlaws. Maybe he was looking for a new team since he probably new he was out in Detroit.

  30. calm down everyone he was confused he thought they were talking about the actual Transformer Megatron not Calvin. Cause Titus is obviously better than a fake cartoon character….

  31. The worst thing about Titus Young is that he will get picked up somewhere and that team will boast how they believe in second chances. Then, eventually, he’ll do or say something moronic and the whole house of cards will come tumbling down again.

  32. I think he’ll get and deserves a second chance, but he really needs to get a grip on reality. If players can get second chances after beating up their girlfriends/taking drugs, I think he should get a second chance after being an idiot/bad employee.

  33. I don’t think it is humanly possible for this guy to be more of an idiot than he already is.

  34. This kid has a personality disorder. These conditions are very hard to treat, but not impossible, see Brandon Marshall.

    Marshall got way more chances because his production was incredible, Young is deluded about his abilities.

  35. Now we are bashing a guy based on quotes from a possible coversation he had with a high-school coach. That’s about as unreliable as it gets. This can’t be a story.

  36. We already knew Young has personality/ego issues and could use good counsel.

    “Coach” EC Robinson says “…I’m hoping for the best for him.” Oh bollocks! You could not resist getting some media attention and had no problem feeding the hate by blabbing about something told to you in a private conversation.

    Way to pile on.

  37. Titus wouldn’t be a number one on any team in the league. I was going to say maybe the Dolphins but Hartline does more work on the field than this chump and he is a tiny white guy…

  38. what are you talking florio? high-talent/low-character? how you figure high-talent? what has he done to show high-talent? just cause he says he is great that makes him high-talent/low-character? i think that just makes him low-character .. cause you have to _demonstrate_ high-talent.

  39. Why is this kid being called “high talent”. He’s accomplished nothing. If Nate Burleson wouldn’t have gotten hurt, he wouldn’t have been able to line up in the wrong spot because he’d of been on the bench.

    This kid might have potential, but with his attitude and work ethic, he’s got potential to be a 28 year old has been facing his 4th case.

  40. Suddenly to the sports media and ESPN because Jones returned a kickoff for a TD in the superbowl that means the Texans were wrong to cut him. Makes sense

  41. This kid has some real talent, but his mouth and ego will hold him back. I think he has just one chance to turn himself around….and this is it. He had better be grateful if there is a team gutsy enough to take a chance on him, and make the most of it.

  42. billsfan1 says: Feb 4, 2013 11:43 PM

    NEver been to Boise but he kind of seems like an odd fit for there…
    He was an excellent deep ball receiver at BSU, but was a bad apple then as well. Undisciplined and immature, and hasn’t changed.

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