If NFL doesn’t put on a halftime show, someone else will

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Regardless of the potential for rain, snow, sleet, and/or a plague of locusts, the NFL will have a halftime show at Super Bowl XLVIII.

It’ll happen for one very good reason.  If the NFL doesn’t do a halftime show, someone else will.  And it will be televised on a network other than FOX, which is next up in the three-channel Super Bowl rotation.

That’s precisely why the Super Bowl halftime became an extravaganza.  In 1992, FOX (coincidentally) televised a live edition of In Living Color.  (The entire show is on YouTube.)  And the reality of alternative programming forced the NFL to find ways to hold the audience during intermission.

As a result, the very next Super Bowl on NBC had a halftime show featuring Michael Jackson, 11 years before his sister put on a different kind of show.

So, basically, if there’s no halftime show next year, NBC could unleash a special halftime edition of Saturday Night Live, or something.

So, basically, maybe as an NBC property we should be rooting for no halftime show during Super Bowl XLVIII.

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  1. I don’t think that this applies anymore. In living color was effective back in the day, but that was before the half time show was a big deal. Now that the half time show is a big deal, I can’t see why anyone would flip the channel if it wasn’t on, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see less people watching the game as a result.

  2. I guess we can assume that whoever does the halftime show next year will be wearing a lot of clothing. Sorry, Lady Gaga.

  3. So what? Do you know what not having a rock concert at half time let you do? You can have a normal length halftime – 12 minutes. That’s not enough time to switch over to fancy light shows and synchronized skank dancing. And you know the people who would change the channel? People that don’t watch NFL anyway. The circus needs to end. The NFL takes a 30 minute power failure serious enough to start a grand inquisition, but confirms commitment to 35 minute halftime shows. Unbelievable.

  4. There has to be at least a tacit agreement between the 3 rotating networks that they don’t “snipe” the halftime show by putting a competitor.

    I wonder what will happen when channels on the outside looking in decide to take a shot. Anyone remember the lingerie bowl a few years back that was on pay-per-view?

  5. Why not stage the halftime show at a different location, broadcast it during halftime, and not have to delay the game for 30 minutes rather than the usual 12 minutes? That way you don’t have to set everything up and tear it back down.

  6. I remember that In Living Color broadcast. That was some truly funny stuff. But, we all know there is no way Blaine and Antoine would be allowed on TV now because they just might offend someone (and make us laugh)

  7. Nothing is stopping any network from doing that. It’s not like the halftime shows have been must-see tv anyway. Much ado about nothing… Again

  8. This is such a dumb subject. Every four years at a location with worse weather conditions than NYC on 2/3/2014, the Winter Olympics manage to have an opening ceremony extravaganza with all the bells and whistles.

  9. Even if you don’t like it (I don’t), you can’t deny it helps to make the Super Bowl the spectacle that it is. The half-time show has helped turn it int

    You can dislike it, but still respect the appeal it possesses to those who might not be that interested in football anyways.

  10. It’s interesting… if it’s a band that plays, there’s no controversy. Sure, they might range in excitement, energy, and quality from group to group. But the bands, in general, put on a good show from year-to-year. And it doesn’t even have to be a rock band. Prince killed it a few years ago when he was the halftime act. If it’s performers (singers and dancers), there’s almost always a controversy – be it nipplegate, Beyoncegate, or just a general lack of talent/entertainment-gate.

  11. This year’s show didn’t do anything for me or my family. I noticed from the start, Beyonce’s vocal was over-compressed and ‘dark’ sounding. No clarity and kept dropping out. Compared to Bruce or U-2, this was a joke.

    The issue with R&B ‘canned music’ is that the producers of the tracks never understand that TV can’t reproduce 20-40hz sub bass, so it compresses down the entire mix, trying to do something with the bass, and sucks away the vocals.

    I have no idea what it sounded like in the venue, where they hang a touring sound system, but in TV land, it was not good.

    I want the half-time tradition to continue as it keeps my family involved in something I like. Bon Jovi works for me for next year.


  12. Who cares!!! Before the blackout Beyoncé stole the evening!!!

    She looked hot!!! She looked sexy And they should have called it a night!!!

  13. 12strikes says: Feb 5, 2013 2:19 PM

    WOW 3 days into the off season, and 5 stories about a 15 minute show that is 362 days away. It is going to be a LONG off season

    Actually its not even been 48 hours.

    Teams are still reviewing their roster, getting looking forward to the draft, and FA class.

    So chill out dude.

  14. Just please NFL, for the love of god. Don’t drag out fat Billy Joel and have him sing “New York State of Mind”. Please.

  15. I was at the Superdome to cheer on my Ravens.

    The show was not much more than garbled noise…not sure how it came across on TV.

    All I was thining was, “Let’s get this over with so the Ravens can get back to smacking the Niners around”.

  16. Why don’t they just play 15 minutes straight of the past season’s highlights? No interruption from talking heads…just highlights. Who wouldn’t be down for that?

  17. yeah get rid of it; it’s worse than the Pro Bowl.
    Or maybe we could have the ProBowl at halftime. LOL

  18. njamtf says: Feb 5, 2013 3:14 PM

    Why don’t they just play 15 minutes straight of the past season’s highlights? No interruption from talking heads…just highlights. Who wouldn’t be down for that?


    Even better – 15 minutes of bloopers from the past season. Hilarity ensues.

  19. justintuckrule says:
    Feb 5, 2013 3:12 PM
    Easy fix….get Metallica or AC/DC in there to rock that place off its foundation.

    Therein lies one of the issues with the halftime selections the NFL makes. Seems every three years they choose a “rock” band that plays their music and sounds basically like their CDs. The other years, the NFL chooses acts whose “talents” are done with mixing boards, etc and are shocked when they suck live.

  20. We are just tired of this bubblegum music.
    I thought Madonna was bad but Beyonce was just as lame. All that said how about Charlie Daniels or Van Halen, Anybody that has actual musical talent.

  21. All I know is I sat in a house with 13 women watching the SuperBowl. Funny enough, they all don’t really watch football but they HAD to see the halftime show.

    I love football as do millions in the country. But the reason the Superbowl is an EVENT is the halftime show.

  22. If there was a co-broadcast of SNL or Living Color I’d switch to that even if there was a halftime show since most halftime shows are terrible compared to real concerts.

  23. bartlettruss says:
    Feb 5, 2013 4:01 PM
    BTW… the constant references to there being a blizzard next year are off-base. It was in the 40s in New York this past Sunday.

    First of all, no it wasn’t. Temperature at game time was 27 with a wind chill of 15.

    Secondly, I don’t think anyone has made the argument that it snows in NJ every single Sunday of the entire winter.

    I think the point is that it does snow, or freezing rain enough in NJ in the winter that you are taking a considerable risk, considering what a traffic nightmare it is between Manhattan and NJ on a NORMAL weather day.

  24. Well, after watching Beyonce and her cohorts prancing around in a sexually suggestive manner on stage half-naked, how much different would it be for the NFL could take their cameras to the local strip joint?

    Heck, they could even have the dancers lip sync to some music. It’d be hard to tell the difference between the show on Sunday.

  25. My favorite one was MTV airing a new episode of Beavis and Butthead one year….I’d say 1994 but can’t be certain.

  26. From an old fart, I really miss the marching bands. 3 or 4 could put on a great show without all the stage prep delays and foolishness.

  27. The networks be damned, go back to a 15 minute halftime with no special entertainment!!!

    And while I’m on a roll, the game should go back to a 3p.m. Eastern start!!!

  28. The halftime show would be so much better if it was more like the Olympic ceremonies. I might actually watch it. The problem with having one particular artist perform is that you’re probably not appealing to at least half of the people watching. And remember.. these are fans of FOOTBALL. How many of them do you suppose are big Beyonce fans?

    What they SHOULD do – put on a show like the Ohio State marching band did on 10/6/12 (vs. Nebraska). Find the video if you haven’t seen it. Obviously the theme would be different, but they should put on a SHOW.. not throw some artist up there that many people don’t even want to see.

  29. cospgsmadman says:
    Feb 5, 2013 3:52 PM
    We are just tired of this bubblegum music.
    I thought Madonna was bad but Beyonce was just as lame. All that said how about Charlie Daniels or Van Halen, Anybody that has actual musical talent.


    Who is Charlie Daniels?

  30. bartlettruss says: Feb 5, 2013 4:01 PM

    BTW… the constant references to there being a blizzard next year are off-base. It was in the 40s in New York this past Sunday.
    I checked the Weather Channel weather for East Rutherford, NJ on my cell phone at kickoff Sunday, and forecast was 22 and flurries. Remember, the high temp for the day is irrelevant. Unless they change the time of kickoff from 6:30 ET to something like 4:00 PM (which would be fine with me by the way), the game will be running deep into a very cold night. And if there is snow, the white out will make the Superdome blackout seem welcome.

  31. Who’s insane idea is this? the half
    time show at the SUPERBOWL is a staple to the game. Somebody get rid of Goodell before he destroy the

  32. I think that halftime shows are over-hyped stupidity. I use halftime for food, leg stretching, or whatever else, but I never watch the lip synch circus…

  33. the halftime show should be moved to WEDNESDAY at 10:30am so the people that want to see it can watch it and the people wanting to watch a football game dont have too…..
    Take those 15minutes and run your money grubbing 15 commercials at 1million a pop

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