Huge turnout in Baltimore for Ravens’ victory parade


Baltimore is turning out in force to support the Super Bowl champion Ravens today.

The victorious Ravens are parading through Baltimore and making their way to a rally at M&T Bank Stadium, and the huge crowd seems so enthusiastic that the parade organizers may have been overwhelmed: Local TV station WJZ showed fans climbing over the barriers and onto the parade route to get near Ray Lewis. (When WJZ’s reporter on the scene attempted to reach Lewis to get a word from him, the police told him to get back.) The time of the rally was pushed back 30 minutes to give everyone more time to get through the crowd.

Players, coaches and team officials are riding military trucks on the parade route, and WJZ reported that there were concerns about fans going onto the parade route, with one reporter pointing out, “These military trucks are enormous and they would crush somebody.” Another WJZ reporter mentioned that the turnout seems more enthusiastic than when the Pope visited Baltimore.

At the outset of the parade, Lewis addressed the cheering crowd, saying, “Baltimore, I love you forever.” The feeling is obviously mutual.

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  1. Celebrate it to the maximum, Baltimore. You deserve to party. Your team had one heck of a run. This feeling doesn’t happen very often, and you never know when it’ll happen again.


    Steelers fan

  2. I got to experience a championship parade in ’07 when the Colts won and it was awesome, hope Baltimore fans have a great time today.

  3. They must all be there to thank Ray Ray for retiring after his performance in the Super Bowl. Was he wearing his white suit?

  4. hate on jealous haters. ravens won the superbowl and now we are celebrating. great time to be in baltimore. all of you jealous haters are welcome to join in and see how a class winning team does it. go ravens!!

  5. Congrats to the Ravens!!! The 9’ers were lucky the lights went out…..imo the Rat birds were on the verge of laying a major azz-whooping on the left coasters!

    Ray-Ray………just go away!

  6. And Tagliabue didnt want to give this town a football team (Jacksonville over B’more???)…its pandemonium down here !!

  7. I know the franchise has basically been successful since inception, but for such a young franchise the Ravens do have a lot of dedicated fans. They seemed to own the Superdome this past Sunday and turnout is strong today.

  8. I’m a Pats fan living right outside of Baltimore, and as much as I hate the Ravens, I have to admit they have a great fan base

  9. Thanks Florio and the rest of the media!

    Without your accusations and story creating, the Ravens wouldn’t have had so much ammo!


  10. Congratulations, Ravens, from your Redskins fan neighbors to the south. Well done and good job.

  11. Man, it’s just football. Sorry. Chris Kyle’s death within the past few days is putting the NFL into perspective. Who are our “heros” anyway? Take a closer look.

  12. I was there in the stadium and it was awesome! Best fans in the NFL. World Champions – Baltimore Ravens!

  13. Congrats Ravens fans. I gotta say, the east coast shows up to support.
    One thing I’ve learned this past month is that west coasters simply do not gather for support of anything.

    I understand now why everyone says that an L.A. team will never flourish.

  14. M&T Bank Stadium (71,000) full and another 5,000 on the stadium field. Cops turning away another 20,000 outside. Almost 100,000 people downtown for a victory celebration.

    Proud day to be a Ravens fan.

  15. What an awesome outpouring of love in both directions- from fans to Ravens and from the Ravens to fans. Amazing energy! They could have lit up all of New Orleans with the energy generated today in downtown B-more!

    Seeing 100,000 people all jumping together chanting the Seven Nation Army was as much fun as anyone could imagine!

    What a load of sour grapes! Many of us took off from good jobs! We love our Ravens and were showed it today!

    You wish you had someone like Ray on your sorry losing team. He is a great leader and we are proud to call him ours!

    Purple Passion!


  16. Enjoy the day the feeling is awesome and very rare. Today you can be chumps about being champs. Tomorrow you have to show the class of a champ. Celebrate you earned it.

  17. Went to M&T Bank today to celebrate the SuperBowl. I missed the 2000 parade, I wasn’t going to miss this one. Lord knows they don’t come that often. Lived around BMore my whole life and I have never seen an event like this. Absolutely amazing experience. People were even nice to each each other. Smiling, holding doors, etc… (another amazing experience in the city)

  18. Even though we have our Beltway rivalry, i’m happy for the Ravens and their fans. Now only if the Orioles could win a championship this year that would be great…It’s hard being a Redskins and Orioles

  19. Ravens!!! I love my city, our fans and our team!!! Great stadium and one of the best front offices around!!! Thanks to all the people who cheer other teams giving is the congrats you are classy!!! Good luck to your teams in 2013!!! Football is awesome!!!

  20. Most positive and classy I’ve ever seen this board. I won’t ruin it. Great season to all and what a day and season to be a Ravens fan. Today was historic and just a great experience!!! Go Ravens!

  21. Baltimore County Fire Chief Kevin Cartwright said preliminary assessments reflect that at least 200,000 fans showed up at City Hall, War Memorial Plaza and filled the streets along the parade route from Holiday Street to Commerce Street to Pratt Street and ending at its destination at M&T Bank Stadium.

    Thousands of fans were not permitted to enter the stadium after officials said it reached safe capacity by 10 a.m. — nearly 90,000 people in the stands and on the field.

  22. The city of Baltimore has some of the greatest ever in the history of the game. They used to make sure all games for the Baltimore Colts were at 2:00 or shortly after so everyone was home from church by then.

    They deserved this Super Bowl and my best friend is one of them. Congrats. Ya’ll are WORLD CHAMPIONS! 🙂

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