Goldson wants no part of a second franchise tag


The numbers might look big, but no NFL player wants the franchise tag.

Dashon Goldson especially doesn’t want it for a second straight year, as the 49ers safety said Tuesday he’s done enough he shouldn’t be kept away from a long-term deal.

“I felt that they wanted me to prove myself, and I think I did just that,” Goldson said, via Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee. “So if I was in the position again with the franchise tag, I’d be very surprised.”

Goldson had another good season while playing under the one-year, $6.2 million tag, and it would cost them $7.45 million to use it again this year. But he clearly would prefer the security a longer deal would provide.

The 49ers have given linebackers Patrick Willis, Ahmad Brooks and NaVorro Bowman long-term deals, and Goldson said they gave him a “heads up” before those deals were finalized.

“I think that guys that got deals done were deserving,” Goldson said. “It was a little, like, ‘Wow. Ok.’ But I had to stay focused on what was more important, and that was the team and getting to the Super Bowl.”

But now that the football part has been taken care of, it’s time for business.

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  1. Keep your demands outta the clouds and you’ll get it. Demand to be the highest paid safety in the league then well we know where the 49ers 1st or 2nd pick is going

  2. I’ve always been skeptical on the Niners front office and theyve done a great job, but if they don’t sign Goldson to a new deal they will regret it. Get a deal done!

  3. Why do guys insist on getting a long term deal when no deal they sign is guaranteed. A second franchise tag would guarantee that 7.45 mil. It would be like he signed a two year 13 million dollar contract. A long term deal could have you ended up being cut after 2 years, with just your guaranteed money owed to you

  4. As long as he doesn’t make a scene, the niners will reward him.

    They won’t pay him 10milllion+ per year that’s for sure. Patrick Willis only?!?!? got 5 year/50 million extension about 2 years ago.

    Goldson can probably expect a 3-4 year deal in the range of 5.5 to 6.5 million per year with about half of it guaranteed with maybe some incentives thrown in to possibly bump it up to the 6-7 million per year range.

  5. I’d like to see him in SF long-term, but the Niners need a corner, D-line depth and another Nose tackle since Sopoaga’s days in SF are likely done. You can find a serviceable safety in FA at a lower rate than the other key positions.

  6. They have done an excellent job in builfing this team –almost unbelievable—want some contrast? look at their pathetic competion across the bay —

  7. Mr. Goldson, we would welcome you with open arms here in Denver. Mike Adams needs to go, and we all know who Rahim Moore is now (whether the reason he is known now is how he wanted to be known). We have cap room, and would love seeing you flying around the field laying some wood.

  8. He’s a run support safety that commonly gets burned on deep routes. Let someone else screw up their salary cap and give him the big payday.

  9. He’ll be franchised again, probably. Why wouldn’t they franchise him? If they didn’t want to give him the long term deal he wants last offseason, they won’t this offseason either.

  10. gibbyfan says:Feb 5, 2013 2:49 PM

    They have done an excellent job in builfing this team –almost unbelievable—want some contrast? look at their pathetic competion across the bay –

    shouldnt you be licking your wounds from that beatdown on sunday, dont worry about what we are doing, run your own race, and maybe………….maybe next time youll win if you stop focusing on everybody elses frontyard.

  11. Look for the Browns to go after either Goldson or Byrd, if they don’t get tagged. If the Cleveland Browns draft Milliner from Bama, and sign one of those safeties, their secondary would be insane.

  12. I have no sympathy for someone crying about making over 7 million a year.

    That’s 140 times what someone making 50k a year gets for a single year’s compensation, or about 3 lifetimes worth of work for most people if they have a decent salary.

    No sympathy at all.

  13. Hey Ern –Actually I am not a 49er fan –Just appreciate greatness when I see it. You can only really appreciate the mountaintop when you have see the valley—i.e. the inabilty of their neighbors to get anything right —Also I wouldnt call that game a beatdown by any means–a beatdown would be more like what has happened to the Riders over the past decade —

  14. Congrats 49ers! You lost the Superbowl and now all of your players will demand higher salaries!

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