Giants cut Michael Boley


The Giants are saying goodbye to linebacker Michael Boley.

The Giants announced the move on Tuesday afternoon, and coach Tom Coughlin and General Manager Jerry Reese both praised Boley on his way out the door.

Michael Boley was brought here as a fast, athletic, versatile linebacker,” Coughlin said. “We recognized his special skills were in coverage. He’s a smart player who made some big plays for us. He was an integral part of our Super Bowl XLVI championship team. Michael played outstanding football down the stretch for us that season.”

“Michael came in and learned our defense quickly and he added speed, coupled with big play ability, to our defensive unit,” Reese said. “He also played an important role in helping us win Super Bowl XLVI. I wish him well as he moves forward in his career.”

The move comes as something of a surprise, but maybe it shouldn’t: Boley will turn 31 before the start of the 2013 season, and although he played well early in the year, he lost his spot in the Giants’ starting lineup late in the 2012 season. Boley was also due $4.25 million this year. He’s still good enough to play for some NFL team, but the Giants didn’t think he was good enough to justify his salary.

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  1. As a die hard Giants fan, I don’t get this one. In fact, they basically used boley as a scapegoat last yr by sitting him. He was dinged up, but as he put it “everyone is hurt late in the yr” the giants havent really had any good linebackers in the past ten years. Havent drafted a real stud since jesse armstead. Boley was one of their better and if not the best LB they had. Giants D had tons of holes this yr and one of the biggest culprits were their linebacking core. I guess with 4 mill less, cutting/ renegotiating webster, cutting diehl, osi leaving and potentially restructuring tuck, theyll have some money to sign some guys and revamp.

  2. Solid player who always has a knack for being near the football and making big plays. He definitely slipped a bit this season, but he was a solid player for the Giants the past few seasons.

  3. I liked Boley, he was easily their best LB in 2011. The first actual athletic linebacker they had in a while (Kiwi is a DE). But for $4.5 mil, I guess it was too much. Better to cut one year early than one year too late…

  4. Do you know one of the things the Patriots need? A coverage LB (all of their backers are too big to be coverage guys) who can play special teams.

    Do you know what the Patriots like? Players that play well against them…

    I think we can tell where this is going…

  5. Giants like Jacquian Williams much better as the TE-cover linebacker – he’s much faster and can stay with the new breed of “downfield” TEs. If Osi signs elsewhere, Kiwi moves back to DE. That means the Giants are hoping Williams and Herzlich are ready to step in and start, and Rivers is 4 years younger than Boley.

  6. Boley was a good player for the Giants, but they’re not gonna pay a slowed down 31 year old linebacker 4 mil in a league that has changed since he was signed. You need faster linebackers then you did 5 years ago. Younger, faster and of course cheaper is the way to go.

  7. This is a solid move. Boley is a great WLB if you need speed, but have good physical run stopping MLB and SLBs. The Giants have had waaaayyy to much of a finesse LB corps since Antonio Pierce retired.

    Plus, Jacquian was groomed to be the WLB of the future. This is a smart move. We are $9mil over the salary cap and we haven’t even reached the draft or free agency. People are going to get cut

  8. Hope the Rams take a look as they have a glaring need at OLB. Problem is they have very little cap space to do anything

  9. Also, Boley allowed 550 yards in coverage which is the 5th most amongst 4-3 OLBs this past year. He wasn’t a scapegoat. He played terribly, even when healthy. The fact that he was 3rd on the team in tackles is irrelevant when you consider how many of them were from behind 10 yards past the line of scrimmage. At some point, you have to start developing the youngsters and cutting the elders who aren’t producing.

    This is why the Giants are historically one of the better franchises in the NFL. 4 SBs and the most NFC conference titles in NFL history. We sacrifice now to be stronger tomorrow.

  10. My guess, Boley’s salary was a factor.In addition during the Raven blowout (which was preceeded by Atlanta blowing the Giants out) Boley was laughing and yukking it up on the sidelines while other players were intently trying to stay focused during the beat down. TC and Reese do not like that ” I could care less attitude” So if the benefit of doubt is to be given,Boley aint getting it!!!

  11. Great. Cut the ONLY serviceable LB on that defense. I hope Reese has a plan for the LB corps because if he doesn’t, this move makes ZERO sense.

  12. Didn’t see this coming!!! We get rid of a LB that damn near had more interceptions than some of our DB’s. I don’t agree with this move at… They might wanna start with Cory”Can’t Cover”Webster!!! I think we got all we can outta him! But I guess they gotta start somewhere … Just make sure BOTH Nicks & Cruz is on that roster with long term deals within the next season or two

  13. I don’t have a problem with the move, given their need to get cap space. But — who is going to play linebacker? Love Williams, but he can’t stay healthy. MLBs are dreadfully slow, and Rivers is always hurt. They need a major overhaul at this position. Hopefully, this is only the first move.

  14. It’s called a cap casualty. Boley can still play, but he’s been beat up, is on the wrong side of 30 and in a game with cap restrictions — he was determined to not be worth the cap hit.

    He’ll land a gig somewhere else, and it’s not been ruled out that he may even come back to play for the G-men at a significantly reduced contract.

  15. wish him good luck wherever he goes, i will always remember him for discount double checking rodgers in last year’s playoffs

  16. Good move by the Giants. He has lost a step. Our linebackers have been weak since Pierce and Mitchell left. Blackburn should also go. He was a great story in our run to winning the Super Bowl but he isn’t a difference maker. Herzlich is weak also. Everytime he was on the field I only saw the back of his jersey. He was always chasing down plays because he missed at the point of attack.

    We need a leader on defense at the MLB position.

  17. benroethlisberger7 says: Feb 5, 2013 5:32 PM

    The Giants’ management is crumbling. They are headed back to irrelevancy.

    You mean where the Steelers currently reside?

  18. a little surprising a a giants fan.. he was always a fan favorite even if he wasnt the most popular. but giants have alot of work 2 do and alot of underachieving high paid players to cut and restructure so this is just 1 of many moves to come for NYG… giants prob for the last 5-6 years is LB and we dont even touch LB til 3rd or 4th round..but i never complain bec Jerry reese always come through with a homerun at w.e position hes picking.

    on the list for restructure or cut
    webster (if his legs are ash yet frmo getting burned all year long)

    few others plus we need to sign cruz and nicks

  19. again – very few people on here understand the game. they play video games. they never played the game. boley does not fit into a tampa 2 defense, for starters. then there is the fact he is small. he can’t physically beat many people in the nfl. his game was always speed. he has lost a step. which means he cannot cover and is late rushing the passer.

    people. please. go watch dancing with the stars and get your metrosexual piercings. then go back to mommy’s basement. the grownups on this site are trying to discuss.

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