Flacco sheds his dullness label, a little


The Super Bowl victory tour has taken Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco from New Orleans to Orlando to New Jersey to New York City, where he finished a whirlwind day with an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman (which tapes much earlier than 11:30 p.m. ET).

And while Flacco is far closer to Eli Manning than Peyton on the natural charisma spectrum, Flacco showed enough personality to allow him to start cashing in off the field — but not to the extent Flacco will cash in on the field.  More importantly, Flacco continues to prove that, contrary to his father’s opinions, Flacco isn’t dull.

For example, Letterman at one point asked, “Tell me about this guy Ray Lewis.  What’s his deal?”

“Well, half the time I don’t know,” Flacco said, laughing.  “But come Sunday, he has something special.”

Is that something special “deer hoof spray,” as Letterman described it?

“You’d have to ask him about that one, man,” Flacco said.

On slightly meatier subjects, Flacco said he’ll have no concerns having his infant son (and any others he may have) play football.

“No doubt about it,” Flacco said.  “I don’t know if he’ll ever be able to play at the level that we play at.  But football’s a great sport, and it’s the reason why I’m able to live the life I live today and the reason he’s gonna grow up the way he grows up.”

Flacco said the he never has had a concussion; “I haven’t been knocked out, but I’ve been knocked down,” Flacco said.

And brainpower apparently isn’t as important as fans would think.

“An NFL playbook is much easier than people make it out to be,” Flacco said.

“You’re hurting yourself a little in that contract negotiation,” Letterman observed.

It was a funny line, but the proverbial hay is already in the barn.  The only question left is how much Flacco will get paid for it — and whether he’ll have to withhold services in order to get what he wants.

Until then, maybe Flacco can host Saturday Night Live.

[Editor’s note:  Since there was no studio photo of Flacco with Letterman, we opted for a picture of Flacco rubbing the head of Letterman employee “Biff” Henderson.  And, yes, that’s Rich Eisen in the background, possibly remarking to Flacco, “You’re better than that.”]

17 responses to “Flacco sheds his dullness label, a little

  1. The playbook is sometimes easy. It’s the recognition and execution that’s hard. The latter is what gets the big bucks.

    As a Steelers fan, I curse him with a smile on my face, congratulate him on his success and the team’s accomplishment, and wish him well in his negotiations.

  2. I dont think every QB that wins the SB is “elite”. For decades teams and QBs won SB, and we gave credit to the entire team. Now, everytime someone wins, their QB must be considered elite or else they are being “disrespected”.

    There will probably be 8 or 9 QBs that win SB’s over the next decade, and many of them may still not be “elite”.

  3. I remember another QB that was a little dull. Kept the haircut high and tight and didn’t say a whole lot off the field. Never wore the latest fashion during interviews and let his play on the field do most of his talking.

    He did wear something just a little different than some other players and that was high tops.

  4. Thanks to Pittsburgh Steeler fans for acknowledging the success of Flacco. I recognize the talent and capability of Roethlesberger as well. In general, the AFC North is disrespected in the national media. Before the Superbowl Kapernick was already “elite”. As a Ravens fan, I would feel more comfortable playing Kapernick or Brady, than I would Rothlesberger.

  5. “playbook is much easier than people think. All my playbook says is throw it deep and hope it’s so badly underthrown that my receiver is the only one to locate it. The only other play in there is my 4th & 29 checkdown to Rice.”

  6. Though it pains me so, I will refer to this team as the World Champion Ravens, out of respect to the AFCN, and because they earned it.

    Mediocre QB aside.

  7. Heard somewhere during all the pregame stuff that Flacco has never missed a single game at any level (for injury). Pretty amazing. Think it’s the same for Eli too.

  8. I bet the Raven players like Joe being quiet and “dull.” Cause if everyone else flapped their lips non-stop like that old linebacker they’d go nuts. Ear buds must be a necessity in that locker room. I love Lewis as a person and player but his constant chatter would drive me nuts.

  9. crown of the helmet…..how come when ben runs around and chucks it up and on of his receivers makes a play ben is great. but when joe does it he is lucky or mediocre. cant have it both ways. and i am sure ben dreams of having a super bowl perfromance like joe just had. oh…thanks for the congrats

  10. scoobie, I guarantee you never saw a post from me claiming BR is great. Though he is significantly better than Fluko.

    Either way, I’m sure BR doesn’t wish for anything SB related, given his 2 rings and all.

    It’s a happy time for all of us, the World Champion Ravens are excited about locking up Joe long-term. And me too.

  11. A couple of post season wins and a SB win does not make a QB “elite”…remember Trent Dilfer? Flacco is not elite. The Ravens are about to make a terrible mistake, much like philadelphia did with Vick. Flacco has not proved himself. If you have to tell everyone you are elite, then you are not.

  12. You can’t even compare Flacco to Dilfer. If you do, you obviously never seen how bad Dilfer was, or any other ravens quarterback was for that matter before Joe got here.
    They will pay the man, and rightfully so.

  13. flacco hasnt proved himself? what the hell are you talking about? 5 playoffs in 5 years…3 afc title games and a super bowl mvp? 11 tds and 0 ints inthe playoffs? what more do u want?

    and crown….his name is flacco not fluko. his success speaks for itself. but interesting question. right now who would people take. ben or joe? anyone care to weigh in?

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