Gronkowski gets some heat in New England for partying in Las Vegas

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For the second consecutive year, Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is getting some criticism for a post-Super Bowl party.

Last year, the criticism was that Gronkowski’s post-Super Bowl partying called into question how much he cared about the fact that his team had just lost. This year, there’s criticism coming from Karen Guregian of the Boston Herald about a TMZ video showing Gronkowski dancing shirtless in a Las Vegas club and playfully wrestling with a friend.

The headline atop the Herald‘s sports page is, “Grow Up, Gronk,” and Guregian’s column rips Gronkowski for showing insufficient commitment.

“Gronkowski was using his recently re-repaired broken left forearm to help hoist his friend up and over. According to a source close to Gronk, he didn’t appear to do any more harm to the forearm, which was in a long black cast,” Guregian writes. “But you still have to sit back and wonder what he was thinking. He probably wasn’t thinking about minicamp in June, or training camp in July. Because taking a chance with that arm and yet another setback puts him at risk for getting back with his team in time for those camps.”

I agree with Guregian that Gronkowski probably wasn’t thinking about minicamp in June while he was at a Vegas party in February, but I disagree that that’s a reflection of Gronkowski’s commitment to winning. During the offseason, players get time off. As long as he’s not breaking any laws or violating the terms of his contract, Gronkowski is free to do what he wants in the offseason.

Gronkowski is a 23-year-old guy who likes to go out and have a good time. His shirtless dancing may look silly to those of us who are too old to party at a Vegas nightclub into the wee hours of the morning, but he didn’t hurt anyone and he didn’t hurt himself, and therefore he doesn’t deserve any criticism for the way he lives his personal life.

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  1. The Gronk only cares about three things, Slamming Brews, Scoring TD’s, and dancing shirtless. If the rest of the country followed his lead, we’d be much better off.

  2. So, what? The Herald expects him to do nothing but sit on his couch and watch the Super Bowl? Give me a break.

    It’s the offseason, he’s 23 years old…let the kid have a life outside of football.

  3. *****BREAKING NEWS*****

    Rob Gronkowski of the New England Patriots and past the legal drinking age in Nevada…was seen drinking a beer.

    This is a BREAKING NEWS story and we will update as details emerge.

  4. Aren’t these guys entitled to some down time? Maybe he’d be better off in a place like Philly where the media never criticizes players or coaches.

  5. Who cares? I don’t even like Gronk and the Pats but I find myself obligated to defend the guy here… As a 23 year old myself I understand the desire to party it up. What he does in his personal life outside of football is his business. Guregian needs to lay off.. She’s naive if she thinks he is the only player capable of doing stuff like this. He should prob try to avoid the camera though when he’s out and about.

  6. Tell Ya What if Y’all don’t want him in New England! We’ll take him in ATLANTA! And I’ll be his HOST at the SHOE SHOW(do da math) and make it rain! Just show up on the field and stay out of jail is all that matters. He a 23 yr old stud TE; not the QB or a choir boy.

  7. I agree can’t stand the pats wouldn’t bother me if gronk Brady and Welker Broke there arm. But the Media up here ripping a 23 year old guy for going to Vegas in the offseason is just sensationalism trying to sell papers. She is a crappy writer anyways!

  8. Karen Guregian needs to mind her own damn business. Maybe someone should follow her around during her free time and criticize her apparent lack of commitment to journalism when she does a crossword puzzle.

  9. He was partying at Gasperilla in Tampa the week before…so what? He is young, single, and rich. Why don’t they live the kid alone? He has never been arrested. Life is too short to worry about silly stuff like this. Mind your own business.

  10. Gronk is a multi-million dollar investment for the NE Patriots. Gronk is also unable to stay on the field during critical times of the year because of injuries like broken bones. Wrestling in Las Vegas on a twice broken arm while it’s still in the cast?? You can bet a veteran teammate or 2 will have a chat with him about his lack of maturity.

  11. Gronk belongs in the same pile as Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, and all other media “trollops”

  12. Why does everyone have to give him so much sh*t for partying? The season is over, he was injured yes but I doubt he will re-break his forearm drinking and dancing in Vegas, unless he really gets crazy. Let the guy have some fun while he is young and stop making a big deal over nothing.

  13. Totally agree, the “Day without an arrest” is still showing “7 days”. As long as he doesn’t hurt his arm again, at least he is not acting like some other players…

  14. I agree Mike! People who criticize Gronk and others having fun are the ones with the issues. Those people aren’t as comfortable in their skin and don’t have the courage to have fun and pursue happiness. Football is just a game. Everything else is life. So live it! Let’s party. Geaux Saints!

  15. I may agree he can do what he wants but what’s the deal with taking off his shirt? That’s just weird.

  16. Normally I would agree with your point that his free time is his free time, but this one is a little different.

    The Pats re-did his rookie deal early, and made him the highest paid TE in football. They never do this and that showed a massive commitment on their part. He has now been injured for 2 consecutive post season runs.

    Taking that big deal comes with responsibilities. The day he signed that deal, he stopped getting the benefit of the doubt of being a 23 year old that likes to party.

  17. Enjoy every minute of it Gronk… forget these haters… Life goes by fast until one day you wake up married with a couple of kids & think… I’ve been neutered.

  18. Insufficient commitment!!!!!!!!!!

    The dude has 38 touchdowns in 38 games started and arguably had the best season ever for a tight end in 2011.

    Just another journalist in Boston trying to get a rise out of people.

  19. Totally agree. He can do whatever he wants to do in the offseason. If he ends of hurting himself or doing something stupid, then he won’t be playing football. It’s up to him, not the Patriots or some fat columnist

  20. That’s the way it goes with the New England sports media…”build ’em up then tear ’em down.” They suck. Borges and Shaughnessy are two of the worst.

  21. please, Ray Lewis possibly was involved in a double homicide and the city of Baltimore, ESPN, and the Commish Goodell loves him…if Gronk goes out and catches 25 TD’s again next year everyone will still be drooling all over him, this writer needs to find something better to write about, oh wait this is what journalism has become now…

  22. Whether he did anything wrong isn’t the point. IMO, he is exhibiting poor judgement. Really, if this guy is that clueless when it comes to how he looks partying after injury, then for his sake I hope he doesn’t get injured again. He didn’t get the message from his SB partying last year. If he did, then this wouldn’t have come up again.

    Of course, I do expect him to get injured again and miss time. He has already been injured in back to back seasons. Twice this past season. I will be shocked if he makes it through the upcoming season healthy.

    You can do stupid things and get away with it when you are a superstar. But once you become more noted for your injuries than play on the field, you won’t be able to get away with anything.

  23. Seriously? I thought the whole point if being 23 and rich and being off season was to have fun. This reporter from the Herald needs to take a chill pill. He’s performed on the field. Phenomenally I might add. What he does off it is nobody’s business long as he doesn’t break the law.

  24. I’m sure the writer didn’t drink a single beer throughout his time in college and was perfectly serious every minute. Good grief, if I were 23-years-old again and looked like that, I’d NEVER wear a shirt and would party MORE than Gronk. Why has it become a crime to be a normal, red-blooded American male? Journalists are idiots.

  25. Why does Gronk need to grow up? The guy is just having fun and blowing off steam.

    He’s a 23 year old guy having fun, and there has never been an issue with him having too much fun, and then making a dumb decision, which a lot of older guys in the NFL have done. I am talking about you Mr. Ratliff.

    The best was last year, former Patriots were like, “I have a Problem with the way Gronkowski was partying after a Super Bowl loss, and I would have said something to him.”

    Ah no, you wouldn’t have, because he would have knocked your block off.

    Gronk actually represents what is right with the younger crop of players. Work Hard, and have fun.

  26. These players don’t care. It’s just a job to him. Ryan. Clark is the same way. They simply don’t care like the fans do. Fans don’t like it at all. We are emotionally invested. These guys just leave it on the field. Off the field they are free to live their life! I learned that a long time ago. We need to stop acting like these guys are machines and not regular people!

  27. Of course he was out drinking, look at the picture, he had his left arm amputated! I guess that’s one way to stop it breaking

  28. Maybe they should be giving heat to the rest of the roster that was too good to show up for the Pro Bowl. Listing Tom Brady as injured? C’mon man!

  29. and how many other people in the great country of the US of A was also out partying on Sunday? Before, during AND after the super bowl? for crying out loud, he’s human and enjoys a good time. just him be.

  30. So he is meant to wonder around for the next 6 months moping because the pats didn’t get to the Super Bowel. Players need to forget losses and move on otherwise they would be walking basket cases. Good for him

  31. OMG he is 23, single we all wish we could be doing this. Oh and its not like he was stealing signals, or filming other teams practices–let him enjoy himself

  32. he’s a kid. He is suppose to be doing this. The writers that have nothing better to write about need to grow up

  33. the only thing dumber that Gronk bodyslamming his friends with a broken arm or dancing with a bad ankle would be if his coach used him as a blocker for extra points……oh, wait……………….

  34. His shirtless dancing may look silly to those of us who are too old to party at a Vegas nightclub into the wee hours of the morning, but he didn’t hurt anyone and he didn’t hurt himself, and therefore he doesn’t deserve any criticism for the way he lives his personal life.
    I disagree. Be professional. It’s all about perception. Whether or not Gronk actually cares more about partying than rehabbing or the team, this makes it LOOK like he cares more about partying.

    For some reason fans of Gronk defend this guy to the death, but if this were someone else (say, Tony Romo) he would be getting slaughtered for not being in the film room day and night studying and prepping for the next season.

  35. it’s a good thing i didn’t have cameras following me around at age 23. would have made gronk look like a boy scout. people that are mad about this must have absolutely nothing going on in their own lives to worry about.

  36. The herald is one of the least credible collection of hacks in the country. No one from New England cares what they have to say.

    Gronk has every right to enjoy the off season and because someone at that pathetic excuse for a news organization has a stick up their butt about it is meaningless.

    Rob enjoy Vegas and have a great time !

  37. I’m so over these sanctimonious nerds that cover sports. Seriously, the kid is the best TE in football and he’s clearly putting time in in the weight room.

  38. I didn’t care about the Superbowl Dancing, and I definitely didn’t care about the porn star thing, but until that arm has healed, he has a responsibility to the Patriots organziation, and Pats fans everywhere to be responsible, and no re-injure it. They’ve invested in him as a key part of the team’s strategy for a long time. He does need to treat that commitment with respect, and not slam dance with a broken arm.

    Beyond that, yeah, do whatever you want, have a blast, and enjoy being a rich young guy in Vegas.

    I somehow don’t think the sit down he is going to have with Kraft and BB is going to go this way though.

  39. The problem is he’s a 23 year old millionaire and is a role model, by default. He needs to figure that out and make better choices.

  40. If Gronk starts thinking about being careful off the football field than he might start thinking about being careful on the football field as well. Gronk is awesome because he is dumb and fearless, I don’t think Patriot fans really want that to change..

  41. I’m with George S. Patton – “I wouldn’t give a hoot in hell for a man who lost and laughed.”

  42. Really, what is this guy supposed to do sit around the house and feel bad because the Pats lost. Go out and enjoy your life, Karen sure the hell isn’t enjoying hers.

  43. To even publish his article is absurd. It is the off season and Gronkowski is entitled to his down time. He is 23 years old and likes to have a good time, there is nothing wrong with that. The odds of him doing anything to his forearm when it is in a solid cast is negligible at best and it is a monumental stretch to see this as putting anything at risk. This sports writer Guregian needs to “grow up” herself and stop worrying about ridiculous things like this. Gronkowski was not doing anything illegal, against his contract, or anything that is going to have any impact on his ability to be in minicamp over four months from now in June. I do not see his having a little fun in February as having anything what-so-ever to do with his commitment to playing football. If this is the only thing, or is the most important thing this sports writer can find to write about maybe she needs to find a new career.

  44. Karen Guregian of the Boston Herald is the worst. In fact all of Boston’s once great sports media is just awful now.

    She just can’t wait for Baseball season again so she can defend various reasons of why the Red Sox are horrible.

  45. His shirtless dancing may look silly… but he didn’t hurt anyone and he didn’t hurt himself, and therefore he doesn’t deserve any criticism for the way he lives his personal life.
    This is a classic example of focusing on the result of an action instead of the action itself. So, because he didn’t hurt his recently broken arm foolishly lifting his friend up and over, then it is OK to behave like this? But what if he did hurt his arm? What if something random happened like while he was jumping around someone spilled a beer and he slipped on it and reinjured his arm? If that happened, you and everyone else would be crushing this guy for being so dumb. When the fact of the matter is, he is dumb for putting himself in that scenario in the first place given how much he is being paid and how much responsibility he has to the organization paying him.

  46. he’s the next ovechkin whose numbers plummet after 25. can’t maintain that level of play while partying so much. you can book it.

  47. The writer for the Boston Herald is just a wanna be Bellichick. But even he understands that players have free time and can do what they want, as long as its not reckless or against the law. The reporter is a chump, and she isn’t even 1/5 of Bellichick.

  48. You’re only young once. Let the dude be young and have fun. He’s still a great player with a great future ahead of him.

    I really wish people would get off his back.

  49. Maybe fans of other teams have lower standards. As a Pats and Gronk fan, it’s time for him to show better judgement and behave like a Patriot.

  50. So if a 23 year old guy has some fun in February that means he’s not committed to winning in September. Come on! What are these guys supposed to be robots 365 days a year? By far the dumbest commentary I’ve heard in a long time.

  51. This isn’t a story except that he has a recurring broken bone injury. That is kind of dumb and reckless on his part. They should have him speak to Father Ray..Ray would reset his priorities. Oh shoot…Ray retired and has ascended into Heaven.

  52. Its not his partying thats the problem, its him body slamming his brother on an arm that he just had surgery on. I love watching this guy rip it up on and off the field, just let the arm heal man.

  53. As a die hard Pat’s fan still in mourning, I find the atttention this has received is just plain silly! He’s a 23 year old stud! As long as he’s not doing anything illegal, drugs, date rape or driving himself home after these party nights, who cares! Seems to me I spent many nights in clubs when I was 23. Didn’t mean I didn’t get up and go to work and make a living. I’m sure he’s making sure he’s staying in shape and following his rehab program. Go Gronk – enjoy life!

  54. What Gronk does with his downtime is his business, so long as he doesn’t hurt himself and doesn’t get arrested for a felony. The only people who get a vote of any kind are Bob Kraft, Bill Belichick, his OC (maybe), his position coach (maybe), his parents (maybe), and himself.

    I think that’s what ticks off the Karen Guregians of the media. They want to be the decision-makers, they want to be able to order people around, and they can’t. She comes off as one of those people who can’t build up, so she does her best (such as it is) to tear down.

  55. People get on his back because he behaves like an idiot. He shouldn’t be arm wrestling anyone with his broken arm, he dumped the Patriots with the injury This isn’t the first time, he’s been stupid, last year was no different. Enjoy time off but at least be sensible.

  56. Love me some Gronk, but he should keep his shirt on, his mouth shut, and stay out of the public eye. Every other Patriot does it, why shouldn’t he?

  57. what a stupid remark coming from karen. dosan’t she ever go dancing?
    i think it is you karen that needs to grow up!

  58. I don’t think it has to do with him drinking or partying. The issue is being 3-4 weeks out from having surgery on the same arm and the same injury that kept him out for the latter half of the season. That is just common sense to not put the arm in jeopardy again for further injury while it heals. I am a pats fan and love Gronk as a player but he is such a bonehead. When you have that much money and hopes invested in a player like that the Pats organization has every right to be upset. This woman is just writing an article and I think she went off track with the point. Partying and being young no big deal, being a dope and not using your head is another story.

  59. It is time to rein-in and ignore and then castigate the Liberal PC police who wants to second guess and run everyone’s life for them.

    Come on football fans, its time for us level headed folks to tell these little despicable Hitlers to take a flying leap at rolling donuts as these little Hitlers are the ones who never have done anything on the field of play and stil can do nothing in their puny little lives and these little Hitlers are trying to tell those that do all of the heavy lifting what to do with their private lives.

    It time for us to stomp on these little Hitlers!

  60. No he wasn’t thinking about training camp just I don’t think about my job when I am on vacation. People need to stop peering into other lives and live you their own.

  61. I bet the majority of people criticizing him didn’t get laid until they paid a hooker or age 30. If you were too fat to have fun at age 23 your obviously a whale now.

    Coming from someone who hates Gronk to death

  62. Injury last year, injury this year. Injury next year and that’s a trend. He’s about one more injury away from looking at as a nice sideshow to have but not a part that can be built around. That process sort of started last year with the parade of te’s the pats brought in during the off-season. If the resign Welker, that too can be seen as a sign of concern about his (and Hernandez’s) reliability.

    I’m ok with him doing anything up to using an arm (or anything else) that’s in a sling. Maybe chill with using it until it’s actually better and as for his focus on nutrition and proper conditioning, he’s still a couple of years away from really needing to worry about those things but once he gets past age 25, he’ll have to start to and, if he wants to play past 30, he’ll have to be obsessive about those things like most NFL players those ages are. Based on what we’ve seen so far, I am not sure if he can do those things or not. Some players can, some can’t

  63. I wonder that writer would have done if someone had given her 53 million dollars when she was 23 years old. Oh, and 6 months off.

    These holier than thou hypocrites crack me up.

  64. There is nothing wrong with Gronk going out to clubs partying and drinking, but acting like a punk is inexcuseable, so what if he is only 23 he is a grown man, act like one, not a kid who is still in college. Bottomline is he is getting paid really well by the Pats to take care of himself and get his butt back on the field healthy. What he did by slaming his buddy with his repaired arm was stupid period and you people sticking up for him are blind and just as stupid!

  65. Let the guy have fun, he’s 23 and rich, what do you expect? I’m just curious as to when he will come out of the closet, not that I would have a problem with it, but he’s made it plainly obvious that he’s gay. Like I said I wouldn’t have a problem with it, but he needs to just admit it, if he is going to make it so obvious.

  66. Part of rehab is good diet and life style. What are the odds that he misses games again this season?

  67. @ gochargersgo & sterilizecromartie and a couple others,

    You guys clearly got the point. It’s weird, most Pats posts have a lot of posters making their uninformed comments, but it’s usually to blast the Pats. This time, it’s blasting anyone who is concerned with a guy they just gave a huge contract to doing things that may reinjure an arm he JUST had a second surgery on. SMH

    The point is, very few of us care that he’s out partying and having fun on his free time. Good for him. He doesn’t have to sit around at home staring at the walls, no one thinks that. Heck I defended him for dancing after the SB loss on that hurt ankle because merely dancing wasn’t going to make it worse AND the man played in that game and gave it his all clearly at far less than 100%. Had he not played and then danced, it would have been a different story in my book.

    The whole point to me is he used bad judgment that could endanger his employment availability that he just got handsomely rewarded for. If you want to bro-lift people Gronk, why not wait until you are healed? That’s all.

  68. This guy appears to be becoming a “big problem”. The pats should definatly cut ties with him. My fins could give you like a second for him. That seems fair considering his “disturbing behavior”.

  69. Meanwhile Aaron Hernandez… the guy who dropped to round 4 due to character issues … just leased a condo close to Brady so he can workout with him in the off season.

    Go figure. #maturity

  70. Who cares? It’s the off-season. Lifting people above his head is probably part of his rehab, so maybe he was training for the next season.

    The Herald should be right next to “Us” and “The Enquirer” on your grocery rack, at this point.

  71. I didn’t catch that the columnist is female. That explains everything….because there is nothing on earth a woman hates more than a happy man.

    Gronk, if you ever think of marriage, remember this column. That could be your LIFE. Hold out like Kraft was offering you a one-year deal with no guarantees!

  72. I hear people say that is who he is and what got him to where he is. The bottom line is think of what he could do if he was like Tom Brady. Brady is obsessedwith getting better. Gronk has natural gifts and talent, so it is okay for him take millions and be a party animal?!

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