Jaguars unveil their new logo

We noted this morning that the Jaguars were preparing to unveil a new logo. Well, it didn’t take long.

At a “State of the Jaguars” press conference this afternoon, the team unveiled the new logo, which you see here.

Said Jaguars owner Shad Khan, “Nothing brings a team more to life than a team logo.”

I’d argue that winning a Super Bowl brings a team more to life than a team logo, but for a franchise that needs to make a lot of changes this offseason, the new look is a small part of what Khan hopes will be a new beginning.

62 responses to “Jaguars unveil their new logo

  1. I like it! I’ll like it more if they’d get away from the black-heavy uniform/helmet color scheme. Have some guts, emphasize the other colors. Overuse of black in unis is timid. It’s Florida – use some color.

  2. Yikes, It is amazing how bad you can make something with just making minor changes. It is like they asked the players to create the logo.

  3. It’s funny you being up the Seahawks because Nike is designing these uniforms just like the Seahawks so it should be interesting to see them

  4. More excited for the new video boards than the logo. They’ll be the largest in the league which will also help Jax attract other events like BCS championship. Good vibes all around Duval County these days.

  5. Dear Mr. Khan,
    If you actually used something like, I don’t know, google or watched animal planet, you would know that a Jaguar does not look like that. It’s more square headed…….u know what forget it…. just add the mustache.

  6. Looks pretty cool, though not much different. Wonder if they’ll downplay the teal next. That was one of those color choices that was trendy at that time the team was founded, but became hella dated about two years later and ever since.

  7. As a graphic designer who does this exact thing, I gotta say this was really unnecessary. The original was actually nice…clean and sleek, this just screams Disney. New font is nice however the hard angles don’t match up at all with the cartoony and curved cat. They really should have kept the original logo and altered the color scheme and uni’s ala Seattle.

  8. Also, now that you’ve seen it, you’ll never unsee the fact that it looks like a cat face coming out of a chocolate chip cookie.

    You’re welcome, Jacksonville.

    Anything I can do to help out Florida. . .

  9. I agree with the guy who stated the Jags should not overdo the black thing. It used to just be the Oakland Raiders, New Orleans Saints and Pittsburgh Steelers, but then a slew of teams began to pile on, including the Jaguars, Eagles, Ravens, Panthers, Falcons, Bengals and Cardinals piled on. Even the 49’ers worked black into their unis for a stretch in the ’90’s.

    Glanville’s Falcons were the worst — virtually all black, and even Glanville himself wore black, as if he was some kind of tough guy too.

    It’s nice to see some teams, like the Falcons and ‘Niners returning to their colors, likely due to the overkill on black.

    As for Jacksonville, like the one guy said — the logo is the one thing J’ville did not have a problem with.

  10. As a Jags fan :

    I DO think better days are coming…BUT

    Those who CAN – DO

    Those who CAN’T – Design new logos

  11. I just looked at a side-by-side. Everybody should do this. It makes the old logo look stupid. My only concern is the gold has been shaded orange. Now they have near-Dolphins’ colors.
    Hope the unis rock. This is a good change.

  12. The city if Jacksonville is definitely on the rise as far as sports don’t let the recent struggles of this team fool you. The additions to the stadium and the hopeful rebuild if this team along with all the other stuff going bringing sporting events to Jacksonville just adds to it. It is a nice city I just moved here for school and so far I’ve learned and seen a lot if things sports wise that has a lot if potential. Not to mention sports groups and the city are doing a nice job of this and in the future it should be pretty cool to see what happens. Everbank is huge and all the additions means the Gator Bowl is just the beginning if events coming here. Gus Bradley is supposed to be a great defensive mind hence the Seahawks success when he was their DC, that along with the new GM who’s supposed to be very good can definitely turn this team into a contender. Khan is also very committed to this teams success he’s doing a lot if things to get this team where it needs to be must if it really isn’t seen by others that aren’t in JAX. They have money to spend and are picking at 2 which can do a lot in getting this team where they want to be in a couple years a lot of Jags fans are exited. I mean Khan is a good example that he’s not going to give up I mean he came to Jacksonville with pretty much nothing and is now the owner of a sports franchise and unlike most owners he actually cares about turning this team into a winner I’m not even a Jags fan but I am rooting for this team to succeed and all you people that are writing them off will all look dumb in a couple years haha

  13. OK, seriously. As a art professional I can tell you this logo was done by someone who doesn’t know what they are doing. This looks like some basic “clip art”, and not all that well done clip art, next to some lettered effects. Nike did the rework of the Seahawks new logo and uniforms, and that is professional.

    I am sure its the owners grandson or someone close to the family that created this. I hope a professional can rework it to something better.

  14. To more specifically qualify my remarks. If you look at the old logo, there is a general shape that makes the logo appear moving forward. Notice the ears, eyes, nose that they have a non-organic sharp forward stroke pointed to the right – as a logo like this should.

    The new logo is just a “picture” of a jaguar head that looks like clip art – rounded shapes. Nothing moving forward – no specific design typical of a football logo showing motion.

  15. This is not what I was expecting.. I was looking for something fierce and grabbing… after seeing that I had the feeling I was checking into a Howard Johnsons or Motel 6… we’ll leave the light on for you

  16. As a designer, that sucks. The old one is a football logo. The new one is something you illustrate on a kid’s toy.

  17. As a Jaguar fan since say one I probably said the F word about 2 dozen times in the first 5 mins of that presser. I see what they were trying to do but why so cartoony …. :-/

  18. Khan says- nothing brings a team more to life than… Yada yada yada. Lol. Well, judging by that cheetah’s tongue, he looks DOA- dead on arrival. Somebody.. quick.. Get the defibrillator.

  19. Well, I remember when the New England Patriots debuted their new logo/jersey/helmet thing. Seemed ridiculous at the time.

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