Dolphins went against own philosophy to draft Ryan Tannehill

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When it comes to the NFL Draft, most teams have certain rules they stand by when it comes to who they will select.

Most teams (mainly anyone except Oakland or Jacksonville) won’t select a kicker or punter until the later rounds of the draft. Some teams more heavily value a player’s character rating in their evaluations and others factor positional need more heavily into a decision than just taking the “best player available.”

Miami Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland is hesitant to take a quarterback in the draft that has less than 30 starts at the collegiate level. However, that’s exactly what they did with Ryan Tannehill last April.

“I think the axiom that you go by in scouting is you like to see a quarterback with 30 starts under his belt before he’s ready to play, and we kind of violated that, our principle,” Ireland said on 940 WINZ in Miami on Monday, via Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post.

The Dolphins selected Tannehill with the eighth overall pick and he earned the starting job over Matt Moore and David Garrard. Tannehill started all 16 games for Miami and threw for 3,294 yards with 12 touchdowns and 13 interceptions in his rookie season. Ireland said Tannehill’s skill-set, his relationship with offensive coordinator Mike Sherman at Texas A&M and several other “positive external factors” led the Dolphins to go against their own principles to take him in the top 10.

Now that Tannehill has 30-plus starts under his belt from his time in college combined with his first year with the Dolphins, Ireland expects Tannehill to take a sizable step forward next season.

“He’s got (36) starts under his belt to this day, and that’s huge,” Ireland said. “I think we’re better for it, I think Ryan is better for it. So now we’re kind of going to hopefully see a big jump from that standpoint from his development.”

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  1. Take off the training wheels and let the kid play. Frame the offense around his strengths and find him a reliable playmaker. He has the tools to be good.

  2. The ESPN show should change from “Numbers don’t lie” to “Numbers don’t matter.” I didnt follow the dolphins much(besides hardknocks) but Tannehill will be just fine which i didnt expect.

  3. Signing Tannehill was the smartest
    thing the fins have done in a decade.
    now, be smart again and build him an offensive wall so the guy doesnt suffer the same fate as David Carr did in Houston. That kid had a future if he didn’t suffer the pounding every single time the ball was snapped in his rookie year.
    Treat this Tannehill right and he will outshine both luck and RG

  4. I do like Tannehill he has something going on. I dont see fear in him like i did with Henne etc although i still think Henne will be a good player at this level for somebody. I dont think Tannehill will be in Lucks class he really is on another planet but i think he will be capable of winning a lot of games but not necessarily take over games like the true elite players. Luck is one of these players who will win with average players around him Tannehill is going to need a good team around him.

  5. Who cares about the starts Jeff? We need the supporting cast and we have the money. Let Jake go elsewhere, fill as many holes with free agency and draft well. If we can, don’t forget Reggie, the man grinded for us the past two years and deserves it. I swear if they dont get it right this year, I’m taking my tat off with a hot K-Bar!

  6. Not only did you violate your rule of 30 starts, but you also drafted the guy with the 8th pick. Smh must be nice to gamble your job. Let’s not talk about letting Brandon Marshall go. (YOUR BEST PLAYER) . I bet this year your drafting another idiot, let Reggie walk, and sign a WR that does not fit your Qb’s skill set. Then you will have to use Matt Moore as your QB, (which is your best QB). Ireland your over rated! See you looking for a job next year.

  7. While not exactly an elite prospect he certainly came through for the Fins. His ceiling might not be top-5 … but he could certainly be a decent NFL QB in a year or two.

  8. GM Ireland can not think out of the box. He has a very poor track record drafting skill position players. That is after his mentor and boss Bill Parcells left the Dolphins. Jeff can come up with all the axioms he wants but he has to know when a guy has a placement issue etc…..Both Seattle and SanFrancisco got starting QB’s that rated much higher than Tannehill during the season and they were drafted after Tannehill. My advice to the Dolphins is to keep Matt Moore in case Tannehill is not that guy. Matt was the 12th best passer in the NFL the previous year but the offense was changed to the one that Tannehill’s coach in college used. Moreover Tannehill’s coach in college became the offensive coordinator of the Miami Dolphins. Tannehill knew the offense so of course he had more comfort with it during the preseason. The Dolphins should pay free agent Matt Moore to be their backup because they may need him.

  9. That’s Bill Parcells’ philosophy. Its why Parcells picked Chad Henne and Pat White. brilliant philosophy right?

    Be your own man Jeff. Following the WWBPD philosophy will only hurt you.

  10. There will be a huge jump for this guy if Ireland gets him done weapons. All throughout his rookie year he was reading defenses and looking off defenders only to realize nobody was open, not even a little open. Sometimes he would throw them open as well, he’s gonna be at worst a top half qb if not eventually top five with all these other young guys fighting for position.

  11. Obviously the “philosophy” of your 6-year rebuilding plan has been a huge failure. Hopefully this is your last year and we can start fresh with a new GM and coach in 2014.

  12. “So now we’re kind of going to hopefully see a big jump from that standpoint from his development.”

    Now it’s going to take time for him to develop chemistry with whatever new receiver’s he brings in. More development time coming….

  13. Ryan who? The sub-par quarterback with the hot wife?

    A 3rd rounder out in Seattle schooled him in performance!

    Ireland (with the help of Parcells) has the Dolphins taking on water. The best thing Mr. Ross could do for his team is get rid of Ireland before he waste another 2nd round pick on a Patrick White type player.

    Ireland would have been better off giving that draft pick to the Jags or Bucs.

  14. This kid has all the tools needed to be successful. Works hard, Humble, smart, big arm, good feet, etc. I think he is going to be a good one. after years of being surrounded by friends gloating about Tom all these Dogs and kids named Brady and all these years of crappy QB play I really hope he turns out to be Great. It truly is Miami’s Turn for a good QB.

  15. Hmmmm…. Isn’t that a shame then because wouldn’t they have missed out on those “non-proven” QB’s like Brady who only really started one season at Michigan. Yeah he didn’t really pan out in the NFL.

  16. If you are unfamiliar with the term, Mr. Tannehill, what Mr. Ireland did right there is commonly known as “throwing down the gauntlet”.

    Wouldn’t spend too much time at the beach this offseason if I were you.

  17. ireland’s track record is spotty at best…

    he geared the dolphins up for a huge off-season…loads of cap space and 5 picks in the first three rounds…

    but i have to be honest, i am nervous about this off-season….

    another dud and this team will be in the hole for another 5 years with no signs of challenging for a playoff spot…

    a crappy off-season would cost ireland his job, but hurt the dolphins for years to come…

  18. Not sure about the WR’s in the coming draft… But he needs a playmaker… Hartline and Bess are decent… But far from #1’s. A good TE would be great too.

  19. The Fish have 5 picks of the first 82 picks in the draft and 0ver 40 million under the cap to spend on free agents……Ireland should land some playmakers!! No excuses!

  20. This is a big off-season for the Dolphins and, specifically, Ryan Tannehill. If I had to guess, I’d say they go out and get at least three playmakers on the offense: a receiver via free agency, a receiver via the draft, and then a tight end however they can. They have a lot of cap room and an abundance of picks. Reggie Bush will be gone but Lamar Miller can be a sufficient replacement, and Davone Bess and Brian Hartline should both return.

    The one thing I’m curious to see is how many designed runs and/or read option plays get installed before next season. Tannehill can run at least as well as Russell Wilson even if he’s not on Kaepernick or Griffin’s level in that regard. As the season wore on, they’d run an option play or two each game. I wouldn’t want to see it become their go-to offensively, but certainly the guy can run, so it’d be nice for them to find ways to use that to their advantage.

  21. The jabs at the RAIDERS are trite and lack relevance.

    I’m sure that PFT and other RAIDER haters know that Al Davis passed away in 2011 and the organization is under a complete makeover and 2012 was the first go.

    New owner, GM, head coach, assistants, scouts and an actual corporate structure of accountability with the front office. There is a contemporary “football system” in place now that Al has passed.

    Come up with new material and please do not use the RAIDERS and jaguars in the same sentence.

    The RAIDERS have 50 years of tradition and countless legends that played for the Silver and Black- the jaguars are an expansion team.

    Give me a break Crabtree.

  22. Tannehill did not beat out Moore and Garrard for the starting QB job. Garrard won the competition in training camp, but then hurt his knee. Please get your facts straight.

  23. 90% of the people who bash Tannehill have never even seen him play. For all the ignoramuses who point out how better Russell Wilson was, Every single team in the league had the opportunity to draft him and one did. While he is a very good player he also has a very good supporting cast, ie: good Receivers, RB’s, and OL. Look who Tannehill has to throw to. The OL was supposed to be a strength but obviously wasn’t. A mainly blocking TE in Fasano. Kid needs weapons and he’ll be very good. If you had told me how the season would play out with us starting a rookie with 19 college starts and us still in playoff hunt with 2 weeks left in season I would’ve taken it. BTW (bradford08)………I’ll take him over Sam Bradford any day of the week.

  24. Lets all put the ignoramuses to mute mfinsrule… Tannehill did not have top WR talent like Griffin, Wilson, and Luck…

    3,294 and 12 TDs is looking pretty uplifting once we get some talent similar to those other 3

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